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Chapter 229: I Want to Meet Your Headmaster! [Part 2]

Chapter 229: I Want to Meet Your Headmaster! [Part 2]

There were several canteens in Baelenbaatar Middle School. Normally, Lu Jie and his friends preferred the canteen at the training ground the most because it had the most meat-based meals and the biggest portions.

Chang Fu saw a group of people at a distant training ground before he even got near to the canteen. It was chaos as shouts and howls rang through the rain.

A fight really had broken out again!

Chang Fu rushed towards the group. Lu Jie and his friends should’ve been very easy to find because they were normally leading the fights, but Chang Fu wasn’t able to find anyone of them despite looking around for some time.

Chang Fu pulled over a student - he was a commoner - and asked about his friends’ whereabouts. The fight seemed to have filled the student with rage as he answered, “Those egg fucking nobles hurt Lu Jie and Tai Tu. This has gone too far. I’ll show them!”

After he said this, the kid charged back into the chaotic battlefield.

Hurt? Were they seriously hurt?

Lu Jie and Tai Tu’s abilities were among the best within the school. Tai Tu especially was a fourth grade student whose overall result was always ranked among the top three. He also possessed outstanding individual combat ability, and Chang Fu had never heard about him being seriously injured in a fight. If it was true, then this fight was no longer just the usual brawl.

Chang Fu’s communicator rang while he was searching for Lu Jie and Tai Tu.

“Chang Fu, don’t get involved in this fight, it’s not the same as the usual ones. Leave quickly!”

It was Lunani who called him. She was a pretty high ranked noble, so she was more privy to certain things. Chang Fu ignored her warning however. He already saw Lu Jie.

Chang Fu squeezed through the brawling crowd and moved towards his friend. It was no surprise that he was punched several times during the process, but then he saw the flash of a cold light.

A knife?

Normally, both sides avoided using deadly weapons in order to avoid leaving behind consequences that were too great. However, Chang Fu definitely saw a flash of cold light, and he was extremely sensitive towards sound. He was very certain that he was hearing the sound of a knife cutting through raindrops and falling on people’s body! Someone actually broke the rules!

Lu Jie and Tai Tu lay limply on the floor. On the outside, they didn’t look like they were injured, but in reality they were so weak that they lacked even the strength to stand up. Even the slightest bit of movement triggered pain, and the rain pitter pattering on their body felt like heavy hammer strikes.

“Lu Jie, Tai Tu, how are you…”

“Chang Fu watch out!”

Chang Fu turned sideways and jumped multiple times away from where he was after he received Lu Jie’s warning. Just now a cold sensation had brushed right past his back, and he didn’t need to look to know that the backside of his clothes was cut apart already.

But before he could even let out a sigh of relief, the cold light raced right towards him. It was too fast, and for some reason Chang Fu felt as if his movements had become much slower. There was no way he could react to the cold light in time. If he described the enemy’s earlier attack as a casual swipe, now it was an attack that was meant to kill. Chang Fu was absolutely going to suffer worse than Lu Jie and Tai Tu if the strike were to connect.


The sound of a blade breaking rang.

Cillin broke the knife with his finger before it could connect with Chang Fu, and he used the momentum to grab the attacker’s neck and slam him against the ground.

“I wasn’t aware that times have evolved to the point where adults would participate and kill in a children’s battleground.”

While Cillin said this, the person who was grabbed by the throat and slammed against the floor slowly grew bigger and taller. A series of bone popping noises later, the attacker had transformed from a child who was about the same height as Chang Fu into a full grown adult.

“Fuck, those motherfuckers cheated!!” Lu Jie and Tai Tu finally figured out what was wrong. Earlier, they already thought that these people didn’t look familiar and that they were much stronger and skillful than they were, but they simply assumed that they were new blood and experts recently taken in by the nobles. They never imagined that these sonuvabitches would summon reinforcements from outside!

When one of the attackers saw that his companion was slammed against the ground and exposed for what he was, he charged out of the fray and ran towards Cillin.

“You mother…”

The person was sent flying by a kick from Bel before he could finish his sentence. There was a great splash when he hit the ground.

While reopening his umbrella and stuffing one hand into his pockets, Bel said leisurely, “Sigh, what degenerates. You call yourself nobles when you can’t even cheat with a little bit of standard? What utter failures.” These people were absolute trash compared to them the Three Dissolute Musketeers of AF3!

Cillin curled his lips. This guy just wanted a chance to act cool!


The sharp noise of something being crushed attracted many people’s attention.

Cillin tossed the blade he crushed into bits with his hand on the ground, “Anyone who makes another move will face the same fate as this knife.”

Someone tried to escape, but he didn’t even manage to take a step before Cillin slammed him against the ground.

This time no one dared to move a muscle. Cillin’s movements were too quick; one moment he was there, and the next he was on the other side. The crowd weren’t fools, they knew that the gap between Cillin’s movements was the gap between their strength. Not only did their eyes fail to follow Cillin’s movements, there wasn’t even any persistence of vision.

A flying car flew over and descended. Then, a middle-aged man holding a rather round tummy walked out and exclaimed with a look of surprise, “Hey, what’s going on here what’s going on here huh?! Who are you two? This is Baelenbaatar Middle School! Who are you two and where do you come from? This isn’t a place where any random person can just waltz in as they like. Are you two from the trashy high schools nearby? Do keep your bad habits to yourself and stay away from our students!”

“Tsk, it’s the deputy head teacher,” someone said sourly. The person especially emphasized the word “deputy”.

“The lackeys of a noble are all the same!”

“Trash! What the hell is this. Peh!”

Every commoner student here scoffed at this deputy head teacher disdainfully. No one showed him any respect.

“Head teacher, we have no idea where these two gangsters come from. They’re probably the students of one of those trashy high schools.”

“Perhaps they haven’t even gone to high schools.”

The noble students taunted. They had always acted wantonly because they were secure in the knowledge that they were protected. It was true that they were the ones who broke the rules first this time, but they were nobles, and they were privileged since birth. Did these commoners really think that they were future academicians of the Royal Academy of Sciences just because the school decided to give them some face? Lowborns are lowborns! Their lives are worthless!

The deputy head teacher walked up to Cillin and Bel under a couple of noble students’ command and tried to say something. But when Cillin lifted and slammed the person he was holding against the ground again, he gulped and swallowed his words back down.

He couldn’t help but feel insecure when he was standing in front of Cillin and Bel. The situation became deadlocked for a time. The students on the noble’s side kept silent as well; none of them were willing to take the lead and risk harm.

After the deputy head teacher arrived, the school’s security guards finally showed up late to the scene. When the deputy head teacher saw the incoming security guards, he immediately felt that his back was a lot straighter. He then pointed a fat finger that was nurtured with meat and alcohol at the cool acting Bel and said, “You, I’m talking about you! You have no manners, and you can’t even stand properly. It’s obvious at first glance that you’re an uneducated…”

The deputy head teacher summoned the panache he normally used when berating a student and began raining down on Bel like a machine gun. It was obvious that he had decided to bully the cool acting Bel instead of the fearsome Cillin.

Cillin sighed on the inside, knowing that this deputy head teacher was dead. You claim that the true prince of the great Blazing Eagle royal family is an uneducated fool, but you are far from being qualified to say anything no matter how unruly or sloppy he acts. After all, even the King of Blazing Eagle himself did not try to rein him in, so who the hell are you to reprimand him.

While maintaining his cool posture and listening to the deputy head teacher’s rebukes, Bel smiled.

“You want to know who I am? Then listen well! My great name is none other than I was about to eat frogs just now.”

Everyone: “...”

Cold. So cold.

How the hair did “my great name is none other than” and “I was about to eat frogs just now” come together in the same sentence!? And who cares if you’re eating frogs, chicken eggs or duck eggs just now in this situation?

Seeing that the deputy head teacher wasn’t going to stop any time soon, Cillin sat down on his victim’s back directly and kicked the latter’s restless leg once, saying, “Settle down.”

The person froze and ceased all movements the second he heard Cillin’s voice. The people around him might not understand why he was being so obedient, but he knew very well that the young man sitting above his back was no ordinary person. The aura he had exuded for an instant earlier had pressed down on him so heavily that he ceased all movements and allowed himself to be caught.

Killing intent? It hadn’t reached that level yet, but it was still scarier than an actual killing intent. He couldn’t explain why, but he just thought that this person was very scary. He was just like a gun hidden in a fog behind your back. You wouldn’t know when or where he would put you inside his scope. He couldn’t afford to provoke a noble, but he felt even less like provoking this person. Therefore, the best course of action now was to feign unconsciousness.

The deputy head teacher facing Bel was so angry he was shaking. Every time he asked a question, he would give an answer that was completely unrelated to it. Worse, he looked fully sincere - look man, I’m totally telling you the truth - when he answered.

“You… you… which school do you come from?! I’m going to meet your headmaster and tutor in person. Just how on earth do they educate their students!”

“I doubt you’re qualified.”

“Look, I know all the headmasters of the schools among the top 10!” The deputy head teacher was obviously pretty proud of this achievement.

“Oh, I see. Alright, make sure you scrub your pig ears clean and listen carefully then: Your daddy’s from AF3! Now go find my headmaster; he loves the attention.”