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Chapter 227: Baelenbaatar Middle School [Part 1]

Chapter 227: Baelenbaatar Middle School [Part 1]

Although they had a new shop now, they decided to keep the old shop at the commoner zone for now. Its future could be discussed after Old Chang had returned. Right now Chang Five was recovering from a full surgery, so Cillin took over the task of watching over Chang Five every 2 days so that Old Chang could enjoy a bit more rest.

There was a clear rule that in the hospital where all animals are barred from entry, but for some reason every doctor and nurse seemed to have turned blind when they were passing through the sickroom where a gray cat was publicly eating fish biscuits and bullshitting with Chang Five. They all feigned ignorance.

Every time Cillin went to visit Chang Five, he would bring the triplets along with him so that he would feel more relaxed. A good psyche naturally improves one’s recovery rate.

“Cillin, you’re the one who did all this for Chang Five, aren’t you?” Outside the sickroom, Old Chang asked Cillin. This question had been stuck in his heart for a very long time. Now that Chang Five was recovering well and the worry that had plagued him for many years was finally gone, Old Chang felt like getting some answers.

Cillin cast a look at the four little fellows chatting and laughing with each other and answered, “No. It is true that I paid a portion of the medical fee, but the rest, well I’m not that capable yet.”

Old Chang frowned. “Then… was it that portly shop owner from before?”

“It’s not him either.” Cillin shook his head.

Old Chang really was stumped this time. He was just a lower class commoner, and he had no noble connections at all. If he did, Chang Five’s illness wouldn’t have dragged until now, and Chang One and Chang Two wouldn’t have passed away at a young age.

“Just tell me the answer already, Cillin. At least I’ll know who to repay the favor later in the future.”

Cillin smiled. “This is but a small issue to him, really. He’s not even interested in the 1 million the fatty gave me.”

The moment Cillin mentioned this, Old Chang immediately recalled Bel who was currently watching over the shop. He was so surprised that he was literally tongue tied. “It was… Bel?”

“Yeah. But it’s best if he keep quiet about him; he doesn’t want too many people to know about this.”

“Oh, I understand this at least.” Old Chang sighed. Considering his means, Bel was without a doubt a noble. He really hadn’t imagined that the young man who ran away to the commoner zone for work would be a noble. The people were right; the nobles’ thinking couldn’t be judged by common sense. Why else would he have ran to a poor and shabby place like the Repair Street and torment himself otherwise?

Bel had no idea about the conversation between Cillin and Old Chang, but he wouldn’t have cared even if his aid of Chang Five was known. A month’s time was almost up, and he would be leaving soon in search for another target.

Bel yawned. The two service robots were capable enough to deal with the parts’ sales, so right now he was just dozing off and thinking about his next plans. He would rather be beaten to death than return back to his home; it took him a great amount of effort to escape this far, so there was no way he was returning before experiencing life to its fullest. He wouldn’t get many chances to come out to the world again if he was caught by his father.

He was different from that fatty named Sizer Fleka. Fleka was the main designer and the senior executive of a large family business, so it was only natural for his family to kidnap him back to his home after a prolonged period. But Bel had nothing in his possession except freedom. Ah, freedom is such a damn good thing!

Setting aside the correctness behind Bel’s so-called concept of freedom, it was true that he was more carefree than Fleka.

Bel couldn’t think of a good place to go no matter how he tried, and his two bad friends were busy with their own things too. Hmm, Ulaganuo sacrificed himself for his brothers and hasn’t escaped yet, and Gen Xingming – bah, there’s no doubt that that bastard is chasing some skirts right now.

When the three of them had made up their minds to break out of their ‘imprisonment’, they drew lots as they normally did to decide the person who was going to cover their retreat. That was how the unlucky Ulaganuo took over the unfortunate role, again. Sigh, that kid is seriously unlucky. Not only did he fail to escape, he was even dragged back to the army so that his spirit may be ‘tempered’. His father wouldn’t stop lamenting about how he wished his boy has Blizzard’s willpower and not act like the sloppy mess he was. Well, willpower my ass, has he changed his standing or sitting posture despite hundreds and thousands of times of ‘tempering’?

While Bel was thinking about stuff, Cillin had returned with the three children.

In order to enjoy easier commute inside the city, Cillin spent 100 thousand MB coins to buy a flying car. The flying car he bought was extremely common, and anyone with slightly better living standards would’ve chosen to buy a different car. However, none of those cars had a higher safety rating than Cillin’s car because he had modified it himself. Every time he went to the hospital, he took the triplets along in this car. It saved them the trouble of competing for taxis.

“Is Chang Five doing well?” Bel asked. Judging from Cillin and everyone else’s expression, Chang Five should be recovering pretty well.

“He is. The 3rd stage of the recovery period has already started, and he will be leaving the hospital after another five days of treatment.” Cillin said after parking the car and walking in.

“Are you done planning your future plans?” Cillin asked after noticing the miserable look on Bel’s face.

“I’m so distressed!” Bel complained with his chin propped like a resentful housewife.

Cillin curled his lips and ignored the dude with an unusual brain, leaving to tidy up some parts. Although he had taken over the fatty’s parts shop, he noticed that there were still some empty spaces inside. The two service robots were enough to handle the sales of the parts, and he guessed that Old Chang would be bored to death once everything was settled. That was why he cleared out a space to use as a repair point; this way Old Chang could accept a repair order or two whenever he felt like it. Of course, the ultimate decision lay in Old Chang’s hands. He was just clearing out the space earlier.

“Hey, what are you going to do, Cillin? Are you going to stay here and watch over the shop forever?” Bel moved over and asked. Although he hadn’t known Cillin for long, he was sure that the latter wouldn’t stay here for long.

Cillin drank a glass of water before answering, “I have nowhere to go, and this is my only resting spot right now. That being said, once Chang Five’s condition has stabilized I’m going to leave for a while and visit Chang Three and Chang Four for them.”

After they had moved over to the new shop, Old Chang contacted Chang Three and Chang Four and informed them of the new shop’s address and contact number. The communication signal inside the city was much better than inside the commoner zone, so the video communication went a lot smoother. Through the screen, both Chang Three and Chang Four got to see the two special members of the family, Cillin and the gray cat.

The fee for transplanetary calls wasn’t something that a bottom class commoner could sustain, which was why they only talked to each other every three, five or ten days to save money. As for those families whose members didn’t share too good a relationship with each other, the calls could easily be several years apart. Now that their living conditions had improved, Old Chang couldn’t wait to call them every few days. In fact, he would’ve waited by the communicator every day if Chang Five didn’t require his attention.

But now that their new identities had been processed, it was time to update some of Chang Three and Chang Four’s records too. Cillin was going to bring the relevant documents over since he was visiting them anyway.

“That’s great!” Bel’s eyes lit up. “Let me go with you; this is a good chance to see if they have any good jobs there too! If I remember correctly Three and Four is studying in a famous school in the local star region called baba tar or something, right?”

Cillin: “… It’s Baelenbaatar.”

I knew it, in this prince’s eyes the so-called top 10 middle school of the empire’s 23rd zone is nothing more than a baba*!

Inside the tall building at the city center.

Mussuo rubbed both his eyes and said, “Ichechi, my eyelids wouldn’t stop twitching. Do you think our prince is cooking up some rotten ideas again?”

Ichechi didn’t answer, but his expression certainly looked a little constipated.

Knowing their prince for many years and literally feeling the omens, they knew that their prince was about to start yet another new experience.

*Baba is a type of thick, round, heavy bread that is prepared either plain or with various fillings by the Naxi people of north-western Yunnan, China