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Chapter 226: Move House [Part 1]

Chapter 226: Move House [Part 1]

Originally, the portly shop owner was planning to wait here until the shop closed. However, for whatever reason the number of people who frequented the shop today was exceptionally large. The queue remained long even until late evening.

Later on, the portly shop owner finally figured out that these people were here to see him. He definitely hadn’t expected to be looked at like an animal in zoo when he came over on a whim.

The fatty might have stayed for a couple of years at the parts market, but due to his separate true identity, he wasn’t able to understand these commoner’s feelings. Still, he had nothing to lose. He might as well think as treat his temporary stay as advertisement for this repair shop.

As the fatty had expected, many of the people who showed up were here to see him. Here, anyone who had a friend or relative in the city would become an object of envy, jealousy or hatred. Adding to the fact that the fatty had produced a couple of toy flying cars for the children, the news had instantly spread throughout the entire Repair Street like wildfire. Even the people from several streets away had come over to take a look at fatty.

Right now Old Chang had no idea how best to react to this situation; he had to answer the same few questions repeatedly when he was receiving the orders. At the same time, Old Chang himself was thinking: If I have a connection inside the city, will it be easier to get Chang Five his treatment?

The fatty was a stubborn man, so he literally waited until the shop closed at night.

After they had dinner, the fatty called Cillin and Bel over so that they might supply him with their opinions. Besides the 4 toy flying cars he gifted to the 4 children, the fatty had another 3 flying cars. Although these 3 flying cars looked almost the same as the 4 toy flying cars, in essence they were completely different from one another. These 3 flying cars were the true creations he worked his heart out to create.

Old Chang didn’t participate in the discussion at night because he was old, and he had been working overtime for the past several days. Moreover, he knew his own depth very well. After observing both Cillin and Bel for a period of time, he had figured out that both men were experts who hadn’t displayed the true depth of their skills at all in the norm.

While staring at the flying car model in his hands, Cillin opened its doors, checked the interior and observed every part of the model carefully.

“A triphibian flying car?!”

He couldn’t have realized this if he hadn’t paid attention to it, but the so-called toy flying car Cillin was holding in his hands was in fact a functional mini flying car. If it was enlarged to the size of a normal vehicle, it would absolutely qualify as a luxurious triphibian flying car. A shame it would be to call this machine a toy considering that its materials, parts, circuits and assembly work were all top notch.

“That’s right, this is the triphibian flying car model yours truly designed!” The fatty was very proud of his own work.

Bel hadn’t looked at the flying car as closely as Cillin, but he was very approving of its exterior design. “This flying car’s exterior design is pretty low-key.”

“That is true. It looks no different from other flying cars if you look at its surface only. One will only learn of its inner beauty after seeing its interior construction.” The fatty nodded while smiling. He was also looking at the flying car like he was looking at his own children.

Bel felt goosebumps crawling over his skin when he saw the fatty’s gaze. He thought: No wonder your son isn’t close to you; you’ve dumped all your fatherly love into your flying cars.

There were a lot of people who placed speed as the top priority when designing and modifying a flying car. But after inspecting his design, Cillin knew that the fatty placed safety as the top priority before all other functions when he was designing the flying car.

The task of designing a triphibian flying car sorely tested a designer’s skills, but the fatty was absolutely up to the task and more. At the very least, this flying car was one of the two greatest flying cars he had seen in his life. The flying cars he saw back at Udoze’s home were completely incomparable to this one, and Lung’s flying car was the only car that could compare to it. They didn’t share the same style, however.

Price wise Lung’s flying car was definitely more expensive, but practicality wise they were about the same. Both flying cars had an extremely high safety rating too.

Bel twirled the flying car around once before he pulled at the corner of his lips. Then, he grinned evilly, “I wonder how resistant this car is?”

Bel immediately wrapped his palm around the flying car and twisted the model!

Creak ——

There was a shrill noise, and on the outside the flying car looked like it had been twisted into the shape of a fried dough twist. But at closer inspection, one would notice that a tiny lifesaving pocket had surrounded the seats inside the vehicle. The twisted vehicle had not caused the lifesaving pocket to pop, so this meant that the person inside the car should be relatively safe if the car’s size was at a normal scale.

“Not bad.”

Bel put the flying car back on the ground. Very soon, the twisted vehicle began to return to its original form, and two minutes later it looked more or less the same as it was prior twisting. Apparently, the car was made with super memory composite materials!

Upon inspecting the control system, they discovered that the emergency rescue system of the flying car was perfectly functional.

“In that case there’s nothing else I can comment about this flying car. What else are you looking for, fatty?” Bel looked at the portly shop owner.

The portly shop owner scratched the short hair on his head and said, “It is pretty good already, but for confirmation sake, I still want to see this flying car taken apart and reassembled. This is because the car series based off this type of flying car will be slightly different on the inside. Even if they are all triphibian flying cars, different car series will have different emphasises. Taking apart and reassembling it will allow me to gain a deeper understanding of my design.”

Cillin and Bel immediately understood his meaning.

“Is that why you came to us? You’re hoping that we can take apart and reassemble your flying car?”

“That’s pretty much it. When I worked on the flying car myself, I had to spend a lot of effort and used several robots to assemble it. I can rely on the same method, but I still feel that a human touch is better in this case.”

Cillin played with the small flying car with his hands and felt its structure for a bit. “Aren’t you afraid that we will destroy your heart’s blood?”

“Nope! Wait for me, I’ll go grab the tools for you right now. They’re still in the car.” The fatty chuckled and ran off to grab the toolbox.

Bel picked up the flying car that he had twisted before it restored itself. Then, he began taking it apart using the array of tools beside him. These tools were used for repairing normal flying cars, but Bel was able to use these crude tools without looking out of sorts as if they were professional tools. It showed just how good Bel’s skills were.

When Belle was done taking apart the flying car’s exterior, he looked up to see how Cillin was doing. He immediately lost his cool.

The parts were aligned one by one next to Cillin’s hands. In fact, Cillin was already starting to take apart the core parts of the flying car. One problem: the motherf*cker wasn’t using any tools to take apart the flying car at all!

From Bel’s point of view, the parts seemed to fall off the flying cars on their own accord everytime Cillin’s hand swiped across the vehicle.

At the side, the fatty holding a toolbox felt his eyes bulged as he stared at Cillin’s work. The thick fat in his face writhed again and again at the sight. He thought that Bel’s ability to take apart his flying car with those big repair tools was pretty unbelievable already, but the guy next to him was even more incredible than he was!

Bel himself stopped trying to take apart his flying car. Just like the fatty, he stared at Cillin work without blinking even once.

Mo Heng once described Cillin’s assembling and disassembling movements to be like an art form, and he wasn’t exaggerating at all. A layman would think that his skills were godlike, and a veteran would think that it literally went against the law of nature. Were those really human hands? Was it really possible for a human to do this?

The gray cat lying lazily on top of the cabinet let out a yawn as it watched the scene below it. Tsk, look at them making a fuss over nothing!

Bel looked at the time after Cillin was done taking apart the car. Motherf*cker, only 10 minutes had passed by!

If he was the one who had to take apart this small flying car, he would have to use at least half an hour, wouldn’t he? And that was assuming that he was performing beyond his usual standards too. But how did this guy manage to finish this task so easily?

When Cillin was done, the first thing Bel and the fatty did wasn’t to inspect the categorized parts. Instead, they pulled over one of Cillin’s hands each, gave it a thorough inspection and a couple of squeezes. In fact, it looked like they were about to give Cillin’s hands a bite.

Cillin withdrew his arms and gave them each a punch to the head.

Bel rubbed his head and asked, “Your arms doesn’t look any different from mine. How on earth did you do it?”

“I did it just like that.” Cillin didn’t attempt to explain his feat. Instead, he pointed at the disassembled parts and said, “If you’re planning to build a couple of series for this flying car, its rotating vane will definitely have to be different. I believe that you’ll need a bigger rotary vane and propeller for air travel too. Also, the ratio of anti-water pressure materials in this flying car is too big; you should know that a water travel series flying car will definitely be inferior an air travel series flying car when travelling on air…”

Cillin managed to pull their attention back onto the flying cars as they started discussing about the difference between series and the difference of assembly ratios. Even the fatty had set aside the matter of Cillin’s hands and focused on taking notes instead.

By the time they were done, the sky was already bright. A long queue of customers was waiting for them outside.