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Chapter 207: Searching for A Temporary Base, A Strange Planet [Part 2]

Chapter 207: Searching for A Temporary Base, A Strange Planet [Part 2]

Some technicians were complaining after Shawton had ordered the starship to stop, but the commander said nothing in return. Since he chose to trust in Cillin, then he would bear all the pressure that came with it.

Cary wanted to follow Cillin, but was turned down by him.

The air on this planet was extremely thin, resulting in high intensities of cosmic rays. The composition of the air itself was harmful to the human body, which was why Cillin had walked out of the spaceplane while wearing a protective suit.

Their landing spot was chosen by the gray cat.

The gray cat and Czedow looked a lot more at ease than he was, however. The gray cat had kept running towards a certain direction ever since they got out of the spaceplane, and while Czedow hadn’t done anything while he was on the starship, he too came alive as his eyes flashed with actual light again and again. It was obvious that he was performing a deep scan of the area.

The place looked like a plain with the occasional small hills. Tall mountains were absent from this place.

The gray cat looked incredibly excited. It wasn’t an excitement towards food, but an excitement towards something interesting.

Here, the average scanners and instruments all failed to work. The life signature monitor Cillin wore around his wrist showed no life around the area; not even their own. It was obvious that the problem lay with this place.

Luckily, Czedow was able to operate as normal. They were able to transmit some footages back to the starship through him. Although the video transmissions were intermittent, it was at least something for those on the starship to check out.

Cillin’s running footsteps came to a stop as he looked around him. He could feel that many pairs of eyes were looking at them.

“There are some alien life with a greater degree of evolution than norm around us!” Czedow said.

“You’re right. But I wonder what they are,” Cillin cast a glance at his surroundings once before he continued to chase after the gray cat.

On the starship, Cillin and Czedow’s words struck a chord of disbelief in Shawton and the technicians. That was because their scanners hadn’t detected any highly evolved organisms on this planet. There were some microorganisms, but they were mostly present at the extreme environments of the planet. The scanners had also captured some unicellular organisms and some plants that were mostly categorised as lower life forms.

The gray cat was obviously not concerned by the hidden eyes that were staring at them. Instead, it lowered its head and sniffed here and there, looking very pleased about something.

“There’s an electrical facility beneath this place. It’s very huge,” the gray cat turned around and said excitedly to Cillin.

“How big is it?” Cillin asked.

“It stretches from where we landed, to where we passed through, to the ground we’re standing on and much, much further ahead. It probably takes up one fifth of the entire surface of the planet!”

Cillin narrowed his eyes. Although he had detected some abnormalities since he arrived on this planet, his senses weren’t as acute as the gray cat’s. He also didn’t know what those feelings meant, and couldn’t estimate to how far they spanned. He was seriously surprised when he heard the gray cat’s answer. Now, even he could vaguely sense that someone seemed to have arrived on this planet since a very, very long time ago and made some pretty huge changes to it, leaving something behind.

Shawton had also heard the gray cat’s words, and the revelation shocked him a lot too. He was confident in the gray cat’s judgment, so that meant that something on this planet was disrupting their scanners. Therefore, all the data they’d gotten from the probes were automatically useless.

“Cillin, standby while I send someone…”

Shawton hadn’t yet finished his words when some black figures appeared on the screen.

Cillin brought out his gun as he stared at the figures that appeared from behind those small hills.

“What… what are those things?” A technician gulped and asked.

Since cillin was currently on the dark side of the planet, they couldn’t see exactly what those things were from the footage Czedow was transmitting back to the starship. They could only see a vague outline that was shaped like a standing scorpion more than two meters tall. At any rate, they were definitely not human.

“Attention to all squads to reinforce LC Cillin immediately!”

This planet was extremely strange, and Shawton was feeling goosebumps on his back right now. He was already regretting his decision to send Cillin to the planet.

Their numbers grew gradually, and they surrounded Cillin, Czedow and the gray cat inside the circle. Moreover, the circle was getting smaller and smaller.

Cillin managed to see these creatures clearly with the help of dim starlights. They had triangular mouths and several pairs of fangs, three pairs of nippers around their stomach, and three pairs of large feet with sharp claws that were nailed to the ground. They also had a raised tail behind them.

The surrounding temperature seemed to have dropped quite a bit as these creatures appeared.

The gray cat still wasn’t looking at those creatures. Instead, it circled around the area again and again with its thoughts unknown to everyone.

“Wheeze, we have a situation. What do we do?” Cillin asked softly.

These creatures were absolutely not easy to deal with, not to mention that they held a great advantage in numbers. The spaceplane was also some distance away from them. Overall, the situation was extremely disadvantageous to Cillin, and since he was the only real human being at this place, he had also become the primary target. He felt like he could blow his top seeing how calm the gray cat was even now.

The gray cat only flicked its ears in response to Cillin’s low growls. Then, it stopped walking in circles as a series of green characters flashed swiftly across its eyes.

Cillin and Czedow stood back-to-back, ready to deal with the creatures that were taking step after step towards them.


A sharp cry cut through the night’s silence.

The cry was let out by the creature standing at the frontmost of the group. It was probably these creatures’ leader.

Once the sharp cry was over, the creatures finally quickened their footsteps and charged towards Cillin.

The shoulder cannon, wrist blade and combination laser guns were all prepped for combat.

But just as Cillin was about to engage the creatures in battle, they suddenly came to a stop and let out many low cries of unknown meaning.


There was another cry, but its pitch was obviously different from just now.

Once the cry was ‘over’, the creatures that had came within seven or eight meters away from Cillin and Czedow stopped their charge, and slowly backed away. Meanwhile, the reinforcements Shawton had sent out were also gradually appearing from the sky.

“Support, don’t come over yet, and don’t open fire!” Cillin said urgently.

Just now, the gray cat had sent him a message.

The thing hidden underground was about to come out.

After receiving Cillin’s instructions, the fighters and spaceplanes hovering above Cillin group’s head didn’t descend immediately. They had made up their minds to stay since they were here already, and to open fire the second those creatures made an unexpected move.

“LC, what’s going…”

Cary’s eyes turned blank before he could finish his words. Everyone else’s reactions were more or less the same when they saw what was happening below.


The ground started to shake.

Those creatures went away and vanished in just a short amount of time just as quickly as they came in secrecy.

Cillin and Czedow stood unmoving at their respective spots. They gray cat had told them that there wouldn’t be any danger here.

As the ground shook, the dust and debris covering the small hills were suddenly shaken off their soil. Then, they lit up and cast away the night’s darkness that had enshrouded the area.

Everyone on the starships was shocked by this scene. The lights that shone through the darkness were extremely obvious through the planet’s thin atmosphere, and it was clearly visible even from space.

What did this mean?

This meant that someone had came here before and built these facilities! Judging from the current situation, they had been around for quite some time now.

Who on earth had built these things?

And was the creator of these facilities related to that big planet that was put under the military’s control right now?

The technicians on the starships were all excited beyond words when they thought about this.

The shaking of the earth didn’t stop after those protrusions that looked like little hills had lit up. It continued until a building shaped like a quarter-circle had risen from the ground.

The building was about 15 meters long. After it had risen completely, the gray cat stared at the building as green characters flashed across his eyes.

Czedow disconnected the video transmission to the starships and began staring and analysing the building before him.

The gray cat was performing a decode, and Czedow was learning how to do the same. It was a rare opportunity to be able to learn from a cyborg.

Cillin stared at the building, knowing that the gray cat’s so called ‘decode’ was it ‘talking’ with the gigantic machine underground. Although Cillin himself couldn’t ‘talk’ like this, he could ‘see’ these machine languages and the interaction between the building and the gray cat. He didn’t understand what they mean, however. He could only ‘see’ some of them.

Two minutes later, the side of the quarter-circle building that was facing Cillin’s group opened up and transformed into a passage.

“Let’s go. Everyone else except the three of us should stay outside. No trespassers will be left alive,” The gray cat walked into the building with a raised tail after it was done saying this.

Cillin and Czedow followed the gray cat into the building.

The gray cat’s words were obviously directed at the rest of the people on the Sixth B Squadron. Its words stunned all the people who had just gotten off the spaceplane and wanted to walk in.

“Commander?” A squad member asked Shawton direction.

“Let’s wait around the area and do what it says. Cillin will send news to us later,” Shawton said.

“Alright. I guess that’s all we can do for now.”

“Let’s take this time and investigate the surrounding environment and the hideouts of those creatures just now. A second group of people will be arriving on the planet later.”

After he was done making some arrangements, Shawton got on a spaceplane and arrived on this planet that was just categorised as a Rank C planet moments ago along with the second group of people.

Things didn’t seem to be going the way they thought earlier.