Wuxiaworld > Star Rank Hunter > Chapter 180: The Angel in White Who Eats Beautifying Pig’s Trotters [Part 1]

Chapter 180: The Angel in White Who Eats Beautifying Pig’s Trotters [Part 1]

Chapter 180: The Angel in White Who Eats Beautifying Pig’s Trotters [Part 1]

For the trip to receive Dias and the others, Cillin’s team kept a very low profile. They did not put any representative signs on the spaceplane, and the badge Udoze polished brightly every day was strung up with a chain and worn inside his clothes just like Tang Qiuqiu.

It was not that they were afraid. It was just better to minimise as much conflict as possible at such a time.

“We need to keep a low profile this time.” this was what Cillin had told them before they departed.

Although they were going to execute this mission with a low profile, Udoze’s excitement was palpable since this was his first time participating in a mission. Rikulab had originally planned to continue researching antibiotics at the Sixth B Squadron’s base, but since Cillin and the others were heading out he too decided to put down his research temporarily and visit Sector E along the way. So many years had passed by. How far had the Sector known for its medical science developed?

Scarlet Wind was dressed in a very cute children’s clothing. These were the clothes Cary had purchased along the way while he was buying new clothes for Tang Qiuqiu. Scarlet Wind’s height was almost the same as Tang Qiuqiu, and since the clothes looked rather nice he just bought them along with Tang Qiuqiu’s. they did look pretty suitable on Scarlet Wind after he wore it.

One had to admit that had Cary had the tendency to become a stay-at-home dad.

Currently, the two little fellows wearing children’s clothes, Scarlet Wind and Tang Qiuqiu were talking to each other. Tang Qiuqiu was telling Scarlet Wind about Dias with Snowball hanging behind he back. It would see that it was well familiar with this posture considering that it hadn’t fallen off her back yet.

They had already informed Dias, and once they arrived Dias would probably have gathered the men together already. The operation plan looked fairly simple, but no one could see if they might run into some bad luck.

Cillin’s team arrived at a district planet of Sector E following the coordinates Dias had provided them. This was not the most central part of Sector E. Although Dias had received his treatment at the central zone, he was transferred to this planet after his core treatment was complete. This also meant that they avoided some of the complications that might have arisen had they gone to the central zone. After all, Dias was the former lieutenant commander of Vanguard’s Sixth B Squadron. With Asiya, another former lieutenant commander by his side as well, they might haven ran into bigger complications if someone who had enmity with Vanguard were to think maliciously towards them. They might as well find a quieter place to receive their treatment and recuperate in peace.

After parking the spaceplane at the parking zone of the port and paying the security fee, Cillin led the team towards the place Dias had mentioned.

The second Rikulab got off the spaceplane, he frowned, “What a strong chemical smell.”

Udoze shrugged and said, “I don’t smell anything, but I do feel a little cold.”

In reality, the sunlight was pretty strong today. But for some reason, they couldn’t help but feel a little solemn, oppressed and cold despite the good weather.

“This is how Sector E is. It is just like a huge hospital, and you have just stepped through its front door.” Cillin said.

Cary and the others subconsciously shivered at his words. They hated hearing the word ‘hospital’ the most. It just didn’t feel right.
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This planet was slightly quieter than the few planets they passed by. There weren’t many hospitals on this planet, and most of them were subsidiaries of some large and reputable hospitals. They were mainly focused on aftertreatment.

The planet’s main hue was white and green. It was the white of cleanliness, and the green of life.

After exiting the port, the group became a lot quieter. No one knew if it was because of the planet’s atmosphere. In reality, this planet was much better than the other planets already. Partings and reunions could be seen everywhere on those planets that were mainly focused on core treatments and emergency rescues. There, death filled every nook and cranny at every moment. Those people who were screaming in pain and helplessness would affect the mood of others around them.

True to its medical environment, the food here paid stronger emphasis on nutrition and recuperation. Although their taste might not necessarily be great, the important thing was that they were healthy. Some additives were not allowed in this place.

They took a circle line train and got off at a station. They only needed to walk for the rest of the road. All flying cars except hospital use vehicles were forbidden from entering the aftertreatment area.

At first, Scarlet Wind was a little nervous. After all, he thought that he was somewhat different from the people around him. He gradually calmed down, however.

Although some people found Scarlet Wind’s appearance a little novel, they did not pay him any extra attention. After all, there were plenty of different races in a place with better development like this one. No one gave Ba Dao six exposed arms a second glance, and there were countless people who had a tail behind their backs. Although the average human was the dominant human population on this planet, no one would give a stranger too much attention as long as they didn’t look too unusual.

Scarlet Wind began to grow lively after he realised that he wouldn’t be treated as a monster. He curiously stared at the surrounding buildings, and those white single function robots and the flying cars in the air.

“Oh, it’s here.” Cillin pointed at a big door and said.

The door plate on the door was labeled pretty clearly. It was none other than the subsidiary recovery center Dias had pointed them to. Dias and a few others were having their aftertreatment at this place.

Cillin’s group entered the recovery center after they had scanned their identities.

“Still, isn’t this recovery center a little too big?” Xiao Shang stared.

A wide lawn stretched as far as the eyes could see. Buildings were scattered sporadically across the land. There were bamboo racks, forests, wooden benches and gardens etc. When the patients were bored, they would come out to relieve their boredom and exercise a little.

“It looks like those patients are all feeling pretty great.” Xiao Shang said.

Ba Dao cast him a glance, “You can come here often in the future then.”

“In that case, never mind.”

Following to the minute address Dias had provided them, after Cillin’s group had learned the distribution of the buildings from a navigation robot, the robot then led them to the Area 16 Dias was staying in.

The recovery center had plenty of areas, and every area had a corresponding setup of sick wards, personnel and so on.

In reality, the areas were only partitioned by some small fences. They weren’t too enclosed, and sometimes people from different areas would gather together to interact with each other. The recovery center was a rather monotonous place already, so it could get boring if there was no one around to chat with.

The navigation robot left after taking them to Area 16. Cillin searched the room with the door plate number Dias had provided him, but found no one inside. After he asked the people in charge of this area, they said that he had probably gone out for business or hadn’t returned yet from their outdoor trip. Here in the recovery center, patient rules were not strict as long as the patients were out of danger. The patients also enjoyed a lot of freedom at this place, although of course they must all return by night time.

“Let’s go out someplace and take a seat. We can eat something while we wait.” Cillin checked the time and said.

The group agreed, but did not look like they have much appetite for food. After all, although this place was just a recovery center, they were not completely unaffected by it. They couldn’t help but feel oppressed by their surroundings.

Area 16 had a specialised cafeteria, but there weren’t many people in it since it wasn’t lunch time. Cillin’s group found a large table near a forest and ordered a few meals to enjoy during the meantime.

The group hadn’t chatted for too long before a person came to a small, round table not far away from them.

Specifically speaking, this person was a tall and slender beautiful woman. Her long hair were casually tied together at the back, and her countenance looked a little abstruse. The small, upward tug at the outer corner of her eyes made her look like she was smiling all the time, and she carried with her a heroic spirit instead of the delicacy of a common female. Her bearing was pretty strong. She wore a white medical use coat and looked more like a doctor than a nurse.

“Wah, an angel in white!” Xiao Shang said like he was hiding a great secret.

“She has a pretty good figure.” Cary and the others also echoed his words.

The angel in white on the other side raised her head and cast a glance at Cilin’s group. Without an expression, she withdrew her gaze and sat down on her seat. She stretched a hand into her pockets and fondled around for a bit, taking out a tiny, palm-sized white rabbit. The rabbit’s ears were drooping. It was probably bred this way.