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Chapter 176: ‘Grim Reaper’s’ ‘Godfather’ [Part 1]

Chapter 176: ‘Grim Reaper’s’ ‘Godfather’ [Part 1]
Cillin chose a temporarily unmanned place that was slightly further away from the prison and used site-specific teleportation to appear there right away. As for the starship, it kept a low profile and stayed invisible while hanging around in a certain area around the planet.

Cillin and Lung did not split up this time. Last time’s lesson taught them that every prison planet in Sector S was deadly. They would not be able to rescue the other party in time if they were far apart.

As for the gray cat and Scarlet Wind…

“Wheeze, your main task this time is to bring Scarlet Wind around and familiarize him with a battlefield environment. Don’t act recklessly, and put concealment and observation as top priority.” Cillin said.

“Observation?!” the gray cat’s whiskers straightened as it got ready to express its opinion, but when it thought of something, it said reluctantly while turning its ears backwards, “Alright.”

“Teach some of your battlefield techniques to Scarlet Wind, especially regarding electronics and firearm equipment. The former environment he lived in did not have any of these. This shouldn’t be a big problem for you, right?”

“No problem.” the gray cat answered with ears hanging downwards, “No problem.”

Cillin pinched the hair at the back of its neck, lifted it to eye level and said, “Promise me you won’t act recklessly!”

“I promise!”

After briefing Scarlet Wind with two simple lines, he told them to put their own safety as their priority. If they were to die here he would ditch them, and if they caused any trouble they could forget coming together with them in the future too. They finally split up after acquiring their promises.

As Cillin watched the two swiftly departing figures, he sighed, “I can’t help but feel that those two are going to cause trouble.”

“There shouldn’t be too much problems as long as they don’t attack first in such a chaotic environment. Plus, the two of them aren’t weak” Lung patted Cillin in the back, “Come on, let’s go see who we can run into this time.”

The people appearing in Sector S this time weren’t people they could meet anytime they wanted beyond Sector S. They were always able to obtain some very important information during every thorough examination they conducted, and that was one of the reasons why Cillin and Lung had still chosen to come despite knowing the risks.

Cillin and Lung slowly infiltrated their way towards the prison. There were some people embroiled in a messy fight at some of the buildings near the prison. They were basically all convicts who had escaped from the prison. Their targets were beasts functioning as watchful guardians and robot guards. The prison guards were currently busy dealing with the internal matters inside the prison and could not be bothered with what was happening outside.

The duo carefully avoided the firefight between the convicts and the guards. A guardian beast discovered them along the way, but it was shot in the brain and killed by Cillin before it could manage a growl.

“Good shooting.” Lung smiled.

“Good gun.” Cillin withdrew his gun and continued to move stealthily.

The gun he was using was provided by Lung. The gun specially created by the Andrea Family was not something a normal gun could compare to.

The stench of blood was spreading everywhere. There was human blood, beast blood, and destroyed robots making sizzling sounds along the way.

Compared to the previous grade one prison, the defenses here were a lot more complicated. However, the collapse of the main defense system had nearly taken off the figurative arms of the prison. This made the prison guard’s task to control the situation a lot harder.

Cillin was walking towards the prison when he suddenly paused his footsteps and looked up sideways at a particular spot.

There were no overly tall buildings on a prison planet, but there were plenty of two to three storeys buildings. They were not normal civilian building, but rent buildings that were rented out at a high price to those people who came to visit the convicts, and temporary residence for material handlers. However, it wasn’t the time to resupply yet and there weren’t many visitors on the prison planet. Most of the buildings were empty, and right now they were completely trashed by the convicts, robots and guardian beasts.

Cillin made a hand gesture at Lung before moving towards a particular direction. There was a locked bathroom where he was headed.

Opening a lock like this was child’s play for Lung. He took out a decoder and, with a beep, quickly unlocked and opened the bathroom’s door. Cillin saw a young man drenched in blood inside the bathroom. Many parts of his body were penetrated, and they did not look like they were pierced by sharp weapons.

“I can’t believe he’s still breathing with a wound like this.” Lung said after taking a look.

This person’s internal organs – especially his stomach – were severely injured. This was obvious upon sight of the wounds and the mucous membrane and small bits of flesh flowing out along with his blood. However, despite this degree of injuries the person’s life force was preserved and even looking to trend towards a recovery. The rate of his recovery was extremely slow, but it was recovering all the same.

“He doesn’t look like a convict here.” Cillin looked at the person’s equipment, “Eh?”

Since there were many holes in the person’s body, Cillin saw a tattoo beside a bloody hole at his stomach. Cillin extended a hand and pulled open the clothes covering his stomach. The tattoo was mainly etched around the person’s waist.

It was the tattoo of an extremely sinister and eerie-looking butterfly with wings of flowery patterns.

Ghost Butterfly!

Cillin and Lung matched eyes in both astonishment and puzzled.

They were astonished to find a Ghost Butterfly member appearing at such a place, and they were puzzled by the identity of mysterious assailant who managed to hurt him. This person should be pretty strong judging from his constitution.

While Cillin and Lung were puzzled, the young man sitting against the wall suddenly opened his eyes. The killing intent that erupted in an instant caused the surrounding temperature to drop sharply.

However, the killing intent quickly faded as the man stared doubtfully at Cillin and Lung.

“Ghost Butterfly Seventeen?” Lung spoke up. There was the number seventeen inside the ghost butterfly tattoo. It also represented his identity.

This young man was none other than the Ghost Butterfly Seventeen who had acted along with Ghost Butterfly Zero. After Ghost Butterfly Zero left, he had been lying low in the surroundings and waiting for the operation to begin. What he did not expect was that he himself would fall into trouble.

Seeing that Cillin and Lung hadn’t shown any killing intent despite knowing his identity, and that they did not look like convicts who had escaped from prison, Ghost Butterfly Seventeen nodded in response but said nothing. Right now he did not have the energy to speak, and the fact that he was barely starting to recover was a boon already.

“It doesn’t look like he can speak.” Lung frowned, “His vocal cords aren’t damaged though.”

Ghost Butterfly Seventeen’s face twitched. Sure my vocal cords aren’t damaged, but my lungs and other organs are!

Ghost Butterfly Seventeen glared at the duo. His eyes might not have had killing intent, but they did not look like they were going to help him either.

And so both parties glared at each other.

Not even the gunshots and sounds of fighting outside caused the trio to break eye contact.

Finally, Cillin moved his gaze and looked at Lung. When he saw Cillin’s gaze Lung clutched his chest and said, “With an animalistic constitution like his a normal one is enough! It’s way too wasteful to use high grade medicine on him!”

“Alright, my normal medicine it is then.” Cillin crouched and looked at Ghost Butterfly Seventeen, “Let’s make a trade. I can give you this booster med, and it will boost your recovery rate. But in return, you’ll sign an IOU and buy this for one million credits each and tell us what’s going on around here. What do you think? Nod if you agree to this.”

Ghost Butterfly Seventeen’s face was a little stiff. One million for one normal booster medicine??? If this isn’t a fraud then what is?!!

But Ghost Butterfly Seventeen did not have a choice in the matter. His life was on the line, and the battle outside was fierce. If he didn’t run into Fourteen and the others, then he was absolutely going to die with his current recovery rate.

Ghost Butterfly Seventeen’s face that was already pale from blood loss turned paler. He nodded while gritting his teeth and thought: Once I recover I’m gonna beat the two of you to death!

Cillin searched for the item before he finally took out a bottle of medicine, “This may be small, but its effects are pretty good.”

Ghost Butterfly Seventeen felt like committing suicide when he saw the tiny item in Cillin’s hand. Wasn’t the volume of a normal booster medicine one milliliter cube? Since when was it just ten microliters?!

That being said, while the medicine was little, its effects were pretty good. Ghost Butterfly Seventeen was obviously recovering much faster after consuming the medicine.

Two minutes later, his wounds had already turned into scabs.

Lung couldn’t help but comment, “This truly is an animal’s constitution!”

Ghost Butterfly Seventeen rolled his eyes at the duo before standing up and taking in a deep breath. He felt a lot more comfortable now.

“All my equipment has been destroyed, and I do not have one million with me right now. What’s your name, and how do I contact you? I’ll send the money to you later.”

“I was going to make you sign an IOU, but we can skip that process. With your identity as Ghost Butterfly Seventeen, I believe that the Blue Butterfly should be trustworthy. They are one of the great four after all.” Cillin said with an expression of great tolerance while tossing him a nutrient pill. The man had exhausted too much strength after a boosted recovery, and he had to replenish his energy somewhat.

“Thanks.” he swallowed it after accepting the pill. He was extremely strained right now.

“Not at all. That will be one hundred thousand credits.”

“…” Ghost Butterfly Seventeen’s eyelids jumped again and again, “Fine, I’ll cough out your dough.”

When he saw Cillin and Lung looking at him with a face that clearly said, ‘are you an idiot?’, Ghost Butterfly Seventeen felt as if his IQ had degenerated alongside his injuries.