Star Rank Hunter
Chapter 163: Aurelio’s Cage [Part 2]
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Star Rank Hunter
Author :Chen Ci Lan Tiao
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Chapter 163: Aurelio’s Cage [Part 2]

Chapter 163: Aurelio’s Cage [Part 2]

“White Night?” Cillin frowned. In Genesis Mythos, one of the ‘Aurelios’ represented courage, while White Night could turn darkness into light.

“White Night is one of the five Aurelios. In Genesis Mythos, it is said that to give light to the people in darkness, but in reality White Night means energy, and in the explanation provided by the star map, White Night is the best ‘omnipotent power source’. I do not know how much energy this type of power source can provide, but the fact that it can drive so many people to risk their lives meant that it must quite big.

Moreover, those three old bastards aren’t that interested in power sources. Relatively speaking, I think that they enjoy watching people risking their lives and fighting over something even more. That’s why there weren’t many government officials who were involved fifty years ago, but there were plenty of armies and Hunter regiments.”

Now Cillin understood what Lung meant earlier when he said that everyone’s desires were different from each other.

Different characters had different objectives. Out of the five ‘Aurelios’, some might be suited for Hunters and some might be suited for traders. Those in academia, the military and the government all had their own respective objectives as well. They might be similar, or they might be different.

While talking, the scanner suddenly let out an alarm, “Energy signal detected ahead! Energy signal detected ahead!”

Lung immediately grew excited as his chair spun, “Activate invisibility mode!”

“Invisibility mode engaged.”

“Deep scan!”

Five minutes later, a scene was displayed on the screen. It looked to be a battle between two forces. There was a giant-sized starship and many spaceplanes and fighters around it. Wreckages could be seen everywhere, and the exchanging of firepower was pretty intense.

“Alright, we got something to do!” Lung rubbed his palm eagerly.

After watching the scene for a moment, both Cillin and Lung had discerned some of the issues on that ship. The battle was either caused by internal strife, or spies and traitors in their own midst. A huge hole had been blown from inside to outside at the side port of the starship, and from time to time fighter spacecrafts consisting of both sides would fly out from it. It would appear that battle had been engaged inside the starship, and it might not necessarily be any less intense than the battle outside.

“What are you going to do?” Cillin looked at Lung. Right now the guy looked like he had injected himself with chicken blood* and was full of enthusiasm.

*here’s a repeat of something I’ve explained in the past, but basically it’s your ancient Chinese equivalent of drugs for medical purposes. Usually it’s used as an idiom in the context of get high.

“Are we going to rush over?” the gray cat worked its claws and looked full of expectations.

But Lung shook his head, “Our opponent is too strong. Compared to that starship our starship is practically a harmless child who hasn’t finished puberty yet.”

Harmless child… like hell that is true!

Although the size difference was huge, but combat strength wise Cillin was absolutely certain that the starship they were on could take out that big fellow.

“Don’t you see that they’re having a good time. What we should be doing now is of course to watch the show!” Lung snapped his fingers, summoning his beautiful robot girl to serve up tea and freshly baked biscuits.

However, just because they’re watching a show and doing nothing didn’t mean that they weren’t using their brains. After watching for a moment, Cillin had already figured out which side were the rebels.

While chewing his biscuit and not bothering to wipe the crumbs off his mouth, Lung said, “Cillin, I have an idea.”

Cillin did not object after listening to Lung’s ‘idea’, “As long as you aren’t afraid that those fellows might break some things inside here, then sure.”

“Heh, then it’s been decided!” Lung spun around on his chair once before laying down a voice command, “Exterior transformation, ball shape.”

“Exterior transformation engaged.”

The entire ship’s exterior began to transform as the smart system’s voice resounded. It transformed from its original spindle shape into a round ball shape. Even the color of the ship’s surface had changed into an arrogant white color, and a white ball sparkling with white light should be pretty eye catching amidst this darkness.

Since some people were also flying towards their direction, the two sides quickly pulled close to each other.

“Deactivate invisibility mode!” Lung instructed.

“Invisibility mode disengaged.”

Just when the smart system had finished saying that, the fully transformed starship in the shape of a white ball appeared before the people’s eyes.

Andrea Family’s technology was publicly recognised in GAL. The fact that the starship could get so close and still not get detected by the other party’s counter surveillance system meant that its invisibility unit was just too good.

Meanwhile, the people on the other side were startled by the white colored ball shaped object that had suddenly appeared. At that moment, both engaging parties had become slightly absent-minded. However, when a line of words was displayed on the surface of the ball shaped flying object, the people on the other side finally began to react towards it.

The words appearing on the ball-shaped starship was: Come up, we’ll take you away.

The side that was being hunted down and was almost driven into a final struggle immediately adjusted their flight path the second they saw these words. They flew towards the ball-shaped flying object.

“This is the Hunter regiment ‘Heaven’s Jail’. Who are you? We are purging our ranks of traitors, so please do not interfere!”

Cillin and Lung straight up pretended that they were both deaf and mute as they watched the starship’s words displayed on the screen. They had heard of the Hunter regiment ‘Heaven’s Jail’ before. It was a Hunter regiment that often operated around Sector S, and they were largely related to the people of Sector S as well.

Seeing that the other party had not responded to their transmission, the Heaven Jail members on board that starship grew angry and directly ordered a full scale attack.

However, the attacks were all blocked by the energy shield surrounding the ball-shaped starship. The ship was perfectly unharmed.

At this moment, the first four fighters and the spaceplane that had escaped the farthest ahead had already arrived near the ball-shaped starship. Five corresponding passages opened up on the ball-shaped starship, and the energy shields surrounding this five passages were extinguished.

On the starship, a person in the control room slammed a fist onto the table with a loud bang, “Which forces do they belong to?!”

“Maybe they were here to rescue them?” someone said.

Sector S had been growing more and more chaotic as of late. There were quite a number of local Hunter regiments who were severely damaged by unknown figures, and the reason traitors had appeared within their midst was also due to the involvement of those outsiders. It used to be the local Hunter regiments riding roughshod over people in Sector S, but now they were pushed to the brink of mental illness one after another. What on earth was going on?!

“What should we do now, commander?”

“Chase after them at full force!”

“Yes sir!”

But when the five fighters and the spaceplane had entered the ball shaped starship, it immediately raised its speed and entered invisibility mode at the same time. Before long, it had thrown off the Heaven’s Jail Hunter regiment.

After they had entered the ball-shaped starship, the people inside the five fighters and the spaceplane walked out of their cabins. At first, they thought that someone had been sent to rescue them, but after they walked out they discovered that that was not the case. Wherever they looked there were only robots, and not a single one of them was holding a gun either. They gave off a very friendly impression.

The leader of the group was a man with a big beard, a slightly crooked back and an obese figure. However, when he walked he gave off a very graceful impression.

Big Beard looked at the surroundings and motioned for his subordinates to stay calm and act carefully. When he stared at a robot and walked closer towards it, the robot had not brandished a weapon. Although these robots looked rather friendly, and many of them in the shape of beautiful girls that were almost exactly the same as your average human, it was very easy for Hunters who often roamed around Sector S like them to distinguish an average human from a robot. There would always be people of bad taste with their high-end robots set in the shape of beautiful girls.

The leader of the beautiful robot girls walked in front of Big Beard and revealed a sweet smile on her face. She said politely, “Hello and welcome aboard, our guests. My master would like to invite you all to meet him.”

“Oh. I wonder what your master looks like?” Big Beard didn’t seem to be worried.

“Master will offer good hospitality. Master once said that all visitors are guests, and that we should receive them courteously.”

“Sure. We also have the master of this ship to thank for saving us, haha!” Big Beard led his dozen or so subordinates and followed the beautiful robot girl out of the passage.

Inside the control room, Lung sneered as he looked at the footage on the screen, “What a poor act. He looks very calm on the outside, but in reality he’s so nervous he could die.”

Lung pointed at Big Beard’s stomach on the screen and continued, “This guy has more than a pair of hands. In fact, he has a few pairs of hands all hidden inside here. He’s probably holding a weapon in every hand, and the second he detects anything amiss he will shoot.”

“How did you know that?”

“It’s a guess!”

Big Beard really was caught off guard when met the two men and a cat before him. At the same time, a plan was formed inside his mind. He put on a wide smile on his face and said, “Thank you for saving me and my subordinates! My name is Pillar. We are former members of the Heaven’s Jail Hunter regiment. We have left our Hunter regiment due to some disputes, and the reason that a battle was engaged was because they refused to allow us to leave. Thank you for extending us a helping hand, or we may not have left the battlefield alive.”

“We are very glad to see you, Mr. Pillar. We just happened to be passing by and decided to lend our aid, so don’t mention it. Come, come and taste the freshly baked biscuits of our beauty Lisa.” Lung said while looking like a fop.

Pillar and the rest of his men could see that the wine on top of the table were all high class goods. Even the wine glass was made of top grade materials. It was obvious that this guy was a young master of a rich family, and judging from his sloppy and indulgent appearance, it would appear that he had never suffered any hardships in his life.

“Er, and you are…” Pillar asked.

Lung winked while holding his wine glass, “Let me tell you a secret. Me and my little buddy here had secretly ran out from our homes. We heard that something big is probably going to happen here, which is why we couldn’t hold our curiosity to come over to have a look and join in the party. Hehe, as we expected, the moment we arrived at Sector S we immediately found you guys in the middle of a scuffle.”

You call that a scuffle? It’s a fight with our lives on the line, okay! Pillar and the others criticised on the inside.

While listening to Lung’s explanation and combining it with their surrounding decor, Pillar and the others were beginning to believe somewhat that these two youngsters had truly ran away from their homes in secret. There were no servants, no guards, and all robots. They actually came to Sector S as two people only! Should they say that these two were innocent and ignorant of the cruelties of the world, or should they say that they were fools with a screw loose in their heads? Regardless, either scenario worked to their advantage.

While Pillar looked down upon this foolish young master of a rich family on the inside, he still kept his patience and talked just about everything with Lung as they felt out each other.

Cillin had been sitting on his chair and saying nothing all the time, reading his book. Lung had not been able to con someone for a long time, so he was just going to let him con all the way to his heart’s content.

The gray cat lay on top of Cillin’s shoulders and licked its lips from time to time.
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