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Chapter 66: Kill

Tiger Thorn pressed his gun against Theresa’s head and watched the slowing approaching figure. Brown Thorn’s entire body was tensed in a high alert state.

“Cillin Douance. You truly are something alright. Even if you die, you can be comforted by the thought that you managed to push us, the Black Thorn, to such a state.”

Cillin did not react because of Tiger Thorn’s words. His footsteps were the same as ever.

Tiger Thorn pushed his gun against Theresa’s head once more, indicating that he would blow this beautiful girl’s head apart if he came any closer.

Although it was night time, Tiger Thorn could see the expression on Cillin’s face.

This young kid looked too tranquil, too calm. He couldn’t figure out what was behind his mask.

Cillin came to a stop fifty meters away from the group of three. He looked at Theresa once, then at Brown Thorn and Tiger Thorn, “You want to kill her?”

Perhaps it was because Cillin’s tone was too calm that Theresa felt a little scared. She really couldn’t see through Cillin right now, or guess what he was going to do in the next moment. Perhaps it was because she herself didn’t dare to guess further.

Seeing Tiger Thorn and Brown Thorn’s silence, Cillin said as if he had just realized it, “Oh, you want to use her to threaten me.”

Cillin’s tone made Tiger Thorn incredibly uncomfortable. He felt as if he was slapped in the face.

“Your father, Aiflon values her a lot.”

“But you’re still going to kill her anyway. If you can’t do it, do you… want me to help you?”

Cillin had just finished speaking, when he threw three needles right at Theresa being held right in front of Tiger Thorn. At the same time Cillin immediately jumped backwards, and a bullet hole was left at the spot he just left behind.

When Cillin threw out the needles, Brown Thorn, who had been watching him all this time immediately shot him without any hesitation. But Cillin’s movements were incredibly swift. There were two bullets that practically brushed past him as he retreated towards the back. After a couple of dodges, he then hid himself back into the forest.

Brown Thorn did not pursue him. If he followed Cillin inside, then his fate would definitely be no different from Snake Thorn and the others. Returning to Tiger Thorn’s side, Brown Thorn glanced at Theresa, thrown on the floor by Tiger Thorn and no longer breathing, traces of fresh blood still visible at the corner of her mouth.

As if in disbelief, Brown Thorn checked Theresa’s pulse and heartbeat once more before frowning, “That kid is pretty ruthless.”

“He’s not the kind of people who would be moved by threats.” Tiger Thorn stared at the spot where Cillin had vanished into the woods and said in a low tone, “He does not feel like the young master of a rich family. He feels more like a different kind of person.”

“A killer like us?”

“No. A Hunter… But no matter what kind of person he is, he must die!”

Previously, they had planned to lure Cillin to them with Theresa as bait, but they did not think that Cillin would kill Theresa immediately the moment he saw her. Now, they were the only three people left in this forest.

Murder was a show being played in the middle of the thick forest.

Tiger Thorn and Brown Thorn were afraid that Cillin would lure them into a trap, and so every time they would first observe their surroundings closely and confirm that there was no danger before continuing the pursuit. However, Cillin was too slippery. Every time they lifted their guns, Cillin would immediately escape as if he could sense the danger.

Suddenly, warning bells rang loudly inside Tiger Thorn’s head as he abruptly exerted strength onto his feet, leaving behind a deep footprint on the ground before dodging rapidly to avoid the incoming attacks.

Brown Thorn had dodged out of the way just like Tiger Thorn.

Needles weren’t the only thing that was shot at them, there were also bullets. To Tiger Thorn and Brown Thorn’s surprise, these needles were actually almost as swift as bullets!

At the same time, Tiger Thorn also noticed that these needles were different from the one used to kill Theresa!

Tiger Thorn’s night vision was very good. He could see clearly that when those needles pierced into the trees or smashed against the rock, they would shatter, melt, and volatilize.


Tiger Thorn swiftly suspended his breathing and put on a poison filter on his respiratory mask. Seeing Tiger Thorn’s motions, Brown Thorn too got ready to install a poison filter in his own mask.

After all the mask they’re wearing wasn’t a specialised gas mask. This poison filter might be able to prevent poison, but it would affect their breathing to a certain degree. The average person might not be able to get used to it, but Tiger Thorn and Brown Thorn could withstand the discomfort for a very long time, though normally they would not put on a poison filter.

However, just as Brown Thorn took out his poison filter and was about to install it, a bullet went right through his temple.

Brown Thorn was hiding behind a rock, and this rock was enough to obstruct the enemy’s shots. He had already used it to block a couple of gunshots just now, and there were nearly ten needles that had smashed futilely against the rock. But he could never imagine that he would be killed by the enemy in this situation with a single shot.

Curve shot?!

The moment he saw this, Tiger Thorn instantly understood that the kid had done it on purpose. His previous shots were all in a straight line, but this particular shot was curved!

Such a person would normally appear only inside a military academy. Why would such a person be in Seven Lights?!

Tiger Thorn did not have the time to ponder those things. He was now alone, and he needed all of his energy to guard against the kid. Perhaps Tiger Thorn himself did not realize that he subconsciously no longer put killing Cillin as his first priority. Guarding against him, was.

Strangely, Cillin did not move at all. He had turned quiet after that shot.

Then, Tiger Thorn saw a scene that shocked him to the core. A huge swarm of flying ants flew towards his general direction and landed on the dead Brown Thorn. The parts that were bleeding were especially densely covered.

This was definitely a mental shock for Tiger Thorn, and it was at this moment a dozen or so needles were shot at his direction. Tiger Thorn dodged out of the way, but in the next moment a shadow zipped swiftly towards him. Tiger Thorn’s speed wasn’t slow either, as he lifted his gun and –


The gun barrel was immediately twisted into a bunch of useless metal, and at the same time a needle stabbed right at Tiger Thorn’s heart.

Before he died, Tiger Thorn suddenly realized that he had not sensed the slightest killing intent from the beginning to the end, even when he was opening fire at them. Moreover, Cillin was not wearing a camouflage suit either, and yet the infrared sensors detected nothing at all.

Cillin Douance was a cold-blooded animal. Not only did he possess the coldness of a killer, he also possessed the blood of a cold-blooded animal.

That was Tiger Thorn’s assessment of Cillin during his final moments. However, if Mo Heng learned that someone had evaluated Cillin this way, he would probably grab a knife and swing it at the evaluator. His disciple was not a cold-blooded animal! He wasn’t cold either!

It was only after checking the biomonitor on Tiger Thorn’s hand and ensuring that all of the dots on the display had disappeared that Cillin finally let out a relaxed breath.

The half-life of the drug that caused the flying ants to grow excited was twelve hours. Once the time was up it would automatically break down, so there was no need to worry too much about it. In the future, the people who came into this forest would not discover this drug either.

Cillin rejoiced at the fact that Black Thorn’s core members had been eliminated beforehand. Otherwise, if the people standing here today were the real elites of Black Thorn, then he would not be as fortunate.

There was no doubt that the strength of an organization that could place itself at a certain position on the killer leaderboard was absolutely not to be trifled with. If he hadn’t cheated and used those flying ants to his advantage, it would have been incredibly difficult for him to obtain a good outcome today. If the people who weren’t even the core members of Black Thorn had such strength already, then just how powerful those core members really were? And how powerful were those people who managed to kill the core members of Black Thorn?

It might not necessarily be a single person or a couple of people who had taken out Black Thorn’s core members. It could be another organization, a family’s hidden hand, or an army.

Cillin would encounter these forces when he returned to the Sixth Squad in the future.

Cillin loosened his shoulders. His arms were sore from tossing bullets and needles today. After he had cleaned up the traces of battle Cillin headed towards Theresa’s direction. If he delayed it any longer, then she would probably really lose her life.