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Chapter 29: The Young Master Lung With A Missing Screw In His Head

Chapter 29: The Young Master Lung With A Missing Screw In His Head

Both Cillin and Knight were embedded inside the walls at the opposite sides of the training room.

Cillin jumped down from the wall and landed on his feet. He moved his arms and rolled his shoulders, and every time he moved clear cracking sounds could be heard from his bones. On the opposite side, Knight’s condition was about the same.

“Haha, that’s so fun! This is the first time I had such a pleasant fight ever since I came to Seven Lights!” Knight’s laughter was incredibly happy.

Watching the duo from the quarantine zone, both Ci Jincheng and Lung felt a constant tic on their faces. Those two were actually King Kongs, right?

They literally smashed a human-shaped hole in the wall, and yet after they climbed to their feet and dusted themselves a little, both of them appeared to be perfectly fine!

Cillin looked at his clothes. There were a few spots that were obviously charred. Luckily, he had brought a change of clothes to be on the safe side. There was no separate dressing rooms inside the training room, but they were all guys anyway so what was there to be embarrassed about? Just strip and get on with it.

While Cillin and Knight were changing their clothes, Lung took out a mini camera and began snapping photos.

“Hehe, I’ll set up an online auction and sell your changing photos later~~”

“Lung, you planning to decorate the walls as well?” Knight lifted his chin and pointed at the two human-shaped depressions on the walls.

“Ah, worst comes to worst I’ll split you half the credits of the sale. We’re housemates, right? Speaking of which, Cillin, are you really a B rank genotype? There are many A ranks who are not as good as you.”

That sure was quite the swift change of subject, but admittedly Knight’s attention was drawn towards this topic.

“That is true. I felt like I ran into a tank during that last hit.” Knight swung his arms while saying. Surely Cillin had not used much strength when he slapped down the two flying cars, or else the resultant damage would have been far different.

Cillin smiled, “It’s because of my physique.”

“A physique like yours should enter the army. I guarantee that you will rise swiftly just like that second oldest brother of Pride’s Ji Feihang. Back when he was still a recruit, he took down an entire class on his own. My father called that an A+ physique, and the cause of this phenomenon may be heterosis.”


It was definitely obvious just by listening to Pride and his second oldest brother’s name alone. Their parents weren’t from the same race, so one of the sons were named after his father, and the other his mother.

“But still,” Knight said again, “I also know of some people whose parents weren’t from the same race, but their genotypes were only at rank B, which is leagues apart from their parents’ rank A… But of course, I’m not sure about your situation, Cillin. I’m not familiar with the Douance Family’s state of affairs.” Knight was feeling good at the moment and so had a lot to talk about.

Lung narrowed his eyes into slits while rubbing his chin, “Does that mean that if I find a woman whose race is outside the galaxy, then the chances that our children will have A+ rank genotype will be higher?”

Ci Jincheng appeared thoughtful, “There has been people who researched this, and they believed that the further apart the parents’ geographies are, the higher it is their chances to give birth to offsprings with better genes.”

“Alright!” Lung clapped his hands together, “Then I will find a woman outside the galaxy as my wife in the future!”

“You’ve decided to exercise self-restraint?” Cillin wore a disbelieving look on his face.

“That’s two different things! My wife has to be from outside the galaxy, but I could hardly ask as much from my lovers.”

“Ceh~~” All three of them scoffed in disdain.

Cillin would not tell anyone the truth behind his physique; the chips integrated inside his body were his greatest secret.

Outside the training room, when a group of students were discussing whether the people inside were instructors or high grade students, the door of the training room opened. The discussion stopped instantly.

Cillin and his friends walked out one by one. They merely swept a glance at the crowd of students gathered outside his training room before walking straight towards the exit.

“Who are those four? They didn’t wear badges, so I can’t tell which grade they are.”

“It’s them!” a high grade student had identified Lung. Lung’s name was spread really quickly among the high grade students, because the person they had interacted the most while they were setting up stalls at the trading zone was this young master from the Andrea Family.

“You mean they’re all this term’s first grade new students?”

“Isn’t this a little too fierce!” some of them gulped as they watched the human-shaped protrusion on the wall. Not even grade five, six and seven students specialized in military would have such destructive power, would they?

Not far away, a few grade three students leaning on a handrail withdrew their gaze from Cillin’s group.

“Knight Feigler? I didn’t think that guy would come to Seven Lights. Didn’t he despise all universities that aren’t military?” A youngster wearing a earring said with a tone filled with thick, dripping sarcasm.

“Oh? You know them, Stolt? Which one’s Knight?” His companion asked curiously.

The young man named Stolt did not answer, seemingly unwilling to delve deeper into the subject.

“Sister Fu Luo, who do you think is fighting inside just now?”

The speaker was a younger girl with blinking big eyes and a voice tinged with playfulness. When she smiled, there were two very cute dimples on her cheeks.

“What do you think?” The girl named Fu Rong simply lifted a faint smile, while appearing graceful and pure.

“Hmm…” While holding her chin, the younger girl pointed at Knight on the screen, “This guy is definitely one of them. His air of battle hasn’t subsided yet.” she then pointed at Ci Jincheng, “This guy is definitely out of the question. As for the remaining two…” her big eyes roamed between Lung and Cillin before she pointed at Cillin, “The chances that this guy is the other fighter is higher.”

“I believe so too.”

“But if even the training room walls were smashed this badly, then why do the two of them look perfectly unhurt?”

Fu Luo looked at the ruby-like flying car vanishing into the distance with complicated eyes. She felt that the coming days in Seven Lights would be no longer calm.

After returning to the accommodation, Cillin took a good bath, ate the fast food prepared by the robot and swiftly went to bed. He needed to enter that state today to analyze in depth today’s battle.

While asleep, the scene where he sparred with Knight began to replay clearly in his mind. Knight’s every movement, the contraction of every muscle, the miniscule changes in the air, the splitting of particles, the generation of electricity… everything began to replay in high definition slow-mo.

This time, Cillin’s sleep did not last too long, however. At the very least, he woke up on the next morning. After checking the time display on top of the bed, he scratched his head and went down ready to wash himself. There was already the smell of breakfast coming from below.

The second he went down, he saw Lung crossing his legs and exclaiming at the ‘Teacher Information Display’ on the accommodation education platform.

“Look, this teacher has such beautiful eyes; they look just like shit!”

Cillin: “…”

Is that praise or slander?

Ci Jincheng was applying egg yolk jam to his bread in front of the dining table, when he heard Lung’s words and felt his hands coming to a stop. He frowned at the egg yolk jam and suddenly lost his appetite.

Cillin did not care too much for it; he urgently needed to replenish the energy from exhausting his brainpower. After instructing the robot to make five sets of the same breakfast, he grabbed the hotdog on the table and took a bite, “Where’s Knight?”

Lung pointed upwards, “He’s fixing some kind of wireless jammer on the roof. Right, Cillin, we can use the internet now. JIncheng had installed something that would keep the people from the management division from investigating our real information. In other words, even if we swear at the headmaster on the Seven Lights Net, we won’t need to worry about being discovered and have our marks deducted.”

“It’s not just Seven Lights Net. It will work on Sector B’s University Alliance Network as well.” Ci Jincheng said firmly.

“That’s awesome! I had a flash of inspiration last night and I came up with a love letter. I’m going to send this to every pretty girl in Sector B’s universities!” Lung excitedly took out his tablet.

Cillin and Ci Jincheng moved closer to read exactly what kind of heart touching soulful confession it was.

The tablet wrote:

“You are like an inferno. The moment you appeared, every molecule of my blood cooks my soul until it boils for you alone. That bone deep, scorching passion is what drives me to turn over the entire galaxy to find a carnation for you; unable to pause my footsteps for anyone else, only for you…”

Cillin and Ci Jincheng sweatdropped all over themselves. Ignoring that terrifying phrase about his blood cooking his soul, what in the universe was with that carnation?

The two of them pointed at the text ‘Carnation’ harmonized with pink and rendered in crimson tone before looking at Lung.

“Hmm? Isn’t carnation the symbol of passionate love?” Lung widened his eyes with an innocent look on his face.

“Then what does red rose symbolize?” Cillin asked again.

Lung said with a ‘even kids know this’ expression, “Of course I know. It’s a curse!”

Cillin, Ci Jincheng: “…”

Like hell it’s a curse!

Knight, who just finished installing the wireless jammer and was about to get down ready and flaunt around for a bit, nearly fell off the stairs.

What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

Young master Lung, even if you’re writing a love letter you can’t just misuse the flower language like this!

The trio finally gained a profound recognition on exactly which screw was missing from this young master’s head.