Star Rank Hunter
Chapter 15: Planet Seven Lights
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Star Rank Hunter
Author :Chen Ci Lan Tiao
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Chapter 15: Planet Seven Lights

Chapter 15: Planet Seven Lights

At a certain planet in Sector D.

Cillin had arrived at this planet according to Aiflon’s information. After walking down down the spaceliner, Cillin then pulled at his big coat and straightened his collars.

No wonder Aiflon had picked this planet for Cillin to come. It was currently winter on this planet, and Cillin did not need to put on any disguises at all. He would cover more than half his face by straightening his collar alone, not to mention that the wind was strong and the pedestrians came and went in a hurry. Even if there was someone who recognized Aiflon’s facial features, they would not examine at an ordinarily-clothed passerby closely, so it did save him quite a bit of effort. There were plenty of planets that Aiflon’s influence had touched upon, and there was a reason for him to choose this place.

After exiting the port, when Cillin walked to a street corner, he saw a seemingly ordinary black flying car waiting quietly at the area.

After taking a look at the car plate, Cillin then walked over to it.

At the same time, the two men inside the car had seen Cillin as well. They got off the car and gave him a polite bow, “Young master.”

Cillin recognized one of them to be the bodyguard that he had slammed into the wall. He didn’t recognize the other person. Cillin’s eyebrows lifted after he heard the greeting ‘young master’. He might have accepted the mission, but he had never been given such treatment in his entire life. It felt really awkward for a time.

Regardless of his own thoughts, Cillin’s expression did not change in the slightest whatsoever. He nodded, lifted a leg and stepped inside after the other party had opened the backseat door.

This is good stuff. It’s also a triphibian flying car! After surveying the interior of the car one time, Cillin recalled a certain phrase – low-key luxury. This car probably cost more than a few million galactic credits.

After all was said and done, the car lifted into the air steadily and glided into the hover highway. This car was utterly missable amidst many other flying cars as it merged into the masses.

The ten free trade Sectors were far superior as compared to the thirteen backwater Sectors. This could be seen from the surrounding flying cars alone. Put any one of them at Planet Brown Earth and it would definitely cause quite a big commotion even at the most flourished areas. But over here, they were simply one among many.

The skyscrapers grew scarce. There weren’t many high-rise buildings towards the direction the car was heading at. Further up ahead were villas that took up many wide lands, and after passing through these villas, the flying car finally stopped at a manor-like place.

The old butler Sopho had been waiting there already.

Sopho let out a kind smile after he saw Cillin, “Young master Cillin, please follow me.”

He sure got into character real quick alright, Cillin criticized on the inside.

“I’m in your care.”

Sopho led Cillin into big house surrounded by flower beds. Although it wasn’t tall – only three stories – it had taken up a lot of space and was bigger and a lot more luxurious than the villas he had passed by.

On the surface, the servants didn’t look all that reactive, but in truth they were unbelievably curious on the inside. It was rumored a few days ago that the master had found his long lost bastard. At the time, a few had thought that it was impossible, but today they’d really seen him with their own eyes. That’s right, anyone who had seen Cillin would believe that Aiflon and him were father and son. This was what they called a coincidence. Moreover, Cillin believed that by the morrow, the news about Aiflon receiving his bastard would spread out and even printed with pictures and videos on certain electronic magazines.

But the spread of the rumors and its trend wasn’t for Cillin to worry about. That was Aiflon’s problem and a part of his strategy to contest for the family’s successor position.

After putting on a ‘loving father, faithful son’ show together with Aiflon at the dining table, Aiflon called Cillin to his study.

“The related procedures at Seven Lights have been completed. You will bring your new identity card and admission notice to Seven Lights University. All you need to do is to carry yourself as the ‘illegitimate child’, the rest you do not need to worry. In addition, you should know that even the forces of those people who are obstructing me cannot penetrate that place too deeply. But the one thing you must not forget is that the waters in Sector B are very deep. Be careful when you act. You are now holding the ‘Douance’ surname with you, so you should avoid anything that damages the Douance’s family reputation. However…”

Aiflon took out his tablet from the drawer and pulled up a few photos. He passed them to Cillin, “You may see these people as your targets.”

Cillin accepted the tablet on Aiflon’s hands and swiftly looked through the information on it. Some of the people listed on this tablet could be taken out directly, and some of them were to be captured alive if possible. There were freelance Hunters, highly trained killers, Aiflon’s competitors and the people from their respective forces. Everyone had a corresponding bounty.

“You do not need to seek out these people deliberately. As long as you are still in Seven Lights University, they will naturally come and look for you unless I have acquired the family’s successor position. Remember this information. Once you have reached Seven Lights University, I will have someone send you the latest informations from time to time. I’ll leave it to you to decide how to deal with them when the time comes. Of course, it depends on your abilities whether or not you will be able to hunt down these prey.”

His prey would come to him, and his employer would even refresh his information automatically for him. What was there against such a fantastic opportunity?

Cillin quickly flipped through all the information on the tablet once and returned it to Aiflon. Aiflon was distracted for a moment. He finished reading already?

Aiflon said nothing else after obtaining a firm reply from Cillin. What needed to be paid attention and what needed to be done had long been stated in the agreement.

Aiflon gave Cillin a new debit card; a debit card registered with the identity ‘Cillin Douance’. There was already a hundred and fifty thousand galactic credits inside it; a one-time payment transferred into his card for the next thirty days.

The next day, Aiflon had deliberately ordered a family starship under his control to escort Cillin to Sector B.

Seven Lights University wasn’t on a certain place on a certain planet at Sector B. It is a planet.

The entire planet was a university on itself. That was why Seven Lights University was also called Planet Seven Lights.

There were seven space stations surrounding Planet Seven Lights, and every starship that came must be parked first at one of them. Those who were to be admitted would use the admission notice in their care to enter an exclusive transport. No other starships or spaceships were allowed to come close to Planet Seven Lights, and no unrelated personnel were allowed entry to Seven Lights University. Everyone had to obey the rules set down by Planet Seven Lights no matter which great family you came from.

The starships that came here usually abided to the rules. Those who did not would automatically listed as a dangerous target and be opened fire at by the ‘Sentinel’ defense system on the space stations. Who cares which family you came from; lasers first talk later.

And don’t say that Planet Seven Lights was too arrogant; they really do have what it takes to be arrogant. Otherwise, why would Aiflon say that the waters of Planet Seven Lights were very deep?

The starship escorting Cillin stopped at a space station, and after docking, five bodyguards then escorted Cillin into the space station. Cillin saw someone being stopped in their tracks at a bridge not far away; the reason being that they had too many escorts – there was an eye-catching sign at the bridge that stated that there would be ‘no more than five escorts’ at a time.

There were a lot of people that were escorted by bodyguards like Cillin at the inspection hall. Fifteen to twenty five, all wearing very similar expressions – excitement and anxiety. They were obviously of extraordinary status; grab anyone of them and they would be someone from a certain sector from a certain famous family. But over here, it would seem that their previously extraordinary statuses had been normalized.

After passing through the identity verification and scanning his admission notice, the five bodyguards returned as Cillin sat in the transport headed towards Planet Seven Lights.
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