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631 Evil in Heaven

Eisen put the pieces for the boots together rather quickly, and after he finished that part, all that he needed to do was finish the enchantments on the surface of them. They were just there to enhance and support the enchantments that were placed inbetween the soles and insoles, of course, and were making the sounds that the boots produced close to silent. 

Eisen basically did the same again when using Magic Inscription. Basically, the boots didn't make any sound that any normal person could hear now. Raziel still might, though, although Eisen wasn't even sure about that.

Either way, they were now finished, so Eisen could move on to the rest. The leather armor that the male soul wanted didn't really have anything all that special about it itself. It was just basic protection while still allowing for a lot of smooth movements, that was it.

For the most part, there really wasn't anything special about it. Of course, Eisen still enchanted the armor to allow for better stealth, since that seemed to be exactly what the man was going for with his whole combat style.

The leather armor itself also had a cloth-hood directly conneted to it so that he could hide his face a bit more. There were a few smaller parts that were a bit more directly useful, though. Like for example the throwing-knife holsters attached to the legs, or the parts on the chestpiece that were meant to hold things like different potion-pills.

Then, the belt held a bit more utility than the rest as well. Basically, it had space to hold everything that the male soul may ever need, including spots for actual potions, more things like throwing-knives and smaller tools in general.

And then, once the leather armor was done and already became part of the 'Heavenly Assassin' item set, Eisen just needed to make all those tools and smaller items. They really didn't take that long, but still, after making all of these things, a good half of the day was already over again. Eisen hoped to find someone else that didn't need anything special, and maybe just required something like clothes instead of armor...

Either way, for now, the old man managed to finish this relatively quickly, and then gave the whole item set to the man. He looked the items over with an excited expression, quickly trying it on. He swung his daggers around a little bit and tried to go through the motions to pick out different things out of his belt.

"These are really well-made!" He exclaimed with a bright smile, "There aren't any special effects, but well, things like skills or stats matter for shit here anyway. Although, I do wonder... How'd you know I was an Assassin while I was alive?"

"Hm?" Eisen said with his brows raised, looking back at the man, "Ah, I didn't really know. My guess is that it's because all the items absorbed Gonor's Holy Aura. Since I was thinking about specifically making these items for you, as you are a direct part of Gonor's Divine Realm, it might have just... well, autocompleted that part, I guess."

"Huh, got it." The man replied, and then started to laugh, "Haha, well, good to know that it didn't show on me. I'd like to think I'm not like other Assassins."

"Oh, absolutely. You seem like a kind man, so you probably never used the 'Assassin' occupation for things like that, right?" Eisen said with a smile as he started to clean his workstation up, although the man then said something that the old man really didn't expect, "Things like what exactly? You know what an Assassin is, right? They kill people for a living."

Eisen took a deep breath after hearing him and turned around, just to see one of the daggers that he just made being held toward him, "Most of us do, at least, although I usually did it for fun. That's why it meant even more to me to keep it hidden. Nobody wants their secret hobby being found out, right?"

The old man looked at the man and slowly raised his hand to rub the bridge of his nose while thinking, and then turned toward Ambriel, "Let me guess, this doesn't work in the way that only good people go to heaven, and bad people go to hell, right?"

With a light smile on their face, Ambriel replied, "Of course not, that's just ridiculous. There are heavens completely filled with utterly vile people, even. There are very few that go to the hells. Those that do are those which broke certain Taboos or simply chose so themselves by worshipping Devils."

Eisen grumbled quietly and then looked back at the man in front of him. Eisen could practically see the bloodlust in his eyes. It was a weird feeling to be looked at like that, but it's not like Eisen had never felt this before.

"Now, it's obviously been quite a while since I've seen a living person, and you can't really kill those that are already dead... so I wasn't able to work on my hobby for a while... Would you want to he-"

Before the man could even finish his sentence, Eisen turned his eyes to the side to make sure that this already counted toward one of the ten gear-sets Eisen had to make, and seeing that it did, Eisen immediately kicked his foot forward before the soul could even react. There's no way Eisen would lose to someone like this child if he was able to beat one of the greatest fighters this or the other world had ever seen.

The soul was pushed back a few steps, but was able to recover from the force of Eisen's kick. In immediate response, it jumped forward and stabbed the dagger toward Eisen with a mad grin on its face. But all that Eisen needed to do was cover his hand in a thick layer of metal using his 'Blazing Core of the Mountain' element and 'catch' the attack.

Of course, the dagger wasn't able to stab through to hurt Eisen, "Why would you even try doing that? Are you an idiot?" Eisen asked. Since the soul seemingly thought that he would be able to stab it into Eisen with ease, and now that he saw he didn't, wasn't really able to keep his balance perfectly.

Eisen closed his hand around the dagger and held it tightly while the man clumsily stabbed the other one toward the old man as well. This time, he hardened his chest, where the dagger was about to hit him, and then used his whole arm to squeeze down on the man's. Immediately, Eisen twisted the soul's arms around in opposing directions to make him drop the daggers somehow. And once Eisen heard the two items hit the ground, he let go of one of the man's arms and instead grabbed him right around his neck.

He dragged him toward the front of the shop by his neck while taking away the items that he made for him. He was somewhat small, but with the automatic item-size change, this armor-set could probably be given to someone else that Eisen knew, "Ah, right, one of Stahl's occupations is a scout-like one, right?" 

The Aura of the God of War that was imbued into these should probably have at least a little bit of a boost, even if there wasn't a direct stat-increase. It should still help a bit here and there.

"Wait... You need to be part of this divine realm to use this... Hm, maybe I can make use of it somehow..." Eisen muttered. Since the creator of an item could ignore the requirements placed onto it, he was probably the only living person that could use it. 

Either way, as Eisen was basically stripping the man of the armor that he just created, the soul was flailing its arms around, "What do you even think you're doing?! You made those for me!"

"And you tried to attack me using them. Honestly, I don't care what you're gonna do with the items I make you. There are only two cases where I do, really. One, if you just immediately lose them and ruin all the work that went into making them, and two, if you dare attack me or people close to me with something I make for you. Got that? So shut up before I turn you into an ego-item." 

Despite the fact that the soul literally didn't have any blood, it still seemed like its face went pale after hearing the old man's threat, as Eisen then opened the front door and stepped outside just to increase his size to the maximum and throw the man toward town with all the force he could muster.

The souls obviously couldn't be damaged or die, so it was fine like this. The impact might hurt a bit, but that was all there was to it.

With a light smile on his face, the old man returned back into the building, where the other soul was staring at him rather surprised, "You're... really a giant?" She asked confusedly, and Eisen looked at her with a laugh, "Half-Giant, as I just said. Hey, go ahead and put these away." The old man said as he handed the last few parts of the 'Heavenly Assassin' item set to his Elemental Spirit, and it quickly did as asked.

Eisen quickly took a look at the quest to get Gonor's Acknowledgement, and was glad to see that it seemingly still counted despite the fact he took the Item Set away from the soul again.

But well, those were separate issues, since Eisen wouldn't have taken the items away if the male soul didn't try and attack him using them.

"Well then, let's get to your items, shall we?" The old man suggested as he walked over toward the materials that the elemental spirit had already prepared for the item set Eisen would be making for the woman.

He went through them and then with a smile on his face placed the metal into the forge to heat it up. Of course, this time Eisen wouldn't use the special, pure mythril since it would make the sword a bit too weak. And due to the rather special shape of the sword, as well as its special properties, it needed to be as strong as it could be. But since he now managed to make sure that the special tempering process with the fire-mythril worked amazingly well, he would definitely repeat that part.

Eisen was actually rather excited about this item. While it seemed a bit brutal, the shape was still something that Eisen hadn't seen before. You could basically see it as a greatsword, but only the half directly next to the handle was like a regular greatsword. The other half of the blade was made up of six thin crescent blades pointing outward, three on each edge of the blade.