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70 Adventurer“s Guild

Eisen and Bree stepped through the doors of the Adventurer's Guild and looked around. There were three counters on the wall opposite to the door, two out of which seemed to be currently closed. On the left wall was a large pinboard that was completely covered in different pieces of paper, while there was a small area to sit down on the right.

Currently, there wasn't much traffic inside of this building, and only two young men and a woman, who Eisen guessed to be new adventurers judging from their equipment, were currently standing in front of the pinboard.

At the one open counter, another young woman was seated, staring into the open space in front of her due to boredom. However, when she saw Eisen and Bree, together with seemingly two different beasts, suddenly enter, her face turned bright and happy to make a good impression on the customers.

Today, Eisen was wearing his Fine suit, as he had neither and set plans for combat nor crafting and instead wanted to finally wear his 'casual' outfit, which he didn't have the chance to really do ever since he made it. Another reason why he wore this was to hopefully make a good impression, and since it gave a bonus to his charisma, it would also help just that tiny bit more in convincing the staff to give him the information he wanted.

Eisen stepped in front of the desk with a bright smile and simply asked away. "Good morning, young miss! If possible, I would like to get your help with something." He said, and the woman with short blond hair and light skin smiled professionally while nodding her head.

"That's what we're here for, Sir. And what is it that you want us to help with?" She asked and lightly tilted her head to the side.

"Here, I found this not too long ago, and I would like to see it returned to its owner." Eisen explained and placed the small metal dogtag onto the counter.

The employee took the tag and looked at it closely, before looking at Eisen in slight surprise. "Where did you find this? There aren't many Rank 4 adventurers around Melroe!"

"It just caught my eye in the mountains outside of town. I showed it to my friend here, and she suggested to find its owner by asking about it here."

"Ah, I see. Thank you for finding this and bringing it to us then. We will see to have have it returned." The woman said and slightly nodded her head at Eisen, pulling the tag over to herself.

But before she was able to completele dismiss Eisen after this, he laid his hand onto the wooden surface to get the employee's attention.

"Excuse me, but would it be possible for us to bring it back to its owner? Me and my friend were planning to leave Melroe soon anyway to travel. Since we don't have a real destination yet, that might be a good place to start." Eisen tried to explain while keeping up mannerisms that might make it easier for the employee to be convinced with the help of his CHA stats and his Casanova title. After all, it seemed like the latter of these would also help in these situations.

After a while of simply looking at each other, the female employee simply sighed lowly. "I'm afraid that won't be possible, Sir. Since for the general transfer of information, we use a special Space-Magic enchanted item, this will be handled by simply letting other adventurer's guilds know that this has been retrieved and that it cannot be used by others in fraudulent situations. A replacement can be created if the owner of this tag requests it."

"I see… That's the case then. It's just so that this tag wasn't the only thing I found. Directly next to it was this small diary here." Eisen explained while pulling out a small leatherbound book. It was the one that he found to be in his pocket when he first found himself in the forest near Melroe. It seemed like he would have to improvise a bit. "I would like to return this to the owner as well."

Suspicious at this sudden appearance of a supposed diary, the employee began to frown softly. "Then why didn't you mention this diary from the get-go, Sir?" She asked straightforwardly, and Eisen looked left and right to make sure nobody was listening before leaning in toward the young woman.

"You see… I felt quite bad about it myself, but I flipped the diary open to see if there was any information on the owner inside, but all I found were some quite… risque contents. Those that one would probably not want to appear in the hands of others."

Immediately, the woman opened her eyes in surprise while gaining a light blush on her cheeks. "O-Oh, I see, I see… Erm… Either way, I don't think we can help you much with this. All I can tell you is that this tag was made in the Capital of Litgern, Ornier. That is probably the best place to look." The Employee said at last, prompting some notifications to pop up in front of Eisen.

[Due to convincing someone to help you with just your words, you have gained +1 CHA]

[Quest Updated! Stolen Shards]

Eisen simply smiled at the first notification and waved it away, and then checked what was apparently changed in the quest description.

It really wasn't much, all that was added to the description was that Eisen gained a clue to the position of the adventurers, while the rest of the quest screen stayed the same as before.

The old man nodded at the Employee and then thanked her for her help, but just before he and Bree could leave, she called out to them again.

"Ah, Sir! Could I ask you a question, if it is not too rude?" She asked, and Eisen turned around.

"Of course, young miss! Ask away."

"May you also possibly be an adventurer? Considering your build, you seem quite strong."

With a low chuckle, Eisen shook his head. "No, I'm not an adventurer. I'm a craftsman, so that's why I look like this."

"I see… Then may you be interested in joining the guild? There is a small examination, but I'm sure you would be able to pass it with ease." She explained while Eisen thought about it for a bit. It probably wouldn't hurt to join, although he would only do this if it wouldn't cut him off from joining the Crafter's Guild, which he was a lot more interested in than this one.

As if already sensing his worries, the employee shook her head. "Don't worry, there is no limit to how many Guilds you can be a part of."

Eisen smiled and walked back up to the counter after asking Bree what her opinion was. She simply told him that it wouldn't hurt to become an adventurer, as it would allow them to make money with simple things like killing monsters or gathering materials if they ever were to run low on ressources during their travels.

So, Eisen decided to take that test.

"If that's so, follow me, then. We will first be appraising you for your basic information, meaning stats, skills, titles, level and occupation." The Guild Employee explained before showing Eisen to a door next to the counters. He stepped through and was then led to another room in the back.

The employee brought out a small, fist-like crystal ball, which she then held out to Eisen. "Please lay your hand onto this and pour your mana inside. This will at the same time be used to read your mana signature." She explained, and Eisen simply did as told.

When the crystal was touched by his mana, it slowly began to emit a soft light, that soon disappeared again. Immediately afterward, the employee brought the crystal ball over to a desk and held it over a piece of paper. It seemed like she also poured her mana inside of the sphere, as the air immediately surrounding it started to shift a slight bit.

After that, black lines appeared to be shooting out of the ball to write something onto the piece of paper, which the employee then held up to read through before she opened her eyes wide in surprise.

"Oh? You have quite a collection of skills there. Although they are quite low ranked for someone your age, you seem to have quite an interesting class as well… And you're already level 71… Yes, you should definitely be able to pass the examination. Since the Adventurer's guild is focused mainly around combat, it will be a combat examination as well. It seems like you can use both magic as well swordsmanship? Which do you primarily use?"

"Hmm, I guess I focus on swordsmanship, and rather use my magic just every once in a while." Eisen explained, and the employee nodded as she took a note on another piece of paper.

She looked up at Eisen and nodded before walking through a corridor that led into a small hall, filled with different weapons and dummies to practice with and on.

The employee turned around and looked at Eisen with a soft smile. "Now, let's start the combat examination."



[Race - Giant-Dwarf Halfling][Occupation – Omni Craftsmaster][Level - 71]

[HP – 1854][MP - 1887]

[STR - 104][END – 104][AGI – 103][INT - 106][WIS – 107][CHA - 11]




-[Original of the Mechanical Arts]

-[Limitbreaker V]


-[A Dwarf's Hands][Rank - 2][Level – 89]

-[A Giant's Strength][Rank - 2][Level – 68]

-[Alchemy][Rank - 2][Level – 31]

-[Blacksmithing][Rank - 2][Level – 39]

-[Cooking][Rank - 0][Level – 68]

-[Crafting Space][Rank - 1][Level – 81]

-[Dismembering][Rank - 0][Level – 1]

-[Drawing][Rank - 1][Level – 6]

-[Enchanting][Rank - 2][Level – 11]

-[Flame of the Earth Magic][Rank - 1][Level – 51]

-[Golemancy][Rank – 0][Level – 19]

-[Leatherworking][Rank – 2][Level – 16]

-[Lockpicking][Rank - 0][Level – 1]

-[Mana Copy][Rank - 1][Level – 26]

-[Mana Double][Rank - 2][Level – 46]

-[Mana Manipulation][Rank - 2][Level – 37]

-[Swordsmanship][Rank - 2][Level – 74]

-[Tailoring][Rank - 2][Level – 41]

-[Taming][Rank - 1][Level – 9]

-[Tool Connection][Rank - 1][Level – 61]

-[Truth Seeing Eye][Rank – 0][Level - 26]

-[Woodworking][Rank - 0][Level – 49]