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[You are now level 71]

[Casanova Title Unlocked]

With a smile on his face Eisen stood there in front of the Goblin King's dead body, with a blood-covered mana crystal in his hand. He turned around and looked at his party members who were watching him with mixed expressions.

They seemed to somewhat struggle to stomach the sight of Eisen basically pulling out a Monster's heart, but at the same time were standing there in awe at that sight. Especially Jyuuk, as it seemed like something right out of some kind of anime to him.

Eisen chuckled softly and stepped over the King's body. "Bree, could you give me the water cup?" He asked, and she simply took the Mana Crystal from him instead.

"That's fine! I can clean it~!" She said with a smile, and Eisen nodded as he let go of the Crystal and decided to quickly clean his hand with a rag, before opening his Status page.

He turned to his party members and grinned slightly. "Ah, by the way, I leveled up again with this fight. We can finally get back to Melroe."

"Congratulations, Eisen! Now you can finish that quest!" Bree said with a smile as she stashed away the Mana Crystal.

"Yeah, finally. I'll just assign my stat points now, and then let's look around if there's anything useful around here." Eisen said and quickly brought his INT and WIS stats to 100, assigning the other three points randomly.

[Your INT stat reached 100. It's effectiveness rose by 10%]

[Your WIS stat reached 100. It's effectiveness rose by 10%]

After waving these notifications away, Eisen looked at his new title as well. Because obviously, Casanova wasn't the first thing he thought of when thinking about that brutal scene just now.

[Title – Casanova]

[Description] You stole someone's heart

[Effect] Inflict stronger emotions on other people

Eisen looked blankly at that description and waved it away before starting to laugh at what it told him. Bree and Jyuuk wondered what was going on, but quickly ignored it, following which everyone started working on each of their tasks. Bree was going to extract the Mana Crystals from the rest of the dead goblins, while Jyuuk and Eisen looked around for anything useful. They first grabbed every crystal or gem that they found on the equipment of the goblins and then looked around the room for anything else of interest.

And it didn't take long until they found such a thing.

Behind the throne that the Goblin King was sitting on was a decorated chest. It seemed quite heavy when Eisen tried to lift it, but it was locked so they couldn't open it. Jyuuk sighed and looked over at Eisen. "Can you lockpick it? It seems pretty complicated, though… Although, I can't tell. So, can you?" He asked excitedly, as Jyuuk started to become interested in how Eisen did things like this, but Eisen shook his head with a soft smile.

"Or… We can just see if we can use the key that the Goblin King has in its pocket." He said and pushed his hand into the Goblin's pocket until he pulled out a small, rusted old key.

"O-Or we can do that, yes…" Jyuuk said and looked away, but then opened his eyes in slight surprise. "Eisen, I need to go in two in-game hours. I set an alarm through Rover." The Monkey-man whispered and Eisen nodded in response. "Got it. Let's just grab whatever we can and get out of here. We can split up the loot when you're back."

"Of course, thank you. Now, do you want to see what's inside the chest?" Jyuuk asked and excitedly looked at the key in Eisen's hand.

The old man smiled and pushed the rusty key into the lock of the chest, slowly twisting it to the right until the both of them could hear a quiet clicking sound.

Eisen opened the chest up, and he and Jyuuk were met with literal treasures. It was filled to the brim with different coins, even some gold coins, as well as a number of different gems and crystals.

"Well, seems like we managed to get quite a bit of money out of this, huh?" Eisen laughed and waved over Bree so that they could stash away all of this until they reached Melroe again.

With her eyes opened wide the moment that she laid eyes on the treasure, she put it into her backpack.

Now, it was time for the party to get out of this Goblin Town again.


"Alright, we should be safe around here. For now, at least." Bree said while looking around the clearing and the light of the setting sun shone into her eyes.

"That's good. Eisen, Bree, I think it's time for me to sleep now…" Jyuuk said nervously while looking at the clock in the corner of his eye displaying the time in real life which he placed there when the time to log off was coming closer."

"Huh? What do you mean? Should we set up camp here? We should be able to make it to Melroe if we hurry, though…" Bree said confused and looked at the sun to make her own deductions about the time of day and how much time they had left until nightfall.

"Yes, maybe, but I can't go on for today anymore. I'm not sure if you noticed with Eisen, but a side effect of the stolen experience is an incredibly irregular sleep cycle, and this is going to be the type of sleep where I will be knocked out for a day or two." Jyuuk explained with the story that he's been using whenever he needed to explain to someone what the problem with his sleep was.

"Oh? Eisen didn't have that until now, no… he simply slept like normal, usually." The Fey-kin tilted her head and looked at the old man, and even Jyuuk was a bit surprised by this. If this was the case, this would mean that Eisen was online and playing basically constantly for nearly a whole week.

"Haha, yes, that's true. Well, that time might still come, though. If not now, then surely sometime later." Eisen chuckled lowly and then turned to Bree.

"But don't worry, Jyuuk and I already talked about this. He will go to sleep on Yamikuma's back and be carried to Melroe like that."

"Yes, exactly. And if you want, Eisen, Yamikuma can carry you as well. Especially after his last evolution, his strength increased immensely, and he's become quicker now that he's a Shadow Bear, so he can carry the Backpack as well, while Bree on her own should be light enough to be carried by Tsurishika. If it's alright for you to give your backpack to Eisen for the trip back, at least." Jyuuk explained and jumped onto Yamikuma's back.

"Okay, that's alright~! Here, Eisen!" Bree said with a big smile and handed Eisen her backpack, which he happily received and swung over his back.

"Damn, Bree, this is pretty heavy… Are you really alright after carrying this around all day?" The old man said and already felt phantom-pain in his back. He was glad that this was a game, since he probably never would be able to carry this for more than two minutes in real life, especially at his current age.

"No, it's fine~! I got the Backpacking skill not too long after starting as a Supporter~!" She explained, and Eisen nodded in response. Because of course there would be a skill like that. But Eisen was wondering about something for a while now.

"Actually, Bree, under what category do these type of skills fall? They are neither Combat nor Creation oriented, right?" He asked, and Bree placed her index finger to her cheek in thought.

"Hmm, it's like a General skill? It's something that anyone can technically do and learn to whatever amount. Some of these skills take a lot longer to get than others, and there are some occupations that make some general skills grow faster, or let you do different things with them. For example, with your Lockpicking… At a rank up, you might only get effects that just make lockpicking easier, but a Thief might get an effect that lets them see the mechanism!"

"I see… Thank you! Then I wonder if there are General skills that help me out…" Eisen muttered to himself as he stepped forward and climbed onto Yamikuma's back. He looked back one more time and saw that Bree was hugging Tsurishika's antlers and playing around with the Eagles.

"Alright, are we ready to go?" Jyuuk asked, and after getting nods from both Eisen and Bree, he looked at his beasts.

"Okay, everyone, follow Eisen's directions, got it?" The monkey-man commanded and nodded at Eisen behind him before logging off and slowly turning into wood while gripping onto Yamikuma.

"Alright guys, let's go! It's basically just straight for a while through this forest, but it goes up and down a lot, so we'll have to look for the best paths to walk on.

The two large beasts, Tsurishika and Yamikuma, nodded in response and began to walk forward, slowly but surely speeding up.

They dodged the trees and bushes, and every once a while a group of goblins that were roaming around, all the while Eisen was making sure Jyuuk was properly sitting on Yamikuma's back so that the unbreakable wooden body wouldn't fall off the bear's back in the middle of nowhere.

After about an hour of riding on Yamikuma, Eisen heard some rustling in the backpack that seemed to have appeared so gradually that he really hasn't noticed up until now.

While trying to be careful not to drop anything. Eisen grabbed the backpack from his back and opened it up, looking through it until he found the source of the sound:

The egg that Jyuuk gave him in exchange for the combat pole. Eisen grabbed the rag that it was wrapped in and opened it up, until he saw the lightly pulsating marshmallow-like egg.

Excited, Eisen quickly put the backpack back on and looked at the egg intensely, basically not caring for anything else at that moment.

Slowly, the egg grew to the size of his fist within a few minutes, until it suddenly popped open. As the outside layer of the egg was shriveling together, what was revealed standing on Eisen's palm was a small, bipedal mushroom without arms, but two small stumps as legs. Eisen peeked down and saw two black dots hidden underneath the red-based and white-dotted cap.

"Hello there, little guy! How are you?" He asked with a smile on his face, and the small mushroom tilted its head… cap, and looked up at the large face in front of it, until the two black dots began to glitter happily and the Mushroom jumped at Eisen's head.

With a soft laugh, he caught it and placed it on his palm again, holding it up closer to his face, directly in front of his two eyes, until a notification popped up behind the mushroom.

[Congratulations! You tamed a Myconid Hatchling(Amanita Muscaria)]

[Taming Skill Learned]

[Name the Tamed Monster]

Chuckling lightly, Eisen smiled and thought about it for a bit, and then nodded once he decided on a name. "Let's call you Caria." He said, and in response this name, Caria jumped forward as if wanting to hug Eisen again.

[The Tamed Monster has been called Caria]

"Haha, I'm glad you like the name. Now, what's this?" The old man smiled and turned his head to look at the new window that popped up when Eisen gave Caria its, or her, name. Mushrooms probably didn't really have a gender, but Caria definitely seemed somewhat feminine to Eisen in his mind, so he couldn't help but call her a 'her'.

Either way, now Eisen looked at the status window that showed itself.


[Race - Myconid Hatchling(Amanita Muscaria)][Owner - Eisen]

[Rank – 0][Level – 1]

[HP – 10]

[STR – 1][END – 1][AGI – 1]