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50 Crafting Space

"Come on, Yamikuma! Get up!" Jyuuk practically yelled out while kneeling down in front of the bear, grasping his blood-clotted fur. After the attack from that Goblin Knight, Yamikuma lost most of its health and due to the place where he was hit, he also gained the 'Bleeding' effect, meaning that he was slowly but surely bleeding out, and Jyuuk didn't know what to do.

"Calm down, Jyuuk. Here, feed these to him." Eisen said and grabbed a handful of Health Pills out of Bree's backpack, then handed them to Jyuuk. The Monkey-Man simply looked at the tiny red spheres and nodded at Eisen. "Thank you…" He said and held the pills in front of Yamikuma's mouth.

"Eat, please just eat these. You'll feel better aftward." Jyuuk told the bear, who slowly opened his eyes and moved his head closer to Jyuuk's hand, carefully eating the pills one after another.

After the first few, Yamikuma became more energetic again, and the wound on its belly began slowly closing up, and Jyuuk could confirm that the health of his tamed beast was getting close to its max again.

He sighed out loud and rubbed his bear's head, looking over to Eisen. "Thanks. Yamikuma nearly bled out. And I don't know what I would have done if he had."

"Don't worry, I've got more than enough of these pills anyway. Just glad that he's okay." Eisen said and turned around to see where Bree was, and when he saw that she was far enough away that she wouldn't be able to hear them, turned back to Jyuuk and whispered to him.

"How does it work in other games? If Yamikuma had died, would he be gone forever, or would he be able to come back?" He asked quietly, and Jyuuk shrugged in response.

"I'm not sure, really. I don't even know what happens when we die. Obviously, we'll respawn, but I don't know if there's going to be any penalty of some sort. Oh, and we didn't have the chance to do this before, but here. Let's see how this works."

[Jyuuk sent you a friend request. Accept?]

Eisen chuckled and nodded. "Yes, of course." He said, and then immediately got a notification that told him that Jyuuk and Eisen were now friends in-game.

"Great, now we can chat even if we split up again." Jyuuk said with a smile and waved his notification away.

Eisen smiled softly and looked at the half of the broken pole in Jyuuk's hand. "What a shame. You don't have any replacement somewhere, do you?" Eisen asked and Jyuuk shook his head while holding the shattered weapon in front of himself.

"I guess the only thing we could do until I buy a new one somewhere is to only rely on Yamikuma and Aotori."

"Jyuuk, did you forget who I am? I'll make you a new weapon, don't worry." Eisen said and walked over to Bree and grabbed the 'spear' which he took from that goblin before, as well as some of his tools, including a mana crystal with a high-heat flame enchantment, his hammer, and a thin Mythril needle he bought from Morrom's place to add something a little bit special into the new pole.

Before he decided on what kind of enchantment to carve into the staff later, Eisen turned to Jyuuk. "Ah, you have Mana Manipulation, right? And you know how to push your mana out of your body?"

"Yes, I do. Someone in the town near where I woke up taught me how. Why?" Jyuuk asked confused, and Eisen chuckled lowly in response. "You'll see, don't worry." He said with a smile on his face and looked for a sturdy place to work at.

Denmir mentioned that Eisen would be able to use the Crafting Space to improvise, and specifically mentioned the possibility of using a stone surface as an anvil replacement, so Eisen thought to directly try this out!

Eisen looked around for a solid boulder with good density and then used alchemy to transmute it into a flat surface, just as he usually did to make a stone table to eat on while they were out in the forest. And just to make it an even better surface to work on, Eisen used hardening on it. It didn't really do all that much, and it was still not even close to how hard an anvil should be, but it was better than nothing.

After that, since the surface of the rock was more than big enough to properly work on, Eisen formed a hole in part of the stone and hollowed it out to contain and somewhat compress the heat that would come from the high-heat flame enchantment, and placed the mana crystal onto which said enchantment was carved into the bottom of the opening.

He grabbed the metal pole and thought about what to best do with it. Of course, it was easiest to simply flatten out the sharpened end, but that was just boring. And Eisen didn't want to make something boring. So, Eisen thought up a nice idea.

But first, he needed to figure out how his Crafting Space Skill worked. If he took it literally, it might be a physical space or area in which Eisen would create something. However, he could also take it differently, and it might be a type of headspace, where Eisen got into the feeling of crafting something, only concentrating on it. It couldn't hurt to try both, right?

And exactly to try it out, Eisen did both at the same time. He concentrated on his tools and his new workstation. To him, at that exact moment, there was nothing else than his craft. Nothing else than the hammer in his hand, and the idea of a creation in his mind. Eisen couldn't feel the soft touch of the wind anymore, and his body felt weightless as if standing in an empty space. It was as if his own body was absent, and the whole world only consisted of what he needed to create.

[Crafting Space Skill activated]

[Designated use] Blacksmithing

[Affected Area] 3 Meter radius around current position

[All Non-Blacksmithing capabilities are lowered by 5% while inside affected area]

[All Blacksmithing Capabilities are raised by 5% while inside affected area]

[Entities beside Eisen will retain their regular capabilities while inside affected area]

Immediately, something like a bubble formed around Eisen. The Inside of it was completely vibrant, filled with color even more than before, while the outside of the bubble darkened and lost its color.

With a grin on his face, Eisen cracked his knuckles and got to work. He poured his Mana inside of the flame enchantment, and immediately the inside of the opening began to glow from heat. Usually, Eisen would expect the rocks to suffer from it, but right now it just seemed like a regular forge!

So, Eisen held the end of the metal pole into the fire, grabbing the other, cooler end of it with a rag since he didn't have any tongs, hoping that the crafting space would also help in making sure he wouldn't burn his hands.

Eisen waited for a few minutes until the pointed end of the steel pole shone a bright yellow. He held it over the flat stone surface and grabbed his hammer, slowly flattening out the end of it and fixing small uneven parts all around the outer surface by heating up specific areas and then smoothing them out with his hammer, while at the same time thickening the whole pole up. This made it a little bit shorter, but since Jyuuk's height was below average, this was actually better for him than in its regular size.

Eisen could feel every hit against the steel more intensely than usual as if his body copied the vibrations that were produced in the pole when metal hit against metal. The sense he had for his creation rose to levels he hasn't felt in a long time, and it filled Eisen with a sense of ecstasy.

Now that Eisen was finished with the metal base of the pole, he concentrated on the space around him, loosening his concentration on the object in his hand, while once more taking the area surrounding him into focus. Soon enough, the bubble burst and the greenery around him lost its greyish color and regained its natural beauty and brightness.

[Crafting Space Skill deactivated]

[Effect dispersed]

Eisen set down the pole onto the stone slab that he just used as an Anvil and thought about the next step. And although he didn't really need to, as he could do the next few steps with everything that he had, Eisen decided to try and activate his Crafting Space Skill for Alchemy as well. He knew that there wasn't really anything around that had directly to do with Alchemy, but if he could activate it even then, it would be a great practice to be able to do so quickly and naturally.

So, Eisen concentrated on his goal, and he concentrated on both his Crafting Space Skill as well as his Alchemy Skill, especially the way that both of them felt like to him. It took him a while, but soon enough the skills activated.

[Crafting Space Skill activated]

[Designated use] Alchemy

[Affected Area] 3 Meter radius around current position

[All Non-Alchemy capabilities are lowered by 5% while inside affected area]

[All Alchemy Capabilities are raised by 5% while inside affected area]

[Entities beside Eisen will retain their regular capabilities while inside affected area]

"Perfect." Eisen muttered to himself and poured his mana into the pole while activating transmutation. Slowly, Eisen changed the shape of his mana and made the center of the pole disconnect from the outside, basically creating a metal tube. Following this, Eisen grabbed a handful of the mana crystals that they got from these rank three goblins, and infused his mana into them. He used transmutation to fuse them together and form them into a thin rod that would perfectly fit into the opening in the tube and re-adjusted its dimensions a few times to make sure it would sit inside of the tube without moving around on its own.

After that, Eisen used parts of the metal rod he extracted from the pole and created something like two caps to put on the end of the pole, both as an extra weight that will work together with centrifugal force to cause a stronger impact when Jyuuk swings the pole around, as well as a good place to put some enchantments he had been planning on adding.

They fit basically perfectly on the end of the metal pole, so all that Eisen would need to do later was to heat them up and try something like welding the caps to the pole.

But the first thing he needed to do was to remove the current Crafting Space Bubble and change it to the Enchanting version. This time around, it actually didn't take that long compared to the first two times, and soon enough Eisen was encased by a bubble that strengthened his Enchanting Skill.

Carefully, Eisen kneeled down on the ground so that he wouldn't shake no matter what, since what he would do now required a lot of fine work. On the ends of the mana-crystal rod, Eisen would carve small enchantments, and since the surfaces were so small, it would need Eisen to concentrate strongly to be able to complete them without trouble.

So, Eisen grabbed the Mythril Needle with the thinnest tip that he had and infused his mana into it. Slowly, Eisen got to work, creating a tiny enchantment that would make it necessary for Mana to be stored inside the Mana Crystal, that would allow for the constant use of the extra ability Eisen wanted to enchant the pole with, without needing Jyuuk to use his mana when trying to activate it in the middle of battle, letting him only concentrate on the fight itself.

It took a while for Eisen to finish the mana storage enchantment since he was especially careful due to the size of it and then recreated the enchantment on the other end of the mana crystal rod. Eisen carefully pushed it into the center of the steel tube and made sure it would sit properly, and then grabbed the two caps for the ends of the pole.

Eisen thought of how to realize the enchantment for the effect he wanted, an poured his mana into the Mythril needle. He began to carve the enchantment, making it so that it would pull mana out of the Mana Crystal rod in the center of the pole to activate it whenever the pole impacted with something.

The actual effect that Eisen wanted for it was 'Force'. Meaning that it would highly strengthen any of Jyuuk's attacks. After Eisen finished the enchantment for the second cap and was just about to remove the Enchantment Bubble, Eisen got a new idea.

He grabbed the rest of the steel rod that he extracted from the Pole and smiled before starting to work on this new idea.



[Race - Giant-Dwarf Halfling][Occupation – Omni Craftsmaster][Level - 47]

[HP – 1460][MP - 870]

[STR - 98][END - 99][AGI – 98][INT - 40][WIS - 40][CHA - 10]


-[Original of the Mechanical Arts]

-[Limitbreaker V]


-[A Dwarf's Hands][Rank - 1][Level - 95]

-[A Giant's Strength][Rank - 1][Level - 97]

-[Alchemy][Rank - 2][Level - 16]

-[Appraisal][Rank - 1][Level - 7]

-[Blacksmithing][Rank - 1][Level – 61]

-[Cooking][Rank - 0][Level - 56]

-[Crafting Space][Rank - 0][Level - 45]

-[Drawing][Rank - 1][Level - 6]

-[Enchanting][Rank - 1][Level - 32]

-[Golemancy][Rank - 0][Level - 1]

-[Leatherworking][Rank - 2][Level - 4]

-[Mana Copy][Rank - 1][Level - 4]

-[Mana Double][Rank - 2][Level - 42]

-[Mana Manipulation][Rank - 1][Level - 72]

-[Swordsmanship][Rank - 2][Level - 14]

-[Tailoring][Rank - 2][Level - 6]

-[Tool Connection][Rank - 1][Level - 10]

-[Woodworking][Rank - 0][Level - 49]