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21 Chapter 21 Thalia“s Pine

Lucian woke up with a jump and with sweat on his back, he had the same nightmare again, the one with all his friends being dead. Lucian sighed and looked around Percy's house, but didn't see Percy anywhere. He did see signs of someone sleeping on the sleeping bag, meaning Percy did get here last night.

Lucian walked to the Mess Hall, which is where everyone gathers in the morning. That is most likely where he will find his friends. On his way there he saw kids discussing with one another as they also went to have breakfast. "Did you hear? The gods were nearly at war with one another, and Percy was able to retrieve the stolen lightning bolt from Ares!" One of the kids said. "Really? Where did you hear this from?" His buddy asked. "From Luke, he said Percy completed his quest."

From Luke? How did he know? Did Grover or Annabeth tell him? While Lucian was thinking about this, he had already walked into the Mess Hall. He grabbed his food and saw Annabeth and Grover sitting in their usual table. Lucian went and sat next to Grover, with Annabeth across from them.

"Hey guys, have you seen Percy?" Lucian asked. "Yeah, he's talking with Chiron. We already got our scoldings, your the last one. He did not look to happy with us sneaking out of camp and taking on our own quest." Grover said, while he picked at his food. "Where is Chiron right now?" I asked, this time it was Annabeth who answered. "At the big house." The big house? "Are you talking about that baby blue house with white trimmings?" Annabeth nodded as she ate her food.

"That's where all the camp staff meet up to have meetings. You can usually find Chiron there." Annabeth explained. Ohhhh, I always wondered what that house was used for. Lucian quickly ate his food and stood up to walk to the Big House. "Your going now?" Annabeth asked. "No time like the present." Is all I responded as I left the Mess Hall.

I went straight to the Big House, meaning I cut in between the Cabins on my right, and Canoe Lake on my left. Straight ahead was the baby blue two story house with white trimmings. Lucian looked at the top story and saw a shadow move away from the window, making Lucian frown. What was that?

Lucian decided to ignore that for now and went up to the door, delivering 3 resounding knocks. Lucian waited for a while, then the door swung open. "WHAT?!" A grouchy looking plump man opened the door. He was wearing a tiger striped Hawaiian shirt, was short, and had really dark curly hair. He was holding a diet Dr. Pepper in his hand as he stared at me, looking pretty irritated. "Who are you? I dont think I've seen you here before?" The man asked, skeptical for my identity.

"I'm Lucian Amarie, I arrived at camp almost a week ago. Chiron can vouch for me." The man looked me up and down, seemingly trying to see if I was lying or not. "Um...sir. if you dont mind me asking? Who are you?" I asked the man, which seemed to be a bad Idea as his face scrunched up. "Me? You can call me Mr. D, the camp director. But I'm astonished of the nerve on you boy, asking a god who he is."

"Your a god?" I asked skeptically. He sure didn't look like one. "Hey! What's with that look in your eye, you brat!? I am the mighty Dionysus!" He said as he looked up at the sky, as if being proud of his identity. "Who?" Mr. D nearly wanted to faint from anger, and bury his head from embarrassment. "Dionysus! The god of Grape Harvest, Wine, and Fertility!" Ohhh, so he's like a God of fun. Funny, he doesn't look very fun. "What is a god like you doing here then?" I asked him. "*Hmph* You think I like babysitting a bunch of snooty nosed brats?! No! This is a punishment from my all mighty father Zeus. He even banned me from drinking wine!" Mr. D looked like he wanted to cry at the mention of his abstinence from wine.

I was curious as to why he was punished, but our conversation was cut short by Chiron. "Ah, Mr. Amarie. I have been expecting you. Percy just left not to long ago, did you perhaps run into him on the way here?" Chiron asked. "I must have missed him." Chiron waved his hand. "No matter, come in. I believe we have some things to discuss. Mr. D, can I have a few moments alone with the boy." Chiron asked. He was dismissing Mr. D, a God! Funny.

Mr. D grumbled about having to tend to the strawberry fields anyway, and left. Chiron waved, signaling Lucian to come into the house.  Lucian followed Chiron to what seemed to be the living room, since there were two couches and a coffee table. "May I?" Lucian asked gesturing to the couch. "Ah, yes, please sit Lucian." After sitting down, Chiron started his lecture.

"You know that what you did was dangerous, irresponsible, and down right suicidal right? Not only did you endanger your lives, but you could have brought the end of the world! You know, when I first met you, be it while you were in school or when I knew your true identity, I thought you were a kid with a good head on your shoulders. Your smart Lucian, a natural fighter. But that does not mean you can go galloping around not being scared of what's out there!" Listening to Chiron lecture me really did make me question my actions, and it didn't help that looking at his white fur reminded me of my nightmare.

"I'm sorry sir. I know that what we did was very irresponsible, but I regret none of it. This quest has given all of us an experience that can only serve to better ourselves." Chiron sighed. "Yes, be glad that you guys succeeded in stopping this war. But be aware that I am the one who hands you your quests, not the other way around."

"Umm, Chiron? Can I ask for a favor?" I asked. "What is it?" Chiron asked curious. "You see, I was planning on staying in camp year round, but I am worried for my mother. I left for a few days but she already went back to turning people into stone. I was wondering if you might let her work here?" Chiron raised an eyebrow. "I'm afraid that may be to dangerous for the kids. We can not allow a monster in the camp."

"She's not a monster! She was cursed that way, but she was human!" Chiron sighed once again. "I would love to help you, Lucian. But this can not be done, if anyone were to get hurt it would be very bad. I'm sorry. You may leave now, we will be having a bonfire tonight." I reluctantly nod and leave the big house. I needed to cool down, so I walked to Thalia's Pine. I had never visited her before, so might as well introduce myself.

I pass through the volleyball court, where the younger kids were enjoying themselves, and toward the border of the camp. I was able to see the giant tree, it looked like the type of tree a mortal would be tempted to cut down to make a majestic Christmas tree. I walked toward the trunk of the tree and looked up, seeing the leaves cover the sun. I put my hand on the trunk of the tree, and to my surprise was able to feel my hand vibrate just a little bit.

"Hello, my name is Lucian Amarie." I felt dumb talking to a tree, but that went away when I felt the tree vibrate again. "I heard a lot about you Thalia. Your a very brave girl...so brave I wish I knew how you did it." I said as I sat down with my back leaning on the trunk. I stared down at camp half blood, seeing all of the teenage kids train and all of the younger kids play. "I'm not brave Thalia, my friends think I am, but I'm not. I have never been so scared in my life. I'm plagued with this reoccurring nightmare, and I don't know how to get it out of my head!" Lucian covered his eyes with one hand, and cradled his head with his other.

"During the entire quest, I was scared I was going to let my friends down. I was scared they would die, with me not being able to do anything about it. I put up nothing but a front of bravery when I'm with them, when in truth I'm terrified. Now, when I ask for the one person who reassures me to be able to work here at camp half blood, she is refused because she is considered a monster." Lucian spoke his heart out. All his troubles, his worries, and insecurities. He spoke them out to a person he never met, as he tried to hold back his tears. He felt the tree vibrate on his back, almost as if it was making an effort to comfort him.

Lucian stayed there talking to the tree for hours. He started to think that he was going crazy, but kept reminding himself that it was Thalia. Lucian stood up and stretched his back by raising his hands up into the air. "I guess I should be heading back now Thalia, it was nice having someone to talk all of these things with. I'll come visit often, so that your not lonely!" Lucian said as he headed back to camp. It was getting dark now, and he found people throwing things into a giant fire after walking for about 10 minutes.

He located Annabeth, Grover, and Percy sitting on a giant log. "Hey guys, what's going on?" Lucian asked while taking a seat next to them as well. "We're making offering to the gods, more specifically our parents." Annabeth said. "How do we do that?"

"Just have something you want to offer to the gods, think of which god you want to be the one to receive it, and throw it in the fire. You can make a prayer if you want." There were many kids throwing in different types of food, or drachmas into the fire. As we were watching Percy changed seats to be next to me and whispered into my ear. "Lucian, I completed the favor you asked of me. The one about your mother."

"What did she say?" I asked, not expecting much of a positive answer. "After I told her that you would of loved to meet her, she threatened me by saying she would turn me into a toad if I continued talking about you. I'm sorry man." I bitterly laugh, since even though I was expecting a negative answer, a little part inside of me wanted to hear she missed me.

I open the locket I keep around my neck, and look at the beautiful woman and the baby. She looks so happy, yet saddened toward the baby's existence. I dont even know why I carry this with me all the time, maybe because it was the only thing my mother has ever given me, albeit not in person. Why did my parents have to be gods, why couldn't I be blessed with a normal family that are there for their kids? I close the locket and let it hang loosely around my neck.