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6 Chapter 6 Furies

I followed them untill they were in a room that was covered in plastic and had wooden stands stacked on each other for the workers. I was standing behind the door that Ms. Dobbs closed behind her. The door was made of glass but was blurry, I could still hear them perfectly though. "So did I do something wrong? Ms. Dobbs?" I heard Percy ask.

I could see Percy's figure looking around the room. "WHERE IS IT?!" A sort of demonic voice asked, it gave me goosebumps. "Woah hey? Hey! How...did you get up there?" I wonder what's going on in there. "ROARRR!" All of a sudden I heard a roar that sounded like a beast come from the room and Percy started screaming.

I quickly kick the door open sending it flying across the room. I saw Percy on the floor and a bat like creature standing on a pillar. "YOU STOLE THE LIGHTNING BOLT! GIVE IT TO ME!" The ugly bat demanded. "I dont know what your talking about!!" Percy screamed back as he tried to run away. The ugly bat swooped in and picked up Percy. "GIVE IT TO ME! OR I WILL RIP YOUR HEART OUT!" What the hell is this thing?! "Hey ugly ass bat! Put him down!" I demanded making the bat look toward me. I got into my fighting stance ready to beat the hell out of this thing, but it was unnecessary since I heard Grover behind me.

"Percy!" He yelled. Behind him followed Mr. Bruner. "Release him!" The bat seemed to recognize Mr. Bruner. "YOU!" It said. "Release him or I swear I'll tear you to pieces!!" Wow Mr. Bruner sounds really cool right now. The bat let go of Percy making him land on his back, gave a final screech, and flew out the window.

I go to help Percy up and check for any injuries. "God I'm going crazy! I should be on medication!" Percy started to freak out and was pacing back and forth. "Percy calm down! Everything is going to be ok!" Grover tried to calm Percy. It did not seem to be working so I go and press on a pressure point to help him calm down. He started to breathe more calmly and looked at me. "Thanks Lucian." He sighed and looked at Grover and Mr. Bruner. "What was that thing?" I asked the two of them since they seemed to know what was going on.

"A furie. Sealed in our school, I should have known." Mr. Bruner seemed to be thinking about something as he talked to Grover. "A furie? What's a furie? And why did you say you can tear her to pieces?" Percy asked pointing at Mr. Bruners legs. "A furie? The deities of vengence?" I remember mother talking about them. They were also known as Erinyes or the Infernal Goddesses. They seek vengeance on men who have made a false oath. But what was that about a lightning bolt?

They both looked at me surprised. "You know what a furie is Mr. Amarie?" Mr. Bruner asked but shook his head and focused on Percy. "What did she want from you?" He asked. "She said something...about me...stealing a lightning bolt." Mr. Bruner realized something and started to talk to Grover again. "They found him. He's in danger. He is no longer safe here." Grover leaned in and looked just as serious as Mr. Bruner did. "Ok, where should we move him?"

"We have no choice but the camp." What they hell is going on? Percy had the same face I did. "What camp?! Look I'm standing right here!" They continued to ignore him. "If they think he is the thief, then there is no where safe in heaven or earth for him now." He finally looks toward Percy. "Percy, take this to defend yourself. It's a powerful weapon, guard it well." Mr. Bruner handed Percy a silver pen. Percy grabbed it and looked at it like he was going crazy. "This is a pen. This is a PEN!"

"Take him to his mother, and dont let him out of your sight." Mr. Bruner told Grover who nodded in response. "Come on Percy. COME ON!" Percy followed Grover and I followed Percy.

We were now crossing the crosswalk as Percy started to question Grover. "Dude what's going on?!" We were walking pretty fast. "Look Percy dont trust anyone and dont look at anyone, just keep walking!" Dont trust anyone? "What about me?!" I asked Grover. Grover seemed to finally realize I was there. I guess with all of the chaos happening him and Mr. Bruner forgot I was here. "Its ok to trust Lucian, I already deemed him not a threat. If he was I would have killed him." I raise an eyebrow and look at his legs. He seemed to catch that and looked offended. "What? Do you think that since I'm in crutches I cant defend Percy? I'm his protector, and I would give my life to insure his safety."

"So what's going on?" I asked Grover. "We have to get him to his mom, come on!" We followed Grover all the way back to our apartment. Well I guess I'm not staying here anymore, since I may have given my location away to a furie. I guess I'll just have to explain everything to mom later. It's a good thing I did not have much and only two backpack worth of clothes.

We opened the door to Percy's house and saw that there were people over right now. "Sally! More beer!" We heard the pig yell. "Hey Mom! We got to talk." Percy called to his mom who was serving beer. "Hey! Cant you see that she is servicing me and my friends?" He said.

Honestly this guy should just die, this guy is getting me pretty mad. "Hey dont talk like that to my mother you bald headed freak!" I was laughing so hard on the inside. This pissed off Gabe as he stood up and pushed Percy to the wall. Ms. Jackson started to smack Gabe and tried to pull him off of Percy. Grover who was the closest to them used his crutch to hit Gabes toe then used his other crutch to hit him square in the balls. I swear I heard a crack, ouch.

"Nice one." Says Percy as he looks at the fallen pig. "Like I said, I'm your protecter. Sally, Percy has to leave now, like right now." Ms. Jackson grabs the car keys and we go to the elevator. "Hold on wait, let me get my bag." I tell them as I go and grab a back pack full of clothes. I had only unpacked one bag so I had one ready to go in case of an emergency. We go to a mustang that was parked outside of the apartment building. I get in the back seat of the car and put my bag in my lap. Grover followed me in the back as Percy was in the front seat.

We drove in silence untill we reached the bridge. Percy decides to break the silence. "What just happend?! I swear I didn't steal anything!" He stated off the bat. "Honey, I believe you. I believe you."

"Where are you taking me, where is this camp?" Percy asked. I wanted to know the answer to this too. "Its a camp for really special people. Like you." Special people? This is not making a lot of sense. "I'm I crazy or something?" Percy asked making his mother sigh. "Percy this is about your father." Now this just got interesting, well more than it already is.

We drove for about an hour, and it was already dark out. Percy and his mother were talking about his father while Grover was reading a map while eating chips. I was not really paying attention to their conversation as I was thinking about how mother medusa was doing. I bet she would not he too happy knowing that im not going to school anymore. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

We were driving for about another 5 minutes or so when suddenly I hear Grover scream. "SALLY WATCH OUT!!" I look in front and see a cow drop from the sky and into our path. Ms. Jackson swirls out of the way but the car flips over. "Why the hell is it raining cows?!" I asked flipped upside down. "Were none of you wearing your seat belts?" I saw that everyone was off their seats. I released my seat belt and I fall like them.

"What is that?" I hear Percy ask. I look at what he is seeing and see that it was a giant bull like thing running toward us. Was that what threw the cow at us? From that far away?!

"Get out!" I hear Sally yell and trying to open the door. I tried too but it didn't open. I was about to just punch it open but Grover started to take off his pants. "Why are you taking your pants off what are you doing?!" I saw that Grover had goat legs. Wait Grover is a Satyr?!

"My job!" Grover says. "Whoa! Your half donkey?!" Percy asks. I wanted to laugh but I corrected him. "He's half goat. He's a Satyr." Grover looks at me like he wants to ask a lot of questions but starts to kick the glass instead. He broke the glass and got out with me following behind him. I put on my back pack and saw that the monster was really close already.

Percy handed Grover his crutches and he took them saying they were just for show. We ran as fast as we could and jumped the fence running into the woods. I saw the monster closely and noticed that it's a minotaur. The minotaur picked up the car and threw it at us. "Get down!" I yelled as the car flew over us.

We got up and continued following Grover. We soon saw a big wooden sign with greek words carved. It read Camp Half Blood. Me, Percy and Grover run past the sign but Sally seemed to run into a force field. She was not able to pass through no matter what.