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So Pure, So Flirtatious

Author:Fishman The Second

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Yang Ming is an underachiever in high school. He skips class to shoot pool, cheats on his exams and gets into fights. However, by a twist and turn of fate and luck, he obtains some high-tech contact lenses that give him superpowers and dramatically change his life. As his journey unfolds, he battles against society’s big guns and attempts to bring justice int...
《So Pure, So Flirtatious》 Text
Chapter 1: Beautiful Prefect
Chapter 2: Decision Making
Chapter 3: Against the Injustice
Chapter 4: Campus Belle Passing Notes
Chapter 5: An Amazing Discovery
Chapter 6: Discovery of a Special Power
Chapter 7: Naked Campus Belle!
Chapter 8: Just That Little Thing
Chapter 9: Chat in a Corner
Chapter 10: Trim Your Hair, Strengthen Your Will
Chapter 11: Give It a Try
Chapter 12: Pretty Teacher's After Class Tutorial
Chapter 13: Teacher Turned Sister
Chapter 14: An Actor's Robbery
Chapter 15: Yang Style Flying Kick
Chapter 16: Exposing His Manhood To Two Women
Chapter 17: Tampons
Chapter 18: My Pretty Girls
Chapter 19: The Number One Pursuer
Chapter 20: Definitely Suspicious
Chapter 21: It Was Really Him
Chapter 22: Wang Zhitao's Strange Behavior
Chapter 23: Boyfriend?
Chapter 24: Another Robbery
Chapter 25: Let Me Be Your Wife
Chapter 26: Naked Body
Chapter 27: Why Is It Always You
Chapter 28: A Unique Encounter
Chapter 29: Murder Suspect
Chapter 30: A Flash of Inspiration
Chapter 31: Turning Into a Hero
Chapter 32: Enlightenment
Chapter 33: An Appointment
Chapter 34: Solicitous Wang Zhitao
Chapter 35: A Drunken Yang Ming
Chapter 36: Erotic Dream
Chapter 37: The Second Visit
Chapter 38: Framed
Chapter 39: First Experience in the Detention Center
Chapter 40: Brother Bao
Chapter 41: Weird Old Man
Chapter 42: He Was Also Framed
Chapter 43: Why Is It Him?
Chapter 44: Girlfriend?
Chapter 45: A Man's Commitment
Chapter 46: Yang Ming's Worries
Chapter 47: A Flirtatious Phone Call
Chapter 48: Mom I Love You
Chapter 49: You Are Mu Guiying
Chapter 50: Two Thieves
Chapter 51: House robbery?
Chapter 52: Winning A Lottery
Chapter 53: Contact Lenses' Flaws
Chapter 54: I Want to Eat You Alive
Chapter 55: The Last Tutorial
Chapter 56: Four School Joint Exam
Chapter 57: Date With the Campus Belle After the Exam
Chapter 58: The Gentleman Pays
Chapter 59: Plane In the Sky...
Chapter 60: Uncle Chen is Watching You
Chapter 61: Coincidental Bus Ride
Chapter 62: Shopping Together at the Bookstore
Chapter 63: Young Lady Becomes Big Mama
Chapter 64: A Strange Encounter on the Bus (Part I)
Chapter 65: A Strange Encounter on the Bus (Part II)
Chapter 66: The Extremely Unlucky Thief
Chapter 67: Shocking Exam Results
Chapter 68: Pure Luck!
Chapter 69: The King of Memorization?
Chapter 70: Perseverance
Chapter 71: Keeping A Low Profile
Chapter 72: Jin Gang Orders Dishes
Chapter 73: Exploding Zhao Ying
Chapter 74: The Devious One Is You
Chapter 75: Stupid Jin Gang
Chapter 76: Sleepless Night
Chapter 77: Brother Sister
Chapter 78: Integrating Contact Lenses
Chapter 79: My Profile Picture...
Chapter 80: The Mysterious Fang Tian
Chapter 81: Chen Mengyan's heart
Chapter 82: The First Time Using the Superpower to Gamble
Chapter 83: Perfect Name, Unique Style
Chapter 84: Who scared who?
Chapter 85: Wild Female Teacher
Chapter 86: Conflict in Class
Chapter 87: Escalated Situation
Chapter 88: Path Winding Through Mountain Ridges
Chapter 89: Guilty of Being a Thief
Chapter 90: There's No Need For It Anymore
Chapter 91: What Do You Want to Buy?
Chapter 92: Stay Away From My Wife
Chapter 93: Dreams Come True
Chapter 94: A Passionate Moment
Chapter 95: Chen Mengyan's Windbreaker
Chapter 96: Critical Hit
Chapter 97: Misunderstanding
Chapter 98: It Is A Small World
Chapter 99: A Heart-to-heart Talk Between Father and Daughter Chen
Chapter 100: Little Mengyan's Confession
Chapter 101: The College Entrance Examination Event
Chapter 102: Plans After the College Exam
Chapter 103: A Moment of Impulsiveness
Chapter 104: Imperial Jade
Chapter 105: Also Use the Ability for Treasure Hunting
Chapter 106: Like Her
Chapter 107: Yang Ming Hit The Jackpot
Chapter 108: Found A Treasure
Chapter 109: Are You Sure?
Chapter 110: Wealth at My Fingertips
Chapter 111: Rock Gambling
Chapter 112: Lan Ling Has a Secret
Chapter 113: The Value of Jade
Chapter 114: Old Mister Liu
Chapter 115: Learn and Apply Immediately
Chapter 116: Live-action Movie
Chapter 117: New Intel
Chapter 118: Luck
Chapter 119: Yang Ming's Worries
Chapter 120: Stolen Jade
Chapter 121: She’s Not the Thief
Chapter 122: Carrying a Sack of Jade
Chapter 123: An Encounter In His Hometown
Chapter 124: Weird Lan Ling
Chapter 125: Mengyan's message
Chapter 126: Romantic Encounter on the Train
Chapter 127: The Punk’s Revenge
Chapter 128: Whose Wallet Is This After All?
Chapter 129: How could this be her?
Chapter 130: Su Ya! My Old Hatred!
Chapter 131: My Lover Xiao Qing
Chapter 132: Running Into the Nemesis
Chapter 133: Master?
Chapter 134: Liu Weishan's Sad Story
Chapter 135: F*** You Zhang Bing!
Chapter 136: First Bucket of Gold
Chapter 137: Meet Chen Mengyan Again
Chapter 138: Mitigating The Relationship
Chapter 139: Flirtatious
Chapter 140: Which Brother Sister?
Chapter 141: I have that today
Chapter 142: Help Lan Ling with That
Chapter 143: Yang Ming's Reason
Chapter 144: Rogue Twin Tao
Chapter 145: Find Someone to Screw You Guys Up!
Chapter 146: Set Up
Chapter 147: Putting Up An Act
Chapter 148: Who’s Acting?
Chapter 149: Harassment Calls
Chapter 150: Ghost Story (Part 1)
Chapter 151: Ghost Story (Part 2)
Chapter 152: Powerful Cousin
Chapter 153: Ostentatious Woman
Chapter 154: Suspicious Woman
Chapter 155: The Rights of a Couple
Chapter 156: Temporary Boyfriend
Chapter 157: Cold Observer
Chapter 158: A Fantasy Target
Chapter 159: Wait…
Chapter 160: Same To You
Chapter 161: A Little Quarrel
Chapter 162: Going Along With The Plan
Chapter 163: Taste Your Own Medicine
Chapter 164: The Conspiracy Had Begun
Chapter 165: Time Bomb
Chapter 166: Date with Chen Mengyan
Chapter 167: A Righteous Mengyan
Chapter 168: Passing By
Chapter 169: Show Off Only If You Can
Chapter 170: Yang Ming's Past
Chapter 171: Unconfronted Matter
Chapter 172: Buy Another Set
Chapter 173: A Son Must Be Like Yang Ming
Chapter 174: Freshman Registration
Chapter 175: Coincidence At A Restaurant
Chapter 176: Wang Zhitao Saving The Beauty
Chapter 177: Perspective Matters
Chapter 178: Brothel and Male Prostitute
Chapter 179: Tutor Xie Yongqiang
Chapter 180: Four-Eyed Frog
Chapter 181: Wang Zhitao Again
Chapter 182: Two Phone Calls
Chapter 183: Birthday Celebration
Chapter 184: Zhang’s Eye-Catching Jade
Chapter 185: It’s Him
Chapter 186: I Am Living Just Fine
Chapter 187: The Man Behind the Scene
Chapter 188: The Furious President Yun
Chapter 189: Assassination
Chapter 190: What Kind of Person is Fang Tian?
Chapter 191: The King of Assassins
Chapter 192: Love Specialist
Chapter 193: Drama in the Election
Chapter 194: Two Groups of People
Chapter 195: Pretentious *ss Confrontation
Chapter 196: Temporarily Borrowing It
Chapter 197: Apprenticeship
Chapter 198: Private Room is Nothing
Chapter 199: Take Advantage of Me?
Chapter 200: A Visit to Liu Weishan
Chapter 201: Achilles’ heel
Chapter 202: Campus Belle Blog
Chapter 203: Sun Jie's Reaction
Chapter 204: Victim Zhang Bing
Chapter 205: A Worthwhile Suffering
Chapter 206: Rumors
Chapter 207: Pretty Girl’s Assistance
Chapter 208: Eve of the Competition
Chapter 209: A Gorgeous Appearance
Chapter 210: Breaking Brick Technique
Chapter 211: Confession
Chapter 212: The Effect of Voodoo
Chapter 213: Parting
Chapter 214: Nemesis
Chapter 215: Robbery in the Forest
Chapter 216: Make an Opening Move and Try Out
Chapter 217
Chapter 218: Reporting
Chapter 219: Parkour
Chapter 220: Secrets Revealed
Chapter 221: Telling the Truth
Chapter 222: Mengyan’s Decision
Chapter 223: Settling the Tutor
Chapter 224: The Troubles of Bao Sanli
Chapter 225: Assassin Tombstone
Chapter 226: Hou Zhenhan’s Visit
Chapter 227: Accident in the Hospital
Chapter 228: Yang Ming's Bold Idea
Chapter 229: Try Out and Decision
Chapter 230: Courting Death
Chapter 231: You Reap What You Sow
Chapter 232: Kidnapped
Chapter 233: Last Time Was An Accident
Chapter 234: Sun Jie’s Bitter Past
Chapter 235: A Calm Analysis
Chapter 236: To Be Your Man
Chapter 237: Yang Ming’s Method
Chapter 238: So That's The Case
Chapter 239: To The Rescue
Chapter 240: Flirting With Sun Jie
Chapter 241: Yang Ming’s Gift
Chapter 242: Going According To Plan
Chapter 243: A Coincidence
Chapter 244: Meeting an Extortionist
Chapter 245: Four Snakes Gang
Chapter 246: Unexpected Disaster
Chapter 247: Invitation to Auction
Chapter 248: Godparents
Chapter 249: There’s Indeed No True Love in this World
Chapter 250: A Strange Conversation
Chapter 251: A Flirtatious Scene
Chapter 252: Heading To Hong Kong
Chapter 253: Huizhong Auction House
Chapter 254: Hong Kong Auction House (A)
Chapter 255: Hong Kong Auction House (B)
Chapter 256: Contest
Chapter 257: Extravagant Yang Ming
Chapter 258: Regret
Chapter 259: Comforting an Online Female Friend
Chapter 260: Oriole Ambush
Chapter 261: A Strange Xiao Qing
Chapter 262: An Abhorrent Person
Chapter 263: Xiao Qing’s Unpleasant Past
Chapter 264: The Wedding Groom Suddenly Disappeared
Chapter 265: Capricious Yang Ming
Chapter 266: F*ck Sister
Chapter 267: Gentle Xiao Qing
Chapter 268: A Breathtaking Moment
Chapter 269: It’s Fine If You Like It
Chapter 270: Some Happy, Some Worried
Chapter 271: When Love Comes
Chapter 272: Journey Back Home
Chapter 273: Big Trouble for Lin Zhiyun
Chapter 274: Lin Zhiyun’s Confession
Chapter 275: Be My Boyfriend
Chapter 276: My Name is Lin Zhiyun
Chapter 277: It's... Her?
Chapter 278: Relationship Between Two People
Chapter 279: First Visit to the Lin Family
Chapter 280: Shen Yueping's Amazement
Chapter 281: What Should I Do in The Future?
Chapter 282: Perplexed Lin Zhiyun
Chapter 283: A Night Talk Between Mother and Daughter
Chapter 284: Safety First
Chapter 285: Back to the Alma Mater
Chapter 286: My Brother Is Better
Chapter 287: Celebrity Puppy Love
Chapter 288: The Reunion of Xiao Chen and Xiao Zhao
Chapter 289: Sister Ying
Chapter 290: Straighten Out
Chapter 291: Shu Ya and Su Ya
Chapter 292: Encounter
Chapter 293: Dangerous Fight
Chapter 294: Xiao Qing's Doubts
Chapter 295: Business Spy?
Chapter 296: Yang Ming's Reasoning
Chapter 297: Emotionally Touched
Chapter 298: Being Threatened
Chapter 299: Text Message, Zhou Jiajia, The Past
Chapter 300: I Like You
Chapter 301: Accident
Chapter 302: Yang Ming’s Fury
Chapter 303: A Fraud
Chapter 304: Sister Lin
Chapter 305: Accident?
Chapter 306: Astonishment
Chapter 307: Princess-Haired Girl
Chapter 308: Teaching A Lesson
Chapter 309: A Change in Attitude
Chapter 310: Truth? Perplexed?
Chapter 311: Consulting About Company
Chapter 312: Governor
Chapter 313: Family Talk
Chapter 314: A Startup Plan
Chapter 315: Woman's Mind
Chapter 316: Parents’ Habits
Chapter 317: Zhang Bing’s Doubt
Chapter 318: Negotiation and Plotting
Chapter 319: Mr. Y
Chapter 320: Effortless Scouting
Chapter 321: Confused Relationship
Chapter 322: A Talented Girl Has Her Own Sufferings Too
Chapter 323: Night Ambush
Chapter 324: Dumb*ss Brother Snake
Chapter 325: Diligent Little Student Wang
Chapter 326: The King of Fighters, Feng Sibiao
Chapter 327: Underworld Duel
Chapter 328: Complete Victory
Chapter 329: Zhiyun’s Request For Help
Chapter 330: I'm Done. I Got Caught
Chapter 331: I Want to Go Too
Chapter 332: Peach Blossoms
Chapter 333: Long-Term Meal Ticket
Chapter 334: Big White Rabbit
Chapter 335: Which? That?
Chapter 336: King of Assassins and the Butterfly Family
Chapter 337: Pounding Heart
Chapter 338: Hesitation, Regret
Chapter 339: Ambiguous Relationship
Chapter 340: Premeditated
Chapter 341: Despicable Man
Chapter 342: Elder Sister's Boss
Chapter 343: A Word From Brother Yang
Chapter 344: Presenting the Buddha With Borrowed Flowers
Chapter 345: Not As Good As The Beginning
Chapter 346: World-Class Men and Women
Chapter 347: Meeting Again
Chapter 348: Conflicts Intensified
Chapter 349: Give Birth to A Son Named Yang Guangming
Chapter 350: Counterfeit Incident
Chapter 351: Keeping a Secret
Chapter 352: Rubbing Ointment Flirtatiously
Chapter 353: Because of Murder
Chapter 354: Brother Yang Thinks Highly of You
Chapter 355: Arrogant Little Kid
Chapter 356: Super Tutor
Chapter 357: Same Old place? I’m Done!
Chapter 358: Christmas Eve Is Equal To?
Chapter 359: Yang Ming’s Secret
Chapter 360: Movie Tickets
Chapter 361: A Very Strange Thing
Chapter 362: President Song, Burial
Chapter 363: Jewelry Company
Chapter 364: Exciting Short Message
Chapter 365: Lan Ling's love
Chapter 366: Yan-Jia Conversation
Chapter 367: Very Well……
Chapter 368: Chen Fei's Phone Call
Chapter 369: Chen Mengyan's Compromise
Chapter 370: Self-taught
Chapter 371: Second Conversation
Chapter 372: Zhou Jiajia’s First Kiss
Chapter 373: Internal Affairs of Women
Chapter 374: Three People With Insomnia
Chapter 375: Bedwetting Event
Chapter 376: Couples?
Chapter 377: Let’s See Who’s Humiliated?
Chapter 378: Giving A Discount Means Looking Down On Him
Chapter 379: Pretend With You
Chapter 380: Yang Ming’s Might
Chapter 381: Grandparents
Chapter 382: Pearl Shell
Chapter 383: Trustworthy Woman
Chapter 384: Yang Ming’s Ability
Chapter 385: Meeting Sun Haoming Again
Chapter 386: Same Table With You
Chapter 387: Sun Haoming's Past
Chapter 388: Yang Ming Takes Action
Chapter 389: Director Behind The Scenes
Chapter 390: Su Ya Didn't Forget About Him
Chapter 391: Unlucky Sui Guangqi
Chapter 392: Dangerous
Chapter 393: Yang Ming, I Hate You
Chapter 394: Today I…
Chapter 395: A Couple’s Room With A Single Bed
Chapter 396: Yang Ming and Zhou Jiajia
Chapter 397: Bed Sheets...
Chapter 398: Went For Nothing
Chapter 399: The Car Was Stopped
Chapter 400: Absolutely Different
Chapter 401: Indelible Memory
Chapter 402: Being Shocked
Chapter 403: Details of the Wang Family
Chapter 404: The Daughter Of The Chen Family Has Grown Up
Chapter 405: This Is My Niece
Chapter 406: Be Willing to Spend Money
Chapter 407: Punk's Second Misfortune
Chapter 408: Xia Xue Was Drunk
Chapter 409: Martial Arts Master
Chapter 410: Martial Arts Supreme Master
Chapter 411: Bad*ss Song Hang
Chapter 412: Deserve a Beating ...
413 Disobedient Grandson
414 I“m Dead
415 Problems With The Contrac
416 Grandpa and Grandson
417 Ugly Daughter-in-law Visiting The Parents
418 High School Memories
419 Su Ya Is Still In My Hear
420 Accepting Su Ya
421 Yang Dashan Treats Guests
422 KTV Encounter
《So Pure, So Flirtatious》 Volume 2
423 Invitation From Bao Sanli
424 Tragedy……
425 Ming Yang Security Company
426 Who Is Brother Yang?
427 Pointing at the Mulberry Tree to Curse the Locus
428 Stories Of The Pas
429 Emergency
430 Who Was It?
431 Torturing People?
432 Aiya My Mom
433 Appearing Again
434 Researching The Special Power
435 A Change in Attitude?
436 Key Similarities
437 New Year's Day Trivia
438 Like a Couple
439 Lan Ling In Danger
440 Incorrect Inference
441 Lan Ling's Cell Phone
442 Mysterious Old Woman
443 Old Woman’s Identity
444 Mission
445 Appointment With Yang Li
446 We Are a Group
447 As Drunk As a Lord
448 Conditioned Reflex
449 Taking Care For A Lifetime
450 I Saw It Just Now
451 Heartbroken Zhou Jiajia
452 The Sun Family’s Young Master
453 There Is a Problem
454 I Like It Very Much
455 You Are & Me Too
456 An Encounter in the Restauran
457 They’re Actually Siblings?
458 Fox And Roe Deer
459 She Is Mine
460 Something Unexpected
461 Let the Cat Out of the Bag
462 Zhiyun’s Cry For Help
463 Fraud?
464 Lin Zhiyun's Hear
465 First Arrival in Donghai
466 Watching TV
467 A Horrifying Knock On The Door
468 Meet Brother Snake Again
469 Third Uncle
470 The Future Master of the Sun Family
471 His Name Is Mei Renyi
472 Pretend to be a Ghost Again
473 I’m Scared...
474 Pretending Not to Know
475 Misunderstood
476 To Be Your Apprentice
477 Do You Recognize Me
478 I Remembered It…
479 Emptiness In The Hear
480 Shu Ya's Interview
481 Our Commemoration
482 Shocked!
483 An Encounter
484 Bonus: Valentine's Day Special 1 Spoiler Alert - Ending Revealed
485 Bonus: Valentine's Day Special 2 Spoiler Alert - Ending Revealed
486 Floundering Repeatedly
487 Yang Ming's Explanation
488 Strong Comprehension Ability
489 Participate in a High-level Meeting
490 He is Yang Ming
491 People of the Sun Family?
492 Opportunity For Revenge
493 Crestfallen…
494 It Finally Came
495 Astounded
496 Conspiracy
497 No Return
498 Solve the Problem
499 A Gentleman Doesn’t Stoop To Pettiness
500 Sign up
501 A Difficult Situation
502 Taking The Chance
503 Is Yang Ming Jealous?
504 Departure
505 A Startling Journey
506 You Dare…
507 Reverse the Situation
508 Wang Xifan's Move
509 Problem with Lan Ling
510 Youth...
511 Truth Or Dare
512 Knocking on the Door in the Middle of the Nigh
513 Desperado
514 Fostering A Marriage
515 An Encounter in the Restauran
516 Falling Shor
517 All In A Mess
518 Past Events
519 Busted...
520 Conversation Between Mother And Daughter
521 Life Was Affected?
522 Another Encounter
523 Company Plan
524 Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining
525 About the Negotiation
526 Boss Guo’s Revenge
527 Zhao Ying’s Call
528 Butterfly Flapper
529 Loving Someone...
530 Man Proposes but God Disposes
531 It’s Over. It’s All Over
532 The Severe Case is a Vegetative State
533 Woke Up and Done
534 If A Person Was Unlucky...
535 Volume 4 Growing By Leaps & Bounds: Jiajia’s Clarification
536 Zhou Jiajia and Chen Mengyan
537 Secret Plo
538 Assault Inciden
539 If Not, It Would Be a Little Troublesome
540 Clashing
541 Small Conflic
542 Troublemaker Expert Meets the Troublemaker Ancestor
543 The Plan Commences
544 Action
545 Mercedes-Benz 600?
546 Who’s A Bumpkin?
547 Hallucination?
548 The Special Ability Kicked In Again
549 Contes
550 Zhou Jiajia's Family History
551 Drinking With A Love Rival
552 Strange Things...
553 Family Conversation
554 Entertainment City Opens For Business
555 Meeting Another Assassin
556 Going to the Front Stage
557 Interrogation
558 I Am Mr. Y...
559 Preservation of the Company's Operations
560 Yang Ming's Plan
561 Wang Xifan's Hand
562 Stylish But Not A Practical Move
563 The Scale at the Star
564 A Lost Xia Xue
565 A Thorough Investigation
566 Targeting Xia Xue
567 A Conflicted Xia Xue
568 She Was Righ
569 Going Deep into the Tiger's Den
570 Beat Them at Their Own Game
571 The Wang Family
572 Zhou Jiajia's Opportunity
573 Wang Zhitao's Wicked Idea
574 I Want to Challenge You to a Duel
575 Enraged
576 Impulsive Punishmen
577 Getting Hold of the Account Books
578 Once There Was A Girl...
579 Are You Sick?
580 Die Together
581 The Finale A
582 The Finale B
583 Agreemen
584 Waiting Anxiously
585 Coincidence
586 Yang Ming's Decision
587 Murder For Money
588 The Matter About Relationships
589 If You Love Her, Then Trust Her
590 It's Chinese New Year
591 Three Lives Stone
592 What A Coincidence
593 Chen Mengyan's Decision
594 Zhao Ying Had an Acciden
595 What’s The Reason?
596 Quietly at Night...
597 Visitors
598 The Bus Factory’s Plan
599 A Temple Fair Visit with Pretty Girl Lin
600 Tips for Playing Games
601 Rock Climbing
602 Sister Lin’s Idea...
603 A Touching Momen
604 Showing Off Skills
605 Turn the Pretense into Reality
606 The Song Jiang Bus Factory Reformation
607 Father and Son Dialogue
608 Yang Ming Wants to Inves
609 Preparation before Investmen
610 The Meeting
611 A Family War
612 Back to the In-Law’s Family during the Second Day of the Chinese New Year
613 Someone Is Following
614 You Were Discovered
615 Missed Opportunity
616 Go up Together
617 Touched for a Momen
618 Dance Together
619 Big Trouble
620 A Situation
621 Kidnapping Even
622 I Want to Be a Disciple
623 Old Buffon's Life Experience
624 President Wan Had Arrived
625 A Dog Came
626 Zhao Ying Returned
627 Another Brand
628 Two People's Ideas
629 An Inadvertent Peek into an Inner Voice
630 With the Help of a Vile Man A
631 With the Help of a Vile Man B
632 The Remuneration Is a Mine
633 Embark on the Assassination Journey
634 Arms Dealer Boss
635 Alice
636 Dorsk
637 Harassment Encounter
638 Beautiful Longing
639 Princess and Prince's Dream
640 Being Recognized
641 Ten Days of Training
642 Master Qi
643 If You Can’t Come to an Agreement Then Kill Him
644 Acquired a Military Strategis
645 The Strategist's Plan
646 Meet and Consume
647 Why Were You Laughing
648 Donghai’s Sun Family
649 Add Another One
650 Could You Be...
651 Home of Six Tastes
652 Sister and Brother-in-law
653 Someone Strikes up a Conversation
654 Sun Hongjun's Pas
655 Wang Chengen's Evil Plan
656 Unlucky Brother Snake
657 Ouyang’s Visi
658 Don't Leave
659 A Powerful Force Intervened
660 Real Identity
661 The Ouyang Family's Decision
662 Experience It Again
663 Still Cared
664 Uncle’s Visi
665 Mother Zhou Had Something to Ask For
666 A Diary
667 Bring Shu Ya Back
668 Career Developmen
669 Little Dorsk
670 Xiao Qing’s Confession
671 I Will Accompany You for the Meetup
672 Hong Kong’s Shu Family
673 So It’s Him
674 The Two Women Mee
675 Temptations
676 Premeditated? Conspiracy?
677 Everything Is Confusing
678 Elder You
679 Jiajia’s Diary
680 The Past and the Presen
681 Unlucky Person
682 Seeing Li Mingri Again
683 The First Encounter of the Two Women
684 Speak up for Zhou Jiajia
685 Good Friend, Good Sister
686 Looking for a Way Ou
687 Yang Ming's Family History
688 Buying a House
689 Old Classmate
690 The Dispute over Buying a House
691 Mengyan Was Livid
692 Borrowed Power
693 Pickup at the Airpor
694 In Shu Ya's Mind
695 Conflicted Mood
696 The New Neighbor
697 Doub
698 A Chance Encounter at a Restauran
699 With Lin Zhiyun
700 A Visit to Lin Zhiyun's House
701 Invitation to Join
702 A Change
703 The Company’s Composition
704 Do You Know Yang Ming Too? A
705 Do You Know Yang Ming Too? B
706 Do You Know Yang Ming Too? C
707 A Fabricated Truth
708 Can You Do Me a Favor?
709 The Flower Delivery Misunderstanding
710 Unlucky Day
711 Encountering a Car Acciden
712 Town Inn
713 Unable to Bear...
714 Long-awaited...
715 What to Do in the Future
716 You're Called Bao Sanli As Well?
717 Relatives
718 Arrogant Woman
719 Something Went Wrong
720 Usury
721 Laugh It Off
722 The Story behind the Situation
723 Visiting Shu Ya at Nigh
724 Fruit Juice Tea
725 The Celebrity’s Friend
726 Shu Ya? Su Ya?
727 Deceptive Ways
728 Foreign Tourists
729 A Strange Dream
730 Chen Afu’s Budding Murder Case
731 An Omen of Going to Hell Together
732 An Incident Arising from Random Factors
733 Afu Finds an Apprenticeship
734 The Jewelry Company's Opponen
735 A Quick Counterattack
736 The Sui Family of Mount Jing A
737 The Sui Family of Mount Jing B
738 Problem Solved
739 If Zhou Jiajia Was Okay
740 A Wild Guess on the Special Ability
741 A Phone Call
742 We'll Talk; You Should Leave
743 A Woman's Hear
744 Another Ghost Encounter with Afu A
745 Another Ghost Encounter with Afu B
746 Another Ghost Encounter with Afu C
747 Zhao Ying Called
748 The Flower Delivery Mistake
749 Get into Trouble
750 A Situation
751 The Awkward Zhao Ying A
752 The Awkward Zhao Ying B
753 Yang Ming's Suspicion A
754 Yang Ming's Suspicion B
755 All of a Sudden
756 Harmony
757 Sisters, New House
758 An Arranged Life
759 What Time Is It Now?
760 Talk and Analysis
761 The Astonishing Truth
762 An Undercurren
763 The Grand Opening of the Concer
764 Two Younger Sisters
765 The Group Photo Inciden
766 Superstars Sometimes Get Rejected Too
767 Netizen
768 A Big Celebrity Fell in Love With Me
769 Coincidence?
770 Are You Su Ya?
771 The Two Women Mee
772 Take You to See Someone
773 On the Brink of a Crisis
774 Ma Xiaoyao's Identity
775 Too Worried
776 Valentine's Day A
777 Valentine's Day B
778 Valentine's Day C
779 Valentine's Day D
780 Valentine's Day E
781 Valentine's Day F
782 It Was No Acciden
783 A Little Known Hidden Truth
784 The Death of Little Wang
785 Let Me Help You…
786 Together…