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212 212 Playing a Part 2

Claude looked at the gap and looked at Yuki who was on the other side. "My sister tends to use her magic freely. I am sorry about this."

"Nonsense. We do not limit a supernatural's abilities. We only ask that you do not destroy anything that keeps this place standing tall. It is important that we can stay hidden. How did you hear about our clan?" Stark climbs on the carriers and waits for the others.

Cedric got on and finally spoke. "It was mistress Ella. She ran into someone while she was at that dark market. We have told her enough times not to go along but this time she found out about you guys." As he says this he transmits the message telepathically.

"Ella wanted to run away as our parents had decided that her betrothed would be meeting her tomorrow well I guess that would be today. I am sure that that will go looking for us but I do not care. I already decreed that I will not marry as my feelings and sights are only set on one girl and they of course did not approve." Claude saw Yuki bouncing and slip on the ground.

Cedric jumped off and caught Yuki. "Mistress Ella, please be careful. I do not want you to get hurt."

Yuki hit Cedric's chest, "stop with the Mistress bullshit. ENOUGH... ENOUGH... ENOUGH!!!"

"Ella was it? I will let you know that there is no need for titles here so you will be able to call each other's names freely." Stark stepped off the cart and led them down the cave. Deeper and deeper until they finally see people.

"My name is Ella and I will make sure that I call them by their names. Max and Seth, don't you think this is nice?" Yuki smiled in between the two and she pinched the two in the sides.

Cedric doesn't show the pain and looks at Yuki. "Does this mean if we want we can shower with all the affection we want?" He smirks and watches as Yuki starts to turn red.

"I am curious about what rules we need to follow here?" Claude pipes in and bends down and kisses Yuki on the cheek.

"The rules… there are only a few but let me take you to where they are printed." Stark takes them to an altar and above the altar is a picture of Yuki. On the altar is a stone tablet.

Yuki walks up the altar and touches the stone tablet and smiles. "This is pretty old. Did you get it from the cave up north?" she runs her hand over the text and whispers the words while the tablet starts to break as she says what is written there. She pulls out the book and sits on the altar. "Hmm. I think I remember saying that this book was not allowed to leave the cave that I placed it in. Did you kill the guardians of the cave?" She reaches her hand out and grabs Stark by the neck.

"You tricked me. You Bitch. Just who do you think you are?" Stark spat out the words.

Yuki smiled and took him to the altar. She crushed his bones and made him scream. "It doesn't matter anymore. I am here and I will take care of you before you are able to bring others but call them and we will see how far they will get." She touched the altar and collapsed all the exits while making it magically unbreakable. The runes shined on her body and she could not keep her transformation in line and she looks at him as the one on the tapestry above his head.

Claude looked at Yuki and saw the runes shining through. The essence built up fast inside of his body. 'Fuck. She is going to make me suffer as she uses the magic.' He looked at Cedric.

Cedric stepped up to Yuki and kissed her on the lips. "Love, if you continue you need to drink that essence as Claude is suffering and he will not be able to handle it much longer. You cannot call him weak as he is holding off well but it is extremely difficult to do." He handed her his Dagger.

Yuki took the Dagger and dragged it across the nape of his neck and bit in and drank the essence deeply and she quickly finished the essence but it built up so fast as her magic was still holding strong. She drained it deeper until she almost broke him. She sealed the wound. "I am sorry, Big Brother."

"No, it is understandable. Go on your killing spree so that we can go home. I want to eat and sleep." Claude got up and half transformed. "Let's kick some ass."

Cedric dropped the transformation and turned into his demon self. "I am yours to command."

Yuki looked at the two and went back to the altar and grabbed the heart of Stark and pulled it out. She drank the blood and got a full layout for the area. "Claude, you will go back to where we came from and make sure that none escape Cedric you sweep this floor." Yuki jumps down and it looked like she fell into a pit but it was just magic that made it seemed deeper than it really was. She went down the tunnel. As she went down and killed each person that blocked her path. She was no longer in a pale yellow dress. She was now in a blood-covered dress that was now a frightening sight to see.

A man jumped out. "Stop, please. This is the medical ward."

"You shouldn't have come here. This place will cloud your judgment and take you away from the way you must live." Yuki pulled out his heart and ate it. "I will avenge your family for you." She jumped on the nurse and killed her and saw the experiments that were going on and lost her mind. She touched the ground and all the adults in the room got tangled in vines and Yuki approached the beds. "I am sorry little ones." She broke the glass and killed each child one at a time.