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Skirt-Chasing Young Monarch: City Lady-Killer

Author:Lonely Constant 孤单常量

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UpdateTime:8/15/2019 2:59:29 PM

Updates:Chapter 211: It’s Very Awkward Without Clothes

The prettiest girl in the class, the campus belle queen, an attractive policewoman, a cunning reporter, a charming businesswoman, a mesmerizing commando, and a millionaire spendthrift, all shall lose themselves to passion.

Be it a Lolita, a virtuous woman, a regal queen, a mature racy woman, a cold-blooded goddess, or a sexy baby-faced doll, all beauties shall come to his embrace.
《Skirt-Chasing Young Monarch: City Lady-Killer》 Text
Chapter 1: Peerless Beauty – Campus Belle Queen
Chapter 2: Alluring New Mission
Chapter 3: Major Incident at Campus of Seventeen Senior High
Chapter 4: It’s All About Love
Chapter 5: Whose Is This?
Chapter 6: Enemies and Lovers Are Destined to Mee
Chapter 7: Hooligans at the School’s Entrance
Chapter 8: Wait for Me, I’m Coming to Save You!
Chapter 9: Amazing Might of Military Fitness Boxing
Chapter 10: Today is Home Recognition
Chapter 11: Regarding the Matter of Finding a Wife
Chapter 12: Applying for an Advertised Position
Chapter 13: Beautiful Female Boss
Chapter 14: Temperament of a Shota
Chapter 15: Are You Liu Dehua?
Chapter 16: Did You Peep at Me?
Chapter 17: Your Mother Called You Back Home for Dinner?
Chapter 18: How Do Want Me to Repay You?
Chapter 19: Entangled with an Intern Journalis
Chapter 20: You Shameless Scum!
Chapter 21: Senior High School Mathematics – Cleared
Chapter 22: Kiss Me!
Chapter 23: Hugs! Free for All!
Chapter 24: Divine Song
Chapter 25: A Feast for the Eyes; A Scene of Passion
Chapter 26: One Second Transformation
Chapter 27: Transient Wet Dream
Chapter 28: Fame!
Chapter 29: To Hit Is To Love; To Scold Is To Love
Chapter 30: Confrontation at the Mess
Chapter 31: Fight! Youth!
Chapter 32: Smack! Smack! Smack!
Chapter 33: I’ll Hit You Each Time I See You
Chapter 34: Top 10 Outstanding Communist Youth League Member
Chapter 35: Extremely Awkward
Chapter 36: Delivering Paper
Chapter 37: Versatile Piloting Skills
Chapter 38: A Confession?
Chapter 39: Losing Virginity?
Chapter 40: 20 Missions
Chapter 41: Great Aunt Has Come!
Chapter 42: Hi! Your Yi Da!
Chapter 43: Hey! Your Whisper!
Chapter 44: Moon Rabbit like Snowy Peaks
Chapter 45: Jade Rabbit Suppor
Chapter 46: The Huo Leifeng That’s Being Taken Liberties
Chapter 47: Another First Kiss
Chapter 48: Best-looking Guy in School
Chapter 49: Dine and Dash
Chapter 50: Have the Enemy Send the Money Up
Chapter 51: Best Director
Chapter 51: Best Director
Chapter 52: Regarding Childbirth and Related Actions
Chapter 53: Is Assistant Bureau Chief Zhang So Powerful?
Chapter 54: Who’s Saying Old Cow is Eating Young Grass?
Chapter 55: Taking Liberties and Countering
Chapter 56: Not Good At Drinking!
Chapter 57: You Want to be Breastfed?
Chapter 58: First Kiss Again?
Chapter 59: Su Ke should learn from Edison Chen
Chapter 60: A Heroic Gamble
Chapter 61: Looking for Money or Looking for Sex?
Chapter 62: Man-Eating Demoness, Liu Fei Hong
Chapter 63: Really from the Mafia
Chapter 64: I’m a Loser?
Chapter 65: The Scent of an Apple
Chapter 66: A Person’s First Kiss
Chapter 67: Private Photo
Chapter 68: Boyfriend for a Day
Chapter 69: Are You Wearing Your Bra Properly?
Chapter 70: The Hands that Helped you Put on your Clothes
Chapter 71: To Seek Out a Wish
Chapter 72: I Was Already Seen Through!
Chapter 73: Hurry Up and Call Brother Su Ke!
Chapter 74: Let’s Go Buy Books Together!
Chapter 75: Chief Wu is Calling for Him
Chapter 76: Ruffian Hero
Chapter 77: If A Woman Doesn’t Drink, Men Wouldn’t Have A Chance
Chapter 78: The Direction of My Hand
Chapter 79: A Forced Kiss
Chapter 80: You Need to Use a Hoe to Pull Them Over
Chapter 81: Training to be a Devil
Chapter 82: Wei Lan is in Trouble
Chapter 83: You Can Come Find Me
Chapter 84: Watching Other People’s Passionate Acts
Chapter 85: A Monkey Stealing a Peach?
Chapter 86: A False Alarm
Chapter 87: If You Can’t Beat Them, Run
Chapter 88: Daoist School 12 Brocades
Chapter 89: The Past Cannot Be Changed
Chapter 90: Taking the Opportunity to Embrace Her
Chapter 91: The Tent was Erected Once Again
Chapter 92: Did You Miss Me?
Chapter 93: I Want A Piece of Him!
Chapter 94: I Don’t Want a Threesome!
Chapter 95: Perverted Demon on the Bus
Chapter 96: Indecent Old Man
Chapter 97: First Failed Task
Chapter 98: Encountering a Show of Strength
Chapter 99: The Astonishing 3-Pointer
Chapter 100- When Love Rivals Meet, the Jealousy is Exceptional
Chapter 101- Shoot! We’re about to lose!
Chapter 102- The Counterattack Begins!
Chapter 103- Giving You a Big Cap
Chapter 104: Straightforward Victory
Chapter 105: Another Impressive Sigh
Chapter 106: A Good Walle
Chapter 107: Third-Year Female Senior Holding a Brick
Chapter 108: Jin Se Nian Hua
Chapter 109: Save Hong Chen!!
Chapter 110: Questioning
Chapter 111: Nice to Meet You, Brother Long!
Chapter 112: This is a Misunderstanding!
Chapter 113: Failure to Escape
Chapter 114: Solitary Hero
Chapter 115: Wu Ao Ran Saving the Soldier
Chapter 116: The Timing is Just Righ
Chapter 117: More People?
Chapter 118: The Situation Has Been Resolved
Chapter 119: I’m A Good Person
Chapter 120: This is a Misunderstanding
Chapter 121: Physiological Needs
Chapter 122: I’ll Really Take Them Off
Chapter 123: Getting Pleasure from Helping People
Chapter 124: Top and Bottom Lose Their Guard
Chapter 125: High Level! This Is Way Too High Level!
Chapter 126: Going to Jin Se Hua Nian Again
Chapter 127: Can I Hug You?
Chapter 128: Why Is That Brat Back!?
Chapter 129: He’ll Feel Uneasy
Chapter 130: Prostitution Doesn’t Suit You
Chapter 131: The Four Words
Chapter 132: Unable to Close the Garden Full of Lovely Things
Chapter 133: Is This to Cool Down?
Chapter 134: Lang Ming is here
Chapter 135: Hug Me Please!
Chapter 136: A Huge Surprise
Chapter 137: Pregnant With My Child
Chapter 138: Nitpicking
Chapter 139: How To Ridicule Someone
Chapter 140: CPR
Chapter 141: A Panicked Escape
Chapter 142: Sibling Relationship
Chapter 143: Outsmarting Instead of Forcing
Chapter 144: Capturing the Culpri
Chapter 145: Speed and Fervor
Chapter 146: Policewoman Yang Pei Er
Chapter 147: The Senior Officer’s Invitation
Chapter 148: I Want To Sleep With You!
Chapter 149: Trouble Caused by Eating Barbecue
Chapter 150: Settling the Battle in Minutes
Chapter 151: Zhang Pang Zi
Chapter 152: Embracing a Beauty
Chapter 153: A Very Big Gang Figh
Chapter 154: Su Ke is Besieged!
Chapter 155: Three Boats Arriving
Chapter 156: Luo Fei Yan is About to Explode
Chapter 157: Fang Fei Yi Ren Closes Down
Chapter 158: A Good Method of Getting One’s Wish
Chapter 159: Starting to Seek the Wish
Chapter 160: Diary
Chapter 161: Is to be Expressed
Chapter 162: Jump Down the Building
Chapter 163: Look Quickly! It’s a Flying Saucer!
Chapter 164: Bleeding
Chapter 165: The Diary’s Safekeeping Fee
Chapter 166: 4 Million
Chapter 167: Pegasus Racing Track!
Chapter 168: GTR vs R8
Chapter 169: Victory!
Chapter 170: Li Ling Long’s Troubles
Chapter 171: Du Wan’s Phonecall
Chapter 172: Summoning up the Strength to Meet the In-Laws
Chapter 173: Another Child!
Chapter 174: This Son-In-Law is Not Simple
Chapter 175: It’s Little Brother’s Time to Shine
Chapter 176: Spring Scenes at the Pool
Chapter 177: You Want to Touch Again?
Chapter 178: Yuan Fang is Here!
Chapter 179: A Light Kiss
Chapter 180: Going to Bed Vs Going Upstairs
Chapter 181: The Four Million was Easily Obtained
Chapter 182: A Sudden and Unexpected Calamity
Chapter 183: I Killed Someone
Chapter 184: Aftermath
Chapter 185: Gold Like Jewels
Chapter 186: Don’t Move, This is a Robbery!
Chapter 187: Don’t Move, It’s The Police!
Chapter 188: The Sound of a Gun
Chapter 189: A Big Scare
Chapter 190: Come, Don’t Pity Me!
Chapter 191: Giving Someone a Kiss, Fragrance Lingers on the Mouth
Chapter 192: Wang Xiao Gang’s Delusion
Chapter 193: If Chosen Not to Do It, That is It; If Chosen to Do It, Do It Bes
Chapter 194: Overwhelming Righteousness
Chapter 195: A Serious Illness Needs a Strong Medicine
Chapter 196: I Want You!
Chapter 197: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation CPR
Chapter 198: Coming to the Door
Chapter 199: The School Doctor is Absen
Chapter 200-The Demon and the Sex Fiend
Chapter 201- Caught in the Ac
Chapter 202: A Sudden Kiss
Chapter 203: Use It Like Your Little Brother
Chapter 204: Great Oaks from Little Acorns Grow
Chapter 205: A Lot of Treasures in Treasure Pavillion
Chapter 206: They’re Always Bullying Me
Chapter 207: The Wind Heralds Rain
Chapter 208: How to Raise a Shota
Chapter 209: Hong Chen Loses Her Chastity
Chapter 210: Everyone Get We
Chapter 211: It’s Very Awkward Without Clothes