Skeleton Evolution, but why is evolution so interesting?
41 Forest Dungeon Part 5: Mana River; Mine
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Skeleton Evolution, but why is evolution so interesting?
Author :Salad_Adressing
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41 Forest Dungeon Part 5: Mana River; Mine

Siverra finally reached the Mana River, Siverra crouched down above it and looked directly into it to see his reflection.

"What is good? Am I good for wanting to help my men? Am I bad for doing what I'm about to do? ..." Siverra sat there in silence until he decided to himself.

"This.. okay. I'll do it.." Siverra gave himself confidence and used got up from crouching, he waved his hand in the air to summon his pocket dimension.

'.. Devour.' He subconsciously ordered the magic and the Mana River was being sucked in! In it's interaction with the Dimension it turned a rainbow color.

'I may as well take these too..' Siverra thought as he activated his Mana Sense, he then took all of the Mana Leaves and then sat down once it was all absorbed.

Siverra smiled and thought to himself. 'I don't care what's good.. they were good to ME.. Why can't I return the favor?' Siverra's face turned sour. He got up and started to run towards a large mass of mana in his mana sense.

'This must be the beast!' He thought as he began to ran towards it. Siverra even used Agility Up!

As he was running he was deep in thought, his first plan of action once he obtains these powers.. he must find at least one of his men..


A sound resounded throughout the sky.. it was a roar like no other. Siverra shook it off as he finally found the source.

'Hm.. it seems the beast is already in battle?' Siverra thought as he hid behind a tree to observe.

The monster was a Dark Black Fox with 12 tails, there were red patterns on it's face that glowed in a bloody crimson.

"Garcis, stay there while I finished this" A female warrior told Garcis as he was heavily injured on the floor.

Valle was clearly beaten as well, large breaths and deep wounds. The monster also looked as if it would fall soon.

'Not good.. I came here too late..' Siverra thought as he watched closely.

Valle screamed out "Sword Tempest!" and activated her special ability! Siverra's eyes widened as she began to move quick, as she moved she sliced in the air creating magical wind slices.

These wind slices combined into the form of a tornado, she then sliced one more time with great strength, a dark aqua blue wind slice entered the tornado, pushing it into the monster!

Just as the tornado was about to inflict serious damage the Fox used its 12 tails to shift the momentum of the attack back into Valle!

"Arghhh" she screamed out in agony, the attack cut her body clean in half! The two halves fell into a bloody mess onto the ground.

"Valle!" Garcis screamed out in pain, Siverra laughed.

Siverra exited his hiding spot and took Bubbles out of his dimension. Bubbles laughed at the sight of such a weak monster and killed it with ease, giving Siverra the mark of the monster, proving he had killed the beast.

"You have gained 15,000 Exp! You have levelled up! You have levelled up!"

Siverra ignored the notifications as he fired a shot of black fire at Garcis, engulfing him and thus killing him.

"Why don't these ants understand not to fight me? The king? Hmph.' Siverra exited after finishing off Valle and letting Rainbow consume them all.

Siverra entered the forest area where he was kidnapped by the Treants in hope to speak to him, only.. they didn't appear.

'They sent me to kill a beast for them.. witnessed me finish those two off.. and now they don't want to give me the reward? I see..' Siverra ran towards the edge of the ground and jumped down.

Just as he was about to hit the ground he used void magic to soften his fall.

"Well.. if everyone on this continent wishes me harm.. I guess we don't need this continent anymore!"

Siverra said calmly "Dark Agony." he put his hand out as a large black flower sprouted out of his hand, with veins that consumed the sky a large blast shot out from it, which on contact with the content.. consumed it whole in a black hole before disappearing.

Siverra had just learned a new form to use his magic... Triple casting.

"You have destroyed a main continent! You have gained Exp! You have lost karma! You have become the enemies of ..." The notifications went on and on.. but Siverra didn't care about any of them.


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