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Chapter 350 : Green Plum Meets Wine 1

Shi Sheng lived to about 60 in that world. Ling Yue departed before her.

After returning to the System Space, Shi Sheng drew her sword and began hacking at the screen.

It was pretty much the only thing there to hack anyway, seeing as how the Space was devoid of anything else.

Once Shi Sheng was done hacking away, she sat on the ground and stared off into the distance.

System was scared into silence for a long while.

‘Host’s temper is getting more unpredictable…’


Shi Sheng turned to look at the screen that was back in perfect condition. “I want to see your Master.”

‘For fuck’s sake! What’s the point of hiding behind this system? Roll out here and face me(lz) like a man, if ya got the balls!’

[……] ‘Host, such unexpected changes in topic really catch me(bxt) off guard…’

System remained silent for a long time.

[I’m sorry Host… You can’t meet my Master yet.] This was the answer System gave in the end.


‘Not seeing me(bbb)? Are they scared? Or is it something else entirely?’

[……] ‘Master said not to say too much. Don’t say too much, don’t say too much…’

Shi Sheng tapped the screen with her sword. “You broke? The hell? This broken-down piece of trash should’ve been sent to the recycling centre long ago.”

[……] ‘I’m not broken! Master said I’m not allowed to say too much to you! Otherwise I’ll reveal stuff!’

System swiftly displayed her stats.

Name: Shi Sheng

Morality Points: -150,000

Life Points: 35

Contribution Points: 24,000

Mission Rank: B

Mission Points: 93

Hidden Quest: Completed

Hidden Quest Reward: 2,000 Contribution Points

Item List: “Queen’s Crown”, “Ghost King’s Heart”

‘Fuck! You took another 4k morality points from me(lz)! What’d I(lz) do this time?’

[After your death, the Jun Clan fell into disarray and vanished into the annals of history soon after.]

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘So this is my fault too? I(bbb) protest! Don’t think that you can spout bullshit just because you’re the system!

I could protect the Jun Clan for a time, but there’s no way I could protect them forever! Their fates rely on their own hard work!’

[…And it caused the ripple effect that destabilised the world.]

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘How the hell does that have anything to do with me(bbb)?’

System fell silent for a while before speaking. […You didn’t leave behind an heir for the Jun Clan.]

Shi Sheng frowned. She hadn’t deliberately taken measures to prevent pregnancy, but she also hadn’t borne any children in the worlds so far. It wasn’t her fault that she didn’t have any kids!

‘What’s the meaning of putting all the blame on me, eh?!’

[Anyway, it’s all your fault.] System began being unreasonable.

[Do you wish to enter the next mission?]

[Initialising transfer…]

‘Fuck your grandpa, can’t you at least wait a moment?!’

Once it had sent Shi Sheng off, System could finally let out a (figurative) sigh of relief. That had been really taxing on its non-existent nerves.

The screen suddenly flickered several times, before a blurred human figure appeared on it.


“There’s been some issues with Feng Ci’s memories. Go deal with them.”


“In future, no matter what she asks, don’t answer her. Got it?”

[Master…] System hesitated. [You…seem very afraid of her?]

The other party fell silent for a while. “You’ll understand what kind of person she is in the future. Then you’ll know what kind of power she holds. It’s pointless to tell you now.”

‘Isn’t she just an obscenely arrogant person, who knows no bounds and even comes with her own bugs?’

[If she’s so capable, why is she still doing these missions?] ‘From Master’s tone, it seems like she would have no problem leaving on her own.’

“…The reason why she didn’t leave before was probably because she was having fun. But now, it’s for Feng Ci.”

“She must fall for him completely.” The voice turned more serious.

[Ah? You mean she doesn’t love him now?] ‘Have you seen how much she spoils him? He’s going to ascend the heavens ah!’

The voice scoffed coldly, “From her current behaviour, what do you think she’s raising?”


[…A…a pet?!]

“She does like him. But as for love…I don’t believe she’s fallen for him. She just feels possessive. You need patience when dealing with someone like her…”

‘But we don’t have much time ah, Master. There won’t be another chance to find a backup Host if this fails.

Really. Just why did Master pick such a tough bone to chew back then?’

“She’s special.”

The screen flickered once before the figure vanished, leaving behind Shi Sheng’s stats once more.


“I hear our homeroom teacher took maternity leave. I wonder who’s our substitute.”

“I hope it’s not that baldy. I always feel like I’m being hypnotised when he teaches!”

Shi Sheng could hear chattering beside her. She adjusted a bit before her eyes slightly opened.

She was currently sprawled over a desk, her arm a bit numb from supporting her head for too long.

Shi Sheng lifted her head to look at her surroundings. She was in a classroom. It was probably recess time, for all the students were gathered in their own little cliques. They didn’t appear older than 13 or 14, the age when people brimmed with youthful vigour.

The classroom was very big and filled with desks. It seemed to be a normal school, not an academy for the rich or anything like that.

“I saw the principal with a really pretty woman the other day…”


The topics of students’ conversations often change quickly; in the time it took for Shi Sheng to survey the classroom, the girls gathered in front of her had already switched the topic from their homeroom teacher to the principal.

“Sheng Xia.” One of the girls, seeing that Shi Sheng had raised her head to scan her surroundings, called out. “Have you slept so much that you don’t even know where you are?”

The other girls laughed, though they didn’t hold much ill-will.

“Just what’ve you been up to all night, to cause you to sleep the entire day?”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘How would I(lz) know what this fellow’s been up to?’

“Alright, alright. Look at her appearing so confused! Go back to sleep; it’s self-study next period. We’ll wake you up when school’s over.” One of the girls pressed Shi Sheng’s head back to the desk.

Shi Sheng would’ve knocked her forehead onto its surface had it not been for the books there.

She didn’t raise her head, instead using this opportunity to go over the plot.

This was a reincarnation + revenge novel.

The main character was Shen Jiayin. After her death at the hands of a douchebag and a bitch, she reincarnated to when she was ten years younger. She then went on to unlock her treasure-seeing eyes, finding valuables and using it in stone gambling.

She started a company, dabbled in the underworld, collected a mysterious ML, slapped her enemies’ faces, dealt with her asshole family members, uncovered the mystery behind her origin, and basically all-around won at life.

There was no tragedy at all in the whole novel—this writer was definitely a true author mom.

Shi Sheng’s current body was called Sheng Xia. Both of her parents were dead, but they had left her a fortune that would be hard to squander away, even if given several lifetimes.

She was adopted by a good friend of her parents.

Sheng Xia had also been acquainted with Shen Jiayin in the latter’s previous life, though the two weren’t on the best of terms.

It was the type of rivalry more like finding the other party an eyesore, rather than someone you had to get rid of at all costs.

Right before her death, the FL had seen Sheng Xia outside the alleyway next to a bar. She was being raped by someone and called out to Sheng Xia for help.

However, the latter had been on her phone. Hearing the noise, she had looked over. But because it was so dark, she hadn’t seen anything.

And since there was so much noise on the other end of the call, Sheng Xia hadn’t gone over and just left.

Because she had been raped to death, the FL hated Sheng Xia.

Although she supposedly said that her previous life was already over and done with—and that Sheng Xia wasn’t the direct cause of her death—every time she saw her, the FL would always think of the helplessness and despair she felt on the verge of death.

The FL felt like all Sheng Xia only had to come over to take a look and she would’ve been saved, which was why she blamed Sheng Xia in the depths of her heart.

Hence, she would subconsciously do stuff that would oppose Sheng Xia, causing her to fall into danger time and again. In the end, Sheng Xia went mad and committed suicide.

Author’s note:

Feng Ci: You don’t love me?!

Shi Sheng: Don’t listen to his bullshit! Can the words of an idiot be trusted? Are you an idiot?