Show Me the Money
Chapter 352 – Tricking
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Show Me the Money
Author :Wu Shao Ling
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Chapter 352 – Tricking

“Hahaha, a Demon King, now this is a big fish!” Together, Reck and Lucas stepped out of the secluded space.

“Two little men who have not even reached Celestial level dare to take liberties with me?” Demon King Scorching Sun was shocked at first but immediately settled his hanging heart after assessing the newcomers’ strength and laughed coldly, wanting to attack.

“Demon King Scorching Sun, you’re dying soon yet you can’t even feel it!” Reck suddenly shouted.

“Hm? Enlighten me the meaning of your words?” Demon King Scorching Sun was somewhat nervous upon seeing that Reck was serious and looked around carefully. After finding that there was no one else, the demon instantly sneered.

“Can’t you see? We’ve been here to especially wait for you.” Lucas shook his head and sighed.

“And what can you two do?” asked Demon King Scorching Sun.

“What if we’re acting on the order of Marshal Ferotiger?” Reck slowly said.

“Marshal Ferotiger? He’s here?” Scorching Sun was terrified. He immediately got ready to escape.

“Don't worry, he didn't come, or you would have been dead by now,” Reck comforted.

“What are you getting at?” Demon King Scorching Sun could not help but ask.

“Our marshal let us relay his words to you: either return to the Demon realm or submit to us. Otherwise, we’ll destroy the Death Altar and thwart you completely,” Reck primly announced.

“Hahaha, this is the funniest joke I’ve heard in thousands of years. Destroy the Death Altar? With just you?” Demon King Scorching Sun faced upwards and burst out laughing.

“Of course we can't with just us two, but what if we throw in some Heavenshake Thunder Cannons?” Reck gesticulated. “Currently there are 3,000 Heavenshake Thunder Cannons aiming right at the Death Altar. Once you refuse, they’ll instantly open fire and completely destroy it. At that time, you guys will collapse along with your energy source without us having to even move a finger. Demon King Scorching Sun, my words end here. You may think twice about it.”

“3,000 Heavenshake Thunder Cannons? I don't believe it. The cost of making those is expensive and the materials are extremely rare. It’s already nice enough for an ordinary city to have one in its defense. But gathering 3,000? I don’t think so,” Demon King Scorching Sun growled.

“What if I said that our king especially approved their mobilization?” Lucas snorted. “In order to transport 3,000 Heavenshake Thunder Cannons from the Imperial City and hide them here, I only managed after exhausting all the energy in the Space Sonic. Demon King Scorching Sun, let’s just cut the crap. Live or die, your choice.”

“This…” Demon King Scorching Sun hesitated. Although he was a Demon King and his strength was much higher than Lucas, his inability to look into a secluded dimension prevented him from verifying the old man’s words. If the other party was telling the truth, even five of the Demon Kings together wouldn’t be able to stop a round of attacks from 3,000 Heavenshake Thunder Cannons all at once.

Heavenshake Thunder Cannons were refined with the bones of Celestial-tier Heavenshake Thunder Beasts, engraved with countless magic formations on their surface that cost a scary amount of materials. Once fully powered, one of these cannons could heavily injure Celestial experts and posed a threat to a Divine one. If 3,000 of them fired all at once, unless the Demon Emperor came in person, it would be impossible for the five of them to defend the altar.

“Humph, I don't believe you. If you really had so many Heavenshake Thunder Cannons, you would have killed us in one go instead of being here spouting nonsense with me. If anything, the Heavenshake Thunder Beasts are Celestial monsters. Even if you slaughter their entire race, you wouldn’t gather 3,000 skeletons. What do you have to craft 3,000?” Demon King Scorching Sun suddenly turned hostile, ready to attack the two old men.

“Geez, if you must persist.” Reck shook his head and sighed.

“Death is right around the corner and he’s still ignorant. Old Reck, let’s stop wasting time with him and inform the marshal to fire.” Lucas tore open a space rift, wanting to leave.

“Wait.” Demon King Scorching Sun stretched out his hand to stop them with a clouded face.

“Is there anything else?” Lucas looked impatiently at Scorching Sun. “I’ve already conveyed what our marshal said, it’s up to you whether you believe it or not.”

“Let me see the cannons first,” Demon King Scorching Sun uttered with difficulty.

“Can’t. They’re well hidden for fear that you demons would find and destroy them. If you want to see them, you’ll get to as much as you want when they fire,” Reck replied.

“Why inform us then? Isn’t it better to destroy the Death Altar right away?” Demon King Scorching Sun asked.

“Humph, if we can’t just kill you five before destroying the Death Altar, you lot go crazy for revenge before your death along with the altar. The marshal and those like him aren’t afraid of that, but not ordinary soldiers. That’s why we’re giving you a choice in order to avoid innocent casualties. As long as you leave Heavens Scar, the marshal won’t give the order to fire.” Reck's face was full of compassion. “Demon King Scorching Sun, if nothing else, think for your kin, your brethren; think of why they left the Demon realm for this place. They shouldn’t die in vain because of your selfishness. A true warrior dies on the battlefield, not slaughtered because of their leaders’ mistakes.”

“This… I… You, wait a moment, let me think it over.” There was a layer of sweat seeping out on Demon King Scorching Sun's forehead.

Lying on the ground, Fatty had nothing but worship on his face. Terrific! These two old fellows evolved again, fooling a Divine expert to this degree. That’s right, isn’t Reck is an Alchemy Grandmaster? This fellow didn't sell dogskin plasters1 before he became famous, did he?

Catching Fatty’s bizarre gaze, Reck viciously glared back. If it weren't for you brat, us oldies wouldn’t have to take such a big risk of tricking a Demon King. This is a God-tier expert who can extinguish several of us all with a wave of his hand, alright?

“I must get your marshal's promise not to destroy the Death Altar before I agree to leave, or I’d rather struggle to death together,” Demon King Scorching Sun suddenly shouted.

“Our marshal has already made the promise,” Lucas said.

“No, I want him to swear in the name of the emperor of your Central Dynasty that he will never destroy the Death Altar after we recede.” Demon King Scorching Sun said. Their life force was linked with the Death Altar. If it got destroyed after they returned to the Demon realm, they’d still die.

“Okay, I'll inform Marshal immediately.” Lucas turned and left.

“Lord Demon King, don’t you think you should release this man?” Reck looked at Fatty.

“No way,” Demon King Scorching Sun flatly refused.

“Your Highness, you’re going to hurt our friendly relations like this.” Reck’s expression was as if he was thinking for the sake of Scorching Sun. “He is the heir of the Elementalist and is also highly valued in our dynasty. If you kill him or take away Elemental Sword Diagram and Skill Book, do you think our marshal will let you go?”

“This…” Demon King Scorching Sun hesitated. “I must see your marshal before I can release him.”

“Haha, I deeply admire your cautiousness, but don’t you think you should let him get comfortable? Surely you’re not afraid of the two of us can run away with your Divine-tier strength, right?” Reck laughed casually.

“You make sense.” Demon King Scorching Sun cast Fatty a glance, then sent him flying to Reck's side with a kick. Fatty flopped and fell to the ground with a heavy thud.

“Damn it!” Fatty moaned. Reck threw him a merciless glare and stuffed a pill into his mouth. Fatty felt the paralysis quickly disappear.

Demon King Scorching Sun did have doubts about whether they had been lying, but considering how stupid it would be for two Saint-level experts to risk their lives coming here just to cheat him, he no longer worried.

After waiting for a while, Demon King Scorching Sun grew anxious. “Why hasn't your marshal come yet?”

“Take it easy.” Reck smiled. “While I can't see it, I’m sure you can understand how fierce the battle in Hero City is playing out. It will take the marshal quite some time to calm down the other Demon Kings and have a good talk.”

“In that case, let’s wait in our Demon City.” Demon King Scorching Sun’s eyes swirled. He stretched out his hands, grabbed the two humans and flew straight back to Demon City. He threw them in a hall before sitting down on the top seat.

Reck didn’t panic. He boldly sat down on a chair below. Meanwhile, Fatty curiously looked around the hall.

“Your Highness, can we see the situation over in Hero City?” Fatty suddenly asked.

“Humph,” Demon King Scorching Sun coldly replied. With a wave of his hand, a crystal ball inside the hall suddenly flew up and reflected the scene in Hero City.

The humans and demons clashed, while Samo and Sigg were still at each other’s throats. However, the most eye-catching scene was that of an old man with a long white beard and a middle-aged man firmly holding against three Demon Kings.

The five-man battle was awfully intense like the sky cracking, the earth rupturing, and the water flowing in reverse. Any single blow unleashed an astonishing power. Both this and the Samo-Sigg battle had already moved over ten thousand miles away from Hero City. Otherwise, a little bit of aftershocks alone could have ruined the city.

“Is that middle-aged man Marshal Ferotiger?” asked Fatty.

“That’s him. It’s been a long time since I last saw him. Weren’t for this trip, I wouldn't be able to witness his might now.” Reck nodded.

“Good boy, come on, come out and meet Marshal.” Fatty dragged Wheat out of the pet/mount inventory.

As soon as Wheat emerged, it instantly trembled at a glance from Demon King Scorching Sun and quickly hid behind Fatty. Only then did it peek at Marshal Ferotiger in the crystal ball.

After watching for a while, Scorching Sun retrieved the crystal ball and closed his eyes. Reck and Fatty exchanged glances, then carefully looked for an opening to escape.

Fatty cast Reck a meaningful look and pointed at Wheat. Reck hadn’t understood what it meant when a burst of yellow light flashed from Wheat and when the light disappeared, a tall, burly, middle-aged man appeared in the hall.

Reck shook so hard he almost fell off his chair. Fatty pulled on him and they stood up at once.

“This humble one greets you, Marshal.”

“Marshal Ferotiger?” Seeing the man standing in the hall the instant he opened his eyes, Demon King Scorching Sun also shuddered and almost sprang up from his chair.

‘Marshal Ferotiger’ slightly nodded and said nothing.

“Please have a seat.” Demon King Scorching Sun gestured. ‘Marshal Ferotiger’ slowly sat down. Fatty and Reck hurriedly retreated to the entrance of the hall.

“Marshal Ferotiger is indeed courageous, you actually dared to enter Demon City alone,” Demon King Scorching Sun praised. Seeing Marshal Ferotiger remaining silent, he didn’t mind and changed the topic. “May I ask Marshal Ferotiger, do you dare to swear in the name of the emperor of the Xuanhuang Ancient Country that no one will destroy the Death Altar after we withdraw from Heavens Scar?”

“Mhm.” ‘Marshal Ferotiger’ nodded.

“If so, I think we can have a talk.” Demon King Scorching Sun was much relieved.

1. Dogskin plaster: a traditional herbal medicine originally used for dog skin but now used for various diseases in humans. Very adhesive and therefore is used to refer to people who persistently persuade/pester others.↩
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