Show Me the Money
Chapter 350 – Death Altar
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Show Me the Money
Author :Wu Shao Ling
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Chapter 350 – Death Altar

"Samo was the marshal of our army before he fell due to a certain event," facing Fatty's inquiry, Zhang Feihu only briefly introduced Samo without saying anything more.

Since Zhang Feihu didn't want to get into the details, Fatty didn’t pry. Seeing Samo wildly slaughtering in the midst of the Demon army, he conveniently withdrew the Elemental Sword Diagram. Fatty’s heart had long been bleeding by the diagram’s enormous consumption with each passing second.

However, this was in no way a loss. One, he was able to help Bai Xiaosheng hold up until now; two, most of the experience gained from killing the demons went to Fatty. He was currently fast approaching level 59 and might reach 60 at the end of this siege if he didn’t die.

"If the second floor sealed a god, what about the third floor?" Fatty set his eyes on the Tower of Heroes.

"I advise you not to." Zhang Feihu watched Samo pull out all the stops with his slaughtering, but his ears still paid attention to the conversation between Fatty and Bai Xiaosheng. "Sealing souls is only the most basic ability of the tower. There are many more unique functions that you haven’t discovered, and all of them are beyond your control."

"The tower is really so formidable?" Fatty was in a bit of disbelief.

"Although the Tower of Heroes isn’t as powerful as your Elemental Skill Book, it is, after all, the command center of Hero City which the Divine craftsman of the Central Dynasty spent a lot of effort into building, for this city was intended to be the front line of the grand war. When you officially claim Hero City, you’ll know that its internal facilities aren’t inferior to any famous main city out there despite its smaller area," Zhang Feihu explained.

"More formidable than my Sky City?" Fatty muttered. He was considering whether he should kill Bai Xiaosheng and rob the tower.

"Sky City? You are the lord of Sky City?" Surprised, Zhang Feihu scanned Fatty a few times before saying, "Of course, it’s not as good as your city. Sky City is the leader of the seven neutral main cities. Apart from the Imperial Capital, only cities like Azure Dragon, White Tiger, and so on can only be tied with it, this shows how famous Sky City is. In other words, the Imperial City is a first-class main city; the Azure Dragon City, Sky City, and the others are second-class main cities, and Hero City is the best among the third-class main cities."

"I see." Fatty swept Bai Xiaosheng a glance. "In that case, I won’t rob your tower."

Bai Xiaosheng wasn’t in the mood to respond to Fatty’s joke, he only looked at Samo worriedly.

As expected of a Divine expert, Samo was stopping the entire Demon army of millions all by himself. Ever since his short emergence several minutes ago, he had killed at least a hundred thousand demons.

"Amazing," Fatty praised from the bottom of his heart.

"This is nothing," Zhang Feihu calmly commented. "It’s always a massacre when a Divine expert confronts puny soldiers. Later, there will be corresponding experts from the Demon army, so we need to be prepared."

"The Demon army also has these kinds of experts?" Bai Xiaosheng almost passed out. Why is there no end to this? It’s only a mission, okay?!

No need for any distant example, just take this Fatty right here, he didn't encounter such danger when he recovered Sky City, argh! Bai Xiaosheng felt very imbalanced.


A long roar echoed from the rear of the Demon army, followed by an indomitable figure that loomed in the sky. The towering figure raised its big hands and made a grabbing gesture at Samo.

"Demon King Sigg, you’re still not dead?" Samo let out a loud roar and abandoned the Demon soldiers below to pounce towards the figure.

"How can I die, Samo, when you’re not dead yet?" Demon King Sigg burst out laughing. His body shrank rapidly until he was about the same size as Samo.

"Then I will just kill you again." Samo rocketed into the air with a purple brilliance circulating around his body. Transforming into a huge spear, he shot towards Demon King Sigg.

"With just you? Traitor of the Demon realm, today, I shall wipe you out in the stead of His Majesty the Demon Emperor." Not to be outdone, a black saber appeared in Demon King Sigg’s hand. The saber was inlaid with nine eyes, and these eerie eyes were still blinking to boot.

"Ghost Eye War Saber? It’s actually him!" Zhang Feihu was startled.

"Who?" Bai Xiaosheng hurriedly asked.

"Ranked 7th among the Demon Kings of the Demon realm, Demon King Ghost Eye. That saber possesses a strong mental offensive ability. Sigg massacred the Beholder clan and their entire clan of 99.999 million Beholders to make his saber. That weapon is specialized at suppressing Divine-tier experts."

Sure enough, when the saber appeared with its occasionally blinking eyes, Samo’s body shook and his movement was visibly slowed.

"You said Samo is a traitor to the Demon race?" Fatty had a great interest in gossip.

"Samo originally belong to the royal clan of the Demon realm. Due to some reason, he turned against the Demon race and sought refuge with the grand marshal, then was promoted to marshal after rendering meritorious military deeds," Zhang Feihu explained in a few words. He didn’t seem to want to elaborate on Samo's past.

"That’s really something. A demon can sit firmly in the position of marshal in the Human army. What's even more amazing is the grand marshal’s trust in him," Fatty exclaimed with a sigh.

"You don't know the hatred between Samo and the Demon race. Before, he… Nevermind, it’s better not say it." Zhang Feihu stopped on second thought and refused to elaborate no matter how Fatty asked.

The battle between Samo and Sigg was earth-shattering and extremely fierce, but Fatty wasn’t in the mood to watch because the Demon troops began to advance again.

"Take it slow." Zhang Feihu suddenly became relaxed. "Since the Demon City has deployed troops, our Tiger City is certainly on the way, even Marshal Ferotiger may come. All we have to do now is to delay as long as possible. While I don't know why the Demon troops have arrived but ours haven't, Marshal Ferotiger surely has his reasons."

Fatty once again deployed the Elemental Sword Diagram, blocking the Demon troops’ attack while bargaining with Bai Xiaosheng.

"Without me, the City Lord Manor woulda been taken down by the demons. You should give me at least one million magic stones as compensation," Fatty tried to fleece Bai Xiaosheng.

"You won’t get a million magic stones even if you sell me." Bai Xiaosheng nearly stumbled.

"Then 990,000 pieces, not one less."

"Fatty, don't make me curse at you."

"Uncle, if anything, you’re a man of achievements. Why so stingy?"

"&*$%&$, you call this stingy? I call that extortion!"


"Old Reck, do you see that? It’s Demon King Ghost Eye Sigg." Outside the demon stronghold, Reck and Lucas were still hiding in a secluded space. Incredibly, Lucas’ sight was able to cross the distance of several hundred thousand miles. The old man watched the battle between Samo and Demon King Ghost Eye Sigg with a shocked expression.

"Humph! It’s not surprising that any existence of that level would have some life-saving tricks up their sleeves. Stop watching them, there are still four old fogeys in Demon City. Think about how to get them out first," Reck said.

"Too bad I’ve only just advanced to Saint Magus. If I can break through to Celestial, I can swagger in and steal things easily," Lucas lamented.

After reaching level 90, one would be promoted to Saint-tier. When reaching the peak of the tier, they’d break through to Celestial-tier, and above Celestial was Divine. No matter Saint, Celestial, or Divine, those were already super existences that not any ordinary people could see, not to mention Legendary experts.

"With those old freaks there, it’s impossible for us to get anything. We only have one shot have to run away immediately after that, otherwise, we are going to be miserable in their hands," Lucas said cautiously.

"No rush, be patient. I remember that the Central Dynasty’s commander here is Marshal Ferotiger, the city he built is called Tiger City. Since the Demon race has sent troops, he certainly won’t sit idly by. Wait until they all make their move, we can then act according to the situation."

"Wise Sage, Sigg has stepped in." In the direction of Tiger City, Marshal Tiger Wei was floating in the air, watching the fight in Hero City.

"Who is the one fighting Sigg? Samo? The one who deflected from the Demon race? Aii, that’s a pitiful one." The Wise Sage shook his head and sighed.

Marshal Ferotiger glanced at the compassionate Wise Sage with an odd look on his face. You crafty old fox, it’s not like everyone here doesn't know who you are, what’s the point of acting all day long?

However, Marshal Ferotiger naturally didn’t voice such thoughts. He beckoned several heralds and told them to give out military orders. After a while, he said, "There should still be some old fellows in Demon City. The two of us, plus Samo, can kill them if we really engage. However, if they only focus on running around in combat, or just tangle with us and then send someone to attack our troops below, we won’t be able to afford the loss."

"Doesn't matter. Except for Sigg, the others are inseparable from the Death Altar. They were all killed in the grand war. Had it not been for the altar protecting their souls, they would have dispersed without a trace long ago. On the other hand, though, they are imprisoned and can’t leave the area of 33,333 miles,” the sage unhurriedly stated.

"Then how could Sigg go so far?" Despite being a Divine expert, Marshal Ferotiger wasn’t omnipotent. There were things he didn’t know of.

"Because enough people died, so there is enough flesh and blood sacrificed which allows them to leave the altar for a short time," the sage’s voice grew icy. "So, not only will we not prevent them from killing our troops, we even have to do our best to cause more casualties. As long as those fellows all leave the Death Altar to come here, I have a hundred ways to destroy that altar."

"There’s no return point in Demon City? Why can anyone who resurrected at the Death Altar teleport to Hero City with the Recall Scrolls?" Fatty asked Zhang Feihu.

"Demon City belongs to the Demon Race, of course our human scrolls won’t work on it," Zhang Feihu replied.

"What’s the consequence if we destroy the Death Altar?" Fatty stroked his chin and asked.

"Consequence? The ‘consequence’ is that His Majesty will certainly grant you bountiful rewards, maybe even a city, ideally," said Zhang Feihu.

"So generous?" Bai Xiaosheng was somewhat surprised.

"As long as that altar is gone, those old fogeys who rely on it to drag out their lives until now absolutely won’t live for long. And, those who are qualified to be protected by the altar to this day are at least Celestial-tier. Think about it, if you kill so many Demon experts at once, would His Majesty be stingy with the reward?" Zhang Feihu explained.
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