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Chapter 335 – Breaking into the City

Bai Xiaosheng’s group only had several dozen players, while the opponent had five hundred. The latter thought this to be a sure win, so they weren’t in a hurry and only looked on coldly.

Bai Xiaosheng helplessly shrugged and the players around him laughed mockingly. These fools think they can stop us with numbers?

Whoosh! Fatty was the first to attack. The Violent Ox King appeared from thin air and turned a dozen players into burning figures. Fatty flung himself upon the mount, which then let out a loud cry and charged forth.

“Great pet!” The others’ eyes instantly shone before they followed behind him while releasing attacks left and right.

“Damn it! Isn’t it a mount? How can it attack?!” The opposing party was caught off guard. Many of their members were quickly killed and they let Bai Xiaosheng’s group break out from their encirclement.

“You dare rob my stuff?! I’m gonna offer you all to the God of Darkness!” shouted Bai Xiaosheng.

Upon regaining their wits, the opponent party scrambled after them and attacked. Bai Xiaosheng rode his Five-colored Deer at the very front, turning left and right and led them into strange terrain.

This was a patch of land with nothing but withered plants, broken branches, and silence. After Bai Xiaosheng led this group here, he no longer rushed. When the opposing party caught up, a clamor came from all directions, introducing the emergence of a bunch of players.

The bunch had roughly 2000 players, pure rogues. Upon appearing, they quietly chose a target and in a flash, the pursuers fell one after another, turning into white lights that flew off to the Death Altar.

“Incredible, Uncle. You prepared for everything,” Fatty praised.

“Heh, without preparation, how would I have the confidence to invite those little ingrates to help?” Bai Xiaosheng chuckled.

The All-Knowing Sect was a guild that operated on exchanging intel, and most of the members were rogues. The 2000-odd rogues here were equipped fully with at least gold and Violet gear, so it was clear they were the main force of the guild.

Meanwhile, the siege was getting heated. The wall was riddled with openings here and there, and a portion of players had entered the city. However, their losses were nothing to be ignored. In just a short two hours, half of the players had kicked the bucket.

“What? Bai Xiaosheng had people waiting in ambush here? That old man is really nothing good. Leave him for now, focus on seizing the city first.”

The current problem was not Bai Xiaosheng, but how the Demon soldiers inside the city wouldn’t let them safely retreat unless they gave up combat and teleported back to the city.

A large number of players died, but even more fearless ones were rushing in from outside with each passing minute to fill up the gap. Gradually, they wiped out the Demon soldiers near a wall and occupied that side.

“Alright, our turn!”

Bai Xiaosheng had arranged in advance for over 20,000 players to lie in wait around Hero City. It was curious where they got so much Reputation to teleport to the Imperial Capital. Moreover, they were so careful that the Demon soldiers hadn’t discovered them at all and even drew a magic formation not far away from one of the gates to the city.

As the players’ momentum became more and more intense, the Demon army inside the city had to send reinforcements to defend the most breached wall and as a consequence, the number of soldiers defending the three other walls was at its lowest. Bai Xiaosheng sneakily led his team over and hid close to the opposite wall of the most breached wall.

“Attention! Force a way through at all costs! As long as we enter the City Lord Manor, victory is ours!” Bai Xiaosheng solemnly stressed. “Mages, control the magic formation, attack!”

A rogue had quickly swept clean an area of dry grass, revealing the magic formation hidden under, then inserted magic stones in it. Per Bai Xiaosheng’s order, the mages stood up and chanted in unison.

The magic formation flashed and energy poured out from the magic stones to fuel the formation.

And then, dull rumbling noises echoed. First, they were only as loud as firecrackers popping, then they grew to that of battle drums, and in the end like endless thunderclaps that made the earth tremble along.

“What’s going on?!”

The Demon soldiers on the walls looked around and instantly spotted the flashing magic formation.

“Not good! Someone’s attacking the city!”

The thunderous rumbles were ceaseless. Upon accumulating energy to a certain point, the magic formation finally displayed its might. The earth split apart and the fissures speedily ran towards the gate.

A crack several dozen meters wide and seemingly bottomless suddenly emerged at the base of the wall. Under the frightened eyes of the Demon soldiers, it reached the gate.

The wall was protected by an array set up by earth mages in order to prevent its base from being destroyed. However, this magic formation was obviously not a normal one. It was so powerful that the defensive array only flickered a little before it broke, letting the huge crack collide into the gate.

Craaack! Rumble! The entire gate, as well as two long wall patches on its sides, collapsed. Many players of the All-Knowing Sect lying in ambush around them were nearly buried and frantically emerged from Stealth.

“Kill!” Disregarding the danger, a portion of players took this chance when there was temporarily no soldiers to charge through the collapsed wall.

“We’re going in, everyone. Your task is to escort me into the City Lord Manor safely. After this is over, I’ll definitely thank you bountifully!” Bai Xiaosheng shouted as he rushed in.

Not all of the All-Knowing Sect were rogues as they also had a portion of other classes. While the rogues snuck in to attack the Demon soldiers and thwart the others, the other guild members formed a standard formation that protected Bai Xiaosheng so that he could quickly make his way through the city.

The Demon army was caught off guard but reacted very quickly. Soon, more Demon soldiers ran over from all directions.

“Go, go, go! Charge in at all costs!” Bai Xiaosheng madly screamed.

The rogues who first charged in were already engaged in combat with the Demon soldiers. Their goal was the Demon squad leaders, centurions, chiliarchies, or even generals. As long as they spotted a demon with a commanding aura, they’d fearlessly and bravely pounce. The scene around was a big mess as there were people dying every second.

The All-Knowing Sect sacrificed numerous lives but successfully prevented the demons from grouping up, which also bought time for their own rear players.

Along with the elite rogues who appeared at the beginning, there were around 8000 members of other classes escorting Bai Xiaosheng. The knights at the front opened the way, the mages and archers behind attacked nonstop, leaving countless Demon corpses in their wake.

Ever since the magic formation had taken down the gate with style, the All-Knowing Sect players had pushed frantically several kilometers into the city. As the City Lord Manor came into view, they were finally blocked by a team of heavily-armored cavalry armed with blades standing along the street.

“Not good, heavy cavalry.” Bai Xiaosheng’s expression abruptly changed. Those who had been at the Rainrevelers’ base defense battle would have a certain understanding of how strong heavy cavalry was. If this team of Demon heavy cavalry was to charge over, Bai Xiaosheng’s group of thousands would be slain to the very last one.

Boom, boom, boom! The heavy cavalry slowly marched forth. With each step they took, the land trembled. Their mounts were Armored Raging Bulls, known for extreme physical strength. All of a sudden, these bulls raced towards the players thunderously.

Whoosh whoosh… From the players, a wave of magic soared and rained down on the heavy cavalry, only to be blocked by a faint black light that enveloped the entire cavalry team.

“Damn it! Forbidden magic again. How the hell are they all capable of this?!” Bai Xiaosheng’s face was ashen.

The earth mages deployed magic on the ground to stop the cavalry from advancing, but the Demon mages interfered and ruined their effort. Without hinder, the heavy cavalry was faster and faster as they approached the players.

Riiip… Bai Xiaosheng suppressed the heartache and tore a scroll.

System Notification: Player Bai Xiaosheng has used the Advanced Summon Scroll – Godly Puppet Guards.

A hundred Godly Guards over ten meters tall wielding golden long blades appeared around Bai Xiaosheng, nearly trampling the surrounding players under their feet.

“Go!” Bai Xiaosheng pointed his finger. The Godly Guards shouted a crazy roar and all charged over in that direction at once. In just a few steps, they were before the heavy cavalry and fiercely hacked down their blades.

Fwosh! The heavy cavalry couldn’t even utter a sound upon taking the attack. Like soft tofu, the golden blades sliced both their targets in half, along with their mounts.

From a distance, Fatty and the others watched as the sparkling Godly Puppet Guards steadily killed a heavy cavalry with every slash of their blades while tightly blocking the cavalry’s path, not letting any slip through.

“Uncle, this should be at least level 70?” Fatty gasped.

“Level 75, and immune to all attacks. My Advanced scroll, ahhhh, I spent a fortune on it! It was supposed to be used to defend the City Lord Manor!” Bai Xiaosheng’s face twitched painfully.

With a hundred level 75 puppets paving the way, the pressure on the players was greatly lessened as they only needed to defend the sides. As a result, their advance greatly increased.

The closer they approached the center of the city, the more Demon soldiers appeared on their way to the point that it was crowded. It was a pity that they couldn’t hurt the Godly Puppet Guards with numbers, so therefore had to resort to impeding the puppets' path by throwing themselves at their feet.

Ding! With a small clear sound, the rampaging puppets suddenly froze on the spot. Then, in a slight breeze, they turned into masses of golden powder that floated down onto the ground.

The duration of the Godly Puppet Guards was one hour. During this one hour, they killed the majority of Demon soldiers, including several units of heavy cavalry.

At this moment, Bai Xiaosheng’s group was less than a kilometer from the City Lord Manor.

“Defeat or victory all comes down in this last struggle. Brothers, charge and Hero City shall be ours!” Bai Xiaosheng pointed his dagger to the sky and roared maniacally.

“KILL!” The eyes of the All-Knowing Sect were bloodshot. They disregarded everything to pounce at the enemy.

“Inky,” Fatty called. Inky appeared and slowly floated forward. Just as the two sides were about to collide, the pet cast Chaotic Confinement.