Show Me the Money
Chapter 328 - Thunderstorm
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Show Me the Money
Author :Wu Shao Ling
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Chapter 328 - Thunderstorm

“Low-rank lightning Yao beast, big and fast, and looks tough to boot; it’s the best choice for a manly man’s mount! You want it? Then be quick! 10,000 gold coins, for only 10,000 gold coins and you will own a handsome, dashing, powerful mount to woo the pretty girls!” Standing next to the Lightning Beast whose health only had a sliver left, Fatty shouted.

The nearby players nearly slipped. So you can make money like that too? This guy’s truly a money-grubber.

However, only 10,000 gold coins for such a mount? That’s a pretty good deal.

Very soon, a player took out 10,000 gold coins and handed it to Fatty. Not caring whether the player tamed the mount after, Fatty received the money with a smile and led his two pets to another area to hunt for more.

“Fatty, come help me with this one.” HeadofGod breezed over and dragged Fatty off.

Using the same old trick, Wheat used Ground Fissure to restrain and attack this new Lightning Beast, while HeadofGod rushed up and bombarded the pitiful monster until the majority of its health was shaved off, then cast Taming like crazy.

“Come come, Fatty, help me get one too.” Fatty was once again dragged away by another person.

For his friends, it was, of course, a duty to help; for others who he didn’t know, it was 10,000 gold coins.

Bai Xiaosheng was caught between laughter and tears. They had come here for a mission but Fatty just adeptly opened up a business. Luckily he wasn’t in a hurry since there was no other competitor in his mission.

After busily moving about for over half an hour, Fatty earned over 200,000 gold coins, which was quite a big deal. However, not everyone was satisfied as few were able to successfully tame their mounts.

Fatty didn’t notice that when he helped others with the Lightning Beasts, someone's stare of hatred followed him all the time, loathing that they couldn’t kill him on the spot.

“My friend Money Grubber, can you help me restrict one as well?” The sharpshooter from Rainrevelers also came to Fatty and asked for help.

“Of course. But there are no more Lightning Beasts around here. Let’s wait a little.” Fatty nodded. He naturally wouldn’t refuse any business that delivered itself to his doorstep.

“Their nest is right over there.” The sharpshooter pointed to a direction.

A group of players went in that direction. Indeed, they found several hundred Lighting Beasts playing around, there were even several dozen cubs. The other players also came over.


Without any delay, the players rushed forth.

As the top experts in their main cities, the players got used to each other quickly and were already able to cooperate tightly after a short time. Each group separated and trapped several tens of Lightning Beasts to kill them one by one.

Fatty also joined quite a powerful team that included the brothers of God Familia, Purple Bell, RighteousBloodCleansestheSilverSpear, DukeGarrison, Han Shen, the sharpshooter earlier and some other familiar players.

When such a team ravenously pounced over, many Lighting Beasts were slain in a short time, provoking a group retaliation from the rest of the monsters.

“Roaaahh!” One of the Lightning Beasts suddenly roared at the sky. This one was three times bigger than the normal ones around, with blue electric sparks forming an extremely mysterious set of flowing magical runes on its skin. The horn on its head was over a meter long, translucent and glossy as if sculpted from the finest Nephrite jade.

“The Lightning Beast boss!” Many players instantly set their eyes on this big monster.

Since the number of experts here was roughly equal to that of the Lightning Beast pack, they expected it wouldn’t need long to wipe out all of them.

Whoosh. Several hundred blinding lightning bolts suddenly shot out at the same time. Caught off guard, some players were struck and stunned trembling on the spot.

After the round of lightning attacks, the Lightning Beasts didn’t shoot out more but gathered together into a strange formation.

“Watch out guys, it’s their unique racial skill!” Bai Xiaosheng hastily alerted with a serious expression.


A thunderclap resounded in the sky. Above the Lightning Beast pack, lightning flashed and thunder resounded amidst churning black clouds. Long bolts struck through the air onto the ground around the monsters.

Strike first to gain the upper hand! was what ran through the minds of some players. All at once, they began to launch attacks.

“Don’t! Hurry and move back!” Bai Xiaosheng tried to stop them, but he was one step too late. As soon as the players’ attacks neared the Lightning Beast pack, a thin, transparent layer appeared and blocked them. The transparent layer was covered in electric sparks and occasionally flashing magical patterns.

Bang! One lightning bolt fell from the dense lightning above and struck a player who had just attacked. The player was stunned on the spot and dumbly stood there.

Crackle! Another bolt fell toward this same player.

Whoosh! A white light descended in time before the bolt hit and restored the paralyzed player’s health bar to full, saving him from the fate of being struck dead.

Cheng Xiong blinked with a humble grin. The healing ability of a Violent Sacrificer didn’t fall short of his PK skills.

Bang! When the second bolt finally reached its target, the unlucky player’s health plummeted to rock bottom and he was paralyzed again.

“Take him and go!” A player rushed over, grabbed the guy and ran with him.

Another lightning bolt followed them. Yet another one of the players took out his shield to block it. As a result, he trembled wildly in paralysis.

“F*cking hell!” This player hurled abuse the instant he recovered. The damage of this attack was just the same thing, but its spasm-paralysis effect was disgusting.

“Be very careful, guys. This unique racial skill lets the Lightning Beasts form a magic formation that can summon lightning to attack,” Bai Xiaosheng seriously warned again.

The huge mass of rolling clouds above the Lighting Beast pack expanded over time until it covered an area of a hundred meters. Within this mass where electric snakes meandered, a huge pressure suddenly dropped down, making it hard to breathe.

“This kind of aura…” Fatty was a bit terrified. Even the high-rank boss Violent Ox King back then couldn’t give him this much pressure.

Boom! Crack! A huge bolt shot out from the clouds and towards the players.

“Run!!” someone cried out. Everyone ran like mad.

Crkkk, crk… More bolts rumbled, blowing huge craters where they struck the ground.

“This is Thunderstorm, an Advanced magic spell!” A player recognized the skill.

“Doesn’t the description say their Advanced skill is called Thunder Explosion?”

“That’s their individual skill, this one is group skill, it’s different!” Bai Xiaosheng might be old, yet his speed was anything but. The guy was virtually running at the front of the group.

Boom boooom! The thundercloud mass was still evolving. In the beginning, there had been only two bolts, then it gradually increased into that of a storm. At the moment, the area shrouded in dark clouds was entirely covered in thunderbolts.

“Shit! We can’t escape!”

Upon arriving at the edge of the thunderstorm, the players found out that the area had been limited and it was impossible to leave its enclosure.

A lot of people had been struck by the bolts. While they weren’t fatal, the effect was depressing. Once a person was caught by a bolt, what awaited them would be endless more to come. Had it not been for the fact that they had some top priests in the group, someone certainly would have died.

“Return and kill the boss!” Fatty turned around and ran back along the old path.

Outside the Lightning Beast pack was a protective light barrier that stopped all attacks. As long as this barrier was destroyed, they’d be able to handle the monsters inside.

The energy pool of the barrier was the sky-blotting thundercloud mass above. Therefore, it was extremely defensive and remained strong after successive rounds of bombardment.

“Woodwalk,” Fatty whispered. Lightning was a variation of the Wood element, just like how Ice was a variation of Water, so the Elemental Movement Walk was applicable.

Fatty smoothly crossed the light barrier and appeared right in the middle of the Lightning Beast pack. The boss seemed to shake a little, apparently very surprised.

Roars instantly ensued at the intruder’s sudden emergence. Several Lightning Beasts left the formation to attack Fatty while the rest stayed to maintain the thunderstorm.

With a hearty laugh, Fatty’s feet moved. He evaded the incoming monsters’ attacks and headed straight towards the boss. As long as their boss died, this thunderstorm would collapse by itself.

“Roaaaah!” The boss was forced to withdraw its control of the thunderstorm to deal with Fatty. The instant this happened, the thunderstorm seemed to break free of sorts. It was still there, fueled by abundant energy, but was not as terrifying without a commander. At least, the players no longer found it threatening.

The Lightning Beast boss was a mid-rank Yao. Facing Fatty’s attack, it tossed its head to swat away the Elemental Sword. At the same time, the horn flashed, sending out a speedy lightning beam that reached Fatty’s chest in a split second.

Fatty didn’t dodge. The Elemental Skill Book flew before him and welcomed the beam. Like a clay ox entering the sea, the beam sank into the book without making a sound.

Crack! The ground suddenly split. The charging Lightning Beast boss tripped and fell to one side.

It reacted quickly and sprang up on its hooves, but suddenly the Violent Ox King appeared and stomped on the back of its head, smashing it down again.

Bam! Over half of the boss’s body was planted into the crack. Wheat immediately made the crack close and trapped the boss tightly in the ground.

“Go die!” Ordering his pets and mount to attack, Fatty also brandished his Elemental Sword. The Lightning Beast boss roared nonstop in rage but was helpless as it couldn’t break free temporarily.

“Fatty, don’t kill it, save it for me!” TheFugitive shouted towards Fatty with shining eyes.

The eyes of the other players also lit up and they followed to shout the same thing as well. A boss-tier mount would be so much more stylish and domineering than a normal one.

“If it’s not dead, this thing can’t be taken down.” Fatty didn’t want to kill it either, it was all money after all. But if he didn’t, how else could they solve this barrier and the current crisis?


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