Show Me the Money
Chapter 327 – Lightning Beas
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Show Me the Money
Author :Wu Shao Ling
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Chapter 327 – Lightning Beas


“Impressive!” Upon leaving Iron Chain Town, even Bai Xiaosheng couldn’t help but praise Fatty’s extensive connections.

Upon arriving at Iron Chain Town, the players had registered it as their respawn point because no one could guarantee that they wouldn’t die. If they died back to the Imperial Capital, without Fatty to take them back here, wasting a month to run over would only do more harm than good.

The group then traveled a thousand miles north from Iron Chain Town and reached a quiet area. Calculating a little, Fatty ascertained that this place was about two to three thousand miles northwest of his Sky City.

This area was shrouded in mist, overly secluded and unexplored that barely anyone chose to enter. What made it all the more daunting was the tough monsters and the difficult road.

“It should be here.” Bai Xiaosheng heaved a sigh and took out a map to carefully verify. Only after making sure he had the right place did he continue forward.

The deeper they went, the more rugged the road became. Later, they had to dismount and go on foot, because even flying mounts were hindered by the tall trees.

“Uncle, how far away are we?” Fatty asked Bai Xiaosheng as they bent to pass a horizontal trunk.

“Soon.” Bai Xiaosheng actually wasn’t too sure since he was only following the map.

“This place has a lot of herbal materials, all from Intermediate and up.”

After traveling several miles inside, rare herbs began to show up. The majority were Intermediate-level like Ice Phosphorus Grass, Fire Fruit, and Bluetooth Grass. There were even occasional Advanced-level herbs like the Ghostcry Worm.

The Ghostcry Worm, an extremely precious worm-shaped plant, was the main ingredient to concoct the Advanced-ranked Asthenia Pill. In the auction list, it was sold for thousands of gold coins a plant.

Naturally, some players would get itchy hands. They immediately cast Harvest on the herbal materials.

“Haha, everyone feel free to harvest. Borrowing your strength for a mission is one of the reasons that I’ve invited you guys here. Another reason is to let us profit from this dangerous but full of treasures land. Since we’re all experts of the CN region, it’s beneficial for all of us if everyone can grow stronger,” Bai Xiaosheng said with a smile.

“Watch out guys, we have monsters up ahead.”

After walking some distance and gathering some materials, over ten strange monsters suddenly appeared in front of them. They were big and looked similar to the rhino in appearance with a single horn on their head. Their bodies were covered in mystical blue patterns with roaming strokes of lightning. Occasionally, electric sparks would erupt from their horns and pierced holes through the huge trees in the surroundings.

“Onehorn Rhino? Wait, they’re not.” Fatty was uncertain. He raised his hand, wanting to throw Appraisal.

“Those are Lightning Beasts.” As expected of the guild master of the All-Knowing Sect, the knowledgeable Bai Xiaosheng recognized the monsters at first glance. “You can say they’re the evolved version of the Horned Thunder Rhino. Even the weakest of them are still low-rank Yao. They are gregarious with strong physical attack damage and are capable of Thunder Explosion – an Advanced magic skill. An especially important point to note is that they can form a powerful offensive magic formation when reaching a certain quantity. They make a good choice for a mount as well.”

The instant Bai Xiaosheng finished, a lightning bolt narrowly streaked past his leather armor.

The ten-something Lightning Beasts had all stood up, growling as they stared at the players. The lightning crackled around their bodies as they converged at the horn into a bowl-sized mass of lightning, which then beamed towards the players at the forefront.

It was common knowledge that lightning attacks were always powerful and accompanied with a paralysis effect. So if one was hit, their fate was to be either insta-killed or paralyzed for a period of time which was enough for the opponent to kill them many times over.

“Spread out, attack at will!” Bai Xiaosheng shouted then rolled off his mount and disappeared into Stealth.

The roughly two hundred pro players here could even go against a high-rank Yao boss, let alone just these dozen low-rank Yao monsters. Per Bai Xiaosheng’s words, they instantly spread out and cast attacks at the Lightning Beasts.

Zoom! An arrow flashed through many tree branches and impaled more than half into a rhino’s eye. The monster roared tragically as its health dropped by a fifth.

“What accuracy and sharp attack!” Fatty looked in surprise to the player who made the shot. It was actually the Sharpshooter girl from Rainrevelers.

The Sharpshooter’s face didn’t change one bit as she immediately fired another arrow, which accurately pierced the other eye.

Two arrows to destroy both eyes of a rhino and wipe out nearly half of its health, Fatty had nothing but praise for this girl. If this kind of player was to be a killer, she’d certainly make extraordinary achievements.

Emitting ceaseless furious roaring, the blind rhino haphazardly shot lighting with its horn. Some unlucky player who was slightly scratched by that lightning beam blurted out curses.

Fatty stood a little far back to observe and analyze everyone’s strength. Of the two hundred or so players here, some he was familiar with, but the majority were still those whose names he didn’t know.

There was one player who was obviously a warrior from the longsword in his hand. The longsword flashed with a blinding gleam, apparently a rather decent weapon. With every strike, it would emit a light that left burns on the wound, making it difficult to heal.

“That’s the vice master of the Fierce Dragon Gang in White Tiger City, WorldsLongSword. His sword has quite a status. It’s said to be a replica of a Celestial weapon called the Sunset Sword, much stronger than your average Violet weapon and has a DoT burning effect,” HeadofGod explained in private chat when he saw that Fatty was interested in the sword player.

“Fierce Tiger Gang?” Fatty revealed a smile. He recalled that unlucky fellow Fierce Tiger DashingDownhill who was accidentally drowned. Well, isn’t that guy the guild master of the Fierce Tiger Gang…?

At this moment, WorldsLongSword turned around and directed Fatty a provoking glance.

“Ignore him. Bai Xiaosheng must have a very important mission if he’s gathered this many people, let’s not delay him. Moreover, he’s right, this place is dangerous but it’s also a land of treasures. That’s why he didn’t assemble a fixed team but invited expert players here so everyone can benefit. I think this map will be opened after his mission is finished,” HeadofGod analyzed.

“I know, something that Uncle has prepared since very early in the game is surely nothing simple. I wonder what kind of mission it is to make him pull out all the stops like this.” Fatty ignored WorldsLongSword’s provocation, chatting with HeadofGod while observing the other players.

“A very important mission, of course.” Bai Xiaosheng suddenly popped out from behind. “After it’s completed, my personal strength will increase by at least three times, and the power of my All-Knowing Sect will rise as well. You think it’s worth it?”

“Uncle, good things are meant to be shared with your friends.” Fatty rubbed his fingers as he looked at Bai Xiaosheng.

“Tch!” Bai Xiaosheng despised the greedy man for a moment, then leaned over and whispered, “If good things are meant to be shared with your friends, how about you first give me half of your Sky City?”

“Cough cough!!” Fatty violently coughed, spraying saliva all over Bai Xiaosheng’s face.

“I’ll say this to you guys only. When this mission is done, I can become a city lord as well,” Bai Xiaosheng said via private chat.

“A city lord?” Fatty and HeadofGod exchanged shocked glances.

“As far as I know, there are only seven neutral cities. Sky City went to me, Storm City to that SaintPetertheGreat. Which of the other five is your mission?” Fatty asked via private chat.

“Hmm? You actually know a lot more than me.” Bai Xiaosheng looked at him in surprise. “Mine isn’t one of the seven neutrals, though. It was originally one of the main cities of our Human Realm, Hero City.”

“Hero City?” Fatty and HeadofGod rummaged through their memory without finding even a bit of information about Hero City.

“Well, you’ll know in the end. Stop wasting time and go fight monsters. This mission should go on for quite a long time, don’t let it delay your leveling.” Bai Xiaosheng wisely stopped the topic.

The three split up and charged towards the monsters. The ten-odd Lightning Beasts had been sliced and diced by the 200 players, but their cries had also attracted more Lightning Beasts.

“This must be their lair. If we catch a few cubs and raise them, they’d make good mounts.”

TheFugitive’s figure flashed by Fatty. Before he quickly vanished, Fatty vaguely saw the smile on his face. Apparently, the guy had reaped quite a harvest.

“Roaahh!” A Lightning Beast sprang out upon its friends’ call, just in time to run into Fatty. The latter didn’t hesitate to swing his arm. Instantly, Wheat and Inky appeared and attacked the Lighting Beast from two sides.

When Fatty gained three levels at the Evil God Temple last time, his two pets both rose to level 50 and each learned a new skill.

Wheat’s new skill was called Ground Fissure, allowing the rodent to attack an enemy through the ground from at most 10 meters away.

Inky’s new skill was called Dark Shockwave, an AoE magic that would stun all opponents within the casting range of a 15-meter radius.

Wheat unleashed Ground Fissure as soon as it appeared. Creaking noises were heard from the ground as a fissure expanded from Wheat’s feet. Stepping right into the cracks, more than half of a Lightning Beast’s body fell inside.

It wouldn't have been labeled an attack skill if all it did was split the ground. Right after, the ground closed and clamped the Lightning Beast within. Roaring and struggling all it could, the monster found it impossible to escape.

Whoosh! A blood light suddenly flashed at the beast’s lower jaw. After a few breaths, its long health bar turned into a sliver.


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