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Chapter 325 – Siege Conclusion

Like a scene from an apocalypse, meteors bombarded the area and the earth erupted with lava. All kinds of attacks burst out everywhere like geysers.

Lesser Forbidden Spell – Sky Falls and Earth Rends lasted for 15 minutes. 15 minutes later, the yellow fog slowly dispersed, revealing the situation inside for everyone to see.

Except for the still barely standing administration hall in the center, the entire base had changed. From the fissures on the ground, lava was gurgling out. In the sky, occasional meteors still crashed down with loud booms.

Standing next to the hall, Fatty squinted as he looked around. After the spell had come to pass, the undead army was nearly wiped out, leaving only a few quick-witted mages who had cast forbidden magic upon themselves.

There must have been some special protection for the hall from the spell because the lesser forbidden spell didn’t affect it at all.

Looking at the few remaining monsters, the players of Rainrevelers seemed to be drained of all energy from extreme relief. Since the beginning, the forward cavalry alone had nearly broken their defense line, yet when the entire army came pressing on them, everything actually ended in the blink of an eye. The contrast was so extreme they were still having a hard time believing it.

Rumble! Gravel flew out from a crack on the ground, where the undead commander Chalete popped out. To a monster of his rank with the protection of forbidden magic, something at the level of the lesser forbidden spell had no direct effect on him. However, the unlucky commander had fallen into a crack then smashed by collapsing rubble, which damaged his armor and wiped out over half of his HP.

Boss! All of the players present were restless, but none of them ran over to killsteal. It would have been another story if this were some other guild, but stealing monsters from all the girls here? It was just… it felt wrong and unjustified.

“Big Sis, you go,” Qian Xiaoqian said to Qi Luoyu.

Qi Luoyu nodded and raised her staff. A fiery red glow flickered atop the staff.

“Hsss….” Chalete screeched furiously as he struggled to climb out of the crack. His mount was buried below and had already died.

Crawling up from the crack, Chalete staggered a few steps before barely managing to stand straight. Then, he swung his spear, and a layer of black miasma slowly emerged from his body.

“It’s not forbidden magic again, is it?” Fatty mumbled.

“Forbidden magic doesn’t have a cooldown?” Qian Xiaoqian retorted.

When a long, clear cry resounded, the fiery red glow at the top of Qi Luoyu’s staff had condensed into an animated firebird over three meters long with vivid feathers. It flew from the staff towards Chalete.

“Hah!” Chalete shouted. The black miasma around his body abruptly surged and coiled around the spear. He took one step forward and thrust the spear at the firebird.

Boooom! The instant the spear and the bird collided, the black miasma erupted and completely crushed the firebird like autumn gale sweeping away fallen leaves. After launching this strike, though, Chalete couldn’t stand straight and staggered.

“It’s finally over.” The surrounding players sighed. Rainrevelers had made such thorough preparations, yet their base defense battle was much more difficult than any other guild’s.

Qi Luoyu raised her staff again, about to deal Chalete one last blow. At this moment, a voice resounded,

“Guild Master, there are monsters coming again!”

In the distance, a huge black mass was rapidly approaching. From the looks of it, there were no less than ten thousand.

“Defense!” Qi Luoyu groaned out the word with pain before violently swinging her staff. A bright red beam pierced through Chalete’s chest, taking away the last drop of his health.

Thud, bang! A pile of items spilled out on the ground, but no one had the heart to care as their attention was all on the fast-moving mass.

“What’s going on? Isn’t it already done?”

“Shouldn’t there be only ten waves? What’s with this?”

This wave didn’t come from the front wall like the others but from the east side.

“No, they’re NPCs!” A sharp-eyed player figured out it wasn’t a monster wave.

NPCs? Qi Luoyu secretly sighed in relief upon hearing this. While she didn’t know why there were NPCs coming, in any case, it was still better than another monster attack.

The players of Rainrevelers tightened their grips on their weapons. Even NPCs as it was, they had to be prepared for any accidents that might arise. The girls leaned onto each other, insisting on standing straight despite their exhaustion.

Whoosh! The NPC army stopped close to the base. A female NPC spurred her steed out from the rest of the troops. Looking at the tattered base, she frowned.

“Who’s the one in charge of this base?”

“I am. What can I do for you?” Qi Luoyu walked over escorted by some players. She was relieved that the other party didn’t seem to have come with hostile intentions.

“We’ve received reports that an undead army has set out from the Dark Mountains and are marching in this direction. Please clean up your base and get prepared.”

“An undead army attack?” Qi Luoyu was thunderstruck and nearly slipped.

“That’s right, is there a problem?” The NPC knitted her brows in displeasure at Qi Luoyu’s dense reaction.

“May I ask if the leader of that undead army is called Chalete?” said Qi Luoyu.

“Oh? How do you know? You’ve met him? Or… you’re with him?” The NPC’s expression abruptly changed. She stared intently at Qi Luoyu.

“Look there and you’ll know.” Qi Luoyu pointed towards the base where Chalete’s corpse was.

“This… It’s Chalete? You guys killed him? How? With just all of you here?” The NPC’s eyes lit up as she stared at Qi Luoyu with a serious face.

“We had a scroll, Lesser Forbidden Spell – Sky Falls and Earth Rends.” With just those words from Qi Luoyu, the NPC immediately understood.

“I see. So we’ve arrived late.” The NPC nodded. “Looks like your base has just been established and were defending against the monster siege. However, the 10th wave came across the undead army passing by and was handled by the latter. Then, the undead army continued along this direction and attacked you.”

Qi Luoyu nearly lost her mind at this short explanation.

Just because of ‘passing by,’ the base that her guild worked hard to establish was nearly destroyed.

“Alright. We were sent by the City Lord to stop this undead army, but came late. Luckily you guys annihilated them. As a reward for taking care of the undead army and preventing more civilians from being hurt, I can give you a choice.”

This NPC seemed to be quite a high-ranking official in Vermilion Bird City. Her tone was commanding even when saying those words.

“What choice?” Qi Luoyu’s heart pounded like crazy. This is probably the so-called ‘blessing in disguise.’

“One, we’ll send a team to be stationed at this place in case of another undead army coming and protect your base while at it. Two, we’ll promote your base directly to a town, but the task of handling undead troops will be entrusted to you.”

“I choose the second one.” Qi Luoyu chose to rank up her base without any consideration.

As long as their base was rooted here, any undead army passing by would attack them whether they wanted it or not. Moreover, Vermilion Bird City certainly wouldn’t send a large number of troops, maybe several thousand at most, so Qi Luoyu would rather have her base directly upgraded, which would save a lot of time and energy.

“Very well. I’ll return to the city and report to the City Lord.” The NPC slightly nodded and took out something. “This is a catapult blueprint, you can use it to make defensive equipment. Alright! The undead army had been annihilated. Everybody, withdraw!”

The NPC army came and went like the wind, leaving Qi Luoyu standing there looking dumbly at the catapult blueprint, astonished by the fact that she’d get to encounter something so fortuitous.


At the death of the last monster, the sound of system notification rang out by the ears of the Rainrevelers.

System Notification: Congratulations on Rainrevelers’ successful defense battle. The Rainrevel Village has officially been established.

“Yeaah! We’ve made it!” The players of Rainrevelers finally got to relax. They hugged their comrades with tears of excitement.

“Congrats, congrats!” Many guild masters came over to offer their congratulations. Qi Luoyu responded one by one with a smile.

“Ahh, since it’s over, I’ll be going.” Fatty said goodbye to Qi Luoyu and a few words to Qian Xiaoqian before leaving the Rainrevel Village.

He was a very busy man right now. He had no current missions, but the enormous amount of resources required for the construction of Sky City made him desperate to make money.

“Oh, Lin Xi still owes me four favors. Should I use one?” Fatty wondered.

“Fatty.” The communicator sounded. Surprisingly, the call was from Bai Xiaosheng, who he hadn’t much contact with lately.

“Uncle, why aren’t you celebrating the New Year with your family instead of calling me?” Fatty casually joked while still brainstorming for money-making methods.

“Hehe, I do have social niceties to deal with soon after this, just calling to say hello to you. By the way, you still remember our agreement?” Bai Xiaosheng’s sedate voice rang out from the communicator. Fatty recalled a little and quickly remembered something he almost forgot.

One time Fatty bought some news from the All-Knowing Sect, he made a deal with Bai Xiaosheng. The latter would give him a 50% discount in return for a favor from Fatty when everyone reached higher levels.

Fatty found this uncle Bai Xiaosheng quite pleasant, so he said without much consideration, “What is it?”

“Let’s talk about the details when we met. You first get prepared; powerful equipment, scrolls, pills whatever, bring them all. This thing is going to be very dangerous. Of course, the benefits won’t disappoint if we succeed. I’ll contact you a few days later after I’m done with all these New Year socials.” Finishing his speech, Bai Xiaosheng hung up.

“Very dangerous?” Fatty pondered the meaning of these words. The guy has contacted many powerful players and still said this is very dangerous, then it must be really dangerous.

However, there were still several days for preparation, so Fatty wasn’t in a hurry. He decided to refine the Hundred Poison Pill before anything else as this would definitely be useful.