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Chapter 293 – The Natural Barrier in East Ocean

The pure white Ice Dragon over a hundred meters long was covered in small flames, while the domineering Fire Luan was enveloped by a thick layer of ice. Both seemingly unable to persist any longer, they fell into the sea.

Kah… kah… Small cracking sounds rang out and gradually become louder. They came not only from the Ice Dragon, but also the Fire Luan.

Boom! The Ice Dragon exploded into countless ice shards. From within the shards, Aliya emerged in her human form all battered and spat out several mouthfuls of blood. West also emerged from the melted ice with a devastatingly pale face, nearly failing to sustain his flying fire cloud.

“Good, very good! Aliya, I never thought I would still be unable to kill you after cultivating so hard for so long.” West chuckled miserably.

“Kill me? You alone is not enough, West.” Aliya raised her head, which exposed that slender neck of hers.

“So it seems I can only resort to this.” West took a deep breath. Ignoring Aliya’s ridiculing smile, he stomped heavily while in the air. The dim flames on his body suddenly flared to life.

“You’re insane! You’re actually burning your flame core!” Aliya’s face instantly twisted and she frantically retreated.

“Come, Aliya, come. Set off your water core and see who’s more powerful.” West laughed and charged at Aliya without using any skills.

“Insane, you’re insane!” Aliya’s lips trembled. Gritting her teeth, she let herself fall straight down.

She couldn’t bring herself to smash her water core. To entities like them who were made purely of elements, once their cores were damaged, the best result was strength decrease, while the worst was they would turn to nothingness.

“Hahaha, Lil’ Bro, watch my Advanced fire movement magic – Bolide Escape!” West laughed that distinct laugh of his, and abruptly, he turned into a meteor, dragging a long tail as he shot toward Aliya.

Bolide Escape, an Advance fire movement art, allowed the caster to transform into a meteor that had 1000 times his Dexterity for 10 seconds, the cooldown being 60 seconds.

“AHHH!” screamed Aliya wretchedly. She couldn’t do anything to react when West had already crashed into her.

Bang! Like glass shattering, Aliya was smashed into several dozen pieces.

“We…es…t!” Aliya shrieked shrilly and miserably. A pure white pearl suddenly shot out from the pieces. “Explode!”


Just like a nuclear bomb being triggered, the radius of several kilometers formed a bizarre vortex that kicked up towering sea waves. Caught off guard, Fatty was smashed down by a wave and got sucked into the vortex.

After the explosion of the pearl, Aliya’s broken body pieces suddenly squirmed in an eerie fashion. They then gathered into a humanoid form and quickly rushed away.


Fatty used two Waterwalks in a row and narrowly escaped the scope of the vortex.

“Wanna run?” West chuckled icily. He extended a hand and grabbed Fatty, then sped off in the same direction on his fire cloud.

Huge waves of fire energy kept constantly gushing out from West who was burning his flame core. Each movement from West now radiated a force that far surpassed that of the 9th class enhancement.

While giving chase, West still leisurely cast all sorts of attacks and gave Aliya no choice but to dive into the sea.

As one fled and one pursued, daytime finally came to pass. They had gone thousands of miles down into the sea and saw several high-rank Yao bosses that weren’t any less powerful than the Crimsontail Fire Luan leader. However, after just one glance at West and his burning core, they instantly vanished to hide in some corner.

Running to a place, Aliya took a quick glance behind her with burning hatred, then shouted, “Baleen Whale Drakon, help me kill him, and I’ll give you the Water God’s Mystery Codex!”

Rumble! A huge fish head stuck out from the originally calm waters.

This head was the size of a hill, with faint golden glints on its skin. At the corners of its mouth were two dragon whiskers as thick as a human thigh, also sparkling golden.

“For real?”

Only asking a question, the head turned to look at West, who was hot on Aliya’s heels. This one look scared the creature out of its wits. “He’s burning his flame core? How the hell do I win against that? Go! Go to the Natural Barrier!”

Saying so, Baleen Whale Drakon instantly shrank in size. With its tail up, it then led Aliya in a direction.

“Aliya, no matter who you go to today, they won’t be able to save you.”

As the burning flame core poured out even more fire energy, the fire power accumulated in West’s body grew stronger and stronger. The only thing West wanted now was to roar to the sky and fight to his heart’s content. He didn’t stop Aliya from seeking help, only chasing after her.

Crackle! A thunderous explosion went off right into Fatty’s ears. His entire body involuntarily shook as if he had entered some extremely dangerous area.

Fatty quickly opened his eyes. As far as he could see, a light curtain connecting heaven and earth was spanning out over the sea. Amid the light zone, thunderbolts as thick as ancient trees and so long as to reach several kilometers were striking without stop. Under the light, small isles were floating on the sea, with countless whirlpools traveling along the gaps between the isles, killing every living thing that neared.

“What is that?”

Dangling off West’s hand and so welcomed by the strong wind blowing at his face, Fatty asked with his eyes barely opened a slit.

“That’s the Natural Barrier,” West replied very solemnly.

‘Natural Barrier’ was how the NPC monsters like West referred to this place. Its official name was the ‘Sea Territory of Evil.’

The region covered an area of over 3000 miles, housing thousands of isles varied in sizes and was extremely dangerous. The thunder within the light curtain above them could insta-kill all Yao bosses from the 8th class enhancement down and heavily injure those of the 9th class enhancement. The whirlpools could destroy any ship. Moreover, the lowest-level of inhabitants in that region were mid-rank Yaos of the 7th and 8th enhancement. There were also several Celestial bosses and even one of those God-tier experts of legend.

As a dangerous realm in the East Ocean, no one was willing to meddle with this Sea Territory of Evil unless it was absolutely necessary. Even in the grand fight between the humans and demons several thousand years ago when the Demon Army swept through the continent, not one single soul dared come here to disturb this place.

“They want to use the barrier’s power to deal with you.” Fatty easily guessed the opponents’ idea.

“Then they need to be able to control the Natural Barrier first.” West sneered in disdain.

Baleen Whale Drakon and Aliya came to the edge of the barrier, and like they had done it countless times before, entered a water route. From within the light curtain, they looked at West.

“West, keep chasing if you have the guts!” shouted Aliya with enmity.

“You think I don’t dare?” West snorted and prepared to go in.

“Bro, revenge is a dish best served cold. Safety first.” Fatty hastily stopped him. If those two dared to enter the territory of the barrier, they definitely had some tricks up their sleeves. Moreover, as water monsters, they might be connected to some powerful boss inside. It was too risky for West.

“There’s no such thing as 'safety' for me,” West indifferently said. “Since I have already burned my flame core, I will die without a doubt. It makes no difference going in or not.”

“This…” Fatty didn’t know what to say.

“Lil’ Bro, do you dare come with me?” West smiled.

“Of course!” Fatty raised a brow, but secretly added in his heart, In any case, Lord Fatty can still respawn.

“Hahaha, let’s go!” West let out a crazed laugh. Taking Fatty with him, he charged into the water route.

“Audacious!” The instant West jumped into the water route, a shriek boomed on a small isle, and a huge figure suddenly flew into the sky.

“High-rank Yao boss, Water Scale Beast,” bellowed West. His expression remained unchanged as he strode forth.

“A mere little fire fellow has the guts to run wild in our place?!” The huge figure teleported above them in a blink. Only now could Fatty see it clearly.

Its body looked like that of a bat with a wingspan of over thirty meters. It has a long snake-like tail and head and was fully covered in scales. Its currently open mouth exposed rows of dense fangs that glinted sharply.

“I chased after my enemy here, I mean no offense,” said West cooly as he looked up at the Water Scale Beast.

“I don’t give a shit what reason you have. Anyone who comes in must die!”

“Humph!” The flames on West’s body abruptly rose several hundred meters high, making him look like a fire giant.

“A burning flame core?!” The Water Scale Beast was dumbstruck upon this sight. Right after that, its face instantly changed and it frantically moved back.

“I’m only here to kill my enemy. I hope you guys won’t stand in my way.” With an indifferent expression, West retracted the flames, which then formed a dancing Fire Luan at his back. He had triggered his core flame with a resolve to die; otherwise, he wouldn’t have let Aliya run all the way here.

All of the Yao monsters within the barrier fell silent. The Water Scale Beast circled a few times in the air before flying back to its little isle. It had chosen to ignore this.

Aliya grew ashen pale. She looked around and saw that not one of the monsters had stepped out. Obviously, they had come to a tacit agreement not to interfere.

“Damn these cowards! So what if he burned his flame core? We can take him down in seconds if we all attack at once.” Baleen Whale Drakon looked left and right. Despite what it said, it was secretly planning to wash its hands of this.

“Baleen Whale Drakon, you want to help her?” West asked coldly while standing in the sky.

“This…” Baleen Whale Drakon hesitated. It was reluctant to give up on the Water God’s Mystery Codex.

“Water God’s Mystery Codex. Whoever kills him gets it!” shouted Aliya, who suddenly took out a deep-blue leather skill book and held it up high.

“Water God’s Mystery Codex?!”

Whoosh! In an instant, several thousand heads emerged from the countless isles, all gazing intently at the book in Aliya’s hands.

“Water God’s Mystery Codex, the book that records all kinds of magic skills inside. It’ll go to whoever kills him!” Aliya only waved a book briefly before putting it away, then jabbed a finger at West.

Whoosh! Several thousand pairs of eyes stared fixedly at West. Composed as ever, West said, “If she dies, the Water God’s Mystery Codex will become ownerless, then everyone can compete for it fair and square.”

Whoosh! All eyes turned toward Aliya, as if considering which would be better, killing off West or Aliya.

“You lot… you lot!” Aliya’s chest heaved in fury and her eyes quickly swirled around. She seemed to be thinking of a way to flee this place.