Show Me the Money
Chapter 290 – West Advances
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Show Me the Money
Author :Wu Shao Ling
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Chapter 290 – West Advances

When Fatty came out from the Elemental Mystery Realm, the Crimsontail Fire Luans had been gone for some time.

In short, this trip had yielded him a bountiful harvest. Not only did he acquire more than enough Fire Paulownia Wood, but he also stole several hundred pet eggs.

“That’s strange, why did they suddenly leave though?” Fatty kept wondering why the pack of Crimsontail Fire Luans had collectively left their lair. If it weren’t for that, there would have been no opening for Fatty to rob them clean.

In fact, if Fatty had noticed the luan leader’s tattered state, he would have known why they had left. They were obviously fighting some other Yao monsters.

However, Fatty didn’t delve on it. The most important thing now was to gather all the materials to restore the God Destroyer Crossbow. After Karl repaired and produced more of these ballistae, it would become a layer of protection for Sky City.

Using the Recall Scroll and returning to the Imperial Capital, Fatty instantly left for Sky City. With Lucas’ help, Karl had soon moved all of his belongings to Sky City and was now the chief blacksmith there.

Fatty rushed all the way to Sky City, only to see Karl walking back and forth under a tree as the blacksmith mumbled something in an odd manner.

During the time when Fatty was absent, Sky City had been gradually restoring and looked better by the day. At the moment, the trees had grown tall and fragrant grass covered the ground, as the number of animals was increasing as well. What's more, the ten little Holy Unicorns had matured and started to birth.

Several little fellows, looking exactly like the ten unicorns Fatty first hatched, were running cheerfully around their adults. Upon spotting Fatty, they flocked over to play with him.

“Isn’t this too fast?!” Fatty exclaimed as he looked at the little unicorns.

“Heh,” Reck chuckled proudly. “I spent thirty magic stones on Acceleration to speed up the production process and only got them to conceive one batch. Not fast at all.”

“Oh, that is to say, as long as we have enough magic stones, they can birth indefinitely?” Fatty’s eyes shone brightly.

“How’s that possible?” said Reck scornfully. “Acceleration only speeds up the passage of time; if the other things can’t keep up, how can they birth indefinitely?”

Fatty pouted and shut up. Glancing at Karl who was acting strangely, he couldn’t help but open his mouth, “What’s the matter with Karl?”

“He is thinking of a way to pull out those skeletons from underground.” Lucas appeared next to Fatty in a whoosh. He held the Space Sonic in his left hand and was drawing some magical formation with his right, looking to be a hardworking person.

Skeletons? Fatty understood. What else could they be except for the nine Dragon God skeletons?

“Master, master.” Fatty leaned close to Karl and poked his back.

Karl ignored him and kept mumbling something between gritted teeth.

“Heh, what does he think a Dragon God skeleton is? Even in death, a god is still a god, not something the likes of us can mess with.” Lucas snorted. “Not to mention, what the nine Dragon God skeletons are protecting is the Source Origin of Power, something coveted by all creatures of both the Human and Demon Realm. If the Dragon God skeletons were so easy to move, the Source Origin would have already been devoured whole.”

Reck nodded repeatedly. It was exactly thanks to the nine Dragon God skeletons’ protection that the Source Origin wasn’t taken away by either the Holy Dragons or the God of Light. If Karl could easily remove those skeletons as he wished, Sky City would have collapsed by then.

Crackle! At this moment, the thunderous sound of lightning striking rattled Fatty’s eardrums. A big tree that had just matured was struck. After a boom, the tree was left with half of it still green and lush, while the other half was reduced to ashes.

“Lightning on a sunny day? Just who would do such a wicked thing?” Fatty said in shock.

Boom! A flame pillar rose into the sky where the lightning had just come from. Along with the flame, rampant laughter could be heard.

“Hahaha, I’ve finally advanced!”

Within the surging flame stood West, who was dressed in fire armor, looking at ease yet imposing.

After completely absorbing the Inferno Crystal’s energy, West finally broke through to the 8th class enhancement, which meant he was now a Fire Grand Magus. As a fire spirit, he also possessed certain close-quarter combat abilities. That said, West was a cultivator in both magic and martial arts like Undead Marshal Lei Ting.

It was unknown whether the NPCs’ advancement was different from the players’ because lightning struck when Lucas ascended the 9th enhancement to become a Saint Magus, and lightning also struck when West ranked up just now.

Boom! Boom! One after another, bolts of lightning kilometers in length struck down at West from the sky.

“Break!” West roared at the sky. Flames rose from his body as a huge fireball shot out screaming at the bolts.


As thunder and fire met, the entire space shook in thunderous rumbles. The fireball was smashed into countless scattering sparks while the lightning bolts were weakened by a third.

Boom! Boom! Boom! West continued to shoot a series of fireballs. He didn’t use any other skills and only relied solely on the instantaneous fireballs to resist the lightning tribulation.

Under the thunderous rumbles, all living creatures in Sky City pressed themselves on the ground, trembling all over, even the Holy Unicorns were no exception. Only Fatty, Reck, and Lucas were watching from afar. As for Karl, he was still mumbling to himself.

“Raaaarhh! Fire Dragon Sears The Sky!” As every bolt was stronger than the last, the fireballs were unable to stop their bombardment. West let out a loud battle cry and unleashed an ultimate fire spell, Fire Dragon Sears The Sky.

An animated fire dragon emerged from West’s back. Its scales were shiny and both the whiskers and tails were detailed. If Fatty hadn’t seen it for himself how the dragon came out as a skill, he would have thought it to be a real fire dragon.

The fire dragon roared and charged at the bolt. The instant it neared, the dragon opened its jaws wide and began swallowing the bolt.

Crackle! Boom! A several-kilometer-long thunderbolt was obviously not so easy to digest. Countless electric threads spiraled along the fire dragon’s body, upgrading the skill into “Thunderfire Dragon Sears The Sky.” As for the fire dragon, it kept flying upwards with a wide-open mouth as it swallowed the bolt.

“This, this, this skill is really something.” Fatty clicked his tongue. If someone used this during a PK, it would be such a spectacular sight to behold when the fire dragon swallowed a person whole.

Crackle! Boom! When the fire dragon was halfway up the bolt, the fire energy was no longer able to contain the thunder energy. The dragon exploded into a sky of fireworks and faded away, while the bolt was only left with a short piece.

Bang! The remaining part of the bolt struck West, only making the flames on his body flicker a little without dealing any real damage.

“Haha, hahaha! Finally! Aliya, just you wait! If I, West, don’t kill you, I swear I’m not a human!” West’s flames burned even more intensely, forming a vague shape of a giant holding some strange weapon behind him.

“Hahaha, congratulations on your successful breakthrough, Big Bro.” Fatty walked over to West.

“Lil’ Bro, you have returned? How did it go with the Fire Paulownia Wood? If you haven’t got them yet, your big bro can accompany you there. Those birds will give me some face at least.” West laughed heartily. He concealed the flames on his body and landed.

“Thank you, Big Bro, but I’ve collected enough,” said Fatty as he took out a log of Fire Paulownia Wood.

“Huh? Fire Paulownia Wood?” Karl, who had been so deep in thought that he even ignored West and the lightning, instantly woke with bright eyes when the Fire Paulownia Wood appeared. He snatched the log right from Fatty’s hand.

“Not bad, not bad at all, this is authentic Fire Paulownia Wood. The 100 logs, gimme!” Karl stretched his hand toward Fatty. The latter poured out 99 more logs and handed them to Karl.

“Well done! We now have enough Meteor Iron Ores, Fire Paulownia Wood, Mega Dragon Skeletons and all the other miscellaneous. When we gather the Mega Tendon Dragons and have an expert of at least the Saint Magus rank to carve magical formation onto the ballista, I’m confident that I can fix this God Destroyer Crossbow. When that time comes, with magic stones as its power source, it will definitely far surpass the Magic Crystal Cannons, even if it might not be as powerful as it used to be.” Karl beamed.

“Master, are you sure you can dig up the Mega Dragon skeletons?” Fatty pointed at the ground.

“Cough.” Karl flushed red and cleared his throat. “About that, I’m still researching.”

“Might as well stop wasting your time.” West walked over with a snort. “If a blacksmith who hasn’t even reached the 7th class enhancement can move those skeletons up here, the Source Origin would have been eaten clean.”

At the mention of the Source Origin, West still felt a lingering fear in his heart. When he had just arrived here, he immediately went down to check the Source Origin. As a consequence, the Ice Dragon God skeleton nearly froze him into an ice block very casually the instant he touched the orb.

“Huh? They can actively attack?” Fatty was surprised to hear this. Last time, he also touched the Source Origin orb a little, but only one skeleton moved so slightly without attacking him.

“Cough… I just wanted to absorb some Origin of Divine Fire Energy, just a tiny bit as a hair on their dragon bodies. Who knew they would be so stingy.” West blushed, which didn’t show clearly since his face was already red.

“Divine Fire Energy?” Fatty’s heart jumped a little.

The Nine Mega Dragon Gods represented the peak achievements of nine different magic elements including Water, Earth, and Fire. If the Elemental Skill Book could absorb these three kinds of energy, the time it took to restore the book would be greatly shortened.

As for the other two attributes, metal and wood, he could find other ways to get them.

“Bro, did you absorb any then?” Fatty hurriedly inquired.

“No.” West grew even more embarrassed. “The nine elements are completely entangled with one another. It’s impossible to absorb them unless you have a special skill, but I’m afraid this skill is known only to the Dragon clan. However…”

“However, the Dragon clan won’t tell us,” Fatty finished West’s words.

“That’s right.” West nodded. “The Dragons have always been very stingy. They won’t even provide a bit of dragon blood, let alone something so crucial like that skill. Unless you have an even more valuable item to exchange for it.”

“But, where do you find something worth even more than the Source Origin of Power?” Fatty was downhearted.
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