Show Me the Money
Chapter 289 – Untitled
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Show Me the Money
Author :Wu Shao Ling
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Chapter 289 – Untitled

Smacked back into the red clouds, Fatty lamented nonstop. Burning fire surged at him from all directions while Elemental Guard was still on cooldown. It seemed like he was really going to die here this time.

“I walk!” Fatty’s body emitted a faint flame that entangled with the red clouds. And then, he Firewalked out of the attack range.

However, his crisis hadn’t been resolved yet, because there were two super-powerful, high-rank Yao beasts staring right at him the instant he got out.

“Mooo!” The Violent Ox King was very useful when he was in grave danger. When the attacks from the Crimsontail Fire Luan and the strange fire python all landed, they wiped out nearly half the health of the Violent Ox King, who had a total of over 100 thousand HP.

“Hiss…” Fatty sucked in a cold breath. If those attacks had hit him, instantaneously dying would be his best result.

“I run!” Landing on the ground with difficulty, Fatty immediately Earthwalked. He used the last three uses in one go and Earthwalked six kilometers away, before running without turning his head.

Rattle… The strange fire python was still hot on his heels as it speedily slithered after Fatty. As for the Half-Celestial Crimsontail Fire Luan, it teleported right behind him after a slight flutter of its wings.

“You bullies!” Fatty was infuriated. If he could utilize the Brutal Saddle, he would slap it onto Wheat and simply flee underground. Unfortunately, the saddle was on the Violent Ox King, and such a great skill of Wheat’s was rendered unusable.

The Crimsontail Fire Luan bore a mocking look on its face. Its wings gently flapped and countless flames fell from the sky. The damage wasn’t high, but the burning pain it inflicted on Fatty made him ache all over.

“Elemental Guard!” Waiting in torment until the cooldown finally passed, Fatty instantly cast Elemental Guard. As the five-color sphere enveloped him, Fatty stopped running. Well aware that he could not outrun the damn bird, he stood there with a cruel determination.

Zoom zoom! The fire python also streaked over. Apparently, it was completely enraged at how Fatty stole half of its Firesource Fruits and refused to let him off.

“Damn it! If I have the Space Sonic, I would never be put into such danger!” Fatty suddenly missed the Divine artifact Space Sonic so much. However, he also understood that without giving it to Lucas in exchange for the old master’s help, he would still be stuck in his Sky City mission right now.

“After I am done rebuilding Sky City, the first ones Lord Fatty will use it to destroy will be you two!” Since running was impossible, Fatty could only drop cruel words.

Rumble! A fire lotus descended from the sky and engulfed Fatty. At the same time, the fire python spat out a stinky fiery breath that shrouded him.

Boom! After a string of explosions, only residue was left on the spot, as if Fatty had been burned to ashes.

“Screech!” Easily handling the wood thief, the Crimsontail Fire Luan was very pleased. It flapped its wings and eyed the weird-looking fire python below, seemingly considering taking care of this fellow as well.

Sssss… The fire python looked up and flickered its tongue, not one bit afraid of the luan.

“Fight, fight!” At this moment, Fatty had become a twisted umbra hiding in the shadow of the Crimsontail Fire Luan boss.

Shadow Kill, a 4th class enhancement skill of Rogues, allowed the caster to submerge into the opponent’s shadow to attack and move along with the opponent. The duration was now 30 seconds.

Despite being an offensive skill, in the current situation, Shadow Skill was an excellent way to hide oneself. Fatty remained still as the two beasts, one in the sky and one on the ground, confronted each other.

After staring at each other for ten-something seconds, the Crimsontail Fire Luan let out a shrill screech and flapped its wings. It chose to dive down directly without using a skill.

Sssss. With a flexible body as fast as lightning, fire python flickered its tongued as it slithered a distance and dodged.

Boom! The Crimsontail Fire Luan viciously clawed the ground, smashing the solid rock ground to pieces.

Whoosh! Using this chance, Fatty quickly rolled out from the bird’s shadow and went into Stealth, then quietly retreated away from the monsters.

Prior to this when the two bosses attacked him at once, he would have been insta-killed if not for using Elemental Guard at that critical moment. However, Fatty was left with only a sliver of health. He barely managed to use Shadow Kill and hide in the luan’s shadow.

As the two high-rank Yao bosses fought intensely, trying to kill each other, Fatty slowly backed away from their battlefield. He had no mood to watch them fight, gathering the Fire Paulownia Wood was his priority.

Without the Half-Celestial Crimsontail Fire Luan boss, there were still several hundred Crimsontail Fire Luans in the woods. Fatty did not dare to be careless and employed the hit-and-run method: immediately running after harvesting one log then returning. He repeated this and acquired eight logs.

Hoo… Just as Fatty was working hard, a long, mournful cry resounded. All of the Crimsontail Fire Luans rose up in unison and flew towards the distance.

“Good chance.” Ignoring whatever the birds had to do, Fatty tossed Harvest like mad.

System Notification: Congratulations. You have harvested a log of Fire Paulownia Wood.

System Notification: Congratulations. You have harvested a log of Fire Paulownia Wood.


“Whew…” Fatty heaved a long sigh of relief. After twenty minutes of crazy tossing, he finally harvested the 100 logs of Fire Paulownia Wood he needed and some more.

In such a huge patch of woods, a mere 100-something Fire Paulownia Trees didn’t amount to much. Fatty patted his heaving chest and randomly looked around. Suddenly, a huge nest caught his eye.

If there are eggs inside… Fatty smiled sinisterly.

Spreading the Zephyr Wings, Fatty flew to the nest. Made of the branches of the very Fire Paulownia Trees here, the nests were fiery red and seemingly effused a faint layer of flame.

Inside the nest, two ball-sized eggs quietly lay next to a small Crimsontail Fire Luan chirping feebly.

“Don’t blame me, okay? Who told your parents to be so stingy? If they had let me take the wood, I would soon have left and wouldn’t have the chance to take you guys.”

Fatty first placed the two eggs in his inventory. Then, he grabbed the little birdie and beat its butt, making the little guy chirp madly until it yielded to Fatty’s tyrannical abuse.

“Alright, one more egg.” Since he had reached the maximum amount of pets, he turned the birdie into a pet egg.

Flying to another nest where he found only one egg, Fatty pocketed it without delay.

There were two to three hundred nests in this patch of woods. Fatty took a tour and gained over five hundred Crimsontail Fire Luan eggs, plus more than thirty little luans which he also turned back into their egg form.

Probably due to the difference in the parents’ strength, the appearances of the eggs also differed. Amongst them, the four eggs from the Half-Celestial boss were the biggest, containing the densest fire energy within. It was almost certain that when these four hatched they would have better stats than the rest.

Gazing in satisfaction at the several hundreds of Crimsontail Fire Luan eggs in his inventory, Fatty smiled wide like a flower. What a harvest! Ahh, who could have expected such a good thing…

“Hahaha, one cannot be too greedy. Time to leave.” After making sure that every nest had been swept, Fatty took out a Recall Scroll to teleport to the Imperial Capital.

Bang! The scroll was blasted to pieces, but Fatty wasn’t teleported. Instead, he was greeted by a bird face so furious that the flames on its body were seething in the sky.

It was the Half-Celestial Crimsontail Fire Luan boss, and behind it, hundreds of its kin hovered in the sky, emitting enraged cries that seemed to shake the entire Mountain of Flames.

“Ahaha, back so soon?” Fatty greeted them as he summoned the Violent Ox King, ready to flee right away.

Boom! A flame enshrouded both Fatty and the Violent Ox King.

Fatty had already made preparations in advance. The moment when he summoned the Violent Ox King, he had also cast Elemental Guard. This managed to narrowly save his life.

“Faster, faster!” Fatty repeatedly urged the Violent Ox King. The mount trod flames as it ran with all its might.

Behind them was a dense pack of Crimsontail Fire Luans, shrieking mournfully as they spewed flames in a frenzy.

A slew of skills rained down on Fatty. If it hadn’t been for the high-rank Yao boss Violent Ox King sharing his load in addition to Elemental Guard, he would have been reduced to ashes in mere seconds.

“No need to send me off, no need,” entertaining himself amid his plight, Fatty waved back.

Hearing what he said, the luan boss screeched even more miserably. The billowing flames on its head condensed into a new Crimsontail Fire Luan with the exact look, but only one meter in length.

Zoom. This miniature luan was lightning quick. With two flaps of its wings, it got behind Fatty, and with its wide open mouth it spat out a fine thread of fire. The thread made contact with the Violent Ox King’s butt, which mooed in agony as its health dropped by a third.

“You’re both high-rank Yao monsters, why are you so trashy?!” Fatty criticized the Violent Ox King in rage.

“It seems I am left with no choice but this.” Fatty took out the Elemental Skill Book. Quickly glancing back, he opened the Elemental Mystery Realm and got in.

Bang! An attack struck nothing but air as Fatty disappeared on the spot. The Crimsontail Fire Luan boss roared in anger and circled in the air with deep unwillingness.

The Elemental Mystery Realm had changed a lot after Fatty poured in a great amount of elemental energy. The originally bare mountains had begun to sprout lush green grass, all sorts of small animals roamed around, water filled the river and fish and shrimp could be seen swimming in it. It was no longer lifeless like before.

Aside from those changes, there were also the sounds of sword hums and fire explosions echoing around the place. This showed the scale of the elements inside this realm.

The Elemental Mystery Realm was extremely vast, even bigger than Purple Bell’s Yin Yan Phantasm Realm. However, it didn’t have as many functions as the latter due to being seriously damaged. The Yin Yan Phantasm Realm played a major role in helping Purple Bell level up so quickly.

“Ahhh, Lord Fatty’s fate is one of suffering. Since when did playing a game get this hard? Everyone else gets as strong as sh*t after they acquire their hidden classes, while Lord Fatty still has to painstakingly fix this tattered skill book.”

Sitting on the Violent Ox King, Fatty let out a long sigh.

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