Show Me the Money
Chapter 271 – Space-Attribute Divine Artifac
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Show Me the Money
Author :Wu Shao Ling
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Chapter 271 – Space-Attribute Divine Artifac


Successfully leading the group of demon soldiers away from Sky City, Fatty didn’t dawdle and took out a Recall Scroll.

“Still want to run?” Puda sneered and mumbled something. As he raised his hand, the Spatial Arrow suddenly expanded into a sky-long object over one hundred meters in length that hovered horizontally above his head.

The heavens and earth rumbled as soon as it emerged. At the tip of the huge arrow, fluctuation waves of spatial force rippled out. Space ruptured and spatial shards flew in chaos wherever this force passed. The moment Fatty tore the Recall Scroll, a spatial force ripped up the scroll, scaring Fatty out of his wits.

If this force came just a little later when he was already being teleported, it’d definitely mince him to bits.

However, this was exactly what Puda had intended. His goal was to catch Fatty and not kill him, otherwise, he wouldn’t have gone through so much trouble to play cat and mouse.

“Spatial Tray, freeze!” Fatty used the tray to freeze the space around. Some spatial shards stopped in the air like a motion picture suddenly paused. The scene was surreal.

“Go!” Fatty cast Acceleration on himself and ran. At the same time, he summoned his two pets to cover his back.

The Spatial Arrow was too powerful, everything within its several-kilometer radius was shattered into fragments. Fatty needed to escape its chaotic range first before he could use the Recall Scroll.

Pff, pff. Wheat and Inky were unable to delay Puda even one step as the demon’s spear skewered and insta-killed them.

“Think you can run from me?” A cold sneer on his face, Puda made a hand gesture, and the massive arrow in the sky vibrated intensely. It emitted even more spatial force and threw the space around it into complete disorder. Spatial rifts constantly tore open and closed, no one knew if one would suddenly emerge before them at any moment.

“Freeze!” shouted Fatty. While his power was far inferior to Puda who could lock down a huge scope of space, Fatty could still stabilize the one-kilometer radius around him.

Whoosh! As the space froze, Fatty summoned the Dark Unicorn and leaped on it.


The Spatial Arrow finally struck. Everything within several kilometers turned to fine dust as a one-hundred-meter-diameter black hole appeared in the air. An uncontrollable suction was transmitted from the hole and imposed itself on Fatty.

“Damn it! They’re both Divine remnants, how come there’s such a big gap in power between the Spatial Tray and this arrow?” Fatty was terrified. He instantly used up all of the chances of the Elemental Movement Arts that he’d left for today. Finally, he was able to escape the black hole’s effect where the Spatial Arrow couldn’t reach.

“What skill is that?” Puda was even more terrified. Fatty’s skill was similar to spatial teleportation, but if it was really the case, he would have been torn by the spatial rifts around.

“Lord Fatty won’t play with you. Chase me if you can, hahaha!” Fatty laughed loudly and galloped away like mad on the Dark Unicorn.

“After him!” Puda retrieved the Spatial Arrow and spurred his aerial mount after Fatty.

Fatty was weaker than Puda, but his flying mount, the Dark Unicorn, was no weaker than the demon’s mount. Just like that, one ran and the other chased as they gradually got farther and farther away from that zone.

“This should be far enough.” Fatty calculated and was about to tear a Recall Scroll.

Boom! A fireball suddenly struck the scroll and set it ablaze.

“Human, where ya running now, huh?” A flaming monster blocked Fatty’s path. Indeed, it was the humanoid who had joined the struggle for the fiery red crystal in Iron Chain Town.

“Hand over the Inferno Crystal!” The flaming humanoid burned even more fiercely, ready to turn Fatty into bbq meat if he didn’t agree.

Pursuing troops at his back and an obstacle at the front, Fatty had no room to maneuver.

“Everyone, stop them all!” Puda arrived with his group. In a whoosh, the demon soldiers surrounded both Fatty and the humanoid.

“Scram!” The humanoid shot them a glare. The flame enveloping it flared and instantly burned two demon soldiers alive.

The strongest of the Demon Soldiers was only Puda at the 6th class enhancement, they were no match for the humanoid at all. Seeing this, Puda shouted an order and decisively retreated with his troops.

“Lad, I just saved your life. As the saying goes, ‘a drop of water in need, should be returned with a spring indeed.’ But, I don’t need a spring from you, you can just give me the Inferno Crystal,” the humanoid said cooly.

“Hehe, you can say that again.” Since Puda’s group had left, Fatty was in no hurry. He sat comfortably on the Dark Unicorn and smiled.

“Oh? You’re really willing to give me the crystal?” The humanoid was in actual disbelief.

“Of course.” Fatty took out the fiery red crystal.

Seeing this gem, the humanoid was instantly short for breath and the flame wrapping its body grew volatile.

“Quick, gimme!” It extended its hand, wanting to grab the crystal.

“This thing, huh? It’s good stuff.” Fatty weighed the fiery crystal in his hand. “If I may ask, what is this for? Why did you risk your life for it?”

“Humph! The Inferno Crystal is useless to you humans, but it’s a precious tonic for us fire spirits. As long as I absorb it, I can advance right away.” The humanoid snorted.

“Oh, is that so? Okay then, take it.” Fatty pretended to hand over the crystal.

The humanoid was overjoyed and it stepped forth to receive it.

“Go die!” Fatty’s face made a swift change. The Elemental Skill Book appeared in a flash and flipped open. and a spell shot out at the humanoid.


Creak… Ice enveloped the humanoid, suppressing it so tightly that it couldn’t muster up any fire.

“You’re gonna die!” The humanoid seethed in rage. The ice was melted in a blink of an eye.

However, this short period was enough for Fatty to get prepared. He took out the Spatial Tray. Suddenly, a layer of resonance surrounded the humanoid. When the resonance stopped, the humanoid was also imprisoned on the spot.

“Buh-bye.” Fatty tore the Recall Scroll and finally succeeded in recalling this time.

Whoosh! Fatty appeared in Iron Chain Town. Luo Kun was delighted to see him back and dragged him away for a drink.

During the party, Luo Kun said that the humanoid hadn’t given up after the incident. It lingered around town for days intending to sneak attack and destroy the Teleportation Portal. However, since they had learned the lesson last time, the portal was currently under strict guard by a Space Magus of the 7th class enhancement at all times. They were even able to get back at the humanoid a little. In the end, the flaming spirit had no choice but to retreat.

“Heh, if it weren’t for it running so fast, I would definitely capture it and drown it in the river,” said Luo Kun in a tipsy.

“Heheh.” Fatty only chuckled, but secretly cursing in his heart. A bunch of fools! If you could retain that bastard, Lord Fatty wouldn’t have to be blocked by it and nearly die.

In this place, Luo Kun was the highest in rank, the most powerful in strength, and the one holding the highest authority. When Fatty wanted to borrow the Teleportation Portal to return to the Imperial Capital, without hesitation, Luo Kun immediately ordered the portal to be activated and send him back.

Standing in the Imperial Capital, Fatty went into a momentary trance. Back then when he first headed out, he had spent half a month on the Dark Unicorn. But now, he was teleported back in mere seconds.

Then again, the portal in Iron Chain Town was for military use. Even normal NPCs weren’t qualified for, not to mention players.

“Who goes there?” Along with a booming shout, a few soldiers appeared before Fatty and indisputably threw a circle at him.

Whoosh! The circle expanded when it flew to above his head and fell on him. The next moment, Fatty was tightly clasped, unable to budge no matter how hard he struggled.

“Take him.” A supposed captain brought Fatty to a room, where an NPC officer lazily sat behind a long table dozing off.

“Oh? So this is an honorary citizen of Black Tortoise City. Used the Teleportation Portal after getting General Luo Kun’s approval.” Hearing Fatty’s explanation and seeing the medal on his shoulder, the NPC officer waved his hand gesturing to let Fatty go. Then, he closed his eyes and drifted off again.

Exiting the hall, Fatty glanced around. The soldiers were busily carrying a bunch of trunks with unknown contents. In the yard, the several dozen Teleportation Portals were all flashing nonstop as soldiers kept coming out of them.

After Fatty left the place, he headed straight for Reck’s residence. Since he wanted to see Lucas, he must go through Reck first.

“What?! You really found Sky City?!” Reck was astonished.

“Of course, it was actually very easy.” Fatty nodded.

“Easy, my arse!” Reck smacked his head. “Do you want to hear the latest battle report? I coincidently heard it from a general.”

“Please say.” Reck definitely isn’t mentioning this without a purpose. It must be something to do with Sky City.

Reck cleared his throat and said aloud, “According to the latest news, there have been roughly one hundred cracks connecting to the Demon Realm appearing all over the country. Several thousand demonic creatures have slipped in through them. Amongst them, there’s a group of Demon Soldiers whose purpose is to find Sky City and use it as a base to deploy attacks against the Human Realm.”

“Latest news, my arse! Lord Fatty was even nearly killed by those demon brats!” Instead of revealing a horrified expression like Reck had expected, Fatty opened his mouth to curse.

“You ran into them?” asked Reck in shock.

“What do you think?” Fatty rolled his eyes and grabbed Reck’s arm. “You can ask all you want on the road. Hurry and find Master Lucas, and ask him to help me move the Holy Spirit Island to Sky City.”

“No need to be so anxious.” Reck easily pulled out of Fatty’s grasp. “Even if we can get the Holy Spirit Island there, what can you do with it anyway? You can stop the Demon Army when it invades?”

“Then what else can I do?” Fatty asked.

“Are you willing to offer Sky City to the Imperial Dynasty?” Reck said.

“If it were you, would you be willing?” Fatty asked back.

“Heheh, of course not.” Reck grinned evilly.

“You got my answer then.” Fatty rolled his eyes.

“But, if you don’t yield it to the Imperial Dynasty, you simply can’t stop the endless demonic troops that will come for it.” Reck pointed out.

“Okay okay, just cut the crap and get to the point.” Fatty instantly knew that this old fellow had an idea, after seeing him smile and acting all mysterious.

“Cough…” Reck coughed and straightened his posture, trying to look like a highly respected senior.

“It’s very simple. As long as you tightly keep the Holy Spirit Island in your hands, it’d be impossible for them to take control of Sky City even if they find it,” stated Reck.

“Just this one stupid idea?” Fatty’s eyes apparently showed contempt. “If I don’t get the island back to Sky City, how am I supposed to control it?”

“Then there’s another way. Fill up Sky City with manpower and directly confront the Demon Army, but your success rate of defending it is less than 10%.”

“How about you stop with your bulls***?” Fatty glared at Reck.

“Last method, move Sky City to the vicinity of the Imperial Capital. This guarantees the Demon Realm won’t dare to set their eyes on it.” Reck put up the third finger.

“Are you sure the Imperial Capital won’t set their eyes on it?” Fatty only asked.

“Nope.” Reck shook his head.

“F*ck! You have nothing but shitty ideas!” Fatty raged. “Go, go, go, let’s find Master Lucas first.”


“Oh, you want me to transport the Holy Spirit Island there? Are you nuts? How do I teleport such a big fellow over?” Lucas’ eye-rolling was even more formidable than Fatty’s; his black pupils couldn’t even be seen anymore.

“Master, don’t you want the Spatial Arrow? It’s a Divine remnant, you know…” said Fatty in an enticing tone.

“Heh, I can teleport the island over if you give me the full set of spatial Divine remnants. If not, stop with your nonsense. I won’t let myself be fooled so easily.” Lucas leaned back on his seat, looking very calm.

“What else is in the Space Divine set?” Fatty asked after thinking for a bit.

“Spatial Spoon, Spatial Tray, Spatial Arrow. These three will make a Divine item if they’re put together. What about it? You know something about that last Spatial Tray?” Lucas said it like he didn’t care, he even leisurely crossed his legs.

“Consider yourself lucky.” Fatty slightly shook his hand, and the Spatial Tray appeared before Lucas.

It was a must for Fatty that Lucas helped him teleport the Holy Spirit Island over. Otherwise, it’d waste months to do nothing but manually steer the island to Sky City. Fatty didn’t forget that he had to spend more than half a month riding the Dark Unicorn to Iron Chain Town alone.

“Spatial Tray?” Lucas hastily stood up and extended his hand.

“Ahem.” Fatty cleared his throat and pocketed the tray.

“I’m only Saint-tier for now, it’s impossible for me to directly teleport such a big thing over. I need to borrow the power of a Divine item.” Lucas pondered briefly before nodding his head. “Let’s go get that Spatial Arrow.”


Thanks to these two old fellows, Fatty got to enjoy the VIP treatment of a luxurious straight flight.

A Saint Magus and an Alchemy Grandmaster shook the entire Iron Chain Town with their arrival. Even Luo Kun came out to welcome them. While he was already at the peak of the 8th class enhancement, his status would still be inferior to those two up to the day he advanced to the 9th class enhancement.

“Hmm? There are Demon Soldiers in the vicinity? Fatty, you shouldn’t have done this. It’s only some puny Demon Soldiers. You coulda just informed your bro instead of bothering the two respected masters like this,” Luo Kun scolded Fatty.

“Heheh, we only want to move around after being quiet for too long a time, you guys don’t have to be so tense.” Reck chuckled.

“Peh, keep pretending.” In secret, Luo Kun pulled on Fatty. “Say it, what kind of benefits are there that get these two old fogeys on this trip? Don’t tell me they’re here for sight-seeing.”

“Hah, bro, you’re so smart.” Fatty gave him a thumbs-up, then whispered by his ears, “Space-attribute Divine artifact.”

“So that’s why. Humph! No benefit for me, so your old Luo won’t keep you company.” Luo Kun whistled as he walked away dragging his saber.

“This fellow!” Fatty’s face twitched.

“So Sky City is in there.”

Lucas repeatedly sighed after they reached the barren land with chaotic spatial rifts. The last time he was here, Lucas wasn’t powerful enough and had to stop at this place. He never expected Sky City to be inside the rifts.

“Let’s find those demon brats.” Lucas flew up and inspected everywhere. Then, he singled out a direction and pulled Fatty and Reck in that way.

“Captain, we can’t control Sky City without the Holy Spirit Island. It’s useless to capture it.”

The Demon Soldiers were in the middle of a discussion.

“No need to be anxious.” Puda was unruffled. “Sky City is the head of the seven main cities. Even if we can’t take it, we can’t let the humans have it either.

“Then, what do we do?”

“Humph!” Puda stood up and the Spatial Arrow appeared in his hand. ”Before we set out, Demon General granted me this Divine remnant just in case we need to destroy Sky City. As long as we ruin this space, Sky City won’t be able to get out, permanently. So, it’s fine even if we can’t claim it.”

“Captain is right. Now that our trace has been revealed, the humans will definitely send people to kill us. This shouldn’t be delayed any longer, let’s go.”

“You lot aren’t going anywhere,” a voice suddenly echoed and frightened the demon. Puda even had the Spatial Arrow hover and ready above him as his eyes stared fixedly at the three guests.

“Kill!” Without nonsense, Puda took the lead to attack.

The Spatial Arrow intensely vibrated and buzzed. Space was torn and countless spatial shards shot in all directions. Where they passed, mountains collapsed and trees snapped. The sparse monsters in the area all fled in panic.

“Spatial Arrow, it’s indeed the Spatial Arrow.” Lucas was thrilled. If he acquired this Spatial Arrow, he would have a real Divine artifact to himself.

“Imprison.” Lucas held the Spatial Tray that Fatty gave him. In a matter of seconds, with Lucas as the epicenter, the space began to grow heavy, those who were trapped in there felt as if they were traveling in viscous liquid and every movement required great effort.

The imprisonment range of the Spatial Tray was much wider than the attack range of the Spatial Arrow. Under the tray’s confinement, the arrow stagnated in the air unable to move, its tip no longer shot out spatial force. It now looked like any other ordinary arrow.

“Run!” Puda paled in fright as his attack failed. Knowing that the opponent was an expert, he immediately ordered his underlings to scatter and run.

However, as the area had been completely imprisoned by Lucas, what was called ‘fleeing’ for Puda’s group was slowly walking step by step, which was actually not much faster than a snail crawling.

Lucas shook the Spatial Tray very slightly. The second skill, Space Garrote, was unleashed. Instantly, all Demon Soldiers including Puda were sliced into meat paste.

“Alright.” Lucas put the tray away. The Spatial Arrow buzzed, wanting to break the space and fly off.

“Get down.” Lucas waved. The arrow trembled before slowly diminishing and landed on his hand.
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