Show Me the Money
Chapter 270 – Spatial Arrow
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Show Me the Money
Author :Wu Shao Ling
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Chapter 270 – Spatial Arrow

In actuality, Puda was shaken.

Five of his subordinates had been sucked into that bizarre mirror without even uttering a sound, while he had no idea how to save them. Moreover, no matter how they searched, they couldn’t find a way to the enemy who was hiding inside this maze.

As they came across another herd of monsters, the soldiers behind Puda immediately attacked and annihilated them without him having to give the order.

“Captain, it won’t go well if this continues,” one demon soldier whispered to Puda.

Of course, Puda knew this, but he couldn’t think of a better option.

“No matter what, we must capture him and squeeze the location of the Holy Spirit Island out of him,” Puda solemnly said.

“Come at me, come, you deformed bunch.” Fatty’s provoking voice occasionally echoed. The demons seethed with rage, but there was nothing they could do.

Puda’s expression rapidly changed, it was hard to tell what he was thinking. A faint blood-red light flashed along his black spear.

“Sun Breaker!”

Along with Puda’s shout, a red light streamed out and formed a blood-red spear that stabbed at the crystal wall in front of him.

The sound of glass shattering rang out as a hole half a person tall appeared on the wall. The edges of the hole started to squirm like visibly mending flesh, but not fast enough, which gave the demon soldiers time to pass through.

Puda panted heavily. The strike obviously cost him quite some energy.

“Go!” Leading at the front, Puda went through the hole.

Right after this hole was another wall. Puda rested a little, then shot out another blood spear and broke that wall too. This repeated several times. While Puda poured a great amount of strength into this, he could still manage. On the other hand, Fatty was starting to get restless.

If this went on, Puda could reach him very soon. At that time, even ten Fattys would be powerless against twenty Demon Soldiers.

It wasn’t that the Crystal Maze of Terror was being a letdown, but the current Fatty was just too weak to fully exhibit the true might of this Celestial item.

“Go.” Fatty retracted the Crystal Maze and fled.

“Where do ya think you’re running to?” Falling out due to the sudden disappearance of the maze, Puda instantly noticed Fatty’s running figure. Without hesitation, he instantly cast an attack.

Boom! The attack blew out a huge hole in the ground as Fatty nimbly dodged it and used Stealth.

“Captain?” The rest of the demons flocked over and stared at the spot where Fatty had just vanished.

“Humph! He can’t get away.” Panting a little to catch his breath, Puda began to divide up the tasks. “You guys guard here. You guys, over there.”

Per his orders, the remaining demon soldiers divided into small groups to keep a close watch in all directions.

“Now this spells trouble.” Fatty hid nearby in Stealth. If it wasn’t that he was scared the enemy would find his newborn Holy Unicorns, he would have already returned to the city.

Bzzz bzzz. The Crystal Maze suddenly vibrated and two Demon Soldiers jumped out from within. Despite escaping with their lives, they were covered in wounds, obviously heavily injured while they were inside.

“Heh.” Fatty loved the most to kick someone while they were down. He unsheathed the Elemental Sword and stabbed at the two demons.

“You’re looking to die!” The two demons were very keen and instantly discovered Fatty. One drew a war saber, the other moved back several steps and drew an arrow.

When the Elemental Sword was about to meet the war saber, it suddenly radiated a vibrant five-colored light. Then, five swords appeared in its place.

Clank! Fatty held one sword with both hands to hold off the saber and controlled two swords to stab at the demon’s neck.

One-hit KO.

The demon archer had just nocked the arrow when his companion died. This seemed to be very unexpected to him as the demon froze for a moment.

That moment was enough to give Fatty an opening. The remaining two swords shot out. One cut the bowstring while the other gunned for the throat.

“Hah!” The demon reacted in time and evaded the sword aimed at his throat. However, without a working weapon, he simply couldn’t stop Fatty’s next attack and was killed shortly.

“Over there!”


As Fatty killed the two demons, the others spotted him. They never thought Fatty could act so quick and kill their comrades before they could come to their aid.

Whoosh. Fatty vanished without a trace after killing the two demon soldiers.

“Rogue, rogue, I f*cking hate rogues!” Puda screamed.

“One, two, three… Twenty-one left,” Fatty counted.

A demon soldier shook his hand slightly, and a small demonic beast appeared in the sky. It looked like an eagle but with pure black feathers and a pair of glowing red eyes.

Hoo… The demonic bird flew a circle in the sky before it suddenly dove down in a specific direction.

“This is bad!” Fatty’s brows sharply jumped. That direction was the hiding place of the little unicorns.

Boom! The Plenilune Ballista once again made an entrance. In a string of creaking noises, a bolt whizzed towards Puda.

“Humph!” Puda swung his hand. The black spear met the bolt head-on.

Bam! The bolt was smashed to pieces by Puda’s strike. However, the demon wasn’t unharmed either. He uncontrollably staggered back several steps and spat a mouthful of black blood.

“Come, come, catch me if you can!” Fatty jumped out and shook his hips at the demon soldiers as he ran in another direction.

“We must get him!” Puda said in a serious tone.

Very soon, Fatty arrived at the edge of Sky City. With a sleazy grin, he jumped off.

“Give chase!” Puda also jumped. Instantly, an aerial demonic mount appeared beneath him. With a loud cry, the mount flapped its wings to chase after Fatty.

The whistling of wind played by Fatty’s ears as he fell. When Fatty turned to look, he saw a dense patch of twenty demon soldiers using all kinds of means to pursue him.

Fatty summoned the Dark Unicorn and rode it towards the spatial rift where he came in.

Terrifying spatial rifts appeared and disappeared. When some random stones touched them, they were ground into dust and drifted off.

“Human, I’ll see where you can run now.” Puda was hot on Fatty’s heels, the black spear in his hand gleamed with a faint bloody glint.

“Keep chasing me if you have the ability!” Fatty turned and shouted. Then, he took out the Spatial Tray.

Whoosh. Lights sprayed out from the tray as it temporarily froze the surrounding rifts. Fatty leaped through a big rift and got out.

“Humph!” A tool that took the shape of an arrow emerged in Puda’s hand. It shot out and tore out a rift over a dozen meters long.

“Little brat, you run, you keep running!” Puda smiled coldly as he stepped out of the rift and stared at the seemingly panicky Fatty.

“You, you guys also have a Divine space item?” Fatty asked in shock. He was definitely surprised, but it was a pleasant surprise. Space-attribute tools were just too rare. Not to mention Divine remnants, even Celestial remnants were hard to chance upon.

“You think you’re the only one who would have one?” Puda laughed loudly and juggled the arrow. “See this? This is a Divine remnant, it’s called a Spatial Arrow.”
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