Show Me the Money
Chapter 269 – Demon Soldiers
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Show Me the Money
Author :Wu Shao Ling
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Chapter 269 – Demon Soldiers

The Mega Dragon skull was as big as several buildings combined. With the slightest movement from it, everything rumbled.

Fatty didn’t turn around. He made a quick decision to Earthwalk out of it. Only after returning to the ground with several Earthwalks in a row did he stop his steps while still in high alert.

The entire Sky City seemed to be trembling as well. All of the monsters didn’t dare to utter a sound. However, Fatty waited for a long time without seeing anything come out, so his heart settled down a little.

Thinking for a bit, Fatty took out the Holy Unicorn eggs and hatched them one by one.

Because this was a mission, the results of this hatching didn’t count as pets. In a series of white flashes, ten miniature versions of Holy Unicorns appeared before his eyes.

These original Holy Unicorns were different from the ones that the Holy Unicorn Chief created in the Cloud Ocean, which mainly showed at the horn. The ones in Cloud Ocean had silver horns, while these ten had horns all of a faint golden color.

The ten fellows were only the size of adult dogs. As soon as they emerged, they scurried around Fatty and rubbed against his legs, seemingly very dependent on him.

“Uh-huh. Lord Fatty is gonna be a city lord. I will see if you, Lin Xi, still dare to extort me then.” After playing with the unicorns for a while, Fatty was especially smug about his success. He couldn’t wait to take control of Sky City and ram it right at Black Tortoise City to have his revenge on Lin Xi.

However, after hatching the eggs, there was still a bit left before the mission was complete. Now, Fatty only needed to move the Holy Spirit Island back to Sky City.

“Good boys, after Lord Fatty brings the Holy Spirit Island here, I will lead you guys out to play.” Fatty thought of everything he could but was unable to find a way to bring the ten unicorns with him. In the end, he reluctantly gave up on the idea and prepared to return using the Recall Scroll.

“Hmm?” Just as he was about to tear the scroll, a faint sound reached his ears.

“Someone’s here.” Fatty’s heart jumped. He quickly put away the scroll, hid the unicorns, and snuck towards the direction of the sounds while in Stealth.

The newcomers were at the middle of the mountain slope. The sounds that Fatty had just heard came from the skills they used when they killed a monster.

There were a total of twenty-odd individuals. After easily slaying the monsters on their way, the group headed towards the central area.

From their appearance, these individuals seemed to be monsters. They all wore black armor, each had either one or two horns on their heads and were holding weapons like sabers, spears, axes, and shields. Their attack power was terrifying, as any monster nearby was insta-killed before it could even attack them.

“Have you heard the news? Those trash from Sireid’s group actually lost and let the humans reclaim Storm City,” one of them suddenly spoke.

“Thedeson, don’t gloat over another’s misfortune. Their defeat also puts a great burden on us,” reprimanded a two-horned, who seemed to be the leader.

“Heh, Mighty God of Darkness exhausted his mana to open the gate between the two realms and let us cross over to take over the seven main cities that aren’t under the control of the humans. As long as we reign over those cities, our Demon Army can use them as a springboard to attack the Human Realm. Useless Sireid failed to capture Storm City and even pushed it into the hands of the human, that’s his business. Even if he survives, he will be punished once he returns to the Demon Realm. And our business is to seize Sky City,” another remarked.

“The seven main cities, ahh… Before, three of them used to belong to our Demon Realm.” One licked his lips. “Undead City, Corrupt City, Abyss City. Even since our Demon Realm was defeated in the grand war between demons and humans thousands of years ago, those three main cities are no longer known to the demons.”

“Humph! we shall eventually reclaim them and take over the Human Realm along with them.”

“Alright, don’t recklessly shoot your mouth off. The seven main cities were led by Sky City, which was originally the lair of the Mega Dragon clan. After the holy dragons moved away, the Holy Unicorn clan was put in charge of it. Then, when the God of Light massacred the entire Holy Unicorn clan, this city became ownerless. We’ll accomplish a grand deed once we gain control of it and be rewarded accordingly when we return to the Demon Realm. By then, the other groups will all be below us. Promotion to Demon Generals is not impossible either.”

“Yeah, yeah, that’s right. Captain is right.”

“Heheh, Sky City used to stand atop the other six, but now that it’s hidden in this little knot that the humans don’t know about, our mission is much easier than the others.


The more Fatty listened, the more shocked he was. If the contents of this conversation got out, it would definitely raise a huge commotion.

Those were Demon Soldiers. The Demon Realm was finally starting a war against the Human Realm.

However, since they were here to especially take away Sky City, they had violated Fatty’s bottom line.

“Motherf*cker! Whoever you are, if you dare set your eyes on Lord Fatty’s stuff, don’t even think about leaving this place alive.”

Fatty could tell from a glance that these Demon Soldiers were all experts of at least the 5th class enhancement, but shouldn’t exceed the 7th enhancement. Before, when the crack to the Demon Realm opened, Lin Xi once said that the crack wasn’t stable and the few powerful demonic creatures wouldn’t be able to crawl out from it.

After some thought, Fatty silently retreated to higher ground. He had pretty much no chance in a one-on-one, not to mention that the opposing party had over twenty demons.

However, Fatty wasn’t anxious. The Holy Spirit Island – the pivot to control Sky City, wasn’t here, so they had no way to take over Sky City anyway.

Fatty first hid the ten Holy Unicorns away in a very concealed place. These little fellows were still weak. If they were to be discovered, there was a high chance they wouldn’t be able to survive.

Bam! The Plenilune Ballista appeared on the ground. Against so many, Fatty didn’t plan to sneak attack or assassinate. He decided to just kill several first before anything.

Kah… kah… Boom! The ballista growled. The bolt drew a cold streak through the air as it shot towards a Demon Soldier.

“Watch out!” The two-horned was the first to notice the bolt as the strongest of the group.

Bam! A huge shield dug into the soil and firmly blocked the bolt’s path.

Upon collision, the shield shattered in a series of cracking sounds, while the bolt kept going at the same momentum and impaled the Demon Soldier behind the shield, bringing him on a flight.

“Rilion!” The demons shouted in shock. The moment he was impaled by the bolt, the Demon Soldier was already dead.

“A human? Kill him!” the two-horned roared and drew a black spear.

Fwish! A black light streaked out from the tip of the spear and cross the distance of one kilometer in a moment, wiping out one-tenth of the ballista’s durability.

“Ahh?!” Fatty jumped in fright and frantically pocketed the ballista.

“Raarrrhh, raarrhhh!” the demons howled in unison. They brandished their weapons and charged at Fatty.

“Go!” Fatty summoned the Dark Unicorn and flew up.

Zoom! Zoom! The two archers in the demon party quickly nocked arrows and shot at Fatty.

The mages instantly chanted some kind of incantation. Black fireballs were hurled and blocked his path.

Fatty pocketed the Dark Unicorn, then deployed the Zephyr Wings and kept flying up.

“The stupid human actually wants to escape through the air?” Jeers rang out as five pairs of black wings opened behind five of the Demon Soldiers. They flew up and surrounded Fatty.

Whoosh. Fatty folded his wings and landed. The moment his feet touched the ground, he vanished using Earthwalk.

“Hmm? How did he do that?” The demons on the ground who were waiting to gang up on Fatty looked around in shock.

“It wasn’t earth magic,” declared an earth mage demon.

“Watch my Crystal Maze of Terror!” Fatty popped out a distance away and released the maze. With a rumble, a huge maze appeared, its gorgeous appearance stunned the demons.

“Come on in if you dare. Let Lord Fatty see what skills you little demon brats have to make a fuss in my city.” Fatty’s voice resounded from the maze, not one bit ashamed to declare Sky City as his possession.

“Let’s go in and kill him!” A hotheaded demon wanted to rush in.

“Don’t.” The two-horned snorted coldly. “Just ignore him. After we claim Sky City, we can handle him however we like.”

“The heck? They actually didn’t go in?” Seeing the enemy party walk around the maze, Fatty was perplexed. “Don’t go, it’s useless. The center of Sky City, the Holy Spirit Island, isn’t here. You can’t gain authority without it.”

“What?” The two-horned’s face abruptly changed. He summoned a mount and flew up to get a full view. Indeed, the Holy Spirit Island wasn’t there. “Damn it! How will we get Sky City to approve of us then?”

“Haha! Come! Come in and play with me. As long as you can crack Lord Fatty’s crystal maze, Lord Fatty will tell you where the Holy Spirit Island is.” Fatty tried as hard as he could to tempt them in.

“Go in! Go kill him!” the two-horned ordered and rushed headfirst into the maze.

“Heheh, if you’re in, don’t even think of leaving.” Fatty chuckled sinisterly. He didn’t activate any trap nor mechanism, and only focused all of his mana to move out a mirror.

Before, when Fatty and Cheng Xiong touched a mirror, they were sucked in and only escaped after tremendous effort.

Boom! When the mirror appeared from thin air before the demons, the party was stunned. After circling around it a few times, some stepped forth to try.

Whoosh. At a slight touch, those Demon Soldiers all vanished amid flashing black lights.

“F*ck! What happened?” The rest were horrified. They didn’t have anything like a group chat to contact their teammates.

“What a pity. If I’m strong enough to move out the other mirrors to surround them, no one will be able to escape then,” Fatty lamented.

“Do not waste time. Go find and kill that human.” The two-horned immediately made the right decision. He swung his spear and led at the front.

“Heh, if you can get in here so easily, this thing won’t deserve to be a Celestial item.” Fatty replenished his mana and began to operate the mechanisms.
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