Show Me the Money
Chapter 268 – Eggs, Dragon Skeletons, and an Orb
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Show Me the Money
Author :Wu Shao Ling
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Chapter 268 – Eggs, Dragon Skeletons, and an Orb

As the borders opened and drew the curtains to the National War, the entire Eternal boiled with excitement. Both guilds and guildless players let go of their conflicts and competitions; everyone wanted to put forth their all into farming for border passes, to win honor and glory for their countries.

Meanwhile, the ten players who got their border passes from the First Under Heaven Tournament had already left the country. As for where they went, it was their secret.

However, Fatty was completely unaware of the outside news. He was currently heading towards the heart of Sky City.

Finding Sky City had gone unexpectedly smoothly for Fatty. He thought there would have been many fierce battles, at least some harsh trials, or had to kill some bosses. But, he just got to Sky City as easily as flipping his hand.

In the past, there must have been other races living here aside from the Holy Unicorns. A variety of bizarre monsters popped out endlessly and gave Fatty quite a bit of trouble.

Luckily, the God of Light once cast a Purification spell over this land and destroyed many souls, otherwise, there would be much more of them now. After all, such a big city should have had at least tens of millions of inhabitants.

Fatty cut his way through thistles and thorns and slew several high-rank Yao bosses before he finally arrived at the center of Sky City.

It was a level, empty area. From the looks of it, something used to be there but was plucked off whole, leaving nothing but bare soil.

Without a doubt, the thing that was plucked away was definitely the Holy Spirit Island.

According to Chief Amedick, the Holy Unicorn eggs it left behind were buried in this area.

“X-Ray.” Fatty took out the Crystal Maze of Terror to use the function and sweep the underground.

However, he walked all over the area without finding anything. Aside from soil, there was still soil, and occasionally some battered equipment that had no value whatsoever.

“The heck? Perhaps they’re not here?” Fatty tried the other areas and repeated all over again, but like the first one, there was no trace of the Holy Unicorn eggs.

And it remained that way even after Fatty used up the function’s ten uses for the day.

“Did the God of Light take them?” Fatty suddenly thought of a very unpleasant possibility. But, he instantly rejected it. The God of Light already massacred the Holy Unicorn clan, he wouldn’t have minded those petty eggs.

Therefore, they had to be somewhere he couldn’t yet see. Mulling for a bit, Fatty summoned Wheat and put the Brutal Saddle on it. Against the rodent’s protests, he flung himself on its back.

“Down.” Fatty controlled Wheat and sank underground.

Fatty ignored the plain soil around and kept diving down. After roughly three kilometers, they arrived at a place that wasn’t quite the same. The soil here was much more solid, and moreover, there was a faint light shining through from below.

“What’s this?” Fatty stopped before a queer-looking object. It was over ten meters long, half a meter thick, pure glossy green in color, and was shaped in a large arc. At one touch, Fatty felt a cool and refreshing sensation, as if this object was full of vitality; alive, even.

“Is this some kind of equipment?” Fatty wasn’t in a hurry to find the eggs, so he followed down along this object.

He went for several dozen meters before seeing another object lying horizontally. From its appearance, this one wasn’t any different from the previous, but wider and bigger.

Fatty flicked his fingers on the object and heard a clear and crisp sound. The object’s surface was engraved with dense patterns like some kind of magical runes.

Clank! Sparks flew as the Elemental Sword struck the object. Fatty’s hands went numb from the force, while the object only suffered a pea-sized dent.

The Elemental Sword was only Gold-tier, but its solidity was something that even spatial rifts couldn’t mar, and its sharpness was Divine-level. Yet, such a weapon could only create a small dent, one could imagine how solid this object was.

“The renowned city of several thousand years ago indeed lives up to its reputation. Even a random object buried underground is this strong,” praised Fatty with a nod.

Since his curiosity was piqued by this new object, Fatty temporarily put the eggs aside and urged Wheat to follow alongside it. Without a doubt, the first one that he discovered was only a branch. After about five kilometers, Fatty came across several dozens of them, which made it one in every ten meters.

The further he went, the bigger the objects got. The part that Fatty could see was already several meters wide, let alone the rest that was buried.

“I see.” Fatty suddenly slapped his thigh.

Look at this curve and this glossy sheen, ending with a joint every few ten meters and having branches lying horizontally and vertically. This has to be the vertebrae of some monster! And look at those branches, aren’t they the ribs?

And to be able to grow up so huge that I traveled five kilometers without seeing the head or tail, what else can it be aside from a legendary Mega Dragon?

A Mega Dragon skeletal frame! Fatty went wild with joy. He never thought Karl’s words were real, that this place truly contained the Mega Dragon skeleton.

Fatty was currently several kilometers underground, which was only possible thanks to Wheat’s Earthwalk. Fatty himself could only see the area of several meters in front of him, so he hadn't realized that it was a skeleton, otherwise, he could have told at the first glance since only Mega Dragons could possess such a massive skeleton.

“Damn it! How do I take it with me?” As the joy passed, Fatty started to fret. If this was on the ground, he could break it up into small parts and put in his inventory, but digging this out was simply an impossible task. It’d take forever.

As Fatty followed the bones, he soon arrived at a crack, through which he entered some kind of space.

This space was roughly the size of several houses combined. Obviously, this was the skull of the skeleton. The soil didn’t fill it and left this space empty.

Upon entering, Fatty’s eyes were instantly caught by the glitter at the center, where several eggs lay around some kind of round object.

Holy Unicorn eggs.

Now that was easy. Amedick was really smart, it actually placed the eggs inside the Mega Dragon’s skull.

Fatty counted. There were ten in total. In the center of the ten eggs, the round orb that was over one meter in diameter was shining with a glossy green color, the green energy light converged and formed an image of a flying Mega Dragon above the orb.

“Mega Dragon inner core!” Fatty practically growled. Now, this is the real harvest, this one alone is better than a hundred high-rank Yao inner cores!

The mini dragon exhaled a faint green light from its mouth on the ten eggs around, obviously transferring energy to maintain the eggs’ life force.

“In.” Fatty stepped forth and swung his arm, the ten eggs disappeared one by one into his inventory.

The last was the mega dragon inner core. After the mini dragon turned into green smoke that merged back into the core, Fatty retrieved it.

“Alright, mission accomplished!” Fatty cheered in high spirits. As long as he hatched these eggs and cleared out Sky City, the mission would be completed, and Sky City would be his to control.

This mission was quite easy, actually.

After pocketing the Holy Unicorn eggs and Mega Dragon inner core, Fatty set his eyes on the skeleton. However, it was truly too big. Unless he chopped it into pieces, it would be impossible to take it with him.

“Argghhh!” Fatty screamed in frustration. The treasure was right here before his eyes, yet he had no way to pick it up, like a beggar who could only stand and gawk at a mountain of gold in front of him. There was nothing more vexing than this.

“Forget it. If I can’t take it then I can’t take it. Worst comes to worst, I’ll tell Karl to come grab it himself.” Fatty made up his mind.

Just like Karl said, this place must be the burial site back when the Mega Dragons still lived here. However, after they migrated, the area became deserted, plus with the Holy Spirit Island above it, outsiders could never imagine that this place would hold the skeletons of dragons. If it hadn’t been for his quest for the eggs, Fatty basically wouldn’t have been able to find this place and instead would have doubted the authenticity of Karl’s information.

Since he decided to give up on the skeleton, Fatty began to wander around the skull. If this place used to be the burial site, there should be some other burial objects aside from just the skeletons.

“Go, let’s go treasure hunting with Lord Fatty.” Fatty got on Wheat and once again sank into the soil.

This time, Fatty didn’t limit his way with the bones. Instead, he roamed without a clear direction. Traveling an unknown distance, he came across another skeleton.

After five days, Fatty confirmed that the place held nine Mega Dragon skeletons. Accordingly, he gained nine inner cores.

“The dragon burial site indeed isn’t simple.” Fatty held a sheet of paper on which was a rough sketch of the structure that he drew himself. From the picture, the nine skulls were all flocked in a circle, their tails facing outwards as if protecting or paying homage to something in the center.

“Since you guys have been dead for so many years, just let Lord Fatty make good use of your stuff.”

Fatty spurred Wheat to Earthwalk. This time, they had a target - the place where the nine dragons met.

If it was possible to view from above these skeletons, one could see nine gigantic mountain-sized dragons prostrating with their heads inwards and their tails outwards. In the center where the heads met, there was a massive, slowly spinning orb over one hundred meters in diameter.

“What’s this?” Fatty walked a circle around the orb without figuring out what it was. Even his trusted Appraisal was useless as everything it displayed were just question marks.

The orb was golden in color, with some kind of chaotic airflow circulating inside. The nine dragon heads bowed low, as if extremely respectful of this orb.

Fatty extended his hand. The orb was cool to the touch and didn’t react.

Kah… All of a sudden, a noise resounded. Right behind Fatty, the dead-for-God-knows-many-years dragon whose inner core was taken by Fatty shuddered, and black flames flared in its empty eye sockets.

“@#¥%……” a voice echoed by Fatty’s ears. He frantically retreated and instinctively prepared to use Earthwalk to flee.
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