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Chapter 264 – Spatial Tray

The Elemental Skill Book could devour even Divine power. A mere flame pillar containing fire energy was really nothing compared to that.

However, destroying one flame pillar didn’t resolve the crisis, as several more were racing at him.

Fatty hovered in the air using the Zephyr Wings, his left hand held the Elemental Skill Book and repeatedly smashed it down here and there. After he took care of those pillars, several more even thicker than the previous ones arose with a boom.

Fatty knew that continuing like this wasn’t the right way. The pond was an endless supply of lava. Once he destroyed a wave of pillars, there would be even more in the next wave to welcome him.

While trying to keep himself safe the best he could, Fatty carefully observed the Spatial Tray. Actually, the magic formation that the Mutated Fire Kite set up was nothing formidable; the space around the Spatial Tray was the final measure.

Each time the silvery-white Spatial Tray buzzed, small cracks would erupt around it.

Fatty’s right hand was completely crushed. Right now, he barely managed to stop his health from dropping further, but if he wanted to recover completely, he would have to find a priest of at least the Physician rank to cure him or wait several days for the hand to slowly heal.

Bam! Bam! More and more pillars emerged. If he couldn’t think of a way to quickly snatch the tray, Fatty would be left with no other choice but to retreat.

The strange thing was that even after such a long time, the firebird still hadn’t come back. By the looks of things, it must have been entangled by something.

“Space, space…” Fatty frowned as he stared intently at the Spatial Tray.

“Screech screech…” Countless fire monsters split into batches and attacked Fatty. He had to withdraw to outside the magic formation’s range.


Fatty used his clone to draw the monsters away while he hid nearby to analyze the Spatial Tray.

If he wanted to get the object, he must break through the barrier of spatial rifts.

Boom! The Plenilune Ballista made its entrance. With a cold gleam, the bolt streaked from the ballista’s mouth towards the tray.


The bolt struck the Spatial Tray but wasn’t even able to budge the latter. Instead, the bolt was sliced to tiny ribbons by the spatial rifts and fluttered down into the lava pond.

Since the attack triggered the defensive formation, the fire monsters again flew at him, forcing him to once again use the Movement Arts to evade.

So far, the Mutated Fire Kite’s magic formation hadn’t given Fatty much trouble. On the contrary, the Spatial Tray’s defense itself had rendered him helpless.

It seemed that the NPCs already knew this, so they sent a space mage. Only that the firebird was much more cunning than they had expected and didn’t give them enough time to even crack the magic formation.

The power source of the Spatial Tray came from the magic stones below. In the lava, those stones formed a magic formation, through which their energy seeped into the tray to maintain its operation.

If Fatty could ruin this formation, getting the tray would be easy as flipping his hand. However, Fatty being able to Firewalk and dodge the fire attacks didn’t mean he could swim in a lava pond.

It could be said that Fatty had exhausted his limited abilities right here, he was at his wits’ end.


A heaven-shattering explosion resounded in the distance, along with a vague screech of the Mutated Fire Kite. The sonic wave even reached the volcano and shook it. Inside the crater, rocks started falling in a frenzy.

“I’ll just risk it!” Thinking of an object, Fatty abruptly stood up. He timed for the right moment and used Firewalk to appear not far from the Spatial Tray.

Fatty pocketed the Elemental Skill Book, then took out the Elemental Sword and stabbed out.

Bzz… The Spatial Tray vibrated nonstop. A net of dense cracks emerged and entangled the sword, emitting a series of clinks and clanks.

Fatty heaved a sigh of relief as he saw the Elemental Sword completely fine despite being struck with a barrage of attacks.

The Elemental Sword was the Elementalist’s specialized weapon. While it wasn’t even Gold-tier at the moment, its solidity was nothing that the spatial rifts could mar.

The tray spun around in mid-air as its halo flickered, alternating between bright and dim, as countless spatial rifts burst out.

Ding! The Elemental Sword finally reached the tray. Fatty exerted force for a thrust. The tray vibrated intensely until finally, it sprang off towards the lava pond.

Bam! Fatty hurriedly caught up and caught the tray, then quickly put it in his inventory.

Whoosh whoosh… Several flame pillars flew at him. Fatty dodged with Firewalk.

After dragging himself a good distance away from the lava pond, Fatty looked at the Spatial Tray, overjoyed.

Spatial Tray
Divine Item Remnant

Space Prison: Imprison the surrounding space and render all teleportation invalid.
Space Garrote: Release a spatial rift to hang the opponent.
“Great stuff! It’s worth Lord Fatty losing a hand for,” Fatty praised repeatedly.

Without a power source, the halo around the Spatial Tray slowly faded, returning it to its original state. Like a green plate, the tray quietly lay in Fatty’s hand.

Stowing the tray, Fatty set his eyes on the magic stones.

Magic stones were extremely rare. Hadn’t it been for Lucas bleeding money to put in several pieces of Magic Origin to maintain the formation, Fatty couldn’t have used it since he had no magic stones himself.

So the four main cities really couldn’t be blamed for its sky-high requirement of reputation points and one thousand gold coins for each teleportation to the Imperial Capital.

“Fifty thousand gold coins for a single magic stone?” Fatty turned his eyes from the virtual forum to the magic stones with a burning look.

“One piece, two pieces,… Wow, thirty-seven of them, that’s almost 2 million gold coins in total, enough to buy Lord Fatty’s life.” Fatty nodded to himself. Checking his equipment and stuffing several red pills into his mouth, he directly jumped into the pond.


Fatty got to the magic stones with Firewalk and reached out with his left hand.

Pfff! The same time he grabbed a magic stone, the scorching lava spurted. Fatty’s health instantly plummeted at a terrifying speed.

Fatty swallowed the pills in his mouth. While his health was being restored bit by bit, his left hand didn’t stop swooping at the stones.

One stone, two, three… At the twelfth stone, when his health restoration couldn’t outheal the depletion, Fatty sighed in his heart and died inside the pond.

A faint black smoke rose up and swirled around Fatty’s corpse, quickly forming a gigantic skeletal monster.

“Lord Fatty is up and… grabbing!”

The skeletal monster Fatty let out a loud roar. Its two front paws were simultaneously deployed, so the stone grabbing speed was much faster than earlier.

The skeletal monster’s health pool was much larger than the rogue Fatty. While the depletion speed was still very fast, it still lasted longer than when Fatty crazily consumed the red pills.

“Okay, Lord Fatty can die content now.” As the last magic stone went to his inventory, the ugly skeletal monster emitted a creepy laugh.

Whoosh. A white light rose up. Fatty died a brave death.


As soon as he emerged at the respawn point, Fatty heard a furious screech. The Mutated Fire Kite was hovering above. An endless rain of fire blotted the sky as it burned away at the defensive barrier enveloping the townlet.

“General, the restriction on the Teleportation Portal has been canceled. It can be used now.” Fatty walked up to Luo Kun.

The general looked at Fatty with an odd face. After a while, he said, “The Teleportation Portal was destroyed.”

Boom! Thunderstruck, Fatty nearly fell off the wall.

“How can this be? It still hasn’t broken into the town, right?” Fatty pointed at the firebird.

“It wasn’t the bird.” Luo Kun sighed.

Everything was as usual, the fire kite urged the monsters to attack the wall, Luo Kun led the NPCs to defend. The two sides fought their hearts out, but suddenly a fire shot into the townlet and destroyed the Teleportation Portal.

“Then, where is that fire?” Fatty asked.

“It went down.” Luo Kun pointed at the ground.

“What monster is it?” Fatty asked after musing for a bit.

“I couldn’t see it clearly. But I think it’s gunning for that thing underground too.” Luo Kun frowned. “The Mutated Fire Kite knows that its coveted treasure is going to be taken away by someone else, that’s why it’s attacking like crazy right now.”

“Then, maybe we can just deactivate the defensive barrier and let them fight each other to death? We can just sneak after them to reap the benefits.” Fatty had been reaping benefits for so long that he was obsessed with it.

“You want to let it destroy the town?” Hearing that, Luo Kun rolled his eyes.

Apparently, Luo Kun resorted to the defensive barrier because there was nothing else he could do.

“General, how many magic stones does the Magic Crystal Cannon need?” Fatty suddenly asked.

“10 stones per shot,” Luo Kun casually replied.

“If our stockpile hadn’t run out, we could have shot this damn bird to death instead of letting it act all arrogant like this!” an officer angrily added.

“Heh.” Fatty chuckled and opened his palm, revealing a magic stone.

“You have magic stones?” Luo Kun’s eyes lit up. “How many?”

“37,” Fatty answered honestly.

“Great! With the several left in our stock, we have enough for four shots. Men, come! Wheel out the Magic Crystal Cannon!” Luo Kun ordered in a booming voice.

“General, about that, I can give you the magic stones, but…” Fatty rubbed two fingers together.

“I understand, hahaha. What do you want? Name it.” Luo Kun was obviously in high spirits as he could finally unleash the cannon.

“One magic stone for two Yao inner cores, best if they include all attributes,” Fatty stated his condition.

“No problem.” Luo Kun was straightforward to agree.

Ever since they had been stationed here, they killed so many Yao monsters every day that their storage would soon be unable to hold them all.

“Report! The Magic Crystal Cannon is set and awaiting orders!” a soldier came to report.

Fatty handed all of his magic stones to Luo Kun then followed to watch the show.

The Magic Crystal Cannon was similar to the most ancient type of cannons. It was black but had a faint layer of magic runes carved on the surface. The barrel was one meter in diameter and ten meters in length.

“Ready…” Luo Kun ordered after he loaded the magic stones. Per his command, the cannon slowly rotated and aimed at the frenzied firebird outside the defensive barrier.

Faint energy gradually emerged, until the entire cannon shone brilliantly and sparks of magic force gushed out from the cannon mouth.

“Barrier down!” Luo Kun shouted.

Whoosh! The barrier disappeared in a flash. Countless flames rained downed even faster as the Mutated Fire Kite sounded a long screech.

“Fire!” Luo Kun strongly swung down his arm.