Show Me the Money
Chapter 253 – Water God Palace
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Show Me the Money
Author :Wu Shao Ling
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Chapter 253 – Water God Palace


Out of thin air, a thunderbolt struck the water, seemingly connecting the sky and the ocean as the whole bolt was several thousand miles in length.

The Crystal Maze radiated a blinding light. The crystals looked even more transparent under this radiance, their colorful reflection creating a gorgeous scene. Countless monsters ran out from every corner of the maze in panic like it was the end of the world.

Whoosh whoosh… Several thousand tentacles, each as big as a mountain, suddenly shot out from the ocean towards Crystal Maze.

Underwater currents violently surged. All sorts of aquatic monsters trembled and prostrated as if paying homage to something.

“Go!” Xiao Jian tore the Recall Scroll. A white light flew up from the water.

“Ahh!” Along with a wretched scream, Xiao Jian’s corpse suddenly fell from the sky.

“Teleportation is restricted?” Han Shen gasped in shock.

Bam! A wave struck, knocking Han Shen and Liu Lan into the water. The strike felt like a blow from a gigantic hammer as blood sprayed out from their mouths.

“Aroooo…” A bizarre cry echoed. The sonic wave instantly wiped out the few remaining health points of the two players. Their bodies also exploded into blood and gore.

“Tch! You’re all back.” Xiao Jian was squatting down at the respawn point hugging his sword when Liu Lan and Han Shen appeared.

“Fatty’s still there.” Liu Lan’s face was filled with anxiety.

“No worries, that guy has nine lives. It might just be a blessing in disguise. Who knows? Maybe he’s making big bucks right now,” Xiao Jian consoled Liu Lan.

Recalling how Fatty was making a fuss about how he had hit the jackpot, Liu Lan’s furrowed brows relaxed a little.

“What?! You guys all died?” The news startled Fatty as soon as he got out from the Elemental Mystery Realm.

Just now, the black mist had him cornered. Fatty had to spend a bit of the skill book’s energy to open the Elemental Mystery Realm and escape with his life.

“Then you guys just go grind. I suppose I should die and return soon as well,” Fatty told them.

At that moment, the ocean floor had gone through a complete change. The ever silent Terrible Wang Zhang was brandishing its massive tentacles and had wrapped them around the Crystal Maze. As for the maze, it still emitted a brilliant light and rumbled nonstop, as if about to fly out of the ocean.

A series of creaks echoed. Under Terrible Wang Zhang’s terrifying force, the Crystal Maze emitted the sound of glass breaking. From the looks of it, the maze was going to be shattered by the boss’ ’embrace.’


A pure blue light sprayed out from the center of the maze, forming a gentle light screen. While this screen was thin, it blocked the attacks from the several thousand tentacles.


At the bottom of the ocean, two beams of intense light shot straight at the maze.


Two holes, several dozens of meters in diameter, appeared throughout the Crystal Maze. Through them, a palace at least three hundred meters tall could be seen at the center of the maze.

This palace was sculpted from crystal and completely covered in complex magical runes. The runes formed all kinds of pictures: beautiful sceneries underwater, battles between various aquatic beasts and humans, as well as a large number of creatures that possessed a human upper body and a fishtail holding all types of weapons while patrolling in the sea.

The palace gate was sealed shut. From the surface of the doors, sonic waves that carried the sound of ocean waves rippled out. Along with them, powerful water energy spread out and materialized into a bunch of water spirits.

‘Water God Palace’ - those three ancient words were carved on top of the huge doors, effusing a boundless majestic presence.

If one entered the place, they would instantly see a towering statue, over a hundred meters high, right in the middle of the luxurious palace.

It was the statue of a female entity, sculpted from a complete block of crystal. The statue wore a smile on her face, a crown on the top of her head, and a thin silk robe on her body. Her long blue hair was thigh-length and a little curvy. Her two deep blue eyes were akin to the brightest stars in the sky, sparkling beautifully.

The only strange thing was that the statue had a human body and a fishtail. The tail was a big carp tail that dragged onto the ground.

The statue’s hand held a blue magic staff. The light screen that blocked Terrible Wang Zhang’s tentacles came from this very staff.

Countless energetic water spirits playfully circled the statue.

From a glance, one could already feel overwhelming water energy. Compared to this, a water inner core was like a drop in the ocean.


A tentacle hurtled straight at the statue through the holes.


A blue light exploded mid-air and blew the tentacle into pieces of meat. The remaining part frantically withdrew from the palace.

“Eros, doth thou forsake thy freedom?” A clear and pleasant but at the same time, imposing voice echoed from all over the ocean. The Crystal Maze quaked intensely, as if unable to bear the force in this voice. The countless creatures under sea trembled and bowed in the direction of the maze.

Without a doubt, Eros was the name of Terrible Wang Zhang. These high-rank Yao bosses all had their own name, such as Holy Unicorn Clan Chief Amedick.

Facing the opponent’s question, the several thousand tentacles of Terrible Wang Zhang Eros abruptly went on a rampage. The Crystal Maze had a large-scale collapse, partly revealing the massive palace within.

“Eros, is this thy answer?” The imposing voice was almost trembling with fury. The Water God Palace burst with an even more blinding radiance. Numerous blue water spirits flew out to stop the tentacles.

Pfff! Terrible Wang Zhang spat out a black fog that leaped onto the Crystal Maze at lightning speed. Where the fog passed, every creature, whether monsters or water spirits, instantly shrunk and dried out as if sucked clean of energy. The water spirits just disappeared.

“Eros, thou should not challenge my authority.” The Water God Palace emitted a buzzing noise and knocked away all of the attacking tentacles.

“Claudia, you’ve suppressed me for thousands of years, and you think you can leave just like that?” The thunderous voice caused the seawater to upsurge. Finally, Terrible Wang Zhang had opened its mouth.

“Humph! I have been courteous enough by not killing thee. Do not try to seek death thyself,” Claudia fumed.

“You didn’t kill me then, because you wanted to borrow my energy to restore the Water God Palace. And now, you simply don’t have the capability,” Terrible Wang Zhang sounded completely indifferent.

“I don’t have the capability? Hahaha, how droll. I am not capable of killing thee?” Claudia’s voice turned icy.

“Claudia, if it hadn’t been for the fact that Elementalist Wu Junxiao injured me because I stole the Demon Sealing Stele, how could someone like you suppress me with your force alone?” Terrible Wang Zhang’s voice went up a few notches.

“Demon Sealing Stele?” Inside Terrible Wang Zhang’s body, Fatty instantly perked his ears. The Demon Sealing Stele was a crucial object in the restoration of the Elemental Mystery Realm. He must get it back.

“Where is the stele?” Claudia asked after a long silence.

“You think I’ll tell you?” Terrible Wang Zhang let out a terrifying laugh. The ocean rumbled, the water surging up several hundred meters to the sky.

“If you don’t, I’ll kill you.” Above the brilliant light of the Crystal Maze, a huge illusion slowly took shape.

As soon as the illusion appeared, the ocean quieted down as if nothing had happened at all. The only thing that was still there was that thunderbolt connecting the sky and ocean.

The illusion was indeed that statue in the palace. At this moment, she held the magic staff in her right hand and whispered some incantation of sorts.

“O’ fading God of Water of ancient times, please heed the summons of the current God of Water and wake up from your slumber. Destroy this Demonic Creature that snuck into the Human realm – Water God Summon!”

A roar resounded. The sea bubbled like boiling water as a several-hundred-meter tall monster slowly rose up from under.

The monster had a human upper half and a snake tail, its hand gripping a trident. It had a long beard that dropped to the chest.

After it appeared, the monster looked around in confusion before setting its eyes on Terrible Wang Zhang. With a roar, the monster raised its trident.

Whoosh. The moment it thrust out the trident, ten-odd tentacles swept out and tightly held the weapon.

“Roaaaah!” Alongside another roar, thousands of water bullets materialized around the monster. They then shot down and exploded at once.

Boom boom boom… Several dozens of tentacles were blown off.

Black blood overflowed and dyed the vicinity of the water pitch black.

Terrible Wang Zhang’s body didn’t budge one bit, its open eyes revealed a hint of mockery.

Boom! The Water God Palace that had flown up tens of meters high slowly fell back to its original place under the oppression of several thousand tentacles.

“Damn thee, Eros! Just what does thou want?” The illusion above the palace was upset.

“Since the Water God Palace was restored using my energy, it naturally should be mine.” Terrible Wang Zhang simply carried out daylight robbery.

“Don’t overstep your bounds!” The woman’s illusion said angrily.

“If it wasn’t that I’m afraid to damage the Water God Palace, I would have already killed a mere illusion like you. Hurry up and scram. Leave the palace to me, or I’ll destroy you.” Terrible Wang Zhang brandished its tentacles. It didn’t take the illusion seriously at all.

“When my main form comes, I shall hack you to death!” The illusion jabbed her finger at Terrible Wang Zhang.

“Humph! Back then, when we stole the Demon Sealing Stele, you took the chance to rob the Elemental Skill Book and was beaten half-death by Wu Junxiao. You didn’t end up much better than me. I’d be amazed if you can restore eighty percent of your original strength by now. If your main form dares come, I’ll just destroy you both together.” Terrible Wang Zhang’s body moved, and a huge cyclone big enough to devour a main city emerged on the ocean.

“Water God, you motherf*cker! So you played a part in damaging the Elemental Skill Book to this state as well. When Lord Fatty becomes a god, I shall torture you!” Fatty’s face turned purple from rage.

“Eros, don’t be too arrogant. If I announce your location, the Imperial Capital of Xuanhuang Ancient Dynasty will send people to capture you right away.” The illusion resorted to threats after a brief silence.

“If they’re not afraid that I will drag a God to death with me, they can just come at me whenever.” Terrible Wang Zhang whipped its tentacle and shattered the Crystal Maze, then shrieked, “Claudia, time to make your choice. Will you give me the Water God Palace or not?”

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