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Chapter 243 – Bluestripe Daggertooth Pike Conger

Invincible East turned ashen pale. If the sword light had strayed just a little, the one being impaled right now would be him and not the Earth Dragon.

“Humph, think you’re all that? I can destroy you all the same.” Cheng Xiong raised his middle finger.


A tragic scream resounded. Han Shen had killed DoWhateverIWish without effort. Blowing on his dagger, he returned to behind Fatty. “Master, mission accomplished.”

“It really gives face to have such a nice disciple, huh? Come, let me hear you say ‘uncle1.’” Xiao Jian laughed creepily.

“Prison last time was ‘you reap what you sow’ and had nothing to do with me. What has happened here better not repeat in the future. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being ruthless,” Fatty declared in a low, solemn tone.

“Humph! Don’t think you’re something just because you have some skills.” Invincible East waved his hand, and the several hundred players behind charged forth in unison. “These days, what matters most is collective power. The time of individual heroism is long over. Everybody, pounce! Kill them all!”

“Those are words of wisdom. But damn, that makes him a difficult one to trick.” Fatty sighed.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh… Suddenly, an even greater number of people emerged and surrounded the players of the Sun Moon Cult.

“Overlord League? Ice Rose Alliance? Misty Waterfall? You people…” Invincible East was extremely infuriated.

“I’m the kind of person who likes to bully few with many.” Dragging the Heaven Painted Halberd behind his shoulder, Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord stepped out with a crafty laugh.

“Invincible East, you drama queen. I bet you could never imagine this day when you insulted me.” Rosethorn was riding her mouth alongside the expressionless Ice Witch.

“Brother East, I never wanted this. But you understand. Ai…” Xu Qian shrugged and directed his eyes toward Liu Lan, indicating that he had no choice at all.

“You think you can scare me with numbers?” Invincible East’s face turned purple from rage. He brandished his sword. “Brothers, follow me!”

Without delay, the several hundred Sun Moon Cult players were annihilated. As for Invincible East, the experts especially teamed up to kill him.

“Thanks, everyone.” Fatty cupped his fist towards the guild masters to offer his gratitude.

The guild masters chatted with Fatty a little bit before leaving with their people. The reason they had come was very simple: They disliked Invincible East. Also, they wanted to ask about Fatty’s new batch of auctioned items.

“We’re all friends, so I’ll just tell you this. If you buy them now, the price is a bit too expensive and you can’t even use them yet. Wait until everyone reaches higher levels, there naturally will be a lot of equipment coming out accordingly. The price of Celestial items will drop then.” This was what Fatty told them.

“You lead them out to missions and gather the materials as soon as possible for our base establishment,” Liu Lan told Xu Qian, while she herself remained with Fatty’s group.

“Why didn’t you leave?” Fatty asked.

“You want me to leave?” Liu Lan softly asked.

“This… that… If you’re not busy, of course, you can come with us,” Fatty bit the bullet to reply as the guys snickered behind his back.

“Oh, right. I almost forgot.” Fatty suddenly remembered something. “I got over forty Dark Unicorn pet eggs. They are in my storage right now. I’ll give them to you when we return.”

“Great. I'll buy them at market price.” Liu Lan smiled beautifully.

“You returned home?” After taking two steps, Fatty turned around and asked.

“Yeah, but I’m not home now.”

“Then, your helmet?”

“I came home to retrieve it and took it to your house.”


At the coast of East Ocean.

“It must be this way.” Han Shen pointed at a direction.

“Wrong, it’s this way.” Cheng Xiong snatched the map and compared it a little, then pointed to another direction.

“You’re all wrong. We must set out to sea!” Xiao Jian declared in an even more confident tone.

“This way!”

“This way!”

“To the sea!”

The three noisily quibbled. Unable to do anything about it, Fatty and Liu Lan stayed behind and watched them with helpless smiles.

“Master, which direction do you think we should go?” Seeing as he was about to lose the argument, Han Shen instantly directed the attention to Fatty.

“I think you are all correct,” Fatty remarked after briefly checking the map.

“Peh!” The three spat at this answer.

“Tch, illiterate! Look at this. We must first sail out to sea, then follow this direction, and then this direction.” Fatty pointed this way and that way before folding the map. Then, he shook his head with a sigh. “Aii… It's scary being illiterate.”

“Pfff!” Liu Lan covered her mouth and burst out in laughter. The three furrowed their brows in unison, speechless.

Liu Lan opened her arms wide, as if wanting to take the sea breeze into her embrace; the wind blew through her long hair. Watching her from the side, Fatty was entranced for a moment.

“Where do we get a ship?” Xiao Jian kicked the seashells. “Don’t tell me we have to swim over there.”

“Even if you want to swim, we don’t.” Fatty had visited East Ocean once before, so he was a bit more familiar with the place. He led the group to a harbor entrance where three tattered ships were docked.

“Captain? Captain? You have business!” Han Shen yelled.

“Sailing is impossible right now. You lot go look for another place.” After a while, an old voice rang out from one of the ships.

“Impossible to sail?” Everyone’s eyes shone. A mission!

“Captain, did something happen that made it impossible to sail into the sea?” The group strode over to that ship and asked.

“Aii… Several days ago, a huge beast entered the vicinity and ate all the livestock in the region. Those that weren’t eaten, were scared away. Ever since then, we haven’t caught a single fish.” An old man around sixty walked out, trembling, his face filled with grief.

“Then get rid of it!” Cheng Xiong shouted.

“That was what we thought, but this beast is too ferocious. We gathered several dozen ships to deal with it. In the end, only these torn ships made it back. The rest were eaten by that beast.” Saying to this point, the old man burst into tears. “Aiiii, my poor son. He was such a good swimmer. He always had the best harvest. He was on the front line when we set out for the beast hunt as well. But he can never return home…”

“Uncle, lend us a ship. We’ll help you deal with that beast and take revenge for your son,” Liu Lan gently said.

“Your group?” The old man shook his head. “You have too few people. Don’t waste your life like this. Listen to this old man’s advice, just go back.”

“Old fellow, are you looking down on us?!” Cheng Xiong’s expression turned fierce. “Let me tell you, Azure Dragon City especially sent us here to slay this beast. Look at this.”

Cheng Xiong handed over Fatty’s Bronze Medallion. The old man was stunned. “Black Tortoise City honorary citizen?”

“Mhm. Ahh? Ehh, we’re citizens of Black Tortoise City. Azure Dragon City Lord Lei Ao has invited us here to deal with this beast,” Fatty hastily corrected.

“Oh, I see.” The old man nodded.

System Notification: Do you want to accept the mission “Eliminate the Sea Beast”?

Of course.

Being the party lead, Fatty hit “Accept” and instantly saw the details being displayed before him.

System Notification: You have accepted the mission “Eliminate the Sea Beast.”
Mission Requirement: Eliminate the sea beast that has been wreaking havoc near Azure Dragon Bay.
Time limit: 3 days.
Reward: Unknown.
Mission Details: Recently, a huge beast has appeared in the vicinity of Azure Dragon Bay. This beast is extremely vicious. Not only has it been consuming aquatic livestock in the area, but it also devoured countless fishermen who tried to drive it out.

“Uncle, can you lend us a ship now?” Liu Lan asked.

“Deposit is 5,000 a ship, daily rent is 100 gold coins,” the old man replied readily.

“We’re helping you avenge your son, and yet you’re charging us money?!” Cheng Xiong raged.

“Not like I’m begging you to.” The old man wrung his neck and said outright.

“Alright, here you are.” Fatty was actually the generous one this time. He directly took out 5,000 gold coins.

Getting on the ship, Fatty said, “The mission is more important. No need to waste time on him.”

The tattered ship wasn’t big, only a dozen or so meters long and five meters wide. The edge was damaged in many places, and the cabin emitted a musty smell. The group would rather be out bathing in the burning sun than cooling in the cabin.

Shakily sailing across the sea, everyone was worried that the ship might suddenly sink at any moment.


Moving for several hours, they came across a gloomy, disturbed area. There, a huge, shadowy figure was faintly discernible under water.

BOOM! A wave struck and directly smashed the tattered ship to wood chips.

“Ahhhh!” The party screamed as they fell into the sea.

Whoosh. Cheng Xiong flew up with Float.

“Here’s for you. Be careful on your own.” Fatty swam to Liu Lan and transferred the Zephyr Wings to her.

With a smile, Liu Lan heeded his words and equipped the Zephyr Wings, then flew up as well.

“Han Shen come here, this is for you.” Fatty gave Han Shen the Waterwade Boots he had acquired on the previous trip here with West.

“Woah, they can travel on water? Master, I love you to death!” Han Shen yelled and hastily equipped the boots. Immediately, his body floated up, and he could travel like walking on solid ground.

“Fatty?” Xiao Jian looked over with expectant eyes.

“Nope.” Fatty shrugged and lamented in his heart. I remembered bringing the Waterwade Boots, yet forgot to switch mounts.

Hooo… The black figure swam over towards them. Fatty tossed an Appraisal and instantly got the monster’s details.

Bluestripe Daggertooth Pike Conger
Gold boss
Level: 58
Attack: 130 – 155
Defense: 130
HP: 8000
Notes: A monster of the sea. Very powerful. Its innate skill, Electric Shock, can electrocute and kill some monsters that are stronger than it.

According to visual assessment, the beast was fifty to sixty meters long with a flat body and pointy head and tail, looking like a weaving shuttle. Blue patterns covered up its entire body; these patterns seemed to be some kind of unique magical runes.

“Only a level 58 Gold boss. We can easily handle it!” Cheng Xiong shouted from the sky.

“If so, you guys go for it. Xiao Jian and I will stand back.”

Half submerged in the sea, it was inconvenient for Fatty and Xiao Jian to attack. They simply left the battlefield and let the other three take care of the beast.

“Master, you only need to watch!” Han Shen shouted. Then, he suddenly turned into a mass of black illusion and vanished before everyone’s eyes.

“Hah! Watch my Violent Whip!” Cheng Xiong let out a booming cry. A black whip appeared out of thin air and ruthlessly lashed towards the Bluestripe Daggertooth Pike Conger.

BAM! The whip violently struck its target. The beast roared, its huge body trembled from the pain.

“Underworld Blood Blade!” Han Shen’s voice echoed. Promptly, a bloody hole appeared in an inconspicuous place on the beast’s belly.

The bloody hole was almost invisible on the massive body of the Bluestripe Daggertooth Pike Conger. However, the instant it appeared, the creature spasmed acutely.

1. 师叔: address for one's teacher's younger brother. ↩