Show Me the Money
Chapter 242 – The Violent Sacrificer
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Show Me the Money
Author :Wu Shao Ling
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Chapter 242 – The Violent Sacrificer

In any case, the Teleportation Portal connecting Black Tortoise City and the Holy Spirit Island had been successfully established. From now on, Fatty could freely travel between these two places without being limited by the Reputation point requirements.


A notification sound rang out. Someone was calling him in real life.

Finding a spot and logging out, Fatty took off the helmet and instantly saw Liu Lan about to try doing something to him.

“You’re up?” Fatty lazily stretched his shoulders and sat up from the bed.

“I would have starved to death if I wasn’t.” Liu Lan pouted.

“Let me get you something to eat.” Saying so, Fatty headed for the kitchen.

“I’ve prepared the food, I was only calling you out to eat.” Liu Lan pulled Fatty by the hand to the living room. The food was already set on the table, four dishes and one soup.

“Mhmm, smells great. Your cooking isn’t too shabby,” encouraged Fatty as he sniffed with all his might.

“Of course,” Liu Lan smugly said.

“It’s certainly good!” Fatty praised as he stuffed the food in his mouth.

“Has the tournament ended?” Liu Lan sat down next to Fatty. She just woke up from a hangover and couldn’t eat too much, so she simply helped deliver food into Fatty’s bowl.

“It should. There was no one in the Imperial Capital when I logged on.” Fatty then briefed her on the happenings after he got on the game.

“Hey, don’t pile up too much food, I can’t finish them all,” Fatty helplessly said upon seeing his bowl being filled to the brim.

“What do you mean you can’t finish? Since you’re so fat, how will you survive if you eat so little.” Liu Lan kept piling up more food for Fatty.

“I want to lose weight!” screamed Fatty.

“You’re a male. What lose weight?” Liu Lan directly shoved some food in his mouth.

"The game was bustling today. Why did you choose the bar instead?” Swallowing a mouthful of food with difficulty, Fatty asked.

“Because I like. Can’t I?” Liu Lan seemed upset. Since she didn’t want to talk about it, Fatty didn’t persist.


A phone ring resounded. Liu Lan took the call with a stern expression, but it soon turned into a smile.

“We got a City Construction Token!” Liu Lan hung up and announced in delight.

“Congrats, congrats! The second guild with a base, huh? When are you establishing it?”

“This will have to wait a few days. My guild isn’t fully prepared yet. Don’t stare, hurry up and eat. You are not allowed to play until you finish your food.”

When Fatty finished his meal and was about to wash the dishes, Liu Lan took on the job and urged him to log on the game, her excuse being Fatty needed to go make money to support the family.

‘This girl is becoming more and more feminine by the day,’ Fatty thought to himself.

Logging into the game, Fatty sighed. The number of missions was growing, and all of them were hardcore.

“A high and mighty city lord is actually exploiting me, a little player, like a coolie! You have no shame!” Fatty turned around and pointed at the city lord manor yelling.

Flipping through the mission list, none was easy to complete. Either they were super hard, or the items needed were too precious.

“A hundred Meteor Iron Ores? Gosh! What are you up to now?”

Fatty had pulled the guild masters he knew into a group chat. Upon hearing his request, Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord instantly exclaimed in an exaggerated tone.

“You got another ballista blueprint of some sort?” East Gate BlowingWind’s eyes sparkled. That thing is a sharp tool in base sieges!

“How can it be that easy to get another one?” Fatty shook his head. “You guys still remember the Heart of Malediction? The city lord has promised me to give me one of the equipment after he refines it, but I have to gather the materials myself.”

“It’s a bit difficult this time,” Rosethorn said. “We have very few Meteor Iron Ores, and this is still an entire guild’s stock. You must know how rare this ore is.”

“Master, leave that Meteor Iron Ore thingie for later. Come join me on a mission.” Han Shen’s voice rang out from the communicator.

“What mission?”

“Remember that map to a Celestial item that you gave Han Shen? Let’s go look for that Celestial item!” Xiao Jian popped out.

“You can’t leave me out of something this good!” Cheng Xiong had finally moved his account to the CN region.

“Okay. Wait for me. I’ll come after I take care of some stuff.” Fatty went to his Treasures Galore Auction House and spotted some suspicious players snooping around.

“Still not giving up?” Fatty snorted coldly. He didn’t change his destination and walked into the auction house.

“He’s here.” The ‘snoopers’ exchanged glances. One of them opened his communicator and said something into it.

“He finally shows up.” Invincible East gritted his teeth upon receiving the report. “Brothers, gather a team and come with me to kill him.”

Inside the auction house, Fatty fed the trashy equipment from his mass purchase during this time to the Elemental Skill Book. Then, he displayed all of the items acquired on the Holy Spirit Island on the shelves and input considerably high prices. Especially that high-rank Celestial Shield of Pride, the default lowest bidding price that the auction house tagged it was thirty million gold coins.

After adding a purchase notice for Meteor Iron Ores, Fatty exited the building. He ignored the Sun Moon Cult players and headed straight for the city gate.

“What on earth?! The default starting price is already thirty million gold coins?” A window shopper who loved to look through auction items immediately discovered this new batch of equipment. “Shield of Pride? Oh my gosh, high-rank Celestial grade? Superb stats?!”

This player was dumbfounded. After that, the news quickly spread and the entire Black Tortoise City was struck dumb.

“Thirty million gold coins bidding price high-rank Celestial shield. Fatty, is it yours?”

When Fatty grouped up with Han Shen and the other two outside Black Tortoise City, Xiao Jian immediately asked him about the shield.

After Han Shen obtained his 4th class enhancement, the special feature of his hidden class was clearly revealed on the outside. Han Shen was now constantly accompanied by a black halo. When he made the tiniest movement, the halo flashed and countless shadowy ghosts manifested around him.

On the contrary, Xiao Jian hadn’t changed at all, still dragging the same old sword and roaming all over the place. As for baldy Cheng Xiong, this brawny fellow actually chose Priest as his class.

“Damn it! Can you not do this to me?!” Fatty truly couldn’t take it anymore after Cheng Xiong physically beat a dozen monsters to death with his magic staff.

“Eyyy.” Seeing Fatty so stifled that his face turned red, Cheng Xiong groaned and puffed out his chest. “What? You think it’s funny that your bro is a Sacrificer? Lemme tell ya, your bro is a Violent Sacrificer, the champion of the First Under Heaven Tournament Individual category over in the Africa region.”

“Violent Sacrificer?!”

Aside from Fatty, the other two already knew about Cheng Xiong’s story, so Cheng Xiong had to explain to Fatty from the start.

It turned out that after Cheng Xiong reached the 1st class enhancement, he had wanted to choose Warrior. However, he received a mission. After doing this and that to complete the mission, he unknowingly became a Sacrificer.

“Impressive.” Fatty gave a thumbs-up. Except for this word, he really didn’t know what else to say.

“Master, are you being tailed?” Han Shen looked to a place in the distance, his face serious.

“Oh, you can actually spot them from so far away?” Fatty’s lips curled up.

“Who?! Who are the bastards?! They dare set their eyes on you?! Are they tired of living?!” Cheng Xiong swung his staff. A white light shot out and felled a huge tree.

As the tree fell with creaking noises, screams of shock echoed from it, followed by several unknown rogues unluckily getting smashed by the tree.

“The Sun Moon Cult people.” Without any more words from Fatty, everyone already knew the details as Invincible East appeared in their sight.

Because of Fatty, they were tricked into the Black Tortoise City’s prison for three days aside from paying a fine of one million gold coins. It would be strange if they didn’t resent him for this.

“Long time no see,” Fatty greeted as if he didn’t see the several hundred people following Invincible East.

“Heh, Money Grubber, how very calm you are. You actually don’t run when you see us,” Invincible East sneered.

“Why should I run?” Fatty was leisurely as ever.

“You’re called Invincible East? The fellow who wanted to rob my bro’s store?” Dragging his staff, Cheng Xiong took two steps forth. “Do you dare fight this priest one-on-one?”

“Aha, ahahahahaha!” Invincible East laughed at the peak of his rage. “Money Grubber, I must say that your people’s psychological quality is really on another level. A priest wants to fight me one-on-one? Hahahaha!”

The members of the Sun Moon Cult burst out in laughter.

“What’s wrong with Priest? Priest can’t do 1v1 PK? Or do you not dare to?” Cheng Xiong shouted.

Fatty exchanged glances with the other two. This brat has actually learned to put on an act. Looks like he didn’t waste his time in Africa doing nothing.

“Humph! My Big Bro doesn’t have to personally step out for someone like you. I alone am enough.” DoWhateverIWish spurred his steed towards Cheng Xiong.

“He is challenging your boss, why the hell are you meddling? I’ll play with you.” Han Shen rushed before DoWhateverIWish with an Acceleration.

“Fine. If I don’t take it up, others will think that I’m afraid of a priest.” Invincible East ordered his subordinates to move back while he himself stepped forth on his mount.

His mount had been changed to an Earth Dragon. From the looks of it, after watching Fatty’s match, he took the chance to go capture one while he was still in the Imperial Capital.

Cheng Xiong’s face briefly revealed a sinister smile. With a swing of his arm, a white light shot towards Invincible East. The latter snorted coldly and didn’t evade. He controlled the Earth Dragon to charge right at the attack.

“Float!” Cheng Xiong growled. His body quickly flew up ten meters in the air and dodged the Earth Dragon’s body ram.

“Go die!” Cheng Xiong cried and threw attack after attack at Invincible East.

“You?!” Invincible East stammered in shock. He never imagined that the opponent could fly.

Warriors didn’t have many long-ranged skills and couldn’t fight when mounted. After a few rounds, Invincible East was obviously the one at a disadvantage.

However, Cheng Xiong couldn’t do much to Invincible East either. His attacks didn’t take much of the latter’s health.

“Guild Master, this trash isn’t worthy to die at your hands. Leave him to me.” An archer of the Sun Moon Cult stepped out.

“Trash?” Cheng Xiong laughed coldly and pointed at the archer. “You two can come together.”

“Arrogant!” Invincible East and the archer let out a loud shout in unison. The archer lifted his bow and shot an arrow at Cheng Xiong. At the same time, Invincible East swung his longsword. A bright and clear sword light whooshed out.

“Hahaha!” Cheng Xiong laughed heartily and remained unbudging. “I am arrogant, because I have the qualifications to be arrogant!”

Alongside his laugh, a magic shield materialized in front of Cheng Xiong and blocked the arrow. Also, a white halo enveloped him. Invincible East’s sword light struck and took a considerable chunk of health, but very soon, Cheng Xiong’s HP fully regenerated.

Cheng Xiong’s shiny bald head had a holy vibe to it under the lumination of the white halo.

A ten-meter-long, sword-shaped attack violently descended and directly pierced through the Earth Dragon’s body, nailing it to the ground.

“Sun Moon Cult? I spit on it!”

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