Show Me the Money
Chapter 240 – Teleportation Portal
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Show Me the Money
Author :Wu Shao Ling
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Chapter 240 – Teleportation Portal

In a rare chance that Fatty left his house, he unexpectedly came across Liu Lan and even more surprisingly, Bai Xiaosheng.

Bai Xiaosheng was quite a famous figure. The All-Knowing Sect alone made him one of the very top brass in the game.

“I didn’t think the famous Bai Xiaosheng would be so old that he’s already uncle-level,” Liu Lan commented on the way back.

“It’s lucky that he’s so old and has no ambition for dominance. Otherwise, no guild would be a match for the All-Knowing Sect,” said Fatty with a serious face.

Cheng Xiong had soon dragged Xiao Jian away, the reason being he didn’t want to disturb them. Liu Lan was half tipsy and Fatty wanted to see her home, but she refused to return no matter what, so he had no choice but to take her to his home.

“Whew, so cold.” Liu Lan rubbed her hands and staggered into the living room.

“I told you to get a cab, but you just had to walk,” Fatty helplessly said. He went to pour Liu Lan a cup of water, only to see that she had fallen asleep on the sofa.

Shaking his head, Fatty carried Liu Lan to Qian Xiaoqian’s room and carefully draped the blanket on her. Then, he went to his room and put on the helmet.

Fatty appeared inside the Imperial Capital, which had been restored to its usual quietness. After the tournament ended, everybody had been automatically teleported back where they came from.

When he wanted to teleport to Black Tortoise City, Fatty discovered that the Teleportation Token only had one use left. If he returned now, he wouldn’t be able to come here in the short future.

“If I can set up a Teleportation Portal on the Holy Spirit Island…” Fatty stroked his chin and came up with an idea.

“Little Fatty, you actually have time to come and see me?” Alchemy Grandmaster Reck looked at Fatty with shining eyes. The NPC wished he could just knock Fatty to the ground and rob clean the Dragon Revolution Herbs on his body.

“Cough… It’s been quite a while. I missed you very much, so I’ve come to see you.” Fatty coughed.

“Alright, since you’ve seen me, you can leave,” finishing his words, Reck pretended to turn and leave.

“Nooo, don’t!” Fatty hastily grabbed Reck. “There’s a small favor I must trouble you with.”

“Say it, what is it?” Reck smiled. “Let’s be clear, I won’t do it for free.”

“You’re getting on in years, don’t be like me.” Fatty was speechless. “I want to set up a Teleportation Portal. Do you have any advice I could use?”

“Teleportation Portal? Where?” Reck asked.

“From Black Tortoise City to this place.” Fatty briefed a little.

“The Holy Spirit Island is in your hands?” Reck grabbed Fatty’s hand. “Let me see the Demigod Dark Unicorn Horn.”

“Let’s be clear first, it’s a mission item that I’ve promised someone else. I can’t give it to you.” Fatty took out the Dark Unicorn Chief’s horn. Reck quickly snatched the horn and carefully studied it. He even sniffed it all over.

“An excellent material. Not only can it be used to craft equipment, if ground to powder, it can also be added in alchemy refining to make top-tier medicines with additional stats.” Reck fell deeper and deeper in love the more he analyzed the horn. It looked like he had no intention to give it back to Fatty at all.

“Cough.” Fatty had to interrupt Reck’s evaluation. “Master, do you have any suggestions for me?”

“What suggestion? Just find a Space Mage,” Reck casually replied.

“Then, do you have any friend who is a Space Mage?” Fatty probed.

“Good brat, so this is your real purpose.” Reck reluctantly tossed the horn back to Fatty. “What do I get?”

“You are the number one Alchemy Grandmaster in the entire Imperial Capital! And you ask me…” Fatty was speechless. “You tell me, what do I have that can catch your eye?” Pausing a little, Fatty continued, “The Dragon Revolution Herb is out of the question. I’m saving it for my pets.”

“Oh. That’s a shame. I think I don’t have any Space Mage friends.” Reck was direct.

Fatty replied, “…”

Without a word, Reck just stared at him with an amiable smile.

Fatty clenched his teeth. “I know you want it for research. I can’t give you the Dragon Revolution Herb, but the dried stem should do, right?”

“Deal.” Reck smacked his hand. “Let’s go, I’ll take you to Lucas, and retrieve that Dragon Revolution Herb dried stem from your storage.”

Thinking he was going to get his hands on the Dragon Revolution Herb dried stem soon, Reck grew visibly happy. Without further nonsense, He brought Fatty to a big mansion.

“Oh, my dear friend Reck! What wind blows you here?”

Space Grand Magus Lucas was an old baldy. Barring the beard that dropped down to his chest, he could be a rival for Cheng Xiong.

“Something we need to trouble you with. Lad, tell him yourself.” Reck irresponsibly tossed Fatty to Lucas while he himself took out the dried stem and began to study it.

“Respected Grand Magus, I hope to set up a Teleportation Portal connecting Black Tortoise City and a place. I wonder if you have the time?” Fatty respectfully asked.

“Connecting Black Tortoise City and another place?” Lucas chuckled. “A clandestine Teleportation Portal is against the Imperial rules.”

“It’s not a clandestine portal. I want to build it on my island.” Fatty briefed the story again.

“Holy Spirit Island?” Lucas’ eyes brightened. “I heard the God of Light pried it from Sky City. There’s been no trace of it ever since. What a surprise that it actually fell into your hands. Setting up the portal on the island is possible, but what price are you willing to pay?”

Ugh, NPCs these days. Fatty inwardly cursed and bit the bullet to ask, “What do you need, master?”

“I want the Spatial Spoon,” Lucas said outright.

“Spatial Spoon?! No way!” Fatty jumped on the spot. How does this fellow know I have the Spatial Spoon?

The Spatial Spoon was the remnant of a Divine item. While it only had one function, this skill was a crucial life-saver as well as a useful traveling supporter. The Spoon’s value could rank top among all the items in Fatty’s possession.

“I’m a Space Mage; I naturally can sense Space-attribute objects.” Lucas smiled. “Don’t be in such a hurry to turn me down. A Divine remnant for a Teleportation Portal plus a piece of information, how about that?”

“Tell me what the information is about first,” Fatty carefully requested.

“News concerning Sky City.”

“Sky City?” Fatty hesitated. If it can really help me acquire Sky City, not to mention a Divine remnant, even a whole Divine item wouldn’t be worth that much.

“Owning Sky City is like having an air fortress, the kind that can move at that. Young friend, I think you also know full well the value of such a city, don’t you?” At this moment, Lucas was smiling like a creepy uncle trying to lure a child with a lollipop.

“Take his offer. I’ve stayed in the Imperial Palace for so many years and not heard of one single thing about Sky City. If you pass up on this chance, it’d be very hard to find another clue,” Reck suddenly spoke up.

“Fine.” Fatty softly bit his lips. “After the portal is set up, I’ll give you the Spatial Spoon.”

“Hahaha, very good. Let’s head to the Holy Spirit Island right now.” Lucas seemed extremely delighted upon hearing Fatty agree to the deal. He constantly urged Fatty to bring him to the Holy Spirit Island.

“Wait, I’m joining you,” said Reck.

Fatty rode the Earth Dragon and led the two old men towards the Holy Spirit Island. On the way, however, Lucas said it was too slow, so according to the coordinates Fatty provided, he set up Teleportation Portals on the ground and teleported them to the destination with just two teleportations, spending only over ten minutes on the process.

“This is the originally calm and peaceful Holy Spirit Island?” Looking at the dark red soil and hearing Fatty’s detailed narration of the island’s history, Reck and Lucas lapsed into silence.

“The God of Light was too much!” Reck exclaimed angrily after some time.

“Shush! Quiet you. A God’s action isn’t something we can judge,” Lucas hastily said.

“What the hell are you afraid of? So what if he’s a God-tier expert? If he dared to commit such a sin within the Imperial territory, the Dynasty absolutely wouldn’t let him get away with it!” Reck was indignant.

“You know he is a God-tier expert.” Lucas sighed. “God-tier experts, which one of them isn’t the unrestrained kind that does whatever they please? If it weren’t for the Dynasty’s protection, the continent would have been plunged into chaos by them. Too bad that the Dynasty can protect only this land, but can’t help out the other regions.”

Fatty actually got an important piece of information from their casual chat. So that’s the kind of relationship between God-tier experts and the Dynasty! He was a little shocked.

“God? Humph! Just you wait. When I succeeded in refining a poison that can kill Gods, I’ll poison every single one of those bastards that refuse to comply with the Dynasty’s reign!” Reck yelled.

Hiss… Fatty’s heart nearly stopped beating at those words. What did Reck just say? A poison that can kill Gods? If so, then he must be researching this? What determination!

“Alright, cut the crap. Let’s set up the portal.” Lucas chose a spot and waved his sleeve, flinging out a huge pile of materials.

Since Fatty agreed to exchange the Spatial Spoon for a Teleportation Portal, Lucas naturally had to take care of the materials. The old fellow was a Grand Magus supported by the Dynasty; he always had a great deal of materials on him.

Lucas had seemed casual when he drew two Teleportation Portals to teleport here, but it would be very wrong to think that it was easy to set up one. In fact, it was very complicated, especially with this type of permanent and long-distance portal.

Fatty watched as Lucas drew a magic formation while throwing out all kinds of materials from his sleeve. There were Space-attribute spirit stones, extremely rare magic tools, and even several pieces of Magic Origin.

“In fact, lad, you’re the one gaining big when exchanging a mere Divine remnant for a Teleportation Portal,” said Reck. “Ignoring the fact that there are very few mages who can build this portal, just those materials alone already cost tens of millions of gold coins.

“That much?!” Fatty was a bit startled.

“Think about it. How can a normal Teleportation portal directly send you here in one go when the Imperial Capital is so far away? Each teleportation like that would cost a tremendous amount of energy. That’s why there’s such a strict requirement to teleport from the main cities to the Imperial Capital.”

“So, after this portal is set, I still can’t teleport as I please?” Fatty was a bit disappointed. If it’s like this, what do I want it for?

“You can teleport, but it’ll cost some magic spirit stones. Everyone else can’t use it, though.” Lucas turned around to answer upon hearing Fatty’s question.

“Ahh? Other people can’t use?” Regret instantly appeared on Fatty’s face. He only agreed to exchange the Spatial Spoon for a Teleportation Portal for a couple of reasons. One reason was that the information on Sky City was very alluring, and the other was Fatty wanted to use the portal to make money.

Yet, this old fellow Lucas said Fatty could only use it for himself, directly wrecking his plan to make big bucks.

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