Show Me the Money
Chapter 209 – Deadly Squash
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Show Me the Money
Author :Wu Shao Ling
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Chapter 209 – Deadly Squash

Moretta responded with extreme rage.

The demon put his hands together and thrust them forward. Along with the motion, a basketball-sized black energy ball appeared, screaming as it charged right for the middle of the field.

BOOOOM! An explosion rumbled right where it hit. Smoke billowed and an energy wave swept out in all directions, knocking the players left and right.

As the wind blew by and the smoke slowly dispersed, less than three hundred players of the Rainrevelers were revealed out of the original five hundred.

One single blow had slaughtered nearly half of them.

“This is the true power of a Demon General?” Fatty’s pupils constricted. Without a second thought, he tossed out a scroll.

Intermediate Fire Skill Scroll – Fire Blast.

Bam! The scroll attack accurately struck Moretta. To Fatty’s dismay, the demon’s body only swayed a little. A white mark was scratched out on his black armor and –100 damage indicator popped up from his head. The attack couldn’t even break through his defenses.

“Go to hell!” Morette raised both hands, and an even bigger black ball materialized itself.

“Scatter! Spread out quickly!” Fatty shouted. He summoned the Unicorn, pulled Liu Lan on it, and fled into the distance.

BOOOOOM! The land quaked. This attack didn’t aim at the Hall of Administration in the center, but the blast wave alone directly destroyed half of the building’s structure, while the other half was on the verge of crumbling.

“We're so dead…” Rosethorn felt helpless. Looking at another incoming wave of black energy, she didn’t have any desire to dodge at all and simply closed her eyes.

“Sis, move!” Ice Witch dragged Rosethorn as she ran from the blast.

“We… lost…” Tears streaked out from Rosethorn’s eyes.

“Don’t be pessimistic. The system hasn’t declared our defeat yet.”

Rosethorn shook her head and sat down on the ground, dejected. She just stared dumbly at the center hall that was falling apart.

“Poor girl. Fatty, can you lure the monster away?” Liu Lan whispered to Fatty.

“I’ll try.” Fatty set Liu Lan on the ground and contacted Rosethorn, “Guild Master Rose if I lure the monster away, what do I get?”

This Fatty! Liu Lan didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

“Five hundred thousand, no, one million gold coins,” a flame of hope started to burn in Rosethorn’s eyes.

At the current exchange rate, one million gold coins can be converted to twenty million RMB. That’s quite a large sum.

“Deal,” Fatty closed the communicator, before screaming towards Moretta, “Moretta, do you want to know where the Phantasm Ghost Claw is?”

“Phantasm Ghost Claw?” Moretta was stunned. After some time, the demon finally recalled that it was his boss’s claw. “Humph, I don’t need you to tell me that. I know much more clearly than you here it’s sealed.”

Despite saying so, Moretta had stopped attacking to fix his eyes on Fatty.

“You aren’t very up-to-date about this, then,” Fatty patted the non-existing dust on his clothes softly. “I’ve seen it in the Ancient Battlefield, and even brought back it to Black Tortoise City.”

“You’re lying!” Morette instantly shrieked. “While the Phantasm is merely a hand of Lord Ghost King, it’s still not something you could handle. It could kill you just with a claw!”

“Tch, if its real form came out, then it naturally could claw me dead, howerveeee…” Fatty deliberately dragged out the word.

“However, what?” Moretta urgently inquired.

“Why should I tell you?” Fatty asked back.

“You!” Moretta forcefully swallowed back his fury and said, “Tell me, and I’ll erase all the conflict between us.”

“How distasteful!” Fatty aggressively spat on the ground. “Dude, I let you out, and you haven’t even thanked me for that.”

“If you tell me the truth, then I’ll give you a weapon.” Moretta took out a silver spear. “In the past, when I followed Lord Ghost King onto the battlefield, I killed a dragon rider and relinquished this spear.”

Dragon Rider? Everyone was shocked. That’s a level 80 expert!

“Alright. Since you’ve shown such sincerity, follow me.” Fatty acted as if he was considering the condition for a bit before he agreed. Then, he got on the Unicorn and headed in the direction of Black Tortoise City.

After some hesitation, Moretta lifted his hand, about to destroy the other half of the center hall that was still barely standing.

“Stop!” Fatty hastily shouted. “If you start breaking things again, I won’t take you to see the Phantasm Ghost Claw.”

“But I have an order to destroy it,” said Moretta.

“You can do that after we meet with the Phantasm Ghost Claw. Hurry! I won’t take you there if you keep dawdling,” Fatty urged the Unicorn to speed up. At the same time, he gave Liu Lan his medallion. “Take this and go find City Lord Lin Xi.”

Liu Lan nodded her head and vanished.

Seeing Fatty quickly fly away, Moretta hesitated a little. Then, he decided to let the hall off and quickly followed Fatty.

“Whew… Finally gone.” Moretta’s domineering aura had intimidated the players so badly that no one dared to chant anything like “Kill the boss.” Now that the demon was gone, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

“That monster was let out by Fatty.” Rosethorn thought back to the conversation and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Even so, with the crisis reverted, she exhaled in relief and prayed that Moretta would never come back again.

“Old Mo, how can you still be strong powerful after being sealed for so many years?” Flying in the sky, Fatty asked Moretta.

“Humph!” Moretta only harrumphed. Who would be happy to talk about how they were sealed for several thousand years? Fatty was indeed a lousy conversationalist to pick such an unpleasing subject.

“What rank are you before? Legendary?” Fatty continued to ask.

“Legendary? No, no, I hadn’t reached that realm,” Moretta shook his head. “However, I was but one long step away from it.”

After flying for a while, Moretta felt that something was off, “Where are we going?”

“We’re going to find the Phantasm Ghost Claw.” Fatty looked at Moretta with innocent eyes.

“I know! But where are we going to find it?” Moretta stiffly asked.

“The Phantasm Ghost Claw is staying at Black Tortoise at the City Lord’s manor as a guest. We’re going there.”

“What?! The Black Tortoise City Lord Manor?!” Moretta instantly stopped mid-air, and his face abruptly changed. “You dare to trick me?!”

“Don’t, no need to be so emotional,” Fatty swatted his arms and ignored Moretta’s malicious glare. “It’s fine if you don’t want to come in. You can wait outside while I go and call it out.”

Moretta’s expression repeatedly changed for a while, until he finally spoke up, “Little brat, it’s best that you don’t trick me, or I’ll make you regret ever being born.”

Fatty pouted and resumed flying toward Black Tortoise City.

When they arrived at the Ox-Horn Mountain outside Black Tortoise City, Moretta landed, “Alright, I’ll wait here. Go and return quickly. Remember, don’t play any tricks, or I’ll go back and destroy that newly established base.”

So it seemed Moretta wasn’t a fool; he knew that place was very essential. Yet, Fatty couldn’t comprehend why the system just randomly roped this fellow in and made him the ultimate boss of the siege.

Fatty contacted Liu Lan to notify her of his arrival and entered the city. Immediately, he saw the person Lin Xi had sent, General Drucker.

“General Drucker, long time no see. I hope you have been well,” Fatty greeted with a friendly smile.

“Hello to you too.” Drucker’s earnest face revealed a smile. “I heard that you’d brought Moretta with you?”

“Heh, he’s waiting out there,” Fatty pointed at the direction of the Ox-Horn Mountain.

“Heheh, that’s a brave choice,” Drucker chuckled.

“Brat! You dare trick me?!” Not waiting for Fatty and co. to return to the Ox-Horn Mountain, Moretta’s voice traveled from afar. Instantly, they could see a black figure soared up to the sky and quickly start flying away.

“This is bad! How did he know?” Fatty paled in fright. If Moretta goes back to destroy the Ice Rose Alliance base, my one million gold coins will be gone!

“Rest assured, he can’t leave,” Drucker waved his hand nonchalantly. From high above the sky, the black figure was suddenly smashed down.

“Still want to run, Moretta?” It was Dragon Rider Libya.

“A mere Dragon Rider! This General has slain many of your kind in the past! You actually have to guts to block my path?” Moretta seethed with fury. He let out a long battle cry, and the black trident appeared in his hand. The demon charged forward.

“Humph, I naturally wouldn’t dare if you were still that demon general from the past; but, you’ve been sealed away for several thousand years. You are already lucky that the seal wasn’t tight enough. Still, you dared come to our Black Tortoise City to make a fuss? Just die!” Libya controlled the pterosaur and moved lower.

CLANK! The dragon spear collided with the trident and tangled with each other.

“He truly lives up to his reputation as one of the sixteen Demon Generals. Even after being sealed for thousands of years, he still possesses this kind of power,” Drucker praised.

“He said he’d killed Dragon Riders before. Maybe we should find more people?” Fatty suggested. He didn’t want to give Moretta any chance to escape.

“Don’t worry, General Libya will definitely capture him,” claimed Drucker with a smile.

BOOM! BOOM! The sounds of collision echoed from the sky. Clouds were dispersed, and mountains crashed. The two fought from the heavens to the ground and soared upwards once more without anyone gaining the upper hand.

“He’s still this powerful after being sealed so miserably.” Fatty really didn’t know what else to say to this. To make this fellow the siege’s ultimate boss, the system clearly contained no intention to let the players win at all!

Boom! The two figures, one black, and one gold split apart. With a streak of blood running down from the corner of his mouth, Moretta shot Libya a ferocious glare. Then, he flung out his trident and shouted—

“Demon Dragon Roar!”

“ROAAAAAAH!” A massive black dragon wiggled out from thin air and quickly merged with the black trident as it shot toward Libya.

“Humph!” Libya snorted, not the least bit afraid in the face of Moretta’s grand skill. A golden light suddenly emerged, and a dragon cry echoed through the heavens and earth. Libya stood on the pterosaur with the dragon spear in hand and the illusion of a huge dragon at his back.

“Die!” The dragon rider hurled out his spear. With a hum, the illusion behind him streaked out and merged with the pike in a blink.

“Draconic Slayer!”

Boom! The two weapons, one carried Demon Dragon Roar and the other, Draconic Slayer, violently collided in the sky.

Roaaah! Ummm! Two dragon cries echoed at the same time. The difference was that one was aggressive shrieking, while the other was a musical hum.

The golden dragon and the black dragon tangled and tore upon one another in the air. Moretta cast Fatty a ferocious glance as if he wanted to imprint the elementalist’s image in his mind, before turning to leave.

Libya was busy dealing with Demon Dragon Roar, while Drucker wasn’t a match for Moretta. Just as the demon was about to escape…

“Where do you think you are running?” A voice suddenly resounded. An earthy yellow colored, massive hand descended from the sky and grabbed Moretta.

The hand clenched. Pffffft. Moretta was instantly squashed into a bunch of gore, couldn’t be any deader.
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