Show Me the Money
Chapter 196 – X-Ray Eye
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Show Me the Money
Author :Wu Shao Ling
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Chapter 196 – X-Ray Eye

A Shield Warrior had outstanding strength, though its intelligence was a bit lacking in comparison. Even so, its power was no longer at its peak after being dead for so many years.

After the wave of attacks, the monster’s HP had dropped below half health. However, Fatty didn’t dare to be negligent because the real danger was yet to come.

“Raaaaah!” The Shield Warrior let out a booming roar and raced toward Fatty. Fatty kept attacking, but most of his attacks were parried and didn’t deal any significant damage.

Bam bam! Wheat used Scatterstone Rain again and sapped away a sliver of the opponent’s health.

Retreating several steps, Fatty quickly constructed two traps on the ground.

Fwish. When the warrior approached and stepped onto a trap, several tendrils of ivy instantly emerged and tightly coiled around it.

“Kill!” Fatty shouted. He got behind the warrior with a few steps and swung the Elemental Sword over and over, drawing blood with each slash.

Boom! Pang! Howling Bullet and Stalagmite repeatedly rammed into the Shield Warrior’s body, dealing even more damage than Fatty.

Pah! The warrior snapped the vines. The monster blocked Fatty’s incoming attack with a wave of its shield. Fatty only saw a white light flash on the shield’s surface when a number popped up from his head.

“Damage Reflection!” Fatty instantly understood. The mob’s shield should be able to reflect a portion of any physical damage it received. This skill wasn’t something any player could learn.

Staggering a little from the force, the Shield Warrior quickly steadied itself and continued rushing forth. With a sudden thud, it fell into another trap again. This time the trap was Ice attribute, and so, it directly froze the monster.

Grasping the opportunity, Fatty and Wheat quickly attacked and wiped out a chunk of the enemy’s health.

The Shield Warrior had high defense and decent attack power, but its speed couldn’t be compared with Fatty’s. After all, the warrior class didn’t rely on its speed to grow stronger. Fatty ran and kited it, attacking with long-ranged concealed weapons and his crossbow, occasionally constructing a trap. In addition, Wheat was attacking with all its might from behind. As they kept this pattern up steadily, the Shield Warrior was soon approaching its death.

“Raaah!” The monster suddenly stopped and stood still on the spot. It placed its shield on the ground and threw out its battleax with a swing of its hand.

This was another skill of the Shield Warrior: Flying Axe.

Earthwalk. Fatty decided to use the Movement Art. When he appeared again, he discovered that the spot where he had stood had turned into a deep hole nearly six meters in radius.

After throwing away its weapon, the warrior had become a much smaller threat. Fatty didn’t enter close combat and kept using his crossbow while urging Wheat to continue attacking.

Thud, thud. Finally, after Wheat’s two attacks landed on its body all at once, the Shield Warrior could no longer hold on and collapsed, dead.

“Mhm, not too shabby.” Fatty checked the drops and found two superb pieces of equipment.

One was the shield that the warrior used, which was a pleasant surprise. This shield was the shape of a curved door and flashed with a dark green light. It looked very ancient and was adorned with layers of magic patterns carved onto its surface, indicating how extraordinary it was. After several Appraisals, Fatty finally received its detailed information—

Damaged Heavy Tower Shield
Violet Equipment
Level Requirement: 40
Defense: 80
STR +23
Passive – Damage Reflection: Has a certain chance of reflecting 50% of all physical damage received.
Note: The prided equipment of the Dynasty’s brave Shield Warrior, Lette. Unfortunately, it was heavily damaged during the grand battle with the Demon Army and can only exhibit a portion of its original power.

The other item was a skill book. It was the first skill that the warrior had used – Shadow Wheel Axe.

Shadow Wheel Axe: Creates illusions of spinning axes to attack the opponent. At the lowest mastery, it can create six axes, each dealing 100 damage with a range of 10 meters. The higher the mastery, the more axes created along with higher damage and longer range.
Cooldown: 10 minutes.
Class Requirement: Shield Warrior, Axe Warrior.

“They’re all great quality!” Fatty happily put away the two exceptional items along with the rest of the drops. It goes without saying that the skill would be a great aid to anyone who learned it. As for the shield, it should be even more popular at this stage of the game, being a Violet Equipment usable at level 40.

Fatty cast Harvest on the fallen warrior and didn’t gain anything, but he was already satisfied with his gains. Aside from the drops, the Shield Warrior gave him 0.5% exp, making him even more determined to carry out his plan to delve deeper into the grave robbing skill.

Ordering Wheat to stay at the side, ready for combat at any time, Fatty excavated another grave. When the tomb fell, and the grave collapsed, a creature with eight black legs and a ferocious looking head crawled up from within. This time, surprisingly, it was a monster from the Demon Realm.

Demonic Earth Tarantula
Level: ???

Notes: A demonic creature slain in the battlefield when the Demon Army invaded the Human Realm. Nurtured by the battlefield’s air of death, its body was revived into that of a terrifying monster.

“Very strong,” Fatty muttered. After all, Fatty’s Appraisal was at the Advanced Rank, allowing him to appraise the details of monsters up to 20 levels above his. Fatty was currently level 38, so this monster should be around level 60.

Despite the additional danger, the higher the level of the monster, the better because Fatty needed its experience to level up.

After ordering Wheat to attack, the duo began an onslaught. While the Demonic Earth Tarantula was a high level like the Shield Warrior, the monster had already died once and was unable to bring out much of its original power.


Thud! After a fierce fight, the tarantula fell and dropped several decent pieces of equipment. Afterward, Fatty harvested a dried demon nucleus from its corpse.

Demonic Earth Tarantula Nucleus – Earth

Fatty took out the Elemental Skill Book and pressed the nucleus onto it. With a murky yellow light, the core turned to dust and flew off with the wind.

“Aiii, they all said Elementalists are very powerful, but when will I be able to harness their full power?” Fatty re-equipped the skill book and returned to his work with resignation.


“Aiii yooo, Lord Fatty’s pretty little waist!” Fatty stood up and pounded his back. In front of him lay a Demonic monster.

After roughly two days of grave digging, he found only one Holy Spirit Stone, and that stone was from ambushing and robbing a Graverobber. Plus, the first one he’d acquired was from the Shield Warrior. With that, Fatty now had two, while Laurent required no less than 10 for each material.

“You actually used Lord Fatty like some gullible fool to do your labor for you. Lord Fatty will never be done with you!” Fatty said in anger as he fantasized about how to torment Laurent after the curses were dispelled.

Ting, ting. The familiar sound rang out again and made Fatty very delighted. My old pal Graverobber is still the best; he always leaves me a Holy Spirit Stone every time.

After signaling to Wheat, Fatty quietly approached his old friend in Stealth. He went at an extremely slow speed, taking one step every couple of seconds. The Graverobbers were very sensitive to any disturbance in addition to being scaredy cats. One single flutter of grass could cause them to flee. Fatty had experienced this many times when a Graverobber ran off before he could even go near it.

Fatty slowly trekked behind the robber. At this moment, the latter already felt something off. It stood up and looked around, but saw nothing. Then, it perked up its ears but also heard nothing. The robber then squatted back down and continued digging.

OK. Fatty nodded to Wheat. The rodent had already drilled its way beneath the robber’s feet, ready to attack.

Ambush. Fatty suddenly appeared and struck the Graverobber’s back. The robber was shocked. It sprang up and disregarded its loot, choosing instead to flee.

Ambush failed to stun it, but Fatty remained calm. He took out a vial and smeared the liquid on an arrow before flicking it out as if he were throwing a concealed weapon.

At the same time, Wheat stomped its front paws on the ground, casting Scatterstone Rain. The stalagmites flung the Graverobber into the air when they struck, temporarily stopping it from running.

Clink. The arrow connected with a small clear sound, instantly paralyzing the Graverobber. Falling back on the ground, the robber’s expression was extremely frantic, but it had no way to move.

“Wheat, press it down!” Fatty shouted. Wheat shot out from underground and transformed into its original size. The huge rat then leaped and held down the robber by the shoulders with its forepaws.

Pfft. The Elemental Sword expanded and stabbed through the robber’s throat, impaling it on the ground.

Crack! Wheat’s mouth opened wide and bit off half of the robber’s skull. The monster instantly neared its last breath.

“Its defense is that low?” Fatty was stunned, but he didn’t stop attacking. He kept shooting arrows in succession, wanting to finish the robber off as soon as possible.

Whoosh. After the paralysis wore off, a white halo radiated, enshrouding the Graverobber’s body while simultaneously sending Fatty and Wheat flying.

“What the heck?!” Fatty blurted, dumbstruck. Within the white halo, he saw the remaining half of the Graverobber’s head slowly return to normal, accompanied by its rising health bar.

Whoosh. The robber grabbed the Elemental Sword, which was nailing it on the ground, and exerted some force, directly pulling it up. The little guy’s eyes gleamed with greed when it inspected the sword. Then, it sprang back on its feet and ran off, dragging the sword with it.

“What the f*ck!” Fatty fumed. If the others find out that my weapon got stolen just like that, they’ll die laughing!

“Wheat!” Fatty roared furiously. In response, a Howling Bullet shot out in immediate response and hit the Graverobber, instantly freezing it a little.

“Die!” Fatty took out his backup Gold Dagger, Fang. With a quick step, he got behind the robber’s back and viciously stabbed it.

Peng! The halo around the monster fluctuated a little, but it managed to stop the dagger from piercing through.

Whoosh. The robber sprang to its feet once more, frantically trying to escape.

“You’re staying,” Fatty growled and jumped up, sweeping out his leg.

Bang. While this leg sweep didn’t injure the monster, it was able to send it flying like a kite without strings. The small mob landed heavily on the ground, too dizzy to flee. The white halo flickered a little before it finally disappeared.

“Your life is mine!” Fatty screamed and swiftly reached the robber with a few leaps. At the same time, Wheat scurried over and immobilized the robber with Petrification.

“Lord Fatty hunts eagles all day, and today the eagle nearly pecked out my eyes1.” Fatty lamented and jabbed his finger at the robber, “Little sh*t, how are ya gonna run now, huh?”

Without the halo’s protection, the Graverobber was unable to escape and soon died to the duo’s brutality.

Thud. A bunch of items scattered all over the ground. Within them, a black and white fist-sized eye flashed with an eerie light.

X-Ray Eye: Unappraised.

1. Idiom: to be unexpectedly bested by one’s quarry.↩

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