Show Me the Money
Chapter 193 – Azure Dragon City Lord
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Show Me the Money
Author :Wu Shao Ling
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Chapter 193 – Azure Dragon City Lord

BAAANG! A heaven-shattering explosion spread out from where the Spear of Malediction collided with the Heart of Misfortune.

The spear hurtled, screaming, toward the heart, which radiated waves of light to push it back.

“By my decree, misfortune cannot be eluded!”

Sevik felt a shudder run through his body. The divinity he’d stolen, yet was unable to fully control, suddenly stirred. In response, the Spear of Malediction wandered from its original trajectory and launched into the distance.

“By my decree, misfortune is eternally great and mighty!” The Heart of Misfortune thumped loud and urgently. Sevik’s earlier injuries, which had yet to recover, began to ache once again.

“I curse you to forever perish!”

Sevik let out a wretched scream. With difficulty, he manifested one Spear of Malediction after another and fiercely hurled them forth.

Abruptly, a startling light burst from Sevik’s forehead, eventually revealing a hexagonal crystal. The stone was transparent and sparkled with a unique light; it was a million times more beautiful than the loveliest diamond.

The moment the hexagonal crystal appeared, an intense, domineering pressure flooded from it. Even hiding in his private dimension, Fatty was affected to some degree, not to mention the rest of the players outside of it. Their expressions instantly shifted, and they nearly couldn’t control their agitated mounts.

“Divinity!” Ceasing his attacks, the Misfortune God’s illusion stared greedily at the Divinity of Malediction on Sevik’s forehead.

“In the name of the God of Malediction, I condemn you, Stuland, to complete destruction.”

The entire Nation of Misfortune rumbled and shook as it seemed to break in two halves, one gray and one white. Finally, Sevik began to draw on the power of the nation.

Boom! The pervasive pressure smashed down upon the illusion. The illusion flickered and showed signs of fading.

Shaah… A small noise sounded. On the illusion’s forehead, a hexagonal crystal roughly the size of the Divinity of Malediction flickered into existence.

“The Divinity of Misfortune!” Greed overtook Sevik’s face as well.

He spread his hands, commanding the force of Malediction to fill the area and boost attack power. Although he hadn’t completely inherited the Malediction God’s power, the Misfortune God’s illusion wasn’t much better. After all, an illusion is only an illusion. Not to mention, his power had been eroded by the Heart of Malediction for who knows how many millennia.

Slowly, the illusion was no longer able to stop Sevik’s attacks. A light began to shine in Sevik’s gloomy eyes, and his face revealed a hint of insanity. “Double godhood!”

“What now?” Below, the players grew anxious. No matter who won in the end, they definitely wouldn’t just be allowed to go free.

Crrkkooom! A bolt of lighting struck. The illusion slowly faded, nearly vanishing.

“Your god has fallen! Just disappear, Stuland!” Sevik cackled wildly.

“Staff of Misfortune.” The illusion extended its hand. The Staff of Misfortune floated up from Golden Scale TheMighty’s inventory and fell into the outstretched palm. “I, Stuland, in the name of the God of Misfortune, appoint you the next God of Misfortune.”

Craack! The divinity on the illusion’s forehead shot out and landed on the staff. A corona enveloped the two objects until the divinity finally settled atop the staff.

“NO!” shrieked Sevik hysterically. The Divinity of Malediction radiated with a brilliant light, desperate to interrupt the succession.

Totally bewildered, Golden Scale TheMighty asked, “I-I’m the God of Misfortune now?” After a while, he burst out in laughter. “Haha! Hahahaha! God! I’ve finally become a God!”

Whoosh! The Staff of Misfortune fell through numerous layers of obstacles created by the power of malediction into the hands of Golden Scale TheMighty, its new owner. As for the illusion, after ensuring the inheritance had been passed, it evaporated even more. All that remained was a feeble image.

“Damn you! Damn you! Stuland, I served you for thousands of years, yet you won’t let me inherit your legacy even in death! Then just die!” Sevik lost it. He pointed a finger, and the Divinity of Malediction burst with a blinding light that covered the entire nation. “So what if you chose another person to inherit the legacy? Just watch me kill him.” The power of malediction pressed down upon the players, close to crushing them to death.

The barely perceptible illusion suddenly cried out, “Explode!” On his command, the Heart of Misfortune started to inflate. The organ’s diameter went from a dozen meters to several hundred in the blink of an eye, and it effused an air of destruction.

“Insane! You’re insane!” Sevik yelped in horror and flew away into the distance as quickly as he could. In his flight, the Divinity of Malediction swiftly dispensed layer upon layer of halo to swaddle him.

BOOM! The nation’s dimension tore like a rag as the energy of the enlarged heart ripped through it, creating a massive spatial rift.

“Go!” The members of the Fat Squad quickly made a decision to charge for the expanding rifts.

“Haha, all of you should stay awhile!” Golden Scale TheMighty swung his new staff, and a white screen abruptly emerged to block the path when— Thud! All of the sudden, four or five skill scrolls bonked Golden Scale TheMighty on the top of his head. Red lights gushed out and buried him beneath a bunch of magical formations.

Golden Scale TheMighty was terrified. “Damn it!” He frantically twisted his body and slid off his mount.

“Go!” Fatty jumped out from his secluded dimension and threw another scroll at Golden Scale TheMighty. Having no time to summon his mount, the elementalist leaped onto Purple Bell’s Hellfire Stallion.

Amidst the crisis, everyone activated the fastest speeds they’d ever traveled since the start of the game to run toward the rift.

Bang! A heaven-shocking and earth-shattering noise resounded. Just as Fatty and his team jumped out from the rift, a violent force swept at them from behind. Like leaves in a storm, they fluttered uncontrollably to unknown destinations.

After a long period of groggy and haphazard air travel, Fatty regained his consciousness.

“Huh? Where is everyone?” Looking around, he saw not a single one of his friends, not even Purple Bell who had been on the same mount as him.

“Ahh! I’m so doomed!” As he noticed the picturesque scenery of rivers and mountains below him, Fatty abruptly realized that he was soaring across the sky. “Ahhh, flying mount! Someone give me a flying mount!” He wildly flailed his limbs, helpless as he arced through the air.

“At this high a height, according to the Free-Fall Formula, how many meters high will the blood splatter? F*ck, Lord Fatty wasn’t a good student! I quickly forgot those equations! Ah! What’s that? Azure Dragon City? Holy crap! Please don’t make me crush the Azure Dragon city lord to death, or else I wouldn’t know how to face Lin Xi anymore! Aaaaye, if only there was a dragon down there! Lord Fatty’s full of fat body could just crush it to death. Then, Lord Fatty would be a dragon slayer; how cool would that be?” Eventually bored to death during the flight, Fatty entertained himself.

Crrraack! A rift suddenly opened next to the elementalist, and a bloody hand reached out and grabbed him.

Fatty was startled. “Sevik?! You’re still alive?”

Before Fatty, Sevik’s outfit was badly torn, looking like little more than beggars’ rags. His hair was disheveled and his body covered in blood. His eyes burned with a terrifying hatred.

“Damn Stuland! If not for the merged nations of Misfortune and Malediction blocking part of the attack, I would have been blown up. But, he’s vanished completely now that the Heart of Misfortune has been detonated. Humph! When I recover, I’ll take care of his successor,” Sevik hissed.

“Mhm, great! I’ll tell you his address. A proverb says, ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend’; so, we two are allies!” Fatty took it upon himself to forge an alliance.

“Humph, you want to be my ally? You’re not worthy. This is the Misfortune Equipment; hand me the Heart of Malediction.” Sevik tossed out a ragged equipment set.

“This is the Misfortune gear? Are you kidding me?! You think you can just toss out any old equipment, change their names to ‘Misfortune,’ and fool this Lord Fatty like that? I’m telling you, Lord Fatty’s Appraisal is grandmaster rank!” Fatty bluffed as he looked over the equipment. Not only did the set appear to be damaged, the stats were affected as well. They weren’t even as good as the Silver-tier Elemental set Fatty wore.

“What do you know? The power of the heart’s explosion was that big! The set was already tough enough to not be destroyed in that explosion, but that’s none of my business anyway. Now that you’ve got the Misfortune Equipment, give me the Heart of Malediction! Otherwise, I don’t mind killing you again and again until your level hits zero,” threated Sevik.

“Fine. Since you’ve shown such sincerity, I’ll give you the heart.” Since the transaction’s condition had been satisfied, Fatty wouldn’t go back on his word. Reluctantly, he took out the heart.

As his inventory pack opened, a shocking force of malediction erupted from it.

Sevik was so excited, the now much dimmer divinity emerged on his forehead.

“Hurry!”He urged the elementalist, rubbing his hands together.

“The power of evil?” Suddenly, a voice caught the pair’s ears.

Sevik’s faced swiftly sank. “Who? Who’s there? How have you entered my Nation of Malediction?”

“Nation of Malediction?” A shadowy figure flashed before them only to reveal a middle-aged man in his forties. Fully dressed in blue, he was slim with pure white, smooth skin and hair left loose down his back. The man looked like a typical scholar. “No wonder the power of evil is so thick! So, it’s the nation left behind by the God of Malediction.”

“Who are you?” The power of a nation was unimaginable, yet this person could break in so easily. Not only Sevik, even Fatty was terrified by this.

“This one is the city lord of Azure Dragon City, Lei Ao,” the middle-aged man boldly introduced himself.

“Azure Dragon city lord?!” Sevik cried. He couldn’t care less about the heart in that moment, and he immediately turned and flew away.

“Stay!” Seeing Sevik frantically fleeing, Lei Ao wasn’t the least bit flustered. He gently raised his right hand with his fingers spread, then viciously formed a claw.

Pfaaah! Despite his far distance, Sevik spat out a mouthful of blood and was sucked backward to Lei Ao.

“In the name of the God of Malediction…” Sevik muttered with difficulty.

“Ignoring the fact that you haven’t fully inherited the power of the Malediction God, even if the God, himself, was here, he’d still have to stay.” Lei Ao coldly snorted.

He stretched out his left hand and pointed his index and middle fingers.

Boom! Sevik’s forehead exploded. A crystal-clear object, sparkling with an extraordinary light, was revealed within his damaged brow.

“Divinity, ah.” Lei Ao’s persistently indifferent face changed a little, before it resumed its usual calm.

“Congratulations to Your Lordship on subduing the evil man. This humble one is Money Grubber, a citizen of Black Tortoise City. I maintain a casual relationship with City Lord Lin Xi.” Upon seeing Lei Ao pop the head of the pompous Sevik with a point of his fingers, Fatty hastily came before Lei Ao and introduced himself.


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