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Chapter 162 – Assassination

“Kill me?” A cold smile flashed across Fatty’s face. All of a sudden, a dozen stalagmites shot up from beneath Cloud Dragon Sailing and viciously stabbed him in the crotch.

“AAHHHH…” Cloud Dragon Sailing let out a wretched wail and jumped several meters to his right from where he stood. Even without personally experiencing it, the surrounding players felt a chill run up their manhood as they witnessed this scene and instinctively closed their legs tightly.

Whoosh. An earth bullet around the size of a ball ripped through the air and chased after Cloud Dragon Sailing. Upon ramming into Cloud Dragon Sailing, he was sent flying off to the side.

“Die!” Fatty revealed a ferocious grin. Casting Acceleration, he nimbly appeared next to Cloud Dragon Sailing, and before anyone could come to save the latter, Fatty ruthlessly slit his throat.

Pfffff. Blood splattered everywhere. Cloud Dragon Sailing emitted a gurgling noise and pointed at Fatty, wanting to say something. Unfortunately for him, he was unable to transmit the message before he died and was sent back to the city.

“He dared to kill our Guild Master? Everyone, let’s slaughter him together!” A Vice-Master of the Cloud Dragon Gang shouted, rallying the surrounding players.

No Metalwalk skill book. So it seems the “easily droppable” status only applies after two or more books are merged. Fatty lamented as he glanced at the spot where Cloud Dragon Sailing had died.

Fatty quickly retreated and picked up several sparkling items from the ground while he was at it. Before departing, he looked deeply at Wind God’s World then vanished in Invisibility.

“Alright, mission accomplished. Let’s leave,” after watching the free entertainment, Wind God’s World ignored the remaining players of the Cloud Dragon Gang as he gathered his members and leisurely left.

“Money Grubber!” At Black Tortoise City’s respawn point, Cloud Dragon Sailing’s face turned ashen and only started to regain its color when he saw that the skill book hadn’t dropped.

“Guild Master, we’re back,” Cloud Dragon Rumblesea hastily stepped out of the Teleportation Portal and quickly addressed Cloud Dragon Sailing.

“Where’s Money Grubber? Did you kill him?” Cloud Dragon Sailing immediately asked.

“I’m so sorry, Guild Master,” Cloud Dragon Rumblesea hung his head as he gave the shocking news.

“Trash! A bunch of useless trash!” Cloud Dragon Sailing cursed in fury. “Since he dared to kill me, it seems that he is prepared to be hunted down and slaughtered. Rumblesea, you and Windwielder will both lead a hundred people each to pursue and kill him. Also, make an announcement stating that anyone who gives us his location will get a hundred gold coins. Anyone who kills him and records it gets ten thousand gold coins. Since he has the guts to oppose me, he must have accepted no longer being able to play in peace!”

“Yes, Guild Master,” replied Cloud Dragon Rumblesea.

“A reward, huh?” Underneath Cloud Dragon Sailing’s feet, Fatty sneered coldly. Lord Fatty isn’t scared that you’re coming for me. In fact, I’d be worried if you didn’t.

“You lot, go gather intel on the area where the Guild Establishment Token can be found. I don’t believe that the next token is on someone as terrifying as that Undead Marshal.” While he did lose a level, Cloud Dragon Sailing wasn’t too upset since he got one of the requirements for a hidden class enhancement. After distributing the next wave of orders, he went to the bank and promptly stored the skill book.

“Damn it, can’t attack inside a city,” Fatty could only watch as Cloud Dragon Sailing placed the Metalwalk book in the storage. This helpless feeling was something entirely foreign to him.

The news spread very quickly. Every player in Black Tortoise City quickly became aware of the Cloud Dragon Gang’s reward for Fatty’s location. The eye-catching ten thousand gold coin bounty wasn’t kept quiet either. Many players became fired up and started to look for Fatty everywhere.

“Fatty, what did you do to offend the Cloud Dragon Gang? Do you want me to help arrange a meeting with them?” It wasn’t long after the guild’s notice when Liu Lan sent Fatty a message.

“Just some trivial stuff, don’t worry about it,” Fatty said calmly. As long as Cloud Dragon Sailing still possessed the Metalwalk book, there was no chance to make peace between Fatty and him.

Soon after Fatty closed Liu Lan’s message, East Gate Blowingwind, Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord, and every other Black Tortoise City based guild master acquainted with Fatty all sent messages to ask about the situation, to which Fatty described the general situation.

“Fatty, if you can’t settle this by yourself, come to our guild. We can take care of him for you,” Rosethorn’s charming laughter rang out from the communicator.

“My gratitude for your goodwill, Guild Master Rosethorn, but it’s only the Cloud Dragon Gang. This insignificant conflict is no big deal,” Fatty rejected.

Fatty wasn’t in a hurry to track down Cloud Dragon Sailing. Instead, he entered the bank and took out the drops gained from the fight with the Golden-Winged Tiger King. From the battle, he acquired a pair of shoes, a lance, and a longsword that sparkled with a strange twinkle.

Fatty tossed out several Appraisals, greatly satisfied when he viewed the results. Indeed, the effort taken to slay the boss was not in vain. All of the loot is of high quality, especially the longsword. This sword must be from the Golden-Winged Tiger King and should be the second best thing after the Metalwalk skill book.

The blade of the sword was wide and covered in exotic patterns, flashing with cold violet light.

Flowing Moon Sword
Violet Weapon
Level Requirement: 50
Attack: 120 – 145
END: +18
STR: +16
Active – Swordedge Storm: Summons a storm of blades to spin around the user, attacking everything within 10 meters. Duration: 10 seconds. Cooldown: 1 hour.
Class Requirement: Warrior

The shoes and lance were Gold and Silver equipment, nothing extraordinary.

If the Metalwalk book hadn’t dropped, just this Flowing Moon Sword alone was enough to exceed the payment Fatty should have gotten from luring out the boss. Too bad that Fatty needed that specific skill book.

“093, I need your intel,” walking out of the bank, Fatty opened Bai Xiaosheng093’s contact.

“OK, what do you need?” Bai Xiaosheng093 was quick to respond.

“Cloud Dragon Sailing’s movement. I need you to inform me when he leaves the city,” Fatty spoke in a serious tone.

“No problem. I know all. Since I need keep watch at all time, each bit of intel requires 150 gold coins. Since you get a 20% discount as my frequent customer, 120 would do,” Bai Xiaosheng093 neatly set the price. “If you want to know Cloud Dragon Sailing’s purpose for leaving the city, routes, and the details of people he brings; the fee is 300 gold coins, specifically 240 after the discount.”

“Alright, just tell me when he leave the city. I’ll contact you again if there’s anything else,” said Fatty.


Closing Bai Xiaosheng093’s info, Fatty’s lips curved up into a cold smile. What Cloud Dragon Gang? Even if you are the best guild in Black Tortoise City, Lord Fatty can still screw you up as much as desired. Now, I only need to wait for news from Bai Xiaosheng093.

Very soon, Bai Xiaosheng093 sent a message informing Fatty that Cloud Dragon Sailing wanted to go to an area south of Black Tortoise City to grind. Fatty sent Bai Xiaosheng093 120 gold coins1 then departed atop Wheat to wait for his target at the midpoint between the grind spot and the city.

As for Cloud Dragon Sailing, he didn’t think that being killed by Fatty once was a big deal. He only felt that he had been careless to let a rogue get near him. Otherwise, he could definitely kill Fatty in a one-on-one fight.

Even so, every additional level took a mountain of effort to earn, so Cloud Dragon Sailing was a bit upset at losing a level. Cursing Fatty in his heart, he lead over 300 people out of the city to farm.

“Guild Master, just focus on grinding and don’t trouble yourself. We’ll teach that damn bastard Money Grubber a lesson in your stead,” Vice-Masters Cloud Dragon Rumblesea and Cloud Dragon Windwielder guaranteed through the communicator. Cloud Dragon Sailing nodded in satisfaction. Then, he left the city with complete confidence in his own safety.

With the majority of the players being mounted, the group numbering over 300 flashily exited the city. Several guildless players hurriedly got out of their way, afraid that the guild members would pick a fight with them out of nothing.

Here they come. Fatty didn’t have to wait long on the side of the main road. In the distance, a group of people was approaching noisily. The person at their very front was indeed guild master Cloud Dragon Sailing.

“Wheat, I’m counting on you,” Fatty patted Wheat. The latter let out a low roar before sinking underground.

“Guild Master, I’ve researched the person who bought the Waterwalk book. They’re completely unknown, and the Golden Scale Guild is looking for them as well,” a player whispered to Cloud Dragon Sailing.

“Oh? Didn’t that person kill a member of theirs? How do they not know?” Cloud Dragon Sailing was surprised.

“That person killed them as counterattack after being hit, so they didn’t leave any information. Moreover, we think that they must be a rogue who hid their identity with Disguise,” the player answered.

“So that’s why,” Cloud Dragon Sailing nodded. A brief thought flashed through his mind and connected this person to Fatty, but he quickly denied it.

BOOM. All of a sudden, a dozen of stalagmites shot out from the ground, followed by a rat, not at all smaller than Cloud Dragon Sailing’s mount appearing. The rat viciously bit his mount on the leg.

Crack. The mount’s leg snapped. Cloud Dragon Sailing could feel the mount supporting him vanished and was forced out of the mounted state as his mount returned to the pet inventory.

“What happened?” Cloud Dragon Sailing’s sudden fall during high speed caused chaos to erupt. The members behind frantically pulled back their mount for fear that they’d trample their guild master to death.

Amid of the chaos, a pointy blade glistening with a cold light pierced out from Cloud Dragon Sailing’s neck before ruthlessly swinging to the side, slashing Cloud Dragon Sailing’s throat without hesitation.

Pfff. Blood sprayed out everywhere, and it seemed that just like the last time Cloud Dragon Sailing died, all it took was one carefully placed blade.

“You… you dare… kill…” Cloud Dragon Sailing gawked at Fatty in disbelief.

Heh. Fatty snorted coldly. His right hand swung and executed a speedy Combo Attack, followed with a kick to the ribs, sending Cloud Dragon Sailing flying. The little remaining health of Fatty’s victim quickly dropped. Before his body even hit the ground, he disappeared in white light.

“Him, it’s him! Money Grubber, he killed our guild master!”

The large group of people was tangled in a mess. Some tried to stop their mounts from colliding with others, others wanted to rush out from the clutter, and another portion of people directly abandoned their mounts and prepared to attack.

“Not good enough,” Fatty’s lips curved up. Then, he vanished.

Boom, boom. When the players’ attacks finally landed, there was no sign of Fatty. The group looked dumbly at one another before they finally sent a message to Vice-Masters Cloud Dragon Rumblesea and Cloud Dragon Windwielder.

“What? There are so many of you, yet you let the Guild Master die before your eyes?”

The two were so angry that their noses almost exploded. Although their guild was the side who started actively looking for the opponent, their target took the initiative to find them and kill their guild master. Even worse, they allowed the enemy to escape despite absolutely outnumbering him. If news of this got out, the Cloud Dragon Gang would lose any face they had left after their guild master was killed by one person the first time.

“All of you, follow me,” Cloud Dragon Rumblesea called out when everyone returned to the city. Still at the respawn point, they saw their guild master, Cloud Dragon Sailing, who had only been standing around for a short amount of time. He was gripping his fist, his entire body trembling.

“Immediately send people to hunt him down. Kill him! I want him slaughtered until he returns to the Beginner’s Village. Massacre him back to level 0!” Seeing his subordinates walking over, Cloud Dragon Sailing shrieked loudly, completely ignoring the strange looks he got from the unaffiliated players around him.

1. Fatty only needed the time, the additional info was a small bonus from 093 so price was still 120.↩