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Chapter 160 – Successfully Drawing Out the Boss

System Notification: The criteria for Death Transformation has been reached. Would you like to transform?

Fatty immediately selected “Yes.” A black mist rose up from where he laid as his body speedily dried up. Even his leather armor turned into a cloth outfit.

As “Deceased Soul – Dark Sacrificer” was the only Soul Spark that Fatty possessed, it was used to fuel Fatty’s Death Transformation.

As soon as Fatty finished transforming, before even allocating his skill points, he quickly reached out his hand to pick up the Elemental Art Book and heaved a sigh of relief.

He had experienced too much pain and expended a tremendous amount of effort to obtain this skill book. If he lost it now, Fatty would be beyond devastated.

Re-equipping the book, Fatty gave a name to the new transformation and finally distributed his skill points. The Dark Sacrificer was a level 50 Gold boss while Fatty was currently level 33. Therefore, his transformation as the Dark Sacrificer was at level 41.

“Level 41, nice!” Fatty was pleased. A Level 41 Dark Sacrificer with every possible skill that it could possess included abilities such as Electric Bolt, Mental Breakdown, Healing, etc. Every skill was of a high-rank, allowing him to take on the Golden-Winged Tiger King all by himself. However, there was a time limit of two hours for the transformation, most assuredly not enough time to finish the boss off.

Fatty mused on the thought briefly before quickly giving up on this idea. Leaving out every other factor, just Purple Bell’s trust in him alone was enough to prevent him from taking the boss for himself.

Summoning Wheat once more, Fatty slowly headed toward the Golden-Winged Tiger King. Surprisingly, the tiger mobs didn’t react at all when he passed by them.

“Right, post-mortal transformation turns my name red, so I’m pretty much a monster. No wonder they haven’t reacted,” Fatty understood. Even so, he didn’t dare to move too close to the boss. Fatty couldn’t risk relying on the Golden-Winged Tiger King not to recognize him.

After careful consideration, Fatty resolutely approached the boss. Sure enough, the latter immediately opened its eyes and looked at him when Fatty entered its attack range.

“Electric Bolt!” Fatty shouted in a low tone. An electric arrow about one meter in length rumbled through the air. Fatty didn’t even look at the result of the attack as he quickly had Wheat turn around and run.

Electric Bolt: Unique to the Dark Sacrificer class. Attack: 300. Cooldown: 0.5 seconds.

“Roaaahh!” The Golden-Winged Tiger King stood up, responding to the act of aggression with a golden wave. Unfortunately for the boss, Fatty had already fled far out of the skill’s range.

Whoosh. The Tiger King lightly flapped its wings. Its body disappeared for a moment before appearing right behind Wheat.

Fatty had been paying close attention to its actions. His expression remained composed as he cast Mental Breakdown.

Mental Breakdown: Unique to the Dark Sacrificer class. Can slow down the opponent’s actions and knock them back several meters. Cooldown: 1.5 seconds.

With a snapping noise, a blue light exploded on the Tiger King’s forehead. Its body stiffened and was pushed back four to five meters. When the boss regained its wits, Wheat was already several tens of meters away.

“Roaah!” The Golden-Winged Tiger King was enraged. It flapped its wings and rushed in Fatty’s direction.

A ball-sized golden orb shot out from the boss’s mouth. Fatty hastily steered Wheat to the side to dodge the attack.

Boom! The golden orb exploded when it hit the ground, forming a golden tornado. Inside, countless golden blades spun in a circle and crushed the surrounding objects into dust, including even solid rocks.

“Roaah!” Along with another furious roar, dozens of golden blades accompanied by over ten golden lances flew out toward Fatty.

Puff! Blood splattered in the air. While Fatty managed to dodge the attack, Wheat’s body was too big and couldn’t avoid every attack, resulting in an attack hitting its leg.

Only now was Fatty aware that he’d been looking down on this Gold boss, the Golden-Winged Tiger King’s power. In the past, all kinds of favorable situations allowed him to win over the bosses. Nonetheless, today he finally got to know the true might of a Gold-Tier boss after exchanging blows with the Tiger King. It truly lived up to its reputation as the highest ranked boss in the vicinity of the four main cities. Fortunately, though, the normal tiger mobs couldn’t see through Fatty’s disguise and didn’t chase after him.

“Squeak, squeak,” Wheat shrieked and scurried ahead with all its might. Despite its best efforts, Wheat’s injured leg coupled with the Tiger King’s lightning-quick speed allowed the boss to catch up gradually.

Looking at the Golden-Winged Tiger King above his head, Fatty’s face was expressionless. He made Wheat stop then ordered it to run to one side while he remained steadfast in one spot.

Whoosh. Upon seeing its prey halt, the Golden-Winged Tiger King had to freeze its wings abruptly and consequently started to fall rapidly.

“Earthwalk,” Fatty could feel a violent gust of wind rushing over his face from the boss’s fall as he muttered the skill’s name. Just when the Tiger King extended its claws to grab Fatty, he vanished.

When Fatty showed up again, he was a hundred meters away from the Golden-Winged Tiger King, out of its combat range. He didn’t teleport too far despite the maximum distance of Earthwalk being two kilometers; otherwise, Wheat would be automatically withdrawn.

After the Tiger King’s hit and miss, Wheat suddenly launched an attack then ran like hell to bring the boss toward Fatty.

Just like that, the Golden-Winged Tiger King placed all of its aggro on Wheat. Fatty only needed to keep Wheat alive and slowly draw the boss out.

Having to balance between maintaining the boss’s aggro while keeping Wheat alive, Fatty took turns with Wheat to execute the luring. When Wheat’s health neared the bottom, it earthwalked. When Fatty was in danger, Wheat popped out and bravely saved its master. Fatty considered the Movement Art as his last resort because of the eight use limit, so he relied on pure skill to dodge the boss’s attacks.

In all honesty, it wasn’t very difficult to draw out the Tiger King. The real challenge was the boss monsters on the way out.

A distance in front of Fatty stood a bunch of Whitebrow Tigers lazily wandering around. They seemed to ignore the approaching Fatty and Wheat, so Fatty’s bravery soared. He decided to pass straight through these tigers. Yet, right as he was doing so, a tiger roar echoed throughout the surrounding area. The pack of tigers immediately became animated as a tiger twice the size of a normal Whitebrow Tiger strode out, its eyes staring dead at Fatty.

“This is bad, it’s the boss of Whitebrow Tigers,” Fatty frantically stopped his steps and turned around, running in another direction.

While Fatty could avoid being attacked by normal mobs with Undead Transformation, the downside was that the speed of a Dark Sacrificer was much slower than that of a Rogue. He hadn’t gotten farther than a few steps when the Whitebrow Tiger Boss caught up and was about to bite Fatty.

“Shield of Protection,” Fatty blurted out desperately as he couldn’t think too clearly in such a severe crisis. A black shield appeared behind him and blocked the attack.

Pfff. The shield instantly crumbled. With the obstruction gone, nothing could stop the Whitebrow Tiger Boss viciously bit off a chunk of meat from Fatty’s back.

Fatty’s health plummeted. He grit his teeth, enduring the pain and kept running forward. At the same time, he cast Healing, slowly raising his health bar with a black glow.

“Roah!” The Whitebrow Tiger Boss swallowed the meat in one gulp, before spitting out with a white light. Fatty rolled to the side to dodge. The white light hit a tree about the diameter of five people and pierced a sizeable hole through it.

“Squeak, squeak,” Wheat wasn’t excluded from the boss’s wrath as well. Its health began to reach a critical level after taking several attacks from the Golden-Winged Tiger King.

“Shit!” Fatty couldn’t help but curse. He cast Mental Breakdown and consequently pushed the Whitebrow Tiger Boss away from him, urgently moving toward to take Wheat’s place.



The two bosses, one in the air and one on the ground, both let out sky-shattering roars and shot towards Fatty in unison. Fatty lamented in his heart before casting Earthwalk to dodge their attacks.

He didn’t dare teleport too far for fear of losing the Golden-Winged Tiger King’s aggro, causing the boss to return to its lair. Fatty appeared just over ten meters away, proceeding to provoke the Tiger King once more.

Under the onslaught of two bosses, Fatty’s situation grew dire. He grew close to death numerous times. If not for the OP healing abilities of the Dark Sacrificer, Fatty would have been given a free return trip to the city by now.

As time slowly passed, Fatty used Earthwalk three more times to evade the bosses' attacks, Wheat finally regenerated its health back to the halfway point and appeared once more to draw the Whitebrow Tiger Boss away.

“Pull it far away,” Fatty steeled his heart and temporarily disregarded Wheat’s life. He planned to lure out the Golden-Winged Tiger King by himself, made possible only by his skill.

“Roaah!” The Whitebrow Tiger Boss shrieked as Wheat slowly pulled it into the distance.

Fatty took a deep breath and gazed at the aerial Golden-Winged Tiger King. Using all of the Dark Sacrificer’s magic buffs onto himself, he began to lure the boss.

Fatty’s pitifully battered figure could be seen along with every scream and roar that came from the boss. His brain was entirely focused on the task before him as he exploited the various structures of the forest to evade the Tiger King’s attack. At the same time, he carefully maintained the aggro, not allowing the boss to run away.

Right outside the forest, Wind God’s World and Cloud Dragon Sailing had grown anxious. If Purple Bell hadn’t assured them again and again that Fatty could lure out the monster, they would have started to look for someone else.

“Quick, Big Brother Fatty is pulling the Golden-Winged Tiger King to our location soon,” Purple Bell said as she held the communicator, from which Fatty’s heavy panting could be heard.

“Someone has their eyes on us, tell everyone to be careful,” Wind God’s World alerted Cloud Dragon Sailing after receiving several reports from his subordinates.

“I told you, we should have hired God Familia. Their reputation means a guaranteed job done well. Moreover, just eleven of them can definitely lure out the boss and even kill it without our help,” Cloud Dragon Sailing’s expression was gloomy since the drop of the Guild Establishment Token this time was tightly related to whether they could be the second established guild.

Purple Bell glanced at Cloud Dragon Sailing, saying, “Didn’t you say God Familia’s price was too high and not to hire them if possible?”


“Crap.” Maneuvering his body through the woods, Fatty’s face suddenly changed as he noticed that he had less than one minute left on the Death Transformation’s duration. “Quickly come to coordinates (xxx, xxx),” Fatty somehow managed to find time to send Purple Bell a message during the dilemma before continuing to toy with the Golden-Winged Tiger King.

“Quick, Big Brother Fatty has drawn it out!” Purple Bell shouted.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6… Watching as the duration of his transformation ticked down second by second, Fatty regained his calm. The Spatial Spoon appeared in his left hand.


As soon as his Death Transformation wore off, Fatty activated the Spatial Spoon. A spatial door gradually emerged before him.

“There, it’s been lured out!”

Cloud Dragon Sailing’s excited voice echoed from a distance. Without hesitation, Fatty entered the spatial door, which disappeared immediately after. After Fatty’s departure, the only one left in the area was the Golden-Winged Tiger King.