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Chapter 128 – River Alliance

Dragonslayer Saber’s expression dropped.

However, River Scholar merely maintained his smile and didn’t take Dragonslayer Saber seriously at all.

“River Scholar, do you think that you will definitely defeat us with so little people?” Dragonslayer Saber’s expression darkened even more. At the same time, he made a few signs with his hand behind his back.

The remaining Dragonslayers players slowly gathered together. What they had to worry about now was whether they could actually leave the place alive and not whether they could still kill the boss monster.

“Dragonslayer Saber, you are merely a loser against Fierce Dragon TheTalent, don’t think too highly of yourself,” River Scholar looked at Dragonslayer Saber in disdain. “If I was you, I would have quit after getting killed by Fierce Dragon TheTalent so many times. I can’t believe you are so without shame that you are still playing.”

“F*ck you. River Scholar, why don’t you fight me instead?” Dragonslayer Saber’s roared in embarrassment and anger.

“What? You want to bet everything on this?” River Scholar smiled. “Alright, since you are a guild master, then I will give you this honor so you can die less unsightly.”


Dragonslayer Saber and all his guild members were furious. If it wasn’t because of Dragonslayer Saber stopping them, they would have all charged over already.

“Fine. Fine!” Dragonslayer Saber laughed in anger. He drew his black saber. “Guild Master River, please.”

No wonder Dragonslayer Saber has been continuously beaten by Fierce Dragon TheTalent. There really is something wrong with his brain. Fatty could see everything very clearly. Dragonslayer Saber was merely a Level 27 Warrior, he would be no match against the archer with the third class enhancement that is River Scholar. The only way the former could possibly win was if he had way better mechanics, or if he had a few extremely powerful abilities.

However, Dragonslayer Saber did not fulfill either criterion, so he died a pitiful death.

Well, not that pitiful. River Scholar first drew his gold bow and shot a swift arrow. Dragonslayer Saber was not fast enough to dodge it, so he lifted his saber to block it. That was when he essentially froze in place. It was a stun arrow.

After that, it was River Scholar’s show time. He easily turned Dragonslayer Saber into a hedgehog.

River Scholar clapped his hands, “Too weak, it’s way too boring.”

With Dragonslayer Saber dead, his gang was now leaderless and the loss of morale caused them to be completely eliminated in less than ten minutes.

“Alright, you guys, go and stand guard. Don’t let anybody else take advantage of us. Everybody else, get into formation and prepare to kill the boss monster,” River Scholar ordered. Several rogues sprinted away and disappeared in stealth around the place. One of them just had to squat right next to Fatty.

F*ck this. Fatty was speechless. He didn’t even dare to nudge.

The River Alliance players quickly got into formation. Knights and Warriors carried shields to defend against the overhead fire, while earth mages solidified the ground over and over again to stop the sneaky underground attacks. After doing that, the one hundred fire mages fired with River Scholar’s order.


The ground trembled. Over a hundred mages cast Fire Dragon Break at the same time, sending over a hundred fire dragons roaring at the dryad boss monster.

It was truly a majestic sight. The dryad boss monster screamed in terror in face of the fire dragons’ energy.

It instinctively swept numerous long branches towards the fire dragons.

The fire dragons exploded once after another. Flamboyant sparks covered the sky and created a beautiful fireworks festival.

The branches only managed to block off most of the attacks, a few fire dragons still broke through the dryad boss monster’s defense and crashed onto its trunk.


Large amounts of spark flew everywhere. The dryad boss monster trembled, countless needles dropped off and a large patch of the tree’s bark near it’s “face” was clearly burnt.

“Prepare your Fire Rains. And… Fire!”

With that, the River Scholar players cast their next spell. Droplets of fire rained from above.

Sounds like rain hitting banana leaves sounded out. However, the droplets were not refreshing water, instead, it was a scorching fire that burnt the dryad boss monster and incinerated at least a third of its leaves.

The dryad boss monster screeched in anger. It shook its body desperately as its branches wavered. It was clear that it was preparing another powerful attack.

“Archers, Explosive Arrows. Ready. Fire!”

River Alliance’s archers took aimed while the mage’s spells were on cooldown. They drew their bows and launched a series of heated arrows.

As the arrows exploded on the boss monster, it trembled but was unable to deter the dryad boss monster from using its ultimate attack.

At the very instant the archers finished their attack, the dryad boss monster’s branches shook maniacally. Over a hundred thousand thorns shot out and rained on the River Alliance’s defenses.

The steel shields of the Knights cracked open like paper mache, exposing the mages behind them.


Many players screamed, while over half of the mages and knights died without having a chance for the priests to heal them. Meanwhile, the ground shuddered. The defenses the earth mages laid were also shattered. Countless roots struck out from beneath the ground and dragged a few dozen players beneath the earth.

“As expected of a gold boss monster,” River Scholar didn’t mind that several hundred players were killed, he merely praised the boss for its strength. “Warriors, cut its roots. Mages, get yourselves together and continue to attack.”

The warriors finally charged forward and hacked at the roots, but were only able to save around a dozen players. The rest were all dragged beneath the ground and disappeared with a scream.

“Mages. Fire Dragon Break. Ready. Fire!”

Soon, the dryad boss monster’s health finally reached fifty percent with the River Alliance players disregarding their losses.

After another receiving another round of Fire Dragon Break, the dryad boss monster shrieked. The surrounding seemed to sizzle, as the sounds gathered towards the valley.


A screamed sounded out beside Fatty. Cold chills ran down his spine. What had appeared to be normal birch tree was now running to the valley with its roots that also strangled the rogue beside Fatty along the way.

“Fate, this is definitely fate,” Fatty shuddered. If it wasn’t because of that guy, I might have been standing where he was. God that was lucky.

“Guys, don’t panic. Aside from those of you standing guard, everyone else start killing the mob monsters. We’ll be able to kill the boss soon after this wave,” River Scholar shouted from a high ground.

“This guy is pretty good and organizes his players decently. What a pity, Lord Fatty won’t be able to befriend you,” Fatty sighed. He came to steal the kill on the boss monster, so they were fated to become enemies.

At that moment, a myriad of dryads was hurrying over to the valley. Although they were slow, they were plentiful with high attack and health. The River Alliance players that went to stop the incoming monsters ended up getting pushed back time and time again.

“Calm down. Calm down! Our dead brothers are coming over, just hold on until they get here,” River Scholar ordered without any signs of worry.

While many players worked together to kill the boss monster within the valley, there was a battlefield outside the valley as well. There were too many dryads, so the defending River Alliance players could only retreat over and over again until some of the players attacking the boss monster turned around to help out. And even so, they could not gain an upper hand in either battle.

“Guild Master, we’re here!”

Finally, the players who died first arrived. They poured into the battlefield and held back the dryads’ assault.

“Fire mages, ignore these mob monsters, focus fire the boss!”

The fire mages immediately began their assault once more. Meanwhile, the dryad boss monster seemed to have been tired out from summoning the dryads and was unable to muster up any defense.

“Mm, very good. Continue attacking. Lord Fatty can save himself a Thunderfire Power Bomb if you can kill the boss monster,” Fatty cheered the River Alliance on silently as he watched on from the side.

After a while, the dryad boss monster seemed to have recovered. It let out another shriek and reached down with its branches. This time, they did not whip at the players. Rather, they grabbed a few knights and tossed them up into the air.

For the knights, it was like bungy jumping, except… There was no rope, so they turned into splatters on the ground.

As blood and minced meat scattered in the area, the mages retreated with screams and the formation turned chaotic once more.


The branches grabbed a few more knights alongside two unlucky mages and tossed them up.

The corpses fell to the ground and the splashing flesh and blood only made the surrounding mage players retreat backwards even further.

“It’s just a game, so don’t be afraid!” River Scholar called out when he saw how frantic the mages looked. “Work a bit harder. I’ll treat everyone to something nice once we kill the dryad boss monster.”

The mages took a few more steps back, then finally stood firm and renewed their attacks. Now that they had gotten used to their comrades splattering on the ground, the mages were clearly more focused in their attacks.

The dryad monster shrieked while its health gradually dropped until it reached the critical spot of 10%.

As that happened, the monster shuddered and pulled back its branches and leaves to wrap around itself.