Show Me the Money
Chapter 125 – Ancient Camphor Tree
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Show Me the Money
Author :Wu Shao Ling
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Chapter 125 – Ancient Camphor Tree

The Piranha Flower was the height of a person. The flower itself sat on top of a stem as thick as a person’s arm and ten-odd razor-sharp thorns stood at the center of where the stamen and pistil should be.

The Ancient Camphor Tree Spirit was the only tree in the area. Everything that surrounded it were countless Piranha Flowers that conjured a fence-like encirclement around it. If Fatty wanted to actually attack the Ancient Camphor Tree Spirit, then he would have to clear a path first.

Fortunately, from the looks of it, although the Piranha Flowers were many, their lack of ranged attacks gave Fatty a very good chance.

“Wheat, go!”

Fatty summoned Wheat, then began his proper assault.


A huge Howling Bullet hit the Piranha Flower, chunking it for a decent amount of its health. Meanwhile, Fatty withdrew the Azure Feather Crossbow and shot.

The arrow impaled itself into Piranha Flower’s center, causing some blood-red liquid to splash out. Blood red? It definitely drank too much blood.

Just the two attacks caused the Piranha Flower to only have 80% of its health remaining.

The flower shook wildly and shook around, the razor-sharp spike glistened with a murderous light. However, the monster was unable to reach Fatty and Wheat.

Another round of attacks shot out, once again lowering the monster’s health. The Piranha Flower tried it’s best to fling itself at its attacks, but it failed once more.

This is a great place for grinding! These are monsters who don’t fight back!

“Take this Flying Flower, Falling Leaves!” Fatty searched around his inventory, but didn’t find anything that could be used as a concealed weapon, so he opted to throw out a crossbow arrow instead. Ugh, I’m an idiot, I forgot to get some forged!

The arrow impaled itself into the flower once more and dealt more damage than when it was shot by the crossbow. However, that was to be expected. After all, the Azure Feather Crossbow was merely a Level 25 weapon, which was now getting outscaled by everything else.

The Piranha Flower’s health quickly emptied under Fatty and Wheat’s attack, so Fatty merely waited around for the experience after Wheat lands the killing blow.

Suddenly, something shot through the air and Wheat squeaked loudly moments after.

Fatty turned to Wheat and saw ten-odd spikes over an inch long each was buried into Wheat. Wheat had already turned green with red numbers rising above its head.

That Piranha Flower shot its weapon!?

The flower seemed to wither after shooting out all its spikes. Its flower were now closed as the plant wavered with the wind like a real flower, completely losing its menacing appearance.

Wheat continued to squeak until it finally stopped losing health. That single attack took up more than half of Wheat’s health!

“Who the f*ck said that Piranha Flowers have no ranged attacks!?” Fatty glared at Wheat.

Wheat glared back as if saying. Screw you, I didn’t complain when I got hit, so stop it with your bullshit.

The Piranha Flower was now completely harmless without its spikes and soon died to Wheat’s furious assault.

A pair of leather boots dropped with its death, while Fatty used Harvest from afar.

A glass vial filled with a green liquid appeared in his hand,

Piranha Flower Poison

Intermediate Medical Ingredient

One of the ingredients for creating poison.

Something to create poison? Fatty was rather happy about that. Poisons were made for rogues. Rogue classes lack attacking abilities and it was because of that that most of the guilds would use the rogue players as scouts or assassins as opposed for frontal combat. Yet, guildless players would be forced into situations that they had to fight their enemies like head-on. Fatty was a very good example of that, since he would often have to kill monsters by himself. In those situations, the various poisons would benefit him greatly. At the very least, if he was attacked by a player, he might be able to kill that person even if he dies.

Fatty put the Piranha Flower Poison away, then calmed himself down a bit. Getting hit by two or more Piranha Flowers was lethal. Thus, he decided to tell Wheat to burrow into the ground. While that means that Wheat would be dealing less damage, it didn’t matter. Fatty wasn’t there to farm, he was there for the big boss.

He had to clear everything else as well, otherwise, accidents might occur when fighting the boss monster.

Fatty considered the situation a bit more and wondered if there was any way he could avoid fighting these Piranha Flowers.


I can’t think of anything. I guess I’ll still have to kill the others.

To be fair, the Piranha Flowers only had one ranged attack and if they used it, it became a toothless tiger. As long as he was careful, it really wasn’t dangerous at all.

That being said… Fatty was safe for the remainder of the time. However, Wheat was hit a few times and every single time, it was nearly killed. If Wheat could speak, it definitely would be complaining. That guy is even fatter than me, why aren’t they attacking him!?

On the other hand, Fatty was completely speechless as well, “Are you an idiot!? Turn smaller! Smaller! Then you would be fine!”

Fatty killed a few more monsters, then went offline to eat and recover for a while. When he returned, he killed Piranha Flowers until he completely lost count of how many he had before finally clearing out an area that would allow him to advance and retreat at will.

He observed the Ancient Camphor Tree Spirit from afar and felt a sense of awe for Mother Nature, or rather, the designers in the dev team. The tree trunk was so thick that it would require a hundred people to surround; it was over a hundred meters tall and stabbed into the clouds; its branches were like wyrms that sprouted from its trunk, and the leaves created a gigantic umbrella that covered over a square kilometer of area.

Fatty walked over and waved, “Hello.”


The Ancient Camphor Tree Spirit shook its leaves as a realistic human face slowly surfaced on its thick trunks. Man, it looks so real.

Wait a sec, I suppose it is real.

Fatty took a step back and forced a smile, “Hey, you’re not asleep yet?”

“Young man, what business do you have in my territory?” The human face opened its eyes and spoke. Its voice was deep and experienced like a sage who had witnessed countless eras past.

“Nothing special. I just heard a lot about how mighty you are, so I came to see what’s so special,” Fatty chuckled.

“I see. Haha,” the Ancient Camphor Tree Spirit replied. Fatty could not tell what emotions it felt. “Then, did you manage to see what’s special?”

“Of course,” Fatty looked up. “Your body is insanely huge, I admire you so much, I respect you so much! Those feelings are like the unending flow of water into the sea, like the endless cycle of water through the world…”

“Mm, not bad. Continue,” the Ancient Camphor Tree Spirit’s facial expression changed once more. This time, it seemed to be laughing.

Fatty was stunned.

“What is it? Do continue,” said the Ancient Camphor Tree Spirit.

“You enjoy hearing that?” Fatty asked.

“I have been alone for too long. It’s not a bad feeling when hearing a little fellow say some fun words,” the Ancient Camphor Tree Spirit spoke just like a wise grandpa talking to his grandson.

Fatty felt a chill down his spine.

“Alright. Since you enjoy hearing all that, then I’ll tell you more,” Fatty put checked his inventory to ensure that the Thunderfire Power Bombs were still there. I’ll test him out first.

Thus, Fatty began. He covered the ancient times to modern times; from China to the rest of the world; from novels to traditional literature; from gossip to the news. He spoke for more than two hours until his mouth ran dry. The Ancient Camphor Tree Spirit nodded in enjoyment at times, causing the entire tree to shake as if raging winds were blowing in the area.

“Ahem, say, old sir, I’ve already spoken about so much already, aren’t you going to… you know?” Fatty took a break and took a sip of a health potion to wet his lips.

“What do you want?”

“I heard you have something called Five Elemental Walks – Woodwalk? Can you lend it to me?”

“That book? I gave it away.”

“WHAT!?” Fatty was outraged. “Lord Fatty told you so many stories and you told me that you gave it away!? Are you kidding me!?”

“Young man, calm down. Impulsivity brings ruins.”

“Ruins your ass! Hand it over, or I’ll blow you up!” Fatty took out a Thunderfire Power Bomb.

“Thunderfire Power Bomb?” The Ancient Camphor Tree Spirit opened its eyes wide in surprise. “No wonder you dared to come here. So you have that bastard’s Thunderfire Power Bomb.”

“Hmph, you gonna hand it over? If you do, then Lord Fatty will go off. If you don’t, then die, die, die!”

“Little fella, are you sure that it’s going to be of any use against me?” The Ancient Camphor Tree Spirit continued leisurely.

“What do you mean? Don’t try and lie to me. If Lord Fatty throws it out, then this place will turn into an ocean of flames. Even you won’t survive it!”

“Young people always act so impulsively. Ahh, I was like that once as well, but I’ve gotten old now. I always want to sleep,” the Ancient Camphor Tree Spirit sighed, then, the face on the trunk disappeared as if it went into slumber.

“Hey, don’t leave. You didn’t finish yet. I’m going to throw this out if you don’t give me a reply!”

“Young man, go. I don’t fear it even if West comes himself, and this is just a single Thunderfire Power Bomb. Also, I’ll tell you once more, Woodwalk is not with me, go and ask around,” the tree spirit’s voice seemed to soften as if it has truly fallen into deep sleep.

“Not here again?” Fatty didn’t doubt the Ancient Camphor Tree Spirit’s words. It’s probably like how it is with West, he doesn’t need such a low level skill.

But where could it be?

Hmm, it must be on a wood boss monster that can move around.

Limiting the options made everything easy. Fatty decided to call Bai Xiaosheng093.


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