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Chapter 122 – Sprin


“Haha, little fatty, we meet again,” Reck was momentarily stunned when he saw Fatty. Then, he chuckled, while Salka also revealed a smile on his face.

“Not bad, you actually came over to the Imperial Capital so fast! Good, very good!” Reck walked out and gave Fatty a tight hug.

“Y-You know each other?” The rogue mentor opened his mouth wide in shock.

“Of course, if it wasn’t for little fatty, I would still be selling potions in the Beginner’s Village,” Reck laughed, then explained how he met Fatty.

“Truly exceptional,” it was Salka’s first time hearing Fatty’s story too and Reck’s high praise only made him see Fatty in an even better light.

“Aww, you’re flattering me,” Fatty cupped his hands humbly.

“L-Little fatty, you brought me my mission item?” The rogue mentor quickly interrupted the chitchat.

“Yep,” Fatty took out a Dragon Revolution Herb that lost its medical properties and waved it in front of the mentor.

“H-Hurry, give it to me!” The rogue mentor reached out his hand.

“Don’t be in such a rush,” Fatty took a step back and put the leaf away. “Let’s talk about the mission rewards first.”

“It really was a Dragon Revolution herb, it’s one that completely matured!” Reck’s voice trembled. As an Alchemist Grandmaster, he only needed to sniff the scent of the herb to determine what it was.

“Haha, sure. I’ll give it to you right now,” the rogue mentor waved his hand.


System Notification: Congratulations. You have completed the mission “Dragon Revolution Herb”. +3000000 EXP, +500 Reputation. Death Transformation has been improved to the Intermediate Rank, allowing the user to use a soul spark 20 levels higher than oneself.


System Notification: Congratulations. You have reached Level 31.

The mission gave me an extra level! Not only did the mission give Fatty back the level he just lost, it also improved Death Transformation. This was properly the extra benefits the rogue mentor talked about.

But… That’s not enough. A Dragon Revolution Herb was even more important for an NPC than a player.

“How was that, you should give it to me now, right?” The rogue mentor rubbed his hands.

“Hmm, I did not manage to catch your great name,” Fatty forcefully changed the topic.

“Does that matter?” The Rogue Mentor was confused, but he still answered the question. “I’m Sallip.”

“Ahh, Mr. Sallip,” Fatty considered his words carefully. “Do you think that such a little bit of payment can get you a Dragon Revolution herb leaf?”

“Uhm..” Sallip hesitated. “But we had a deal.”

“No. Just no,” Fatty waved his hand. “We did not have a deal. You scammed me. Getting a Dragon Revolution Herb was ridiculously difficult and you actually said that you didn’t want to use the ones here because they were all expired? You were clearly lying to Lord Fatty, tricking him into pitying you. You must take responsibility for this.”

“Erm… I didn’t do it on purpose. I can’t get to the Azure Dragon City and if I told you the truth, you definitely wouldn’t have been willing to do the mission, that means that I wouldn’t be able to ascend,” Sallip said in a troubled manner. “How about I give you some gold coins?”

“That’s ridiculous, are these things that you can buy with gold coins?” Fatty twitched his mouth in disdain, then pretended to leave. “Are you going to act with sincerity or not? If you aren’t, then I’m leaving. Oh, don’t go around telling people that I scammed you.”

“Uhm… Senior Brother?” Sallip looked towards Salka.

“Little fatty, we can talk it over,” Salka quickly spoke up. “It was my junior brother’s bad that he lied to you, but you’re in the wrong for getting the mission item of the Dragon Revolution Herb and not handing it to my junior brother. Am I right?”

“I’m in the wrong, so what?” Fatty retorted.

“Ahem,” Reck could not continue standing idle anymore. “Little fatty, you can make quests. Little brother Sallip desperately needs the Dragon Revolution herb right now, so just name your price. I’ll agree in his place as long as it’s not somewhat suitable.”

“You are always more straightforward,” Fatty nodded. “I won’t be greedy, I’ll just ask for a divine item. Actually, no, a celestial item is enough.”

Reck, Salka, and Sallip all nearly coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Reck truly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Little bro, you call that being not greedy? A divine item? From the years I’ve been in the Imperial Capital, I’ve only seen a few divine items, all of which belong to important officials in the dynasty. Where is Sallip supposed to get a divine item?

“Mhmm,” Sallip quickly looked pitifully.

“You don’t have one? Never mine,” Fatty sighed as he turned away. “You’re so poor. You don’t even have a divine item.”

“Wait a moment!” Sallip stopped Fatty. He gritted his teeth with a bit of hesitation. “Although I don’t have a divine item, I know where to find one that is not owned by anyone.”

“Really?” Fatty’s eyes lit up, only for his expression to darken. “Heh, Sallip, don’t try to use my honesty. If there really is such a divine item, then wouldn’t you have gotten it already?”

“It’s true!” Sallip was utterly speechless. If you’re honest, then I’m sure rats don’t steal. “That divine item is called the Chaos Staff, it is a mage weapon, which is pointless for me. It’s also very dangerous there as well, that’s why I didn’t go over to get it. I got all this from a map I managed to get my hands on by chance. Look, it’s not like I can force you to believe me.”

“Where’s the map? Show me.”

“Give me the Dragon Revolution Herb first.”

“Map first.”

“At the same time!”

“Alright,” Fatty took out the damaged Dragon Revolution Herb leaves, while Sallip took out a turbid yellow map that seemed ancient.

“Three, two, one,” Fatty muttered, then

“Haha,” Sallip laughed proudly. “Little fatty, wisdom comes with age. Take a look at your map.”

Fatty took a closer look at it and saw that it was only half the map. The other half had already disappeared.

“Heh, don’t be so happy yet. Take a look at the Dragon Revolution Herb,” Fatty laughed coldly in response.

Sallip took a closer look at the Dragon Revolution Herb before a strange expression surfaced on his face. “H-How!? How did the Dragon Revolution Herb leaf lose so much energy? This wouldn’t be enough for me to ascend!”

Heh. Fatty merely watched everything coldly.

Sallip looked at Fatty, then turned towards Reck and Salka. He opened his mouth, but didn’t know what to say.

“Uhm… Little fatty, do you have any other Dragon Revolution Herbs with you?” Reck coughed.

“I do, it’s the same as this one.”

“I’ll give you the other half of the map for it,” Sallip said sadly.


“You…” Sallip glared at him, but softened up when he realized that he seemed like he was in the wrong. “What do you want?”

“Nothing, I’m not exchanging it for anything,” Fatty shook his head.

“Ahem, little bro, don’t be like this,” Reck walked over, then patted Sallip’s shoulder. “How can you only give little fatty half a map? Give me the other half. Mhmm, don’t you have a powerful skill? Teach it to little fatty. Little fatty, how about that?”

“I want a few Holy Spirit Stones as well,” Fatty suddenly recalled the mission he still didn’t fully complete.

“Okay,” Reck agreed.

“Bro, you’re so much more straightforward,” Fatty wasted no time. He took out the other damaged Dragon Revolution Herb leaf, then handed it to Sallip after the latter handed over the other half of the map, six Holy Spirit Stones and taught him a new skill.

Fatty put the two maps together, then double-checked for any issues before putting it inside his inventory. Then, he took a look at his newly acquired skill and was dumbstruck.



Cost: Decrease other stats by 99% for 1 hour.

Increase Dexterity by 100 times for 10 seconds. During the duration, One Strike has 100% success rate.

Cooldown: 24 hours.

One Strike was a skill rogues can learn after they get their sixth class enhancement and is also their strongest ability for assassinating enemies. It was able to instakill any enemies less than 10 levels higher than the user. However, the success rate was pitifully low and only boasted less than 1% success rate against a player with a lower level.

Sprint was a pretty good skill, but it could only be used for running right now. Its true potential was only unlocked after the sixth class enhancement.

“Little fatty, do you have any more of the Dragon Revolution Herb?” Reck turned to Fatty with a smile after finishing Sallip’s deal.

“I have four more leaves, but…” Fatty hesitated.

“But what? Are they damaged as well? That’s alright, I can turn them into potions,” Reck rubbed his hands in excitement.

“That’s not the issue. It’s with my city lord.”

“Your city lord? What city lord? Lin Xi, the lord of Black Tortoise City?”

“Yes, it’s with Lord Lin Xi,” Fatty said Lin Xi’s name solemnly.

“Lin Xi… Uhm… Never mind,” Reck thought about it for a moment, then gave up with a sigh.

Fatty had gotten nine Dragon Revolution Herb leaves in total, after being scammed of four and using the two damaged ones to turn in the mission, Fatty only had three good leaves left. Since they were useful to players as well, Fatty wasn’t going to give it away that easily.

He was rather happy with all the rewards he got this time, so he went back to Black Tortoise City after a bit more chitchat.

“Damn fat ass, if it wasn’t because I can’t attack someone like him within the city, I would definitely capture him and steal everything from him!” Sallip gritted his teeth after Fatty left.

“Sallip, you actually chose to give something so amazing to someone else instead of showing it to your senior brother. Ahh, and I saved your life too,” Salka said unhappily.

“Senior brother, I have a reason for it. Giving it to you would only be harming you,” Sallip explained. “I went over when I got the map, but it’s really dangerous. Just the monsters in the exterior were over Level 70, I pretty much ran after walking a bit deeper. Senior brother, although you are strong, you would still be in danger there. I gave it to him to harm him.”

Hearing that rather bad reason, Salka calmed down a bit, then let Sallip off the hook.


“Haha, Sprint!” Meanwhile, Fatty activated his new skill the moment he stepped out of the class enhancement hall.

The NPCs on the street only saw a flash in front of there eyes, when they tried to take a second look, Fatty was already gone.