Show Me the Money
Chapter 119 – Dragon Revolution Herb
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Show Me the Money
Author :Wu Shao Ling
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Chapter 119 – Dragon Revolution Herb

Perhaps it was because all the boss monsters were wary about damaging the most important thing on the island, the island itself was like the eye of a storm. Fatty’s corpse laid on the shores of the island and was soon smashed into minced meat, which mixed with the mud below.

The battle of the boss monsters lasted one day and one night. By the time the second morning arrived, the result of the battle was finally known.

Although the pterosaur was gravely wounded by the boa and its injured wings prevented it from flight, it did finally defeat its foe. The boa was snapped by its waist before it dived back under water again.

Nearly every single patch of skin on the giant Deepwater Crocodile’s body was corroded away, but in the end, it finally snapped its jaw around the giant toad and swallowed it whole. Dark green liquid flowed out of the monstrous beast’s jaw as numbers of several tens of thousands rose from its head, but in the end, it managed to survive the final poison.

The giant turtle was the least wounded out of the five boss monsters. It shrunk back into its shell at the very beginning and it was obvious that it planned to take advantage of the rest. Fatty had assumed that the turtle would be able to defeat the other boss monsters, but after a while, he noticed that the giant turtle’s heath was slowly being chipped away. From that, Fatty was able to deduce that the other boss monsters had used the water as a medium to send poison into the turtle’s body.

Out of the five boss monsters, one was dead and another one ran off. Meanwhile, the remaining three were all heavily injured. They kept their distances away from each other and refused to make the first move.

Then… Finally, the giant turtle lost its patience. It stepped onto the island with a roar. Every single step it made with its pillar-like legs sent waves crashing outwards.

The pterosaur forced itself up and stared at the turtle.

The giant Deepwater Crocodile also stepped forth, growled and got ready to pounce.


The giant turtle stepped onto the island, sending a tremor through the small patch of land and pushing a portion of it into the water.

“F*ck!” Fatty cursed when its eyes turned pitch black. The giant turtle’s step landed right on his ‘corpse’, pushing him deep into the mud. Now, even the last traces of his corpse were gone. The only thing left was his soul floating around where he died.

Both the pterosaur and Deepwater Crocodile tensed up. The first roared, while the second growled as they slowly moved forward and prepared for another battle.

The turtle let out an ear-splitting roar and broke off a speed completely unfitting for its clumsy stature towards the center of the island. As it ran, its body seemed to lift off the ground and in no way resembled a turtle.

Seeing that, the pterosaur and Deepwater Crocodile quickly followed suit.

At the center of the island, amidst all the weed over a meter tall, there was a nine-leaved plant of three inches that glittered with gold light wobbling in the air. As time faded away, the nine leaves gradually turned from a light yellow color to a shade of gold.

The three giant once again glared at each other at the center of the island. Although they did growl a few times, the fight Fatty predicted did not occur. Instead, all three of them stuck their heads out and stared at the nine-leaved plant, as if they were waiting for them to turn completely golden.

When Fatty noticed that the intense combat sounds he predicted did not sound out, he quickly chose to press down on the button in front of him.


A dark green light rose up. Since Fatty was still underneath the turtle, none of the three boss monsters noticed the strange light.

Fatty’s flesh and bones were slowly removed from the mud and stuck together once more. His skeleton began to form. Then, the dark green light infiltrated his new body.

When the light completely fused with him, a strange mantis around five meters tall appeared underneath the giant turtle.


System Notification: Transformation successful, please name your new character.

Fatty immediately chose the name he did before.

Fatty added all the stat points onto Dexterity, familiarized himself with his new body, then slowly crawled towards the center of the island underneath the giant turtle.

At that moment, the lowest leaf on the nine-leafed plant turned completely golden.

The three boss monsters howled at each other as if they were discussing how they were going to split the plant.

Soon, Fatty arrived underneath the shadow of the giant turtle. The instant he saw the strange plant at the center of the three boss monsters, he cast Appraisal on it.

Dragon Revolution Herb

Exception Herb

Can be used to refine a potion for rank advancement; or be eaten directly.

It really was this! Fatty understood why so many monsters, including some that were clearly yao, fought with their lives on the line for this. It was a herb that could allow a person or monster to rank up.


Fatty quickly looked around with his two large compound eyes, then saw a small snake as thin as a finger sizzling about.

Something’s wrong! All the monsters have been cleared away by the boss monsters, where did this one come from?

When the small snake slithered out, it looked around sneakily and shuddered when it saw Fatty. Yet, after looking at Fatty for a few minutes and noticed that he didn’t move, it finally calmed down a bit, then slithered forth.

Meanwhile, Fatty slowed his breathing down and concentrated without moving. He started to estimate his distance with the plant and how he was supposed to get it before the boss monsters notice him.

He didn’t even think about trying to leave alive. It was impossible for him to do so unless all the boss monsters all dropped dead randomly.

Several minutes later, the second lowest leaf turned golden, which was followed by the start of the third leaf’s transformation…

Fatty observed carefully. When the next leaf turned completely golden, Fatty confirmed that it would require 10 minutes for each leaf to turn completely gold. That means that there was 50 minutes left until the Dragon Revolution Herb was ready for harvest.

Although he could no longer hear the hissing, Fatty was sure that the small snake he saw earlier was still around, perhaps even right beside the Dragon Revolution Grass.

As he thought, the fifth leaf turned gold ten minutes later; and the sixth leaf did so 10 minutes after that…

Both player and monsters tensed up as time gradually passed. The three large boss monsters focused on the Dragon Revolution Herb and trembled; Fatty crouched down, locked his six legs on the ground and prepared to take flight.

Forty minutes later, the eighth leaf turned gold.

Fatty spread his wings and dived towards the Dragon Revolution Herb at a speed invisible to the naked eye.

Immediately after that, Fatty heard a shriek where he waited.

The small snake chose the same timing as Fatty and shot out towards the herb!

All three boss monsters immediately noticed the two of them. The three boss monsters growled, sending a wave of shockwave through the air and knocking both Fatty and the snake back.

“Wheat, go!” The moment Fatty fly back, he summoned Wheat. Wheat instinctively Earthwalked underground and disappeared.

As Fatty fell to the ground, his health reached critical levels. On the other hand, the small snake flipped over and tried to dash towards the Dragon Revolution Herb once more.

Yet, the giant turtle’s foot met it just as it got up and squished it into a bloody mess.

At the same time, countless hisses could be heard from the waters. Small thumb-sized snakes slithered out of the water one after another towards the island. The injured giant boa also dragged its half-body out of the water behind them.

The three boss monsters were furious to see the boa. Their logic dictated that it was not supposed to return for more trouble. They howled together and sent tornado-like shockwaves crashing towards the legions of tiny snakes, killing them instantly and sending sand and pebbles flying away.

Fatty was tumbled backwards again and nearly fell into the water. He struggled to maintain his grip on the ground with his six legs and chugged down potions. A player cannot be separated too far from their pet, or else their pets will be automatically put back into the pet inventory, thus Fatty could only grit his teeth and wait for the right time to come.

He could sense that Wheat was already under the Dragon Revolution Herb. This was all going to come down to luck.

The boa sent a wave crashing towards the island, then spat up a dark green orb the size of a basketball onto the pterosaur. The pterosaur wailed and fell down.

An inner core! It really is a yao!

The giant Deepwater Crocodile and the giant turtle made their moves towards the Dragon Revolution Herb at the same time. The two beasts finally started to clash with a giant commotion.

With the pterosaur falling down and the turtle fighting the crocodile, Fatty finally saw an opportunity. He ordered Wheat to come out as he flew towards the Dragon Revolution Herb.

Wheat popped out of the ground and bit down on the herb’s roots.

The Dragon Revolution Herb snapped and Wheat sprinted towards Fatty with the herb in its mouth.

Although forcibly harvesting a herb without using Harvest would affect the effects of the herb, a strand of Dragon Revolution Herb with reduced effects was still better than getting nothing.

The boss monsters were infuriated when they saw the rat steal the herb away. They broke off from their own combats and buried Fatty and Wheat in attacks.

“Give it to me. Good boy,” Fatty arrived in front of Wheat before the attacks reached him. He received it, then stuffed it into his inventory.

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