Show Me the Money
Chapter 117 – Death Mantis
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Show Me the Money
Author :Wu Shao Ling
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Chapter 117 – Death Mantis

When the MC goes out, he meets two divine beasts fighting over a treasure. In the end, both divine beasts die in battle and the MC gains the treasure easily alongside all the materials from the two divine beasts.

That was what would appear in a story. Fatty did not have such fortune. Contrary to that, he was actually running away as fast as he could to put the maximum distance between him and the five monsters.

Those monsters were way too powerful. They had already cleared away over a few tens of thousands of mob monsters in mere minutes. After that, they had begun their battle. It definitely a battle of the ages that shook heaven and earth. Fatty felt like he was going to get killed just by the residue impact from the battle if he stayed even a bit closer.

Fine, let’s move further away.

Fatty retreated with Wheat again and again until finally stopping when he was no longer able to see what was going on on the island.

The pterosaur’s howl, the boa’s shriek, the toad’s wail echoed through the air. Fatty gasped. Even the Flame Ruler seemed like a small fry compared to these monsters.

“Wheat, who do you think will win?” Fatty tried to make conversation. However, Wheat merely glanced at him before going back to ignoring him.

“You’re a mid-ranked yao, why the heck are you so useless?” Fatty started to complain again.

This time, Wheat responded by shrinking itself and burrowing into the ground.

“Are you kidding me!?” Fatty was utterly speechless.

Fatty was unable to see the actual situation of the battle. The only thing he could see was the pterosaur circling in the sky, occasionally diving down, before flying back up again.

Even after three hours, the battle showed no hint of slowing down. Instead, it only became more and more intense. Some impacts of the fight could not be seen near Fatty. He could only smile wryly after hastily dodging away from a snapped tree. He did not hesitant any longer and retreated further with Wheat.

The monsters were far too powerful. Fatty did not even have a chance to enter the battlefield, so trying to get something out of it was unthinkable. He might have been able to join in if he reached Level 60, but retreating was the right choice now. After all, he could get a class enhancement mission in any of the four major cities, he didn’t actually have to risk his life to get the Dragon Revolution Herb.

Fatty was definitely willing to lose a level or even ten levels to get the Dragon Revolution Herb, an item such powerful monsters were fighting over, since he could still respawn in-game. However, Fatty going over now was just seeking death. A person should not be overly greedy, he should know his place.

Initially, Fatty had hoped that the monsters only met by chance and didn’t come for the Dragon Revolution Herb, since that would mean that he still had a chance to complete the mission. However, that no longer mattered. Such a battle was clearly going to leave the island emptied of everything.

What a shame about those drops under water. Fatty felt his heart clench when he thought about how all those items were going to time out and disappear.

Fatty really felt annoyed that he basically came over for nothing, so he naturally wasn’t happy with any monsters in front of him either. So he did what any sane person would do. He killed every single one in his path.

Die! Die! Die! Fatty muttered in his mind. All the powerful monsters were attracted by the Dragon Revolution Herb, so Fatty’s level of 31 was enough to let him stomp on everything that remained. He let out all his frustration onto the monsters and while doing so, he did get a few decent item drops that brightened his mood.

Yet, Fatty’s slaughter did not go on forever. A large mantis-like monster around six to seven meters long stood in his path. It was covered in a thick armor with green wings with arms like two razor-sharp scythes.

Death Mantis

Silver boss

Level: 43

Notes: The King of the Cyclone Mantises in the swamp that has been mutated due to the drastic chances of the swamp.

A Level 43 silver boss monster! Fatty licked his lips, then disappeared on the spot.

Four smaller mantises were standing around the Death Mantis, it was very obvious that they were guards. Fatty’s first mission was to clean those up first.

Since the monster was Level 43, only 12 levels higher than Fatty, it did not see through Fatty’s stealth.

Fatty used the chance to retreat to where the Death Mantis couldn’t see him and unstealthed himself.

As always, he started to set up traps.

Since the Death Mantis was originally called a Cyclone Mantis, it meant that it must be very fast. Fatty decided that although the traps did not have to be large, they had to be numerous. When that happens, speed wouldn’t be able to get it out of anything.

Fatty laid down three rows of several traps. Some of them were filled with spikes, others with nets and some of them were also filled with a combination of both.

After setting up the traps, Fatty waited in the area, while Wheat did his job of luring monsters once more.

Wheat shrunk its body size as much as it could, then finally sneaked over. At that moment, the Death mantis was strolling leisurely with its four subordinates.

All of a sudden, a rock pellet soar through the air and hit one of the guards. The guard immediately looked around in anger. It was not going to tolerate anything that provoked it as one of the great Death Mantis’s guards.

The guard flapped its wings and disappeared in the air. Wheat only had time to turn around before the bug’s front limb slashed down on its back.

The blade cut grazed against Wheat’s fur and stabbed into the ground. Wheat leaped up in fright and used Earthwalk with no care for what it was supposed to be doing.

Since the Death Mantis guard lost its target, it turned around to return to its lord.

Yet, another howling bullet hit its back. This time, Wheat shot it from underground and did not dare to poke its head out at all.

The Death Mantis guard landed above where Wheat was hiding and stabbed its blades down. However, Wheat was able to narrowly avoid the blades in time.

Despite that, Wheat was still shocked. It never expected the monster to be able to attack it underground. Wheat didn’t dare to try anything else anymore. It merely lured the Death Mantis Guard over to Fatty.

Meanwhile, the Death Mantis ignored the departure of its one guard and continued to stroll around with its other three.

Although the Death Mantis Guard was fast, Wheat was hiding underground, so the monster wasn’t actually able to hit it. And thus, Wheat gradually led the monster over to where Fatty was.

The Death Mantis Guard stabbed its blade into the ground once more. This time, Wheat squeaked, then slammed its claws down and cast Scatterstone Rain.

Stalagmites shot up from the ground and knocked the Death Mantis Guard around. The monster immediately spread its wings to rise up into the sky.

At that very moment, Fatty appeared beside it.

“Get your ass down there!” Fatty didn’t use his dagger to attack. Instead, he crashed right into the monster. The monster wobbled, then fell into a trap instead of taking flight.

This trap was one filled with sharp spikes over a meter long. Every single spike was very valuable, costing a gold coin a piece when sold in batches in the shops. And it was these spikes that completely pierced through the monster.

Green blood spurt out. Although the Death Mantis Guard did not immediately die, it was unable to climb out of the trap no matter how hard it struggled.

So easy? Fatty was stunned, then quickly kicked Wheat, who only just returned to the surface. “Next.”

The two of them use the same method to kill the remaining three guards, but the Death Mantis didn’t react at all. It continued to stroll around leisurely. This was the difference between an advance AI and normal AI. Boss monsters like the Phantom Messenger or Flame Ruler would have killed Wheat and Fatty the moment they showed themselves.

“Go on. I’ll reward you after this,” Fatty kicked Wheat again.

After Wheat successfully lured the Death Mantis over, Fatty tried to push it into a trap just like how he did the Death Mantis Guards. However, perhaps because it was a boss monster, it spread its wings quicker than its guards and flew away.

“Dude, what the f*ck,” Fatty cursed. This shit’s not giving my traps face!

The Death Mantis landed at a distance then disappeared into the air.

Fatty had no time to waste. He instinctively raised his dagger in front of him.

A cling sounded out as Fatty stuttered backwards. The Death Mantis appeared in front of him. So fast!

Fatty didn’t even have the time to take another breath before he flipped backwards to avoid another swung.

A tree as thick as a person’s thigh snapped as the boss monster chased after Fatty.

He took another step back, but nearly slipped into a trap. Shit! I f*cked myself over!

Wheat shot out a Howling Bullet at a critical moment and hit the Death Mantis’s leg. The monster’s body was slightly knocked back, causing its arm to skim past Fatty’s forehead, leaving a trail of blood behind.

“Damn, it’s way too fast!” Fatty cursed. He jumped over a few traps and pulled his distance away from the Death Mantis. The monster was way too fast, he was unable to react in time at all.

The Death Mantis disappeared again, then, a flash of green light shot through the air towards Fatty.

Three traps were revealed and triggered, but none of them managed to trap the boss monster. It merely charged through all of it and arrived in front of Fatty.

“Bring it!” Fatty shouted. He swung his dagger forward and forcefully blocked off the attack. However, the impact of the strike caused him to stagger back once more before he hopped over a trap behind him.

The Death Mantis gave him no time to rest. It followed Fatty closely and swung down both its fore limbs.

Fatty parried the attack again, but this time, he was sent flying back and away from the traps. If he moved any more back, he would be on completely flat land.

“Wheat, stall!” Fatty shouted.

Wheat didn’t disappoint at critical moments. It suddenly appeared behind the Death Mantis and enlarged itself before biting down on the Death Mantis.


The leg snapped.

The Death Mantis screeched out in pain and turned away, then swung down at Wheat’s front legs.

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