Show Me the Money
Chapter 93 – Trap
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Show Me the Money
Author :Wu Shao Ling
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Chapter 93 – Trap

The Horned Thundertiger was clearly beyond furious after getting stabbed in its backdoor, making it want to tear its attacker to shreds. It didn’t even attack with its horn and merely lunged forward with its gigantic body with enough force to tear through anything in front of its claws.

TheFugitive and the members of God Familia laid all sorts of trap down. Some of there were damaged based ones; some of them were control based ones; while although some didn’t look like they did anything, they were able to confuse the target, causing the target to attack at blank spots.

Since Fatty was in a team with them, he could naturally see the traps on the ground clearly. He carefully walked around them, while the Horned Thundertiger quickly caught up.

The first trap triggered almost instantly. Several vines as thick as wrists sprouted up from the ground and coiled around the monster’s limbs, restraining it.

The Horned Thundertiger shook, breaking the vines, then let out an angry roar. A bolt of lightning shot out from its horn and struck the ground, turning the ripped vines into smithereens. That was the end of the first trap.

The monster took another step forward and… activated the second trap.

This was a pure damage-based trap a meter long iron spikes glistening with a terrifyingly cold light filled a hole more than two meters deep.

The Thundertiger fell into the hole and the spikes pierced into its body, thrusting a dozen bloody holes into its body. Streams of blood flowed out of its wounds and died the ground red. In Horned Thundertiger lost around ten percent of its health in several seconds.

Got ‘im! The players thought to themselves.

The boss monster let out an angry howl. It crouched down, then leaped, forcefully throwing itself into the air, away from the spikes and out of the traps.

“Get back down there!” the three knights rushed over and pushed against the Horned Thundertiger with their shields in an attempt to push it back into the trap. Yep, the monster merely raised its front paw and smacked a knight into the ground along with his shield.

Meanwhile, the shields of the other two knights struck its body, but merely caused its body to shake a little without falling back into the trap. Instead, the monster shot out two bolts of lightning from its horn, which pierced through the two knights.

At that moment, all the knights ASliverofSmoke had brought with him died.

“Heh,” ASliverofSmoke finally found a chance to attack when he saw the Horned Thundertiger killed his subordinate knights. A spear appeared in his hand, which he then stabbed on the monster’s hind leg.

At the same time, countless arrows and spells rained down on the monster and cut down at its health.

Somehow, the Horned Thundertiger became even angrier after getting attacked. It smacked its front paw onto the ground, while its horn flared up.

“Hurry up, interrupt it! It’s going to use an ultimate skill!” Qian Xiaoqian shouted and shoot out a fire dragon in an attempt to interrupt the skill.

At the same time, ASliverofSmoke stabbed at the monster with his spear again. Fatty also snuck over in stealth to stab it deep once more, while the ranged attacks rained down their attacks upon the monster once more.

The lightning on the Horned Thundertiger’s horn seemed to gather thicker and thicker, then, when it reached a certain level, the monster let out a roar, shooting out countless bolts of lightning, which seemed to cause fireworks to bloom in the forest.

ASliverofSmoke, who was the closest to the monster, was struck by four or five bolts. Meanwhile, several dozen players were also pierced by the attack, leaving less than twenty behind. Even one of the God Familia members died.

Since Qian Xiaoqian was protected by her shield, it defended against several bolts of lightning, while Fatty thought up a great ideal and hit into a trap.

“Brother Grubber, here!” HeadofGod called out.

When Fatty crawled out of the trap, he conveniently found himself behind the Horned Thundertoger again. Thus… the poor monster felt a tearing pain at the opening at the end of its rectum once more.

The Horned ThunderTiger let out an angry roar and shot out bolts of lightning randomly as it chased after Fatty, as if he wasn’t going to rest until tore Fatty apart and gobbled him up.

“Run around it!” HeadofGod shouted when he saw Fatty lead the monster over.

Fatty felt a bit hesitant when he saw the trap. This is a… trap? The trap covered over twenty meters and seemed to ooze with cold air. When Fatty god close, he could already feel his movement speed slow down.

He quickly walked around the trap. Meanwhile, even though the Horned Thundertiger wasn’t smart, it wasn’t a complete fool. It merely snorted when it noticed Fatty’s clear manner of baiting it, then it followed Fatty’s path around the trap.

However, its injuries on its hind leg and its backside caused it to limp and slow down.

“Together!” HeadofGod commanded, then vanished in stealth.

The monster felt its hind leg get attacked again. Just as it was about to counter-attack, HeadofGod retreated, then disappeared using Invisibility.

The Horned Thundertiger disregarded the pest. It decided not to let a coward bother it and instead wanted to deal with the sleazy fat fly.

It took a few steps, then got attacked on its hind leg again. This time, TheFugitive was the one who appeared. He laughed provokingly, then disappeared.

This time, the monster felt more annoyed as it was attacked on the same place, but was unable to counterattack. However, when it turned back to look at the escaping Fatty, it seemed to decide that it would endure it all.

Yet, something else attacked it before it could even take a single step. However, this attack was aimed at a certain dangling object on its lower body instead of its hind leg.

The Thundertiger leaped up with a terrible wail of pain. It did not counter-attack and instead looked down. The thing that was supposed to be there was… gone.

“Ahahaha, a tiger penis! This is good stuff!” BigPillarofGod held a thick purple item that was over a dozen meters long. Then, he chuckled and activated Invisibility before running off to the side.

“Tiger Penis? Pillar, this is good stuff, you have to hand it over!” HeadofGod ordered.

“Boss, do you have some issues there?” LeftHandofGod laughed.

“Bullshit. I, your boss, will never falter, never fail. My might is forever! How could I have an issue with that place?” HeadofGod scolded.

“What do you want that thing for? You might as well give it to me,” said RightEyeofGod.

“Why can’t I take it? I…”

The Horned Thundertiger’s next howl was extremely pitiful. It even wanted to die now that its greatest happiness in life was impossible.

“Stop messing around. Push it down,” HeadofGod called out.

A few people suddenly appeared beside the monster and pushed it into the trap.

“Haha, finally,” LefthandofGod chuckled.

“We done?” Fatty was covered in sweat after the chase. He was nearly out of Vigor as well.

“Don’t worry, it won’t be able to get out,” HeadofGod said confidently. “This trap was something we managed to come up with after a long research. A monster of this level wouldn’t be able to get out easily. It would take at least ten-odd to twenty minutes for that. That’s enough for us to do a lot of stuff.”

“Really? That’s amazing! No wonder Big Sister Rainbow asked you guys for help when killing the Fire Demon,” Qian Xiaoqian praised when she head that.

“Haha, no no, it’s just parlor tricks,” HeadofGod said humbly.

“Can’t you just fight any boss monster you want with a trap like this?” Fatty exclaimed.

“It’s not that easy,” HeadofGod explained. “There are a lot of limits to the trap and it also cost a lot. We only prepared two portions of materials in order to kill the Fire Demon. What’s more, it can’t trap overly powerful monsters, while it would just be a waste to trap weaker ones. It really is rather useless.”

“It’s already amazing to be able to trap a Level 50 yao boss monster. When your levels are high, you will be able to set up an even more amazing trap,” RainbowWatcher walked over after surviving the area of effect attack area. “God Familia truly lives up to the title of the number one assassin familia.”

“You are flattering us,” HeadofGod said humbly.

“Let us kill the Horned Thundertiger first,” Qian Xiaoqian said excitedly. “I can change my class to the hidden class of Thunder Magus after that!”

“Uhm… About that,” HeadofGod suddenly felt rather awkward.

“Hehe, Little Sister Pink, I forgot to tell you something. Although this trap trapped the boss monster, it means that we can only damage the monster through the base damage of the trap. Any external damage will disable the trap, causing the boss to leap out,” TheFugitive walked over.

“What?” Qian Xiaoqian, Fatty, RainWatcher and the other players were shocked. No wonder HeadofGod said it was useless.

“You get it now?” HeadofGod shrugged.

“Guys, look, what is the boss monster doing?” LeftHandofGod suddenly pointed at the Horned Thundertiger.

At that moment, the Horned Thundertiger was trapped and its health dropped steadily. The removal of the Horned Thundertiger prized body part clearly sent it into a berserk rage. Seeing that it was unable to leave the trap, it howled loudly then became covered in dense black energy. It absorbed some of it, while the rest surged up.

In that instant, the energy broke through the trap and leaked out.

“Crap, the Horned Thundertiger shattered its inner core and is absorbing its energy!” HeadofGod said frantically. “We can’t deal with it right now, let’s leave. Otherwise, we won’t be able to!”

The Horned Thundertiger howled towards the sky. When the monster finished it’s the dark energy, it doubled in size, while its horn glistened even more.

“Lil’ Qian, is there a time limit to the mission?” Fatty suddenly asked.

“Ten hours. I only have one hour left,” Qian Xiaoqian said in a troubled manner.

“Step back,” Fatty took a deep breath and took out an item from his inventory.

“Bro, what are you doing? If I can’t get the class change, then so be it,” Qian Xiaoqian tried to pull Fatty back.

“It’ll be fine, so don’t worry. Now, stay back,” Fatty gave Qian Xiaoqian an assuring smile, then tossed out the item in his hand.

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